Monday, December 14, 2015

Suicidality is a Red Flag, Not a Free Pass

Comment on our Miracle of Forgiveness post:

"And the ONLY reason I attempted suicide was because I knew I was gay and would couldn't live the "straight" life! Thank heavens I went 2 my Heavenly Father 4 acceptance or I'd be dead! How dare this author claim 2 know the reason gay kids are killing themselves!! Disgusting !" (sic)

Okay. We're really worried about this person, not only for her safety, but for the dangerous false ideas she is spreading. This comment was on a long thread involving several people.

There is so much wrong with the thinking of this person. She sounds very young and inexperienced and yet is emboldened enough to make life and death decisions for herself. 

First, she is confusing a sin with an identity. Homosexuality doesn't have to be who you are. Gay is a harmful and sinful mindset and people can change their minds. It's learned and what is learned can be unlearned. It's also called repentance. If she wanted help she could get it and root out the sources of these wayward and apparently miserable thought patterns. Chances are she has been hurt and suffered some sort of trauma that turned her against the opposite sex in a romantic/sexual way. Chances are she has been on the internet searching out all things lesbian. These materials are sexual and arouse that sexual appetite. It's like watching food shows and getting hungry. With enough exposure and enough appetite anybody can be influenced by any sort of sexual material. Chances are she has surrounded herself with gays and gay advocates. We would like to tell this person that she has been lied to. There is hope and help. People can change if they want to. She can leave this preoccupation with perverse and dead-end sexuality behind and live a normal life.

Second, she is taking herself and sex much too seriously. People who decide to take their own lives are thinking way too much of themselves. They don't even care how it might permanently damage others. As for sex, many people live productive and happy lives entirely without sex. Sex is an appetite, and normally much less frequent of an appetite than our appetite for food. It's even less than an appetite if you're talking about alternative sexuality. It's more like a matter of taste. It makes no sense to do yourself in because of a matter of taste. Not to make too light of what is a serious problem, when you come down to it, suicidality over this or that type of sex is like saying I want to kill myself because I only like dark chocolate and can't stand to even think about eating milk chocolate. But wait, according to gay theory, it's like saying I am the eating of dark chocolate and can never be the eating of milk chocolate. Yes, it's that dumb.

Third, although she is right that Heavenly Father loves her unconditionally, and we are very glad she turned to Him, she has left out His entire plan for her. God loves us apart from our sins and weaknesses, and even apart our righteousness and accomplishments. He is no respecter of persons, meaning he loves all his children the same, even when they are on the wrong path. He wants the best for us, now and forever. That means He wants us to repent and try to behave ourselves out of love for Him, relying on redemption through Christ. This is His plan for us. It will make us fit for his presence. This apparently Christian young person is leaving the entire gospel of Jesus Christ out of her thinking. Why?

Fourth, if a person attempts suicide, there is some serious immaturity, compulsiveness, trauma, emotional illness, insecurity, narcissism, depression, and/or other pathologies that may be going on. These may have nothing to do with preoccupation with unnatural sexual proclivities or may even be the cause of, or exacerbated by, unnatural sexual proclivities and acts. In fact the Remafedi study showed that suicide attempts by teenage boys go down 20% for each year they put off self-identifying as gay. Yes, according to that study, sucidality decreases the longer a young person RESISTS homosexuality. 

