Thursday, May 31, 2018

Homophobia: A Derisive Name for True Beliefs

These days many of the admonitions we hear from our church mirror those we hear in the secular world. And they are very confusing and conflicting. We are indoctrinated toward diversity, and at the same time told we must be one. We are supposed to rely on and serve the Lord, and yet service to and reliance on one another is what is emphasized. They say all worldviews are welcome in our church, but the conservative worldview obviously isn't. More and more we hear words to the effect that traditional family values and age-old, virtuous, biblical ideals, for instance,  must be replaced with trending philosophies placing human beings and certain of their current whims at the center of our worship. 

Yes, as the secularist movement intrudes into churches, all that talk of diversity and tolerance shows its true colors. There are certain opinions, and it follows certain people, that are actually not welcome anymore. Furthermore, they are being called names. Here is a very recent example.

Anthony D. Perkins, a General Authority Seventy, said in a BYU Idaho Devotional, May 22, 2018, "We must shun bigotry of every kind. There is no room in this Church for sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, immigrantaphobia, or any other phobia. There is room in this church for everyone."

Say again? How can there be no room for people who have some genuine beliefs about the issues he mentions (men and women are different, for example, which fact many consider sexist), but room for everyone? Did he really say two completely opposite things in the same paragraph?

There are several problems here. But let's discuss these unlovely words: bigotry and phobia.

Bigotry is now defined as applying to people who hold strong and unreasonable ideas especially about race or religion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, and other politically-charged issues of today. Here's the catch. In the world we are living in, where good is being called evil, and evil good, and only the elite get to decide what is reasonable or unreasonable, anybody who retains strong feelings towards important principles and problems which feelings are now unpopular is a bigot. So, pretty much, we're not to have strong, family-based, conservative, biblical beliefs on any of these important issues because such and so has now been declared bigoted. 

Now, phobia. The word homophobia is a misnomer, a very unkind and false one. As our friend and mentor Dean Byrd taught us, a phobia is a mental disorder, an irrational fear not based in reality. So people with mental disorders aren't welcome in church? Seriously, calling people homophobes simply because they believe homosexuality to be harmful and sinful and a dead-end according to scripture and biology and medicine and human experience is not a phobia. It's actually truth, righteousness, and common sense.

Homophobia is a made-up word concocted to intimidate and blacklist anybody who expresses anything, that means anything, against homosexuality that is, anything LGBTQ etc., from gay porn to gay marriage, from proclaiming unlimited self-imposed sex identities to cross-dressing to almost every form of physically acting out sexually to mutilating one's healthy hormones and genitalia under the guise of transgendering. The only remaining taboos anywhere in this sexual revolution scenario seem to be incest, child sex abuse, and child-adult sex, and these taboos are weakening as Godless progressivism marches on, apparently without much resistance. Without God all things are permitted, wrote Dostoevsky. 

Church leaders spouting admonitions against their pet -isms need to realize that the Church itself has a history of racism and sexism, which sexism continues, which it has never apologized for. They need to know they themselves, by their own definition, are "homophobes" because despite its softening toward and welcoming of self-identified homosexuals and homosexuality (see, the changing of the BYU honor code, the hanging on in the homosexualized BSA, and the donations to gay organizations, etc.,  the LDS Church has official doctrines and policies in place that discriminate against homosexual behavior (although the enforcement of these policies are conveniently left up to untrained local leaders of every ilk).

Because of this, advanced LDS homosexualists (those who fully embrace all things homosex)  continue to work toward the Church fully and openly embracing homosexualism in all its forms. Sarah Langford is one of those, an open bisexual Relief Society president in a BYU young marrieds ward, who works in the Missionary Training Center and who is married to a man professing to be gay. (Did you get all that?) She was a panelist at a recent BYU-sponsored event about "what it's like to be LGBTQ" at the school. (Notice how self-centric this topic is.  Who says something like this? There is no law, no sin, and no God in it.) One person in the group expressed a feeling of division between those "righteous and unrighteous gays," meaning those who stick in the church and say they are celibate, and those who wish to openly act out homosexually. He needn't hold his breath. Langford seems to consider herself an apologist for homosexualism in all its forms and a pioneer on "modeling for the rest of the church" what gay acceptance looks like, i.e. giving gay behaviors of all types a platform (we read: attention, inclusion, equal treatment as per temple marriage, etc.).

