Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Business of America: Celebrating Homosexuality

In the last decade many a family-friendly business in America has been caught up---hook, line, and sinker--- into the hands of the militant gay movement. Yes, our banks, our sports stores, our phone companies, are all winning the Human Rights Campaign's highest marks, marching in gay pride parades no less, publicly supporting and participating in this obscene scene.

Have these corporations been played?Have these smart people bought the phony gay line, all the gay lines, that gays are victims, that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality, that sodomy and the like is worthy of respect and public legitimization, that the Holy Scriptures are outdated, that God is pretty much dead?

 Is it just that they haven't connected the dots?Are they really that stupid?

We think not. Yes, the gay movement has been clever, systematic, manipulative, even fascist. It's loaded and it's powerful. But please, these are grown-ups. They know what homosexuality really is. And you're either for it or against it. You're either encouraging or discouraging it. There's no middle ground.

When confronted with the facts, such as that gay pride parades showcase obscenity, sexual immorality, "gay marriage," disorder, and insanity, some Utah CEOs and community leaders are incredulous, responding with: Hey, we're family people. We go to church. We believe in decency and morality. But man, we're getting so much pressure.There are forces at work. We simply have to support diversity and equality in the workplace.

But of course it's not about diversity or equality and even if it were they've gone way beyond that. These businesses are going out of their way to celebrate homosex. They are furthering the anti-god cause of lawless sexual liberation. They are accomplices in exposing little children to it, which amounts to child abuse. Regardless of what they say, they have become homosexualists.  An example is  Zion's Bank, an organization people think of as based on traditional values. And yet dozens of brightly t-shirted Zion's Bank employees marched in the obscene SLC gay parade this year with a bright blue Zion's Bank shuttle bus, all emblazoned with "Equality: the heart of the matter, Zion's Bank."  Yes, Zion's Bank paid for all of this. It's like this: If you say you're basically against a powerful sociological movement, you might have to go along to some extent, but what in heaven's name is making you actually march in the parade? And pay for the privilege? It doesn't make logical, ethical, religious, or moral sense.

Our guess is that all these leaders have known all along exactly what they are doing. By compartmentalizing their business life (the Lord calls this out-and-out hypocrisy), they made that choice long ago and now are past feeling. Hence, they can march along with the flamboyant trannies and mostly naked gyrating men with no qualms. Hence, our city thoroughfares at least annually become a strange freaky mixture of the ostensibly wholesome marching right alongside the obviously wicked. With your own eyes you can see uniformed boy scouts, high school students, and Mormon parents and children marching with gay strippers and dolled-up transvestites, an incongruous spectacle that our most trusted public, community, and business leaders have no shame in sponsoring and supporting.

Does nobody else think this is really weird? Proud and lawless sexual revolutionaries joyfully teaming up with mainstream banks, department stores, auto dealerships, restaurants, hotels, and airlines, not to mention boy scout troops and Christian churches? This is not diversity. This is not equality. It's just plain old wickedness and debauchery.  Evil posing as good. As one parade poster put it, "Every time you see a rainbow God is having gay sex." A sign on the Salt Lake City Library parade entry car said, "Reading is Gay." Really.

No, these leaders and businesses and individuals are not that stupid. What they are is cowardly. What they focus on is expediency. What they worship is their own pride and profit. Please, please, please correct us if we're wrong.

A huge chunk of corporate and mainstream and supposedly Christian America has gone gaily homosexualist, whether we see them marching in gay parades or not. But they never had to. It was their choice. Have they never heard of Chick-Fil-A?

