Friday, February 13, 2015

Laughter Among the Tyranny

It is one thing to be forced to do something you don't believe in by an enemy. But it is quite another to be compelled to conform against your conscience by those you trust. The scriptures call this unrighteous dominion. Whether we want to admit it or not, this is what is happening all around us today, even in America's churches. These are churches which have softened towards sin, in one case the sin of proud homosexuality, to the point of calling it new names, welcoming it into their midst, and making this no longer a sin, but a noble calling, within the body of the church. This is not only spiritual abuse toward those sinning, but also abusive to the truly religious and striving. These churches, formerly against this sin in all its forms, have now "graduated" to become pro-gay advocates, affirming the gay identity, producing gay-affirming propaganda, preaching inclusion, in other words, compelling all congregants to go along. This has come to the point of supplying language and terminology everybody must memorize and utilize so as not to offend these  pampered sinners. (Please note: we're all sinners, yes, but these sinners are public and proud about their sins!)

Modern-day Sodomites have knocked on the doors of steepled chapels across the nation and an increasing number of those chapel doors have opened wide. Each offending congregation will thus become its own little Sodom City. Yes, Lot and his family dwelt there. They lived with it because they had to. But when told to leave because the city was to be destroyed, they did. Only Lot's wife hesitated and was destroyed also. What do true followers of Christ do when all ostensibly Christian churches have welcomed homosexuality and it is being modeled and preached in all chapels and classrooms, to children, no less? Where can we flee?

To the educated, to the thinking believer, to the true follower of Christ, this situation is so dire as to tend to cause one's eyeballs to explode. Of course, apart from a certain amount of correct righteous indignation, a better reaction, always, is to turn to the Lord. Take a deep breath. Put your treasure in righteous, heavenly things. Trust in the Lord. Know what's happening, but keep the faith. Be prepared to suffer in Christ's name. Get ready for persecution from your own congregation, from your friends, even from your family.

Through such times, serious as it is to both the temporal and spiritual future of God's children, it helps to keep a sense of humor, especially if you wish to keep sane and there is nothing you can do to stop the craziness. Someone said humor is an acceptance of life. If so, it's absolutely hilarious right now.

We watched an interesting movie on Netflix recently called The Wiper's Times. It's a true story about some British soldiers in WWI who were stuck for months in Ypres, Belgium hemmed in by the enemy and who found a printing press. They decided to try to raise morale by printing a satirical newspaper for the troops. It was full of, well, the acceptance of life as they were living it in this armpit of the war. It consisted of inside jokes and silly faux ads---army humor that made the soldiers laugh, lightened their hearts, made them feel a wry sense of unity in their extremity. Oh yes, there was criticism from some of the upper ranks, but the intrepid journalists wrote on, unsung heroes. It was their way of taking heart, of not giving in to immobilizing despair.

Maybe we at SoL need our own version of The Wiper's Times. How about The Gay Times? Those are certainly the times we are living in. It's not that we wish to make fun of those with unwanted same-sex attraction. We care about them and pray they will continue and succeed in their struggle against this sin through Christ. (Many have overcome SSA, but they aren't allowed a place at the cultural table, apparently.) We care about the proud, out gays, too, but these are the ones who actually need making fun of. Reality check: Gay is not an ethnic group. It has to do with the type of sex they've come to lust after. They even identify themselves by it publicly! And people believe them! See what we mean by hilarious? Sorry, iniquity is not an identity. Homosexuality is a sinful and unhealthy and unnatural mindset with corresponding behavior, which can all be changed. Hearts and minds and feelings change all the time. Golly, these people take themselves much too seriously. They need making fun of because lots of the things they say are so nuts you have to laugh out loud or you'll cry. These are gay times indeed, in more ways than one. Get it?

Remember the sing-to-the-tune-ofs in the old  MAD Magazine ? Remember The Monkees? Just humming their cheery tunes lifts our spirits. How about this piece for the first edition of The Gay Times?