Fifth, the gay movement has quite abusively and irresponsibly encouraged youth homosexuality through organized promotion. It's true. The term "gay youth" didn't even exist---it didn't cross people's minds---until just 10 or 20 years ago. Now we have kindergartners being taught homsexualism. We have gay days and gay clubs in schools. We have gay youth pride festivals complete with training workshops. It's all over literature, movies, TV.  The fabrication of youth homosexuality accomplished and many people fooled, they then quite cruelly and irresponsibly promote the idea that gay youth commit suicide because they are not accepted for their gayness, completely leaving out any mention of the serious causes above. This linking of gay youth to suicide puts a very dangerous idea into vulnerable kids' heads. They begin to think suicide is an especial option just for for them. They begin to think all is hopeless, which is totally untrue (see #1,2,3 above), or "now they'll be sorry," which vengefulness is the very worst reason to do anything. They may decide it is the only option. One horrific idea begun during the Nazi regime is that suicide is a particularly fitting and noble culmination to a homosexual life. Young people are bombarded with all these wrong and dangerous ideas, then, when they attempt or succeed at suicide, their destructive and tragic act is exploited financially and politically and every other way by the powers that be.

It comes down this. The multi-faceted sucidality of some unfortunate young people is being hijacked to further the blanket acceptance and encouragement of one thing: perverse forms of sexuality beginning at the youngest age possible. For gullible and fearful parents and leaders, trumped-up suicidality is a major threat that causes them to give a free pass for youth homosexuality. For the miserable young people who find themselves preoccupied with perverse sex and sexuality, trumped-up suicidality may become a siren song, as indicated at the top of this post. 

Sixth, this young person is in effect saying, I tried to solve all my problems by killing myself. Then I found out I don't have to kill myself because God accepts my homosexuality [bad ideas and behaviors] as who I am and always will be.  If that isn't a red flag for some very serious and destructive emotional/mental disorder and a very wrong conception of humanity, God, and morality, we don't know what is.Reality check: a person is not any kind of ideas or behaviors. A person is a unique individual with an immeasurably valuable immortal soul and great potential for spiritual growth and progress. God loves us but not our sinfulness. Christ will rescue us from our sins if we want him to.

Dear young people involved in homosexuality, do not consider or spread the false idea that suicidality is an option. Don't buy into it. People are using you. It is God who really loves you, beyond measure. Homosexuality is not who you are; homosexuality is bad thoughts and acts. You are a child of God. God loves us all and wants to give us all He has. That is why He gave us boundaries and a Savior. We love you. That is why we are offering you truth and hope.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Terror by Way of Insanity

“This country talks a lot about terrorist attacks—and rightly so. Almost anybody in America can give you some kind of a listing of the most destructive acts of terror that have happened in our country. But let me suggest to you this: The two greatest attacks of terror on America were perpetrated by the Supreme Court. Not by any Muslim, but by the Supreme Court of the United States. The first one was the legalizing of abortion. Subsequent to that, there have been millions of babies slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers. It’s incalculable to even comprehend that. The blood of those lives cries out from the ground for divine vengeance on this nation. The second great act of terror perpetrated by the Supreme Court was the legalization of same-sex marriage. The destruction of human life in the womb—in a sense, the destruction of motherhood—and now the destruction of the family itself. No bomb, no explosion, no attack, and no assault on people physically can come anywhere near that kind of terrorism. Our country is being terrorized by the people most responsible to protect it—those who are to uphold the law. . . No human court has the authority to redefine morality. But this human court has said murder is not murder; and marriage is not marriage; and family is not family. They have usurped the authority that belongs only to God, who is the creator of life, marriage, and family. Any and all attempts to define morality differently than God has is a form of rebellion and blasphemy —blasphemy against God, against His holy nature, and His holy law, and His holy people” (John MacArthur, “We Will Not Bow,” 7/19/2015).

The type of terror and evil MacArthur is talking about above is playing out in unimagined ways, all of which are anti-God, anti-nature, anti-rightness, anti-posterity. Case in point: Featured in a recent gay publication is a transgender, a 52-year-old man, husband and father of seven, who abandoned not only his family but reality itself. He insists that he is a female, but there’s more. The article glosses over the fact that this man also insists he is a little girl six years old. Apparently he’s found some people as crazy as he is to be his “parents” and “family.”

To quote: “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child.”

What? Moved forward and gone back?

“I don’t want to be an adult right now and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.”