We repeat, homosexualists and those who are derisively called "homophobes," cannot both be equally preferred and supported. One group will be harmed. We can see which way the wind is blowing. 

Will the Church fully give in to the pressure of the sexual revolution and all other progressive concepts? It seems to have done so already in spirit if not completely in deed, and in the process has not only resorted to disingenuous name-calling but is deeply alienating its most truly religious and thinking members and causing a stark division within its congregations.One of our daughters told of a long pro-gay comment made by a woman in a Relief Society meeting recently that met with zero resistance. This is happening all over. Those of us with Godly ideals and values are no longer speaking up. We have received the message loud and clear. Our worldview, even though spelled out in the scriptures, is not allowed. What Brother Perkins proclaimed amounts to, If you believe in the scriptures [the Word of God, the Spirit] you are a bigot and a homophobe and not one of us.

Personally, we cannot in good conscience attend meetings where the opposite of what we believe, and have always believed, is taught and discussed (and blubbered over) as if true and righteous. Not only does this false teaching/discussion do violence to our treasured beliefs and dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ, it feels as if our presence would be an encouragement or amen to the lies. We seem to be having to avoid certain leaders, teachers, and fellow members in church settings, and only exchange polite greetings elsewhere. We are walking out of more and more meetings. We wish this were not necessary, we wish we could stay, we wish we could participate fully as we used to, we wish we could gather with countless people, friends unified by God's Word, discuss the welfare of our immortal souls, and share the peace and joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ together.

This veer to the secular left in our beloved church has happened by degrees, step by step, behind the scenes, flaxen cord by flaxen cord. We believe it all began with the weakening of a belief in the complete need for Jesus Christ as our Savior, the essential saving grace of Christ, of Christ being the only way we can be saved from our sins and receive eternal life, as we know from scripture. If Christ is not so very necessary, it's that much easier for sin to be rationalized. This is how homosexualism, and other radical stances, have crept in. Notice that there has been no public pronouncement or revelation revoking any scriptures or the Family Proclamation. And yet these things, largely, in spirit at least, have been abandoned. 

Need we say it's just not good for a church to be so divided among its members, especially by way of stealthily abandoning its former unequivocal stance upholding morality and true Christianity, that is, abandoning its standard works and doctrines---and then intimidating, alienating, even persecuting its true believers? Can it even call itself that same church, or a church at all?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LGBTBSA: Homosex For Kids

We have children's books promoting masturbation and homosexual behavior available in public school libraries. We have parades displaying all-but-naked lewd dancers in our capital city streets. We have entertainment media portraying casual sexual encounters, including homosexuality, as normal and good. Did we really need more proof that the sexual revolution is all about sex?

So many people, including many participating in one way or another, have been duped into thinking the LGBT juggernaut is all about a person's "gender identity." Wrong. It's about sex. And here's one more proof that make blow your mind if it isn't already blown.

The Boy Scouts of America, over the last five years, has gone from a conservative, God-based organization, to one that accepts and encourages openly homosexual "identity," and now to one that openly promotes homosexual sexual behavior for minors. An article from LifeSiteNews is entitled, "Boy Scouts to Make Condoms 'Readily and Easily Accessible' at Upcoming Global Gathering." Apparently, the World Organization of the Scout Movement has announced that the host organizations (Canada, US, and Mexico) for this jamboree that happens every four years, to be held in West Virginia, July 22-August 2, 2019, must ensure that condoms are to be available "at a number of locations on the site," available for minors age 12-17, as well as the adults on staff in charge (the IST, International Service Team). What, no prostitution huts like at the Olympics?

We ask you, is this about some poor child or youth who has got it into his head that he feels like a girl, or who merely identifies as "gay?" Is it about "diversity?" No. It's about having sex. Why else do they feel the need to provide condoms? In this case, there will mainly be males present, so it's about homosexual sexual behaviors. Carried on in secret, initiated by older males to boys, and from boys to other boys.