FYI, these are the businesses and organizations who participated in the Utah Gay Pride Parade and Festival this year in SLC which has been held annually for the last 30 years (incomprehensible theme this year "Love Equals Love"):

Sponsors: Salt Lake City, Bud Light, BW Bastian Foundation, Le Croissant Catering, Edge Media Network, Mark Miller Subaru, The Sheraton SLC Hotel, Snow Gear Partners, AAA Utah, Bearfoot Wine, Pinnacle Vodka, Diamond Rental, Macy's, Starbucks, State Farm Insurance, Young Automotive, Part City Television, Q Salt Lake, X96, XFinity, Salt Lake City Weekly, Utah Film Center, KRCL, ADP, American Express, Verizon, Wells Fargo Bank, Petco, Human Rights Campaign, Overstock.com, The Gateway, Hotel Monaco, Ebay, Chase Bank, AARP, US Bank, Doubletree Suites, Adobe, RBS, Goldman Sachs, Sentry West, Slug Magazine.

Additional supporting participants and businesses we saw marching in the SLC Gay Pride Parade this year: SLC Mayor Ralph Becker, SL County Mayor Ben McAdams, U of U, Westminster College, Weber State University, West High School flag twirlers, Mormons Building Bridges, Mormons for Equality, Boy Scouts of America, Zion's Bank, Delta Airlines, American Fork High School Gay Straight Alliance club,  SL District Attorney Sim Gill, Jewish congregation KOL AMI, Salt Lake Pagan Society, Community of Christ, Pride Interfaith Community, All Saints Episcopal Church, Jerry Seiner Chevrolet, National Organization for Women, Skin Works, First Unitarian Church, The Leonardo, Planned Parenthood, Salt Lake County Health Department STD/HIV Clinic and Prevention Program, Squatter's Bear, Postmos (an ex-Mormon group), Discover Card,Rowland Hall Episcopal School, Ruby River Steakhouse, PFLAG, Snowbird, YWCA, Salt Lake County Sheriff Winder, Miss Teen Utah, American Cancer Society, Absolut Vodka, Salt Lake County Library, Salt Lake City Library, Home Depot, Salt Lake Valley Buick GMC, The Women's Democratic Club, Utah Gay Fathers Association, Sound Warehouse, and many more.

Entertainment at the festival this year included excerpts from "Saturday's Voyeur," an obscene play by the Salt Lake Acting Company.

We didn't attend the 2014 SLC Pride Festival, but here are the paying vendors we saw at the 2013 SLC Pride Festival: Zions Bank, EBAY, Costo, Home Depot, DirecTV, Ikea, Mormons for Equality, Affirmation - Gay & Lesbian Mormons, Momons Building Bridges, LDS Reconciliation, LDS Family Fellowship, Champion Windows and Doors, Direct Buy, Unity Salon, Aspen Gay Ski Week, Human Rights Campaign, City Weekly, Transgender Education Advocates, Xfinity, SLUT, SLUG Magaine, AAA, Salt Lake City, Bareoot Wine, Scentsy, Amazing Rainbow Lights, Trinas Pride LGBT Designs, The Kitten Society, Salt City Consent Squad - Rape Recovery Center, Out Laws, One Of A Kind Tie Dye, Atheists of Utah, Farmers Insurance Group, Log Cabin Republicans, Best Friends Animal Society, Young Automotive Group, Summit Community Counseling, The Art Institutes, Utah Environmental Congress, Eckankar, Utah Gay Fathers, Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Restore Our Humanity - Repeal Amendment 3, Snowbird, Utah Polyamory Society, IHG hotel group, Provo Pride Festival, Postmormons, First Baptist Church, Center for Spiritual Living, OUTreach Resource Center, Recreation Outlet, Pride Socks, Salt Lake County Library, Salt Lake AIDS Walk, Utah AIDS Foundation, PETA, ACLU, AIDS Coalition of Utah, Winder Dairy, KUER, GE Healthcare, Verizon, Century Link, Holiday Travel, Accuracy Automotive, Commitment Rings, Planned Parenthood, Real Caring Integrative Therapy, PFLAG, American Family Insurance, Humane Society of Utah, Home Depot, Equality in the Community, Sears, Convergys, Q Salt Lake, Utah Pride Center, AARP, Public Safety Pride Alliance.