This scenario should be pathetically terrifying to everyone. This person is obviously pathological and needs help. Instead, he is being exploited by sex activists and indulged by fools. How cruel that no one seems to care that this person has totally regressed. How cruel that they don’t care to help him root out the trauma that caused this regression and restore this person to health. How cruel to indulge this disease. It is also cruel and abusive to everyone else, especially to his biological family, and to those children who live around him who must pretend that this sort of playacting is normal. It is teaching and modeling that a person’s sex and age are subject to one’s sick whims.

Making up your own alternative reality is called insanity. A society celebrating such insanity while tyrannizing the sane is a definite form of terrorizing evil. By sane we mean those who still have the discernment to recognize "the grotesque, the perverse, and the unacceptable," to borrow from Flannery O’Connor. By sane we mean those who are standing for reality, God, health, and goodness, and for doing so are being called names, intimidated, shunned, sued, fired, ruined, and punished, a form of living terror.

The general dumbing-down, making-excuses-for-everything, abandoning-of-order-laws-and-morals process our culture has indulged in over the last several decades has inevitably bled over into mental health. Once we surrender on one issue it becomes easy to surrender on another. Rather than striving for wholeness and wellness, rather than doing the hard painful work toward health and knowledge and ideals and excellence, rather than adhering to proven standards for proper human thought and behavior, people are giving up and giving in to whatever craziness is popular at the time. But that’s not all. They are celebrating these disorders and forcing the rest of us to celebrate them too.

Who would have thought that a civilization would choose to terrorize by way of insanity? It makes the classic horror film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? look like Sesame Street. At least Bette Davis played a female.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Gospel is "Harsh" only to the Faithless

A reader’s comment on our post, “As For Our House, The Miracle of Forgiveness Stays":

My five children each served missions, and each one of their mission presidents actually banned the use of this book in their mission. It created more problems than it solved in young men and women. I believe there is a reason it is no longer published by the church. Even Spencer Kimball expressed concerns with its judgmental tone and had regrets about it.

Many years ago, I heard Edward Kimball, the biographer son of Spencer Kimball, speak, regarding how his father, Spencer, wished he would not have been so condemning in The Miracle of Forgiveness, and wishes he could have incorporated more "grace and forgiveness" into his words--that he could have achieved more with soft words rather than harsh words.

Edward also shared the sentiment that the book "is a much distributed book--mostly by people who think somebody else needs it."

SoL response:

We don't know about these rogue, anti-Christ mission presidents who, if they exist, seem to care more about their mission statistics than the welfare of immortal souls. But we do know there is no proof that Pres. Kimball ever said what his son is saying he said. Apparently Edward Kimball has much to gain by recharacterizing his dead father's beliefs and life work. Spencer lived to be old. If he wanted to make revisions in his famous book, if it meant so much to him, he had plenty of time to do it until the day he died. He could even have put down any revisions he wanted done in writing. But no. He didn't. What Edward is doing is called revisionism. It's happening all over the place regarding dead people and scripture and documents and literature, all in order accommodate modern, wildly popular worldviews. We need to remember that this world is the devil’s kingdom.This is his territory. This sort of thing is exactly what he wants to have happen in order to draw people away from God and goodness and redemption through Christ.

All we have to give you is our belief in Christ. We love the gospel. We love this book. We need the truths it contains, which are totally in line with scripture. Try reading this book. What is harsh about it? The book's message is that there is such a thing as sin, that we are all sinners, and that we must repent through the miracle of Christ's Atonement or we'll end up unhappy. It concerns reality and is true. But many people do not want to choose the Lord's way. The idea of sin is out of fashion. They choose comfort and convenience and worldly philosophies instead. They water down and dismiss the first principles of the gospel. This is a sign of the times. It's all in the scriptures. Remember how Laman and Lemuel said Nephi's words were too hard? They thought God's commandments were too harsh, too. But what was hard was their own hearts. They wouldn't humble down and repent.