Seriously, why offer free condoms at a scout jamboree as if it's a gay pride festival? Males can't make babies so it's not about unwanted pregnancy.  Condoms do not completely prevent the transmission of STDs so it's not about preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Males notoriously don't like condoms and won't use them if they can get away with it, so it's not about actually using condoms for sexual activities. Anybody using their brain can see that this making condoms "readily and easily accessible" at a huge gathering of boys and men is really about promoting homosexual behavior. It's about giving boys the idea of homosex with the stamp of the Approval of Adult Authority. News flash: boys go for sex. Duh. This makes them sitting ducks for recruitment into homosexuality. We're surprised they don't have a homosexuality merit badge---yet.

This is condoms, like brightly wrapped candy arranged in bowls on tables, for pre-pubescent, adolescent kids to oggle and to grab, kids away from their parents and under the influence of pro-homosexual-behavior-adults. Kids don't even know what condoms are, at least kids whose innocence hasn't been compromised. And they will see them. And they will learn what they are for. And their innocence will be compromised. And their healthy sexual development will be interrupted. And their perverse sex education will begin or get a big boost.

It's all about promoting homosexual behavior to boys and the male adults in charge of them for twelve days, a total set-up for predatory child sexual abuse, a thing called pederasty as old as ancient Greece and Rome, in a word, debauchery.

This is what the LGBT movement is really about, and any person or organization that accepts, ministers in support of, or celebrates, the various "gay identities" always ends up accepting, and inherently promoting, high-risk, dead-end homosexual behaviors. This scenario has played out quite dramatically in the actions of the BSA in the last half-decade.

Evidently it's a short distance, if any, from a trumped-up perverse sexual identity to actual bad behavior, and the best time to recruit and enslave a people in Godlessness and sexual addiction is when they are young.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pulse Nightclub Survivor: Homosexual No More

Our grandson sent us a link to this:

"Going through old pictures of the night of Pulse, I remember my struggles of perversion, heavy drinking to drown out everything and having promiscuous sex that led to HIV. My struggles were real !" he recalled. "The enemy had its grip, and now God has taken me from that moment and has given me Christ Jesus."

This is the precious testimony of a young man named Luis Ruiz who was injured in the horrendous shooting up of the Florida gay nightclub, June 12, 2017, where 50 people died.

How about that? Repentant! Forgiven! Washed clean! Changed! Saved! This is the gospel of Jesus Christ in its plain and precious and glorious truth.

FYI, this event has been exploited to promote all things homosexual by way of purported gay victimization, but that is not true.The fact is, it was learned at the trial from the shooter's widow that the shooter didn't even know it was a gay nightclub; he had intended to attack Disney World and got spooked, so he chose the first nightclub that popped up on a Google search. But you won't hear that on the mainstream media. The gay juggernaut exploits everyone and everything to its advantage.

Back to our repentant gay, the truth is, if one person can do all sorts of awful, destructive things and turn to Christ and be changed and cleansed, so can we all. We are all sinners to some degree or another---it doesn't really matter in the big picture. What matters is that Jesus died for us to make it possible for us to repent and become new creatures with new desires and humble, grateful hearts centered in God. Jesus is equal to the task of taking upon himself our sins, be they small or great. Now that's the good news.

When it comes to the sin of homosexuality in all its forms, the change in Ruiz is not an isolated case. There are thousands of people who have left this sleazy, self-destructive world behind. We don't hear about most of them because this message is not allowed in the mainstream media, or even in schools or churches today. We don't hear about them because these humble people want to get on with living a decent life. We don't hear about them because if they do speak up about their choice and change away from the LGBT lifestyle and mindset, they are demeaned and challenged and persecuted to the point of death threats. Funny, people like us don't do that to gays. We don't get on their web sites and threaten them. Go figure.

Get our book, Captain of My Soul, to read a young Mormon's riveting true story of sin and redemption. And no, you won't find this book or this message hardly anywhere but here, at least in the Mormon culture. A recent reader said, "I read this book in two days. It was the best book I ever read. I am sending it to two homosexuals. I know their past is the same. Loved reading the book!"

