Saturday, June 24, 2017

Living in Occupied Territory

The world changing doesn't mean it's changing for the better. Big shifts in a people's behaviors and ideas and values may be for the better---or for the worse. As C. S, Lewis wrote, when these shifts are based on the whims of men, and not on God's ageless rules and principles, the "new morality" is arbitrary and usually nonbenevolent toward humankind. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of human history knows that. 

We like Matt Walsh's phrase used to describe traditional, God-loving people trying to carry on in society today: We are living in occupied territory. No, we are not hemmed in and physically brutalized or carted off by uniformed men with guns and tanks. So far it's a war of principalities and powers, an attempt at a toxic, tyrannical takeover of the human mind and what it knows to be wise and right. Amid all of today's technology and convenience and ease and pleasure and entitlement, or perhaps partly because of those luxuries, a great swath of society has become an inhumane, anti-Christ dystopia where self-will and sexual licentiousness are respected above all else. Human posterity is despised and the sexual instinct whereby humanity reproduces is corrupted and exploited beyond recognition or sanity. George Orwell said that societies must insist on strict rules for sexual morality as the price of civilization. Civilization as we know it has been forfeited. Barbarians, wolves in sheep's clothing, have taken over.

What does this look like?

Unborn babies, conceived by free will, are brutally destroyed in their own mothers' wombs by the multi-millions. The purpose of the God-given human sex drive, to reproduce and make families, once modeled and treated so tenderly and respectfully, and carefully kept within strict bounds, is prostituted. Young people, even children, are targeted by those in power and authority, objectified sexually, and encouraged to experiment with any and all variations of sexual behavior and opposite-sex role playing. And the two sexes, male and female, are disguised beyond recognition in 92 (and counting) incomprehensible, bizarre, and outrageous invented costumes,where they are paraded in the public city streets.

What this means is that the current new regime---a society that, no matter what pious-sounding words are used, most certainly worships itself rather than God, that makes up its own rules based on the worst in human nature and the whims and fads of the moment, that cares more about being popular with each other and gratified in this world, all developments of which are definitely nonbenevolent toward mankind---has, for all intents and purposes, taken over the land. And this is no passive movement.

Those who hold fast to God, truth, reality, goodness, and health, are now The Opposition, Enemies of the State. Based on their supposedly protected religious and moral beliefs, they are ignored, censored, called names, shunned, demonized, sued, punished, fined, and jailed. They cannot be tolerated. They must be intimidated, even forced, to keep quiet, to be persuaded, and to comply. An accurate name for this is fascism.

When true principles are cast off in favor of such arbitrary whims as we've seen take root and malevolently proliferate today, what happens it that evil is called good and good is gossiped about as the worst kind of evil. Is it any wonder that sodomy--sterile, maladaptive, and pathological---is the new intercourse, the words mother and father are being stricken from public forums, homosexuality is preached from pulpits, couples who don't support homosexuality are being told they cannot be foster parents while homosexuals are free to foster and adopt children into the homosexual model, men pose as women and women as men, people have doctors mangle their healthy bodies to try to match their tortured minds, and doctors, who wish to save lives, are being coerced to perform or recommend the murder of unborn babies, or lose their licenses?

Those who value freedom, family, God, and religion, who know by education and experience that traditional morality has proven a safe and beneficial guideline for the human race, must retreat underground. George Orwell also said, "In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." We are revolutionaries. We are the resistance. We speak and write the truth and print it however we can, come what may. In barbaric Nazi-occupied Europe this was called samizdat, clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, literally meaning "I self-publish."

But the resistance is small. Most people have shut their eyes, ears, and mouths quite voluntarily.  They are too used to following blindly, too afraid to find out they have been led astray, to sheepish to question the powers that be, in a state of denial that they have been let down by those they trust, too invested in this world. They have put their trust in human beings rather than God.

Strange to say, many people actually think this world here is heaven, rather than what it really is: the telestial kingdom or hell, or at least hell-like in many ways. (See C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man) We're being tested. We're supposed to be learning. We're choosing whom we will follow, Christ or Satan, and where we want to spend eternity.

Everybody needs to take Blaise Pascal's famous wager. Which will you wager on: God or no God? If you wager there is no God, and consequently live a prideful/depraved life, and then it turns out there is no God, you'll go to oblivion and never know the difference. You wagered your life and ended up with absolutely nothing. But if you wager there is a God and live accordingly, you gain everything. Pascal says that only a moron would bet his life on ending up with nothing when he could bet his life on ending up with everything.

But alas, our occupied territory is Godless, as fascist occupied territories before it have been. If God is mentioned, He is made over into whatever this or that human being wants him to be. Even many who pose as Christian turn out to be gushy admirers of Jesus the man, but not true and humble followers of our essential divine Redeemer. Still, in every regime there are always revolutionaries, underground if need be. In this case, they are those who will carry on as best they can to keep the faith and truly love their neighbor by raising a warning voice and declaring the unpopular truth in any way they can.

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