Study the Book of Mormon anti-Christs. They all put down faith in a Redeemer and say there is no need for repentance. People don't like to repent. They'd much rather to cling to their pride and sins and make up excuses for them. That's just human nature.

Why do we need a Savior to redeem us if we need not recognize or repent of our sins? This life is a test. The Lord never said it would be easy. He said he came with a sword. He said following him was going to cost us a broken heart and a contrite spirit. Faith costs. It sometimes hurts more than anything.  

These days many people are deciding for themselves and others that the plain and precious truths of the gospel are “too harsh,” when what the gospel contains is a great and glorious chance to fit ourselves for God’s presence and to inherit all the riches of eternity. This is the greatest of all the gifts of God. All we have to do is qualify ourselves for it by applying the first principles: faith, baptism, repentance, and the Holy Ghost who will tell us the truth of all things, even the harsh truths. It all depends on one's willingness to accept the plan and apply it to oneself. It all depends on what we want. 

Cutting yourself off from the grace of Jesus Christ is a conscious choice, a conscious decision, that affects every aspect of the soul, now and forever, to borrow from Flannery O'Connor.

Our Christmas message? It's simple. Soften your heart toward God. Love Him most. Confess your sins out of that love. Come to Christ. Repent continually. Ask for correction. Believe that you need him and that he can save you. Put your whole foundation on him. If you do this you'll become a new creature. You will begin to understand and develop godly traits such as humility and selflessness. You'll find peace in this life and become fit for the presence of God. And this will happen, not in some unknown future, but presently.

That's the gospel in a nutshell. It's the greatest story ever told and the purest love there is. That's the gospel and it hasn't changed. It's the people who have changed. It's the people who have lost faith.                   

Monday, December 7, 2015

Gay Marriage is No Solution

The following is our response to an LDS mother's email we received about how she is so grateful her homosexual son found a wonderful man for a partner to whom he is now married. Her feeling is that monogamous same-sex marriage is at least giving her son some security and happiness in this life, although she doesn't know what will happen to him in the next.

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Thank you for sharing your feelings and experiences. We understand what a heart-wrenching situation this is for parents. People don’t bring you casseroles or plates of cookies. We have been there. The difference between us is that we perceived a different dilemma than you do. We did not consider the option of a monogamous homosexual relationship for our son. Back then Church leaders went along with the scriptures, saying homosexuality was not an identity; it was a sin to be resisted and repented of. Gay "marriage" did not exist 15 years ago. Our only dilemma concerned right and wrong, how to help our son repent of his bad behaviors, clean up his life, and get well. We did not know if this would happen. It took awhile for him to hit bottom and to find the right help, but not only did our son root out the causes, repent, and overcome his unwanted homosexual tendencies, our whole family learned what the gospel of Jesus Christ really means and how to apply it.

We encourage you to study our web site and read our blog. There is another side to this you are not considering. It’s the gospel solution (the reality of sin, Christ, repentance, redemption), which we know from the scriptures is more powerful than anything else to affect change. You have to feel you are a sinner to know Christ and to be freed of your sins. It is sad that people in the Church are not taking advantage of the gospel but are instead now giving in to the worldly notion that homosexuality is an immutable "identity." What a nightmare that would have been if I had been told that the horror my son was involved in was somehow "who he was." It never crossed my mind. I knew the thing he was involved in was wrong and I knew who he was: a formerly innocent and happy child of God who was caught up in a miserable age-old sin.