Sing to the tune of "Here We Come" by The Monkees

Here we come,
Walking down the aisles.
Don't get funny looks,
Everybody smiles!

Hey, hey we're the Elgeebeetees,
People now believe what we say!
As we keep busy lusting
Churches turn the other way!

We're just trying to be worldly.
Come watch us change your mind.
We're the sex revolution,
Embrace us or you are not "kind!"

Hey, hey we're the Elgeebeetees,
Your church will open its arms.
So you'd better get ready,
None will warn of the harms!

Of course gays and homosexualist koolaid drinkers won't think this is funny. Too bad. A little laughing at themselves might do them a world of good. They're waaaaaay too serious about their sexual whims, which  could evolve to something new at any given moment apparently. Really, is the particular type of sex they've decided they currently like really worth all of this public attention? And court cases? And money? And pressure on and persecution of religious people? Take a cold shower, people!

When it's this crazy, sometimes we have to find some laughter among the tyranny.  

Friday, February 6, 2015

Gays Win the Grand Prize, or Have They?

In college when we were dating, Steve presented Janice with a card that said, "You win! You win! You win the grand prize!" Janice opened up the card to find the word "Me!"

Well, in our culture today, in our government, schools, entertainment, and in our churches, gays win the grand prize. It's no joke. We don't know why they continue to fuss.They are getting practically everything they say they want. Look around you. Unlike the rest of us, gays are immune to any sort of criticism or negativity. They don't even get warned about the costly and deadly health risks associated with their behaviors anymore. On the contrary, self-identifying, publicly proud gays are a highly pampered and celebrated class of people, even in their Christian congregations.

They can relax now, and we've noticed our detractors at least seem to be doing just that. We certainly don't get the amount of defensive, incoherent, self-justifying hate mail we used to get. At the expense of morality and religion (the two things George Washington proclaimed as indispensable to freedom), everything is falling into place for the prideful, rebellious, sexually confused, lustful, and promiscuous. Even if some people still refuse to publicly condone gay sex---that is, gay marriage---they are going to increasingly let it slide. They'll wink at it. They'll turn the other way. They won't ask. They won't tell. They just won't think about what their gay neighbors, friends, children, relatives, fellow church-goers, teachers, and leaders actually do. Again, congratulations to gay activists. You've done it. You've succeeded in turning just about everyone around you into homosexualists.

Of course the gay movement (which has now made its way into churches where it is renamed and mingled with scripture) doesn't deserve too much credit. Its success was inevitable, what with the oversexed, permissive, secularized, radical feminist, posterity-despising, Godless sexual revolution that gained unprecedented momentum in the 1960s, combined with a complacent, self-centered, materialistic, gullible and weak-faithed public. It actually should be no surprise that homosexuals  haven't had to wait very long at all to become the darlings of the day. Truth be told, they've only had to be the tiniest bit patient. Usually it takes a good deal longer than one generation to accomplish what they have. After all, the homosexualist agenda is a weighty one, that is, to bury most all of the history of mankind, to erase the accumulated wisdom of the ages, to shred the Word of God, to mask reality and biology, to place value on junk science rather than real science, and to remake Christian congregations into secular humanist gay-straight alliance clubs, in short, to turn an entire mainstream culture topsy-turvy. Although forces have been at work for the last few hundred years, the current generation has succeeded in accomplishing the above mostly in the last 10 or 15 years.

If you like to congratulate people on the basis of how much Machiavellian power and dominion and cunning and persistence and money they can amass and utilize, the gay movement, like many another revolutions in the history of mankind, deserves unending congratulations. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who admires people according to their self-sacrifice, intelligence, and courage in valuing, acquiring, and upholding knowledge, truth, and morality, congratulations for today's gay movement will not be coming from you.