To all the gays that read our blog: It is never too late to become someone new. Leave that unhealthy and dangerous world behind. Find the peace and goodness of God. Turn your hearts and minds and lives around. Jesus has his arms open for you, waiting to fill you with humility and gratitude and joy. God bless you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Why Homosexualists Never Speak of Rules or Risks

Has anyone else noticed that most gay affirming individuals and groups do not say anything about sexual purity, virtue, or chastity, inside or out? Absolutely nothing. These topics are absent even among those Mormons, for instance,who insist that gayness can be lived in a wholesome and celibate way. No, regarding this gay world there is never a word against the vices of lust or pornography or masturbation, vices that lead to sexual behaviors with other people. Neither is there any talk against the disease-ridden promiscuity so common in the gay life, even among those who insist they are a couple/married. Even gay monogamy (just as harmful as gay promiscuity when it comes to anal cancer caused by sodomy) does not pop up except as implied in gay "marriage."

Evidently gays are just not to be subject to or held responsible for the same rules as straight people are. Nor do any of these gay-affirming people issue any warnings about the very real off-the chart health and well being risks inherent in the gay lifestyle. Mental illness, disease, drugs, sexual and other abuse, domestic violence, and murder within the gay community are seldom if ever mentioned or emphasized in schools, churches, or in the mainstream news, and if they are spoken of they are mischaracterized.

For example, recently a couple of lesbians apparently ran themselves and their whole adopted family off a cliff, the vehicle's speedometer broken reading 90 mph.  The fact is, they had been reportedly abusive in more ways than one to the six children, and ended up deathly violent with at least one suicide and six or seven people murdered. Officials had been unsuccessful at investigating the reported child abuse, and the women fled taking their children when confronted. When we heard this on the radio, there was zero mention of lesbianism or child abuse. How irresponsible and harmful to society at large to leave these important facts out!

Incidents like these are not accurately reported or given the attention they need in our mainstream communities today. Instead, we hear endlessly of gay youth suicides, suicides that are blamed on a homophobic society, suicides in reality caused by all sorts of deeper issues that were and are ignored.
In addition we hear endlessly about diversity, and acceptance of, and ministering to this, that, and the other self-inflicted problem, including self-identified sexual aberration. The latest count is ninety human sexes. Not two. Ninety.

Doesn't the fact that there are no boundaries or warnings in regard to homosexulaity strike anyone as telling? Correct us if we're wrong. We hope we're wrong. But in our experience, we do not see or hear anything, not from media, not from schools, not from churches, not from gay organizations, not from medical associations, not even from families or friends of gays, about any rules or risks in connection with homosexual behaviors. No, there is no "safe sex" program in the LGBT world, not even for youth, even though it's the most deadly kind of sexual behavior there is. We never hear safety warnings among the gay community.  Hardly anybody talks about the facts, except maybe the CDC, which is disregarded. The only people who really care about the health of gays are marginalized. People like PFOX, Mass Resistance, a few medical people, us.

This is insane. There is no education, there are no facts, there is no gospel of Jesus Christ.

We never see a scenario of a coming-out or gay "marriage" where is included some interest or advice about abuse or pornography or promiscuity or lust or violence or disease, all common in the gay lifestyle. There is no reference to sexual purity (because sexual purity cannot exist in homosexuality) or mental health. We submit these glaring omissions exist because these people do not care one whit about truth or right and wrong. They don't care who they exploit or endanger. They don't care about human relationships. They don't care about the future of  homosexuals, here or in the next life. They don't care about goodness. What they care about is furthering a Godless, inhumane "progressivism." There must be a lot of very bitter and angry people caught up in this cause. Chances are they have been abused themselves, which is horrible and tragic, but does not excuse the doing of more wrongs.

One horrific wrong perpetrated by the pro-gay community (we're talking not just gay organizations anymore, but now schools, churches, and families) is its predatory nature. They increasingly do everything they can to target and label children with gender nonconformities, the younger the better. We used to call them a bit of a tomboy or a sissy, and they grew out of it. Now, it's immediately a permanent thing that has to be accepted and coddled.