These are the businesses who are participating in the 2nd annual Provo Pride Festival on Saturday,
Sept. 20, 2014:  Utah Pride Center, Equality Utah, The Madison (nightclub/afterparty held here), City Limits (gay bar in Provo, pre-party held here), Centro Hispano/Dejelo Ya (Hispanic counseling center), Provo Florist, Noodles & Company, Taylor Maid, Jayde's Rhinestones

Booths and vendors at Provo Pride Festival included BYU's Understanding Same-Gender Attraction club.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why They're Winning and We're Losing

There are some true hearts out there on the Lord's side who want to fight this culture war out of love of God and for the sake of God's children. But the enemy is winning nevertheless. Here's why.

The devil's side is patient, crafty, cunning, strategic, and willing to give all. The supposed Lord's side is the opposite because of  one of more of the following:

Squeamishness. Decent people don't want to think or learn or talk about abortion, homosexuality, pornography, child sex abuse, or anything unpleasant in any detail. (The military term for this is desertion.)

Distracted Positivism: We'd rather uphold something good (like traditional marriage) than face the destructive evil head-on. No battle is ever won using this tactic; it is not even engaged in. And we play right into the enemy's hands.

Fear, Intimidation, and Misinformation: Everybody has been conditioned to accept homosexuality to some degree for reasons of expediency, and very few are doing their homework.  

Reputation: People want to be thought well of. They can't stand being disapproved of. 

Projection: If we're nice, we think everybody else is basically nice too. They aren't. 

Complacency: No one likes to rock the boat. The public will isn't there. People are easily "lulled into carnal security." "All is well in Zion."

Prosperity: Ease makes people comfy and enjoying life. They don't want to sacrifice any of that.

Fence-sitting: People would rather abandon their convictions than take a brave stand on an unpopular side.

Niceness: People think the gospel is just about human relations (love, service). It's not. It's primarily about repentance and divine redemption. People are not turning to the Lord.

Materialism: Most people care most about the least important things: what can be seen, touched, felt, tasted, heard. Ideas and principles are too confrontational and controversial.

Mediocrity: The quest for excellence and virtue has been abandoned in favor of political correctness, humanism, the worship of self.

Benightedness: People don't care about knowledge, history, the wisdom of the ages, accumulated human experience, anymore.

Gospel Ignorance: There is very little understanding of first principles and how to apply them. People are not concerned about spiritual growth. They prefer to go through the motions and rest on our laurels.

Sentimentality: People care more about human stories, feelings, and emotions than rightness, goodness, and truth. Weak self-serving human emotions are held up as spirituality.

Weakness of faith: Many do not care enough about the welfare of immortal souls and trusting in the Lord and where they'll spend eternity. They think they can find heaven on earth so that's where they put their hearts and their treasure.

Idolatry: People worship everything but God.

Flattery: Sycophancy, name-dropping, and the puffing up of others for personal gain has always been and continues to be a prevalent lifestyle choice. 

Pride: People puff up themselves up endlessly, too, even in their professed humility.

Surrendering agency: Everyone's a "victim" of something or other. Sin and accountability are not spoken of.  

Irresponsibility: There's no burden people would rather shrug off to others than their own religiosity. 

Blindness: People cannot be taught by the Spirit because of all of the above and therefore are ineffective at best and adding to the problems at worst.

Yes, we are losing the war for the souls of men and the safety and well-being of our children. The only way to change the direction we are going is to turn back to God, and man up. Robert Bork said it decades ago. The only hope for our debauched society is a robust revival of traditional moral values and religion among the people.  Remember, we're not the one's attacking. Yes, we're sick of hearing about the gay agenda, and that's just what they want. Yes, we'd rather focus on positive things, but that doesn't work when you're being attacked. Yes, we hate to confront these evils, but it is our obligation.

