Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who's Breaking What Law?

Kim Davis, elected official, civil servant, and county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, is incarcerated in a federal prison right now for refusing to do something against the dictates of her conscience. Exercising one's religious freedom is a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution. By law, in print, this is her privilege as a U. S. citizen. So why is she in jail?

Another judge in a long line of bad judges put her there. He said that by refusing to issue a marriage license signed by Davis to two people of the same sex Davis is breaking a law. What law? A "law" constructed by Supreme Court judges with zero authority to make up laws. They are judges, not lawmakers. Congress is the law-making branch of our government. Laws are supposed to be made by representatives voted into office by the people, not appointed judges. But yet again, Congress isn't doing anything about such a travesty. It's a case of a social change being forced on the public through a bully pulpit, a fiat, a mere decree with no historical or legal foundation. In other words, because of these judges' lofty positions they decide to push their weight around. Unlawfully.

Many are saying, hey, she broke the law. Really? We think she exercised her right to keep a good law and broke a fake one. Of course freedom of religion truly is a law, our first freedom stated in the Bill of Rights. And the right for two people of the same sex to be issued a marriage license is only a "law" because five bad judges who happen to be here right now made it into one unlawfully, and the government intends to enforce it, which is fascism, or force through government. We are seeing that if you don't comply with this bad "law," you get punished.

Did you know that in the Marine Corps they are taught not to obey an unlawful order? Has anybody ever read Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience?"

Plenty people have committed acts of civil disobedience when that was the right thing to do, come what may. When enough people are brave enough to protest, things happen. We're only in this mess because the great majority of people aren't thinking for themselves. They just go along with whoever has some sort of power. This is what the Chinese did with Mao Tse Tung. He was a crazy mass murderer, who executed and starved 65 million of his own people according to his personal changeable whims. (Among his least crazy mandates were outlawing garden flowers and kitchen cooking utensils!) How do more than 500 million people get themselves into this predicament? We submit that the Chinese went along because they blindly put their trust in power for its own sake. Yes, they worshiped Mao just because he had the power. They didn't stop to think what kind of man he was and what he was doing and why. Power was more important to them than goodness. Totalitarianism makes people stupid, or is it that stupidity allows for totalitarianism? Whichever way it works, power plus a public abandonment of principles makes the masses easily brainwashed and easily led, which is just how despots want them. You can always tell a despot; they are afraid of the workings of the human mind (to borrow from Winston Churchill), so of course they do whatever it takes to shut down people's thought processes. Propaganda, hero worship, flattery, stirring up pride, getting people to spy on each other, misrepresenting morality, calling good evil and evil good, intimidation, threats, fines, punishments, murder, you name it.

It's always been obvious that people forfeit life and liberty when they unthinkingly go along with bad leaders and bad laws just because bad leaders put bad laws into place.

This Kim Davis issue is not about her breaking the law. It's an illegitimate trendy law pushed through by propaganda and position and politics and power, a "law" that makes no sense and is dangerous and harmful in many respects. Remember that the gay agenda is not about marriage. It does not promote sexual morality in any sense. Gays sex around, "marriage" or not. As Midge Dector said, they just want to bring the whole house down. Kim Davis knows she can't stop people misbehaving or the government making bad laws. But she is doing what she can and what she must in her personal capacity. She wants to remain a civil servant as elected; all she is asking through her lawyer is that her name not appear on official documents relating to same-sex marriage licenses, which is apparently not necessary. This is not too much to ask, especially as the price of upholding her first freedom.

No, it's not about breaking this fabricated law. The persecution of  Kim Davis is about getting rid of all vestiges of godliness in people's lives, about the government intimidating and forcing people to do things contrary to their constitutionally-guaranteed right of religious freedom. Even Justice Kennedy, one of those bad judges, stated that this conflict was going to happen, and that freedom of religion would be challenged. It's another example of which worldview is now being preferred, and which worldview is now being harmed; today it is sexual immorality over religious freedom.

Truth is, the government should be thrown in jail, not Kim Davis.

However, bad people getting power and harming individuals and society is nothing new in human history. Apparently Kim Davis is our real-life Antigone, someone who actually lives out her cherished principles, someone willing to sacrifice for what she believes, someone who loves goodness and rightness and freedom of conscience more than personal conveniences and comforts and popularity and physical freedom. Funny, these days we don't see gays sacrificing any of these things.  

We do see plenty of people today protesting for sexual immorality and infanticide and lawlessness and entitlement and trumped up grievances. But somebody standing steadfast and immovable for their timeless godly beliefs? It's a breath of fresh air.