It's interesting that the gay marriage argument you are making is the same argument that the pro-abortionists first made. Yes, abortion is not good, it should be rare, but let's make it safer and more respectable, that is, done by doctors in a clinic instead of some filthy back alley, so to speak. But there is no nice way to kill a live unborn baby. It is always horrific. And many women who have had abortions are now sick and sorry about it in the extreme. We see now by these Planned Parenthood videos how the legalized and legitimized slaughtering of the unborn has become a form of birth control, commonplace, institutionalized, inhumane, greed and ideologically based, and the most barbaric practice imaginable. In the same vein, you are saying yes, homosexuality (sodomy) is bad but let's make it safer and more respectable, that is, legitimize it by calling it marriage, and hope they keep their sexuality between themselves. But there is no nice way to practice homosex. It is always sinful and violent to the human body, whether done with one partner or a hundred. Homosexuality, monogamous or promiscuous, does nothing to fulfill the human sexual nature; homosexuality only frustrates the human sexual nature.

People who hurt each other in this way are not showing love. They are sexually abusing each other. You need to know that homosexuality is by nature pornographic and promiscuous. Because it frustrates human sexuality. many can never get enough. “Open marriage” is often practiced. Libido-enhancing drugs are often used. Domestic violence is off the charts. Yes, some long-term gay partners may feel fondness and attachment for each other, but if they truly and unselfishly loved each other they wouldn't sexualize and objectify and abuse each others’ bodies. Most close human relationships are not sexual at all, such as parents with children, friendships, siblings, relatives, and on and on. You say your son has been with a wonderful person for six years. Yes, perhaps he is wonderful in the ways you are given to see, but not wonderful in all ways, and there are many years to come. As society encourages unlimited sexuality these practices will expand and increase.

Most people aren't thinking about what gay sex really is. Parents should think about it. Alas, we suppose it must be spelled out. A friend of ours is writing a big fat book about the myriad risks of gay sex, monogamous or not, risks which are cruelly being concealed. It reads like pornography, because the things they do are absolutely depraved. It's like they get a thrill out of mocking God, their own bodies, and even basic decency and cleanliness.(There is a reason the scriptures call these ideas and behaviors "filthy.") Homosexuality is unnatural and must be constantly stimulated by worse and worse enticements. These behaviors are commonplace in the gay community. The people who perform these acts in secret appear to be wonderful, talented, nice, productive citizens. Have you warned your son about these dangers? A loving parent would. There is nothing secure or happy about gay sex. We know parents whose kids are acting out but who take a firm stand against homosexuality, and they still have good relationships with their children.

Another point you make is that if your son doesn't get to have a gay partner for gay sex he is missing out on human intimacy and fulfillment. This is not true. There is no true intimacy in same-sex sex. As we've said it frustrates human sexuality, which was made for the opposite sexes. In addition, there are many people who don't participate in sex and live happy and fulfilled lives: single people, widowed people, disabled people, Catholic nuns and priests, to name a few. They enjoy intellectual, spiritual, and many other shared types of intimacy with others. Our oversexed culture is pushing a preposterous preoccupation with sex. Homosexualists want you to think sex is essential for happiness, but it is not. It is, or should be, only a small part of life, much less than, say, our appetite for food (which happens at least 3 times a day). Certainly not a person's primary identity.

By the way, if your son has truly been suicidal as you say, he may have much worse problems than his sexuality. Please don’t ignore that. Giving in to perverse sexual whims can make a person’s suicidality worse. That’s why Johns Hopkins does not perform sex change surgeries anymore. They found out the patients’ problems were not solved and suicidality increased. See our blog post “Beware the Gay Suicide Card.” Think about how “gay marriage” is a politically-driven and Godless social experiment. Historically the societal acceptance of homosexuality has proved disastrous.