It's appropriate that it's September 11. All of the above applies to being defeated by any sort of evil.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Guess What's Coming to Dinner: How to deal with homosexuality in the family

There are lots of ways to be wicked, but the culture of wholesale wickedness that caused the Lord to destroy the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah---a society that was so far gone that ten righteous could not be scraped up to save it, that Lot and his family nevertheless lived alongside---is a national reality today from coast to coast. We're thinking some people may need some specific tactics to keep from meeting Lot's wife's fate. The following suggestions are going to take strength of character, courage of conviction, transcendent love of God, an eternal perspective. And well, it may be the hardest thing you've ever had to do.

Say a cherished adult family member has gone so far as to come out as gay. (We are not referring here to people privately and actively working to conquer unwanted homosexual thoughts, feelings, and tendencies.) Whether or not he has left the church, this family member is obviously acting out, is totally unrepentant, is very public about his lifestyle, hangs out with sexual revolutionaries and has become one himself, and is shouting to the world in every way possible, like a rebellious adolescent, that he is having a gay old time. Say this family member has boldly attended extended family gatherings with children present, bringing uninvited homosexualist friends and/or homosexual sex partners, displaying an alien personality, flaunting his new sexuality. Or maybe this hasn't happened yet but you are certain it could. Now say you are hosting a big family gathering, a traditional holiday party, a reunion, a picnic, or just a dinner. It's your house, your event, your family. Sure you want everyone to come, and you especially want any at-risk or wayward members to feel loved and a sense of belonging to the family. But should you allow homosexuality to attend your party as if it is normal and wholesome, as if it is a perfectly safe and righteous alternative to the heterosexual model? Should you be complicit in enabling and spreading homosexualism among your own family, especially to young and impressionable and perhaps particularly vulnerable children?

Yes, this is what inclusion of homosexualism does. Acting as if nothing is wrong in these situations in any social situation is tacit approval. And gays know it. For all sorts of reasons, unconscious or purposeful, they seek approval and validation, not for they themselves (they have that already as a member of the family) but for what they are doing: for homosex. Not unlike all of us at times, these are people with great inner conflicts, with guilt, with narcissistic, unrealistic fantasies and desires---that have gone shamelessly public and proud. Yes, deep down these are often very neurotic, needy, damaged, prideful, rebellious, past feeling, and/or confused people. And misery loves company.  All these are reasons why,  ironically, in between their rated X fantasies and behaviors, they make sure to come to rated G family gatherings.

Here's what we suggest for the ultimate good of all. Heads of families, or whoever is in charge of a family gathering should make rules that reflect the principle that the person is always welcome but the homosexuality is not. This should be communicated in a clear, calm, and measured manner, come what may. The truth is, family members should not have to anticipate being met with sexually perverse and immoral identities or behaviors when attending a family gathering. People should not be coerced  into such situations. Even more important, people have the right to protect their children from being exposed to cross-dressing, gender nonconformity, and all manner of homosexualism. (Please note the little known fact that the percentage of homosexual child abuse is more than 20 times greater than heterosexual child abuse.) Pro-gay ideology has most certainly infiltrated our media, our schools, our government, our streets, even our churches, but it need not crash our family gatherings.

Here are some specific rules for family gatherings for the unrepentant, gay, family-interested family member:

If the gay family member is highly public about his gay-affirming lifestyle, such as on Facebook, so that it is common knowledge among the family, they should be told that because of this they are not invited to family gatherings. This is because it is unfair and harmful to cause other family members to have to expose themselves or their children in a supposedly safe and wholesome family setting to someone they know is proudly and publicly sinning, as if this behavior is normal and good. If they are not proud and public about their lifestyle they will be invited. People are invited; homosexuality isn't.

At an actual extended family gathering, no sex activists, homosexualist friends, or homosex partners allowed. No cross-dressing allowed. No sex jokes or homosexual stereotyping allowed. No sex talk allowed. No homosexual innuendo allowed. No gay showing off, affectations, or playacting allowed in any degree. No special attention to children or young persons allowed. If these rules are not complied with, the person will be asked to leave. If they do not leave, the entire gathering will immediately be terminated. Family members will have to do their visiting in smaller, private groups and settings for the time being..