Like the large family we sat behind the other Sunday when we were visiting a nearby congregation.  A little girl, maybe eight years old, apparently much pampered, sported a pony tail and yet was obviously proudly dressed in a boy's suit, white shirt, and tie. Now, the parents had to have acquired and prepared those clothes just for her. In this day and age, surely the parents know there is a dangerous and perverse future sexual component to this act. Surely to purposely dress your child for church in obviously opposite sex clothing is a form of child abuse. And if the child insists, to borrow from Flannery O'Connor, a child's taste should not be consulted; it is being formed. We are also told the girl is allowed to play outside in the neighborhood in shorts and no top.

Yes, rather than face all sorts of truth, and stand for the truth come what may, these sorts of people would rather initiate/encourage/allow children into a world of sex, perverse sex especially, the kind that is sterile, that has no procreation possibilities or responsibilities. Apparently this gives progressives,  homosexuals and homosexualists alike, all sorts of thrills and/or self-aggrandizement. Yes, ostensibly decent people in positions of authority and influence are doing this. Parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, administrators, leaders. They call it compassion, service, ministering.

Speaking of lawyers and judges, another of the progressive pro-gay world's latest efforts is to outlaw any professional counseling of minors toward reparative therapy, that is, any SOCE counseling (sex orientation change efforts), which ONLY refers to forbidding helping young people change from gay to straight, not the other way around.

Of course there are all sorts of legal ways people can persuade kids toward experimentation and change from straight to gay: books, porn, chat rooms, web sites, gay school clubs, PTA, teachers, community centers, sex workshops, gay-affirming therapy, and on and on. Their common message is: try it, and here are several ways, and if you don't like it at first, give it time. Kids are told to be prepared for merely "recreational" sexual experiences and that they might need to reign in any fond romantic feelings for this or that person or it will get in the way of more sex. Does this sound like the gay "love" they are always touting??? This and much more from a Mormon pro-gay site's "For the Strength of Gay Youth." Please note, they are attempting to recruit kids, encouraging kids to try same-sex sex, telling them there is nothing wrong with the most dangerous and unnatural and phony kind of sex there is.

Again, no rules. The only stipulation seems to be: do sex, sex, and more sex, especially the kind that won't result in pregnancy or responsibility of any kind.  And if there is a warning it's a warning against feeling any guilt or shame. "Guilt and shame are useless emotions," says the Mormon gay site encouraging gay sex for kids. What hogwash this blanket statement is. While guilt and shame are not applicable when an innocent person has been abused and victimized by a predator, on the other hand, when you've really done something harmful and wrong, guilt and shame are helpful. They can lead you to quit doing it and repent. As Pascal said, There is no shame except in having no shame [when it is well deserved].

There are now ten states, and counting, that have enacted laws forbidding SOCE therapy for minors, a heinous development which does violence not only to parental rights but to the individual's desires and goals toward what they consider health and happiness. (Some individuals are miserable in the sleazy, narcissistic, rebellious environment and want out. Our son did, and succeded.)Why would anybody forbid others to get help out of something they don't want in their lives? It makes no sense unless it's about a greater and more nefarious purpose.

It doesn't matter to these people if the minor was abused sexually or exposed to porn or had his developing sexuality interfered with in any way. It doesn't matter to these people if the child or youth is unhappy with a gay mindset and wants to live a normal life in keeping with his beliefs and goals. All they care about is using people to accomplish their Godless ends, which include social experimentation, the total secularization of society, praise of men, pride, power, force, tyranny, you name it. It's easy to manipulate and exploit people who are addicts to their own base appetites.

Apparently progressivism/socialism/secularism/humanism is a huge temptation for people in every walk of life, a tendency as old as mankind. Their mantra goes something like: we are magnificent, let's rise up and make the world a perfect place by our own rules and our own management. And this is occurring even as such people profess to love God and follow Jesus. Many people are caught up heart and soul in these philosophies of men, all the while pretending at religion for reasons of their own. They are fine with all sorts of evils being perpetrated in favor of their faithless, misguided, and impossible human utopian pipe dream. They seem to have forgotten---that was Satan's plan.They seem to be unaware that they are themselves his legions, the anti-Christ.