To answer your question, gay marriage is no solution. Homosexuality does not deserve a respectable place in any society. It is harmful in any form and should be resisted and repented of. People can change their desires if they want to. That's what Christ offers. There is highly successful counseling available for those who truly wish to be free. We hope you give this some thought. It is a side of things that people don't get to hear, and it's the only right side. Watch our recent Stand4Truth Conference. If you give us your address we'll send you a free copy of our son's book, Captain of My Soul.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Anti-Straight, Anti-Christ Op-Ed? YES. Consider the Source

There is a lot of talk among church-going people about how everybody must accept nontraditional gender identities and sexual proclivities in others as normal and harmless and, well, best. One example is an op-ed that appeared in the Nov. 28, 2015 Salt Lake Tribune, "Time has come for a new paradigm in gender/sexuality debate." This article, written by nine people, LGBT-affirming therapists in partnership with gay-pride organization leaders, some of whom are LDS or former LDS, is a smarmy, slimy sophistry filled with psycho-babble and emotionally-loaded wording that contradicts itself as a matter of course. Even as a weak nod is given to truth and reality in a few spots, the emphasis is pro-homosexuality and the argument is for the weakness, as the title indicates. These people are definitively in favor of normalizing and promoting homosexuality. But it goes way beyond that. We'll come right out and say it. You don't have to go very far beneath the surface to find that these writers are also anti-straight and anti-Christ, whether they realize it or not.

The message given in this op-ed is that change therapy for those with gender identity disorder and unwanted homosexual tendencies is unethical and should be outlawed in Utah as it has been in five other states. No age of the sufferer is stipulated, which indicates that these writers would be against even a vulnerable young child who had been abused and initiated into homosexualism being given any sort of therapy to heal these horrific wounds. As our friend, ex-transgender Walt Heyer points out, the language in this op-ed is pro-advocate speak, as in pro-homosexuality, no questions asked. "As such, if adopted, will keep in place the high attempted suicides because it prevents effective treatment of psycho therapies that deal with a range of disorders (emphasis ours)."

In other words, these activists want to shut down healing, healthful, pro-heterosexuality treatment for those who desire it, for those who have been damaged and confused. No, these homosexualists do not want to get the bottom of people's deep destructive problems. These "professional" therapists and supposed followers of Christ as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints care nothing about misery and sin and repentance and redemption. They just want to further their advocacy of homosexuality. How cruel to exploit and ignore those with unwanted homosexual thought patterns and habits. How cruel to wish to prohibit sound effective psychological and spiritual help for these people. The people they are ignoring and exploiting are the ones who seek out and benefit from such help, while at the same time encouraging those who are stubbornly self-determined and satisfied with self-destructive pleasures.

Note that at this juncture homosexualist activists have pushed the public a long way past "understanding same-gender attraction," and on to encouraging outlandish and sinful human sexual behaviors such as transgenderism and gay marriage. And what is encouraged will increase. Oh yes, we're supposed to support a person's self-determination as any one of the 56 genders (according to facebook at this moment), yes, and support them "in their right to explore, define, articulate and live out their own identity" across the "broad spectrum of sexual gender identities and expressions," if we're to switch to these writers' new paradigm. That sort of talk could be straight from Alfred Kinsey's 1940s notebook; Kinsey was a horrific pervert/pedophile/pederast and pseudo-sex-scientist who, along with many other unspeakable acts, sexually abused babies (claimed to bring babies to orgasm) for "research."

Note also how one-sided this view is. People are only to be allowed to self-determine as homosexual, transgender, or any other alternative gender/sexual orientation with all the trimmings, corresponding cross-dressing, mutilating surgeries, and sexual behaviors included. But no homosexual is to be supported in his self-determination to become heterosexual. If a homosexual would rather self-determine as heterosexual, he must not be allowed to get professional help. That would be unethical. This is what this op-ed is saying. Anyone who decides to be homo instead of hetero should be given support, but not the other way around. No one is to be allowed to decide to be hetero instead of homo. No one is to be allowed to self-determine as heterosexual and get help to find peace with it. That kind of help has to be outlawed. Apparently, heterosexuality does not appear on Kinsey's spectrum! This is what we mean by this view being anti-straight.