Even if the family member is legally "married," their homosexual partner must not be allowed to attend family gatherings. This sounds bad but it's the only right thing to do. Gay marriage is another name for homosexuality, that is, same-sex sexual behavior. This behavior is pornographic, harmful, maladaptive, and sinful, whether done under the cloak of  so-called monogamous so-called marriage or not. It does not deserve familiarity and respect. When you treat gay couples as equal to heterosexual couples, you are legitimizing this behavior and setting it up as a model to follow. Would you invite your loved one's drug dealer or pimp to dinner? The modern legitimization of gay marriage does not make it right.

This next rule makes us weep: If the gay family member has acquired a child or children in his or her care, they of course must be included in family gatherings, but the gay parent must be informed that the child has to obey these same rules and will be purposely taught truth, righteousness, and the heterosexual model at these gatherings.

These are our suggested rules. You may have others. And yes, we know they seem harsh. We know it's a sacrifice. It's a disappointment. It's difficult. It's sensitive. It would be much easier to ignore the whole thing or to include the gay family member hoping your influence will win out instead of his. But God does not look upon sin with the least degree of allowance and we mustn't either, our own or others'. It's harsh but it's reality and it's necessary. That is, unless you want to encourage your gay family member in sin, condemn them to destruction, and add more gays and homosexualists to the already dwindling family tree. That is, unless you want your family dinner to be in essence a ripe mini-Sodom. If you don't make and enforce these rules, chances are the gay family member may in effect take over.  Or it may be that no matter what you do the gay family member might not be able to keep this effusive interest in family up for long, especially if he isn't making fast enough headway. They are living a highly sensational and addictive sex-based lifestyle that needs constant and increasingly stimulating fuel. Family life is too tame; they'll get bored and perhaps move to more gay-friendly environs. Sad, but it happens.

There's a strange thing happening in Mormon culture,and maybe in some others as well. Our sons and daughters are joining the sexual revolution, at the same time wishing to be active and popular in our families, church culture, and congregations. Proud gays, recruited, conditioned, and transformed, make themselves special favorites of young nieces and nephews, elderly grandparents and, increasingly, easily-persuaded peers, parents, church members and leaders. Simultaneously they immerse themselves in unlimited and perverse gender nonconformity and sexual immorality.  They set out to have their cake and eat it too. And because of the great emphasis put on family and church culture, their families are siding with them instead of with God. It appears that more often than not we'd rather flamboyant homosexuality took that empty chair than the Lord himself.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pornography: How To Make a Vice Nice

Centuries ago Alexander Pope famously warned mankind about vice and how it becomes acceptable: "First we endure, then pity, then embrace." How? How do you turn a sleazy, despicable, and even deadly abomination like pornography into something nice? We list some tactics for your consideration.

To Make a Vice Nice . . .

You skip over some the primary truths of God's plan and the gospel of Jesus Christ, that is, you rarely if ever talk about the fallen nature of man, that he is prone to wander, prone to sin, prone to do and think and feel the worst the world has to offer. You avoid these words: vice, temptation, pleasure, excitement, orgasm, masturbation, dirty mindedness, sexual sin, iniquity, whoredoms, homosexuality, wickedness, evil, the devil, filth, impurity, immorality, punishment, judgment, condemnation, hell. You also avoid these next list of words we suppose because they are inseparably connected to the above words that you avoided: repentance, mercy, grace, Savior, Atonement, change of heart, salvation, exaltation, love of God, Holy Ghost, agency, responsibility, character, inner purity, motives, spiritual growth.

