Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Which Comes First: The Gay or the Homosexual Behavior?

It is our belief that the idea that a person chooses to come out as "gay" before he chooses to engage in homosexual behavior is highly illogical. (We are thinking of the rampant naivete of parents and leaders and the change made in the BYU Honor Code in 2006, apparently through pressures from gay activists and input from gay students, which allows students and faculty to openly identify as gay as long as they don't act on it or advocate it. Incidentally, we think self-identifying is a form of acting and advocating.) It seems more realistic that a person, especially a young LDS person, would not risk announcing he is gay unless he has experimented with it extensively and decided to embrace it, come what may.

Experimentation with homosexuality can take many forms and degrees. We think the most common form is same sex pornography, a huge and fairly recently established internet industry. As one young man related, he looks at porn just to confirm that he is gay, in other words, if same sex porn turns him on he decides he must be gay. Too bad he doesn't know that human sexuality is highly subject to suggestion and stimulation and can take all kinds of bad directions.

Homosexual experimentation can also include fantasizing, participating in on line chat rooms, immersing oneself in gay-affirming literature and entertainment, frequenting gay society and clubs, and more. It seems highly improbable that any young LDS person would claim gayness without first acting out in any of these ways or others short of committing sodomy. Granted, an individual who has been abused as a child or young person (through sexual abuse, pornography, labeling, peer abuse, bad teaching and example, our gay-affirming culture, etc.) may begin to believe they are gay before experimenting. But the actual public embrace of the political and social gay identity is self-determined and quite advanced. Therefore, we submit that homosexual behavior generally must come before private or public declaration of gayness.

To put it simply, given that most people have been conditioned to believe the falsehood that homosexuality is innate and permanent, a young LDS person is not going to say, "I'm gay," or even "I'm same-sex attracted," without trying it out in some way. There's too much at stake. Acting out comes first. To think otherwise is to deny reality.

Anatomy of a Fall

SoL, always concerned with the corruption of youth taking place in our sex-saturated culture, was notified about the following face book post and found it tragic and revealing. (For the purposes of this blog we have omitted names, but the author, a 20-year-old, has obviously made his life choices very public.)

The following post stunningly chronicles the step-by-step degradation of a previously fine LDS young man of our acquaintance within the course of a year. Please note that an abandonment of sexual morality in the form of homosexual behavior seems to have come first, then (not neccessarily in this order) homosexual promiscuity, spending money indiscriminately, use of bad language, impulsive feelings and choices, bad health, underage drinking and smoking, an embrace of liberal politics, domestic violence, financial instability and debt, coming out as gay, becoming a gay activist, disassociating from his church, the possibility of STDs, and obsession with body (piercings, tattoos). The sentiments he expresses may include some degree of exaggeration, bitter humor, and youthful bravado, but the reckless and willful abandonment of the traditional values he was apparently taught by his parents seems to be authentic.

We believe the following narrative, that reads like adolescent angst poetry except that it is real and very dangerous, is representative of a trend that is increasingly becoming typical and widespread. What else can we expect from the permissive, Godless, self-indulgent, morally-lost culture young people are having to grow up in today? You can just feel the overall aimlessness, self-centeredness, boredom, rebellion, fear, loneliness, hopelessness, and perhaps mental illness. All taking place in the space of one year. No wonder such young people jump on the limitless-sex activism band wagon. They have abandoned and thumb their noses at everything of most lasting value and importance in life (health, responsibility, marriage, posterity, God, divine redemption) and have left themselves with nothing else to believe in or do but march in the popular and perverse parades of the times they are living in.

Everybody should read this and weep.

In the last year
I joined the Army.
I left my boyfriend ---------.
I spent 6 months training in Hell.
I loved every minute of training (even the moments I hated).
I spent incredible amounts of money on stupid shit.
I got Mono (and still have it).
I made friends that I will never forget.
I turned 20 (on the way to basic training).
I started drinking.

In the last 6 months
I graduated from Special Operations Training.
I flew back to Utah.
I started as a manager at Calvin Klein.
I bought a new car.
I returned my new car.
I got a different new car.
I got a boyfriend (-------).
I moved in to a townhouse with said boyfriend.
I came out to my parents.
I started smoking.
I realized that I am liberal. And I like it.

In the last month
I had a bitter breakup with my ex.
My ex smashed my rice cooker and blender.
My ex "accidentally" knocked over my motorcycle.
I told my parents that I drink (very pleasant experience).
I got a new boy. :D
I started school.
I left my position as manager.
I started the ROTC.
I was kicked out of my house (the ex's).
I moved into a new house.
--Which has no heat
--And no hot water
--And no furniture
--And no fridge
--And no clothes washer
My laptop wireless card went out.
I got a lot of money, and spent it all on past due bills and this laptop.
I decided to really support gay rights and activism.
Came out on facebook, despite my Army friends.

In the next month, I plan to...
Lobby, march, parade
Throw a party at my new place with copious amounts of alcohol
Have my name removed from church records
Get tested for STDs (FINALLY!)
Get something pierced, or the tat I've been wanting
Sell something substantial (my old laptop, a kidney, something)
Try to start working out again
Not fail school!
Go on a roadtrip with my boy and some friends.