Yes, the only item on the gay agenda they'll never get to check off is the winning of the tacit approval of the remaining true followers of Christ, not even if these faithful are called horrible names, are intimidated into silence, are ruined financially or socially, are marginalized or even ex-communicated from their churches, lose family members, are forced to abdicate their religious rights, or are fined or gagged or punished or thrown in jail. Even as events like these play out, there are those thinking believers whose hearts will never be won. No one can ever stop us from praying and worshiping God in our hearts and relying alone on Christ. No one can conquer another person's soul unless allowed to. Sadly, as in Geothe's Faust, some have sold, and will sell, their souls. But the bullying tactics employed by homosexualists, disguised in pseudo-religious sophistries or not, only make true and striving followers of Christ stronger.

Homosexualists and their ilk will never conquer the hearts of truly Godly people, people who know right from wrong, with the common sense to realize that sexual immorality of all kinds in thought and deed is spiritually, physically, psychologically, and emotionally harmful, people who truly love their neighbor and wish the eternal best for them, people who mourn to see others ruining their lives and turning against God.

Of course God-fearing people can easily be wiped off the face of the earth if the enemies of truth and righteousness fully get their way. Aside from genocide, like a science fiction novel, in one generation humankind can be forced into tyranny, indoctrination, and slavery of any and all sorts.To a great degree this is already happening, given the lies, temptations, and suggestions that are being force-fed to the rising generation. As Hugh Nibley once intimated, we believe we have arrived to the point where this earth life is no longer a fair test for many young and vulnerable people---that is if they are allowed to be born at all. For their sake at least, let us all pray the Lord will come soon.

It could well be that we'll all be wiped out first. The Lord promises us safety and prosperity only if the people of this land keep his commandments. As a people we most certainly are not doing that. We're certainly not keeping the commandment to repent, that is, forsake our sins and turn back to God. Nope. We just keep softening toward sin, making concessions and compromises. We just get more and more humanist, secular, worldly, prideful. It just so happens that at this time sworn enemies of America have vowed to obliterate us, and homosexuals are at the top of their list. Christians and homosexuals alike are being executed, beheaded, thrown off buildings just on the other side of the world. The way things are going on a global scale, maybe homosexualists don't deserve much congrats after all. If only for their own sakes they ought to be championing religious freedom to their dying breath.


Sunday, February 1, 2015

A War Inevitable Post

 Here at SoL we have been called extreme. So? What’s wrong with the extreme opposite view of evil? Nothing! It's essential! Such a view is totally necessary, that is, unless you want to fall into the hands of the various enemies of God and man.

We've been poring over some of the great documents of  American history, and wow, these revolutionaries, the founders of our country, were certainly extreme. We wonder how our detractors, who are beneficiaries of the freest country in the world, feel about that?

Take for instance Patrick Henry’s 1775 “war inevitable speech.” It's not about dialogue and concession and compromise. They were waaaaay past that. It was a life or death situation for these people. That’s how much they loved truth and freedom. He said, "Give me liberty or give me death!" and he meant it. It appears that America has too many  very spoiled and uneducated brats today. As such, few comprehend the kind of knowledge and conviction and passion and energy and sacrifice it took to intellectually and physically revolt against tyranny and start an entirely new method of human governance.

George Washington was a dyed-in-the-wool Christian (not a deist), and an ardent lover of his new country because of what it stood for and offered future generations. He knew Americans would have to be diligent, anxious, and educated for it to succeed. He warned against “small but artful and enterprising minorities.” He said that experience is the surest standard and that religion and morality are indispensable supports. Oh boy. All of those things are in the process of being flushed down the proverbial toilet--- THAT'S  what's extreme.

William Lloyd Garrison who published The Liberator was not a fence sitter. When it came to important issues, he was a definite extremist. He wanted an immediate end to slavery and didn’t care what anybody thought about him. “I am aware that many object to the severity of my language, but is there not cause for severity? I will be as harsh as truth, and as uncompromising as justice. On this subject I do not wish to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. No! No! Tell a man whose house in on fire to give a moderate alarm; . . . tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen—but tell me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest—I will not equivocate—I will not excuse—I will not retreat a single inch— and I will be heard. The apathy of the people is enough to make every statue leap from its pedestal, and to hasten the resurrection of the dead.” The Liberator, 1831.

Love it.