You never talk about what pornography really is or what it really does to people, that it is material that  sexually objectifies human beings and exploits the God-given sexual appetite to get gain, that it incites promiscuous and adulterous lust in ever increasing doses and degrees to the point of sadism, torture, and murder (in what are called snuff films), that it is the fuel for such things as masturbation, fornication, molestation, adultery, divorce, incest, homosexuality, and child sexual abuse and the training ground for rapists and serial killers, that those involved in it are involved in great wickedness.

By the way, the famous serial killer Ted Bundy was raised in an ideal Christian household just like his four siblings and was a model child. The reason he ended up a mass rapist/murderer of  more than 30 women? (Some say it was more like 50.) By his own admission: pornography. It was used in secret and the more he used it the more sensation he craved. Eventually he acted the worst kind of pornography out. Yes, there is very little distance between vice and evil.

Again, to make a vice nice don't use words like sin, temptation, pleasure, excitement, masturbation, orgasm, sleaze, adultery, sinner, destruction, hell, Christ, and redemption. Instead, use words like plague, addiction, problem, attraction, understanding, challenge, manage, mistakes, broken, struggle, pain, devastation, burden, support, disclosure, talk, self, recovery, lifted, cope, healing, forgiveness. Make this incredibly lucrative and pleasurable activity into a condition or circumstance or addiction rather than a sin. Make users into victims rather than sinners. Make sin into something more of a spontaneous contagious disease that is forced on people like the black plague rather than a personal choice between good and evil. Turn evil and the devil into a psychological or even physiological condition.

Note: We know that porn is indeed highly addictive and does reshape the brain. We know that professional counseling can be necessary and helpful. However, defining porn as a plague when it comes to the individual shifts responsibility and excuses the wicked selfish disobedient choices that lead to it. The AA-type treatment of this vice, although it may help people in some temporal and temporary ways, is not godly or exalting. It sidesteps or plays down basic truths about man's fallen nature and basic gospel principles such as humility, repentance, loving God first, and becoming a new creature, washed clean, through faith in Christ.

Yes, to make pornography use less of a sleazy, sinful, and selfish vice and more of an innocent, the-devil-made-me-do-it state of being you must continue to avoid the word repentance and continue to emphasize the worldly mediocrity described above. It doesn't matter what else you say about recovery or human relations or forgiveness, just keep softening and prettifying this vice. Voila! Even ostensibly religious people are well on the road to embracing the abomination that is pornography as an inevitable, acceptable part of modern faith and family life worthy of sympathy and respect anywhere on the spectrum of use or former use. 

Oh, wait, people are already doing that. Apparently, we as a people are way past enduring and even pitying. By turning pornography into more of a contagious illness that is involuntarily caught and can be coped with happily while going about being outwardly religious rather than a sinful vice individuals decide to seek out and participate in, we have embraced it with both arms. As such, we've decided we don't need much divine redemption at all. 

We should know better. 

Post Script: A reader pointed out that the LDS ecclesiastical use of the word plague in reference to pornography today needs clarifying. We'll give it a try. In the sense that society's production, distribution, and mainstreaming of addictive sexual material is a disaster, the comparison to a plague seems appropriate. But the analogy soon breaks down when sane individuals with agency begin to seek out pornography. A plague is defined as an infectious disease (such as the bubonic plague) or a disastrous evil or affliction  (such as the locusts or frogs or flies in Moses' time), which diseases, evils, or afflictions affect people involuntarily. Society's embrace of pornography is indeed disastrous to many of us (others profit by it by reaping pleasure and money). But if referred to as a plague pornography must be clearly distinguished and characterized not as an involuntary circumstance but as something society has chosen to allow and individuals choose to participate in. Man is a fallen creature prone to sin. Sin is pleasurable, at least for a time. Individuals are pleasurably attracted and later become pleasurably/miserably addicted to porn not because porn is pervasive (although this makes it easier), but because of their sinful natures. If we want to truly eradicate porn use from our families and congregations, we have to start with this gospel truth---that we are inevitably fallen--- which truth, if we wish, can lead us to Christ, our Redeemer.