Now for anti-Christ. All morality comes from Christ. There is no morality without Christ. Atheists and anti-Christs ignore this fact. They admit that humans should be basically orderly and moral but can't say where that notion or that desire comes from. Can it come from evolution, that is, mistakes in mutation? Of course not. As C. S. Lewis put it, that's like expecting a glass of spilt milk to make rules for itself. So we have these upstarts writing this op-ed, preaching to all the rest of us a new morality. And yet the principle of homosexualism, both in the form of  mental lust and bodily behavior, is summarily and plainly condemned in the holy scriptures these same church-goers ostensibly hold dear, read every day, and pack off to Sunday meetings.

Let's get down to brass tacks and consider that source. These anti-straight ideas are not coming from God, so where are they coming from? First the softening on homosexuality, then the recognizing of  it as an immutable "identity," then the multiple "identities," then the push to celebrate the expressing of the identities and behaviors, and now the campaign to jump on the band wagon and get change therapy outlawed here in Utah as it has been in other states. Where are these people getting their ammunition? How dare they express and push these radical ideas? Why are they emboldened to advocate for sin and reject Christ?

We submit that these church-going professional people would not have one word to say promoting homosexuality if it weren't for the strategy laid and carried out by the Godless sexual revolution being systematically instigated especially in the last few decades. If it weren't for the momentum created by false information, fear, and intimidation, by bold hedonists and bad judges, by politics and huge amounts of money, by an oversexed entertainment culture and free-love hippies turned college professors, by secular humanism and sociology usurping real religion, our outspoken local LDS homosexualists wouldn't have a leg to stand on. Furthermore there would be no gay pride. The APAs would still have homosexuality in their manuals of disorders. Godly morality would still be supported in courts and government and schools. Our entertainment and education systems would still value and reflect virtue. Churches would still rightly call homosexuality a sinful vice in all its forms, both in principle and practice.

Our op-ed writers need to reflect on, if it's possible they don't know, from whom they are taking their marching orders. They need to know upon what principalities and powers they establish their great pronouncements. It isn't science or biology or health or wisdom or experience or justice or goodness or righteousness or God or Christ or compassion. It is fallen man, the pleasures of the wicked world, the changeable philosophies of men, the sophistries of hedonists, the power of flatterers and exploiters and predators and money and wickedness.

We wonder, have these writers of this op-ed been to San Francisco? Have these people seen the sadomasochists and sodomites doing their thing in the public streets on parade? For that matter, have they seen a Salt Lake City gay pride parade or gay youth prom attended by adult transgenders? Have they been to a GLSEN workshop in Massachusettes where homosexualists teach 14-year-olds all about how to perform varieties of perverse sexual acts, Massachusettes, where adult perverts recruit and proposition minors via the school system? Have they visited a weekend chemsex orgy in a nice London apartment where gays who are otherwise gainfully employed citizens continually inject themselves with a new drug made of drain cleaner and floor stripper because they'd rather die than have sober gay sex? Our LDS activists give zero warning or condemnation of these or any other homosexual behaviors. The world's promotion and practice of these unlimited and perverse sexual notions and behaviors is where these respected op-eders get their motivation and information and emboldenment. There's no other source available on earth for these anti-straight, anti-Christ ideas. And it's the devil's territory.

Monday, November 30, 2015

As for Our House, The Miracle of Forgiveness Stays

In the last decade there has been a movement to get Spencer W. Kimball's book, The Miracle of Forgiveness removed from LDS bookstores or revised because of its scripturally-based view of homosexuality. They want it rewritten to reflect, what? Well, to match up with our sexually permissive culture. Of course that's not how the LDS progressives would phrase it. They call this outright revisionism, well, enlightenment. Let's get this straight. They are saying that past leaders have been totally wrong about this, that the scriptures are totally wrong about this, that all of human experience is totally wrong about this, that biological and medical facts are totally wrong about this. They are saying that they themselves, certain people who happen to be walking the earth today, can decide for the whole world, past, present, and future, that everybody has to completely reject God's timeless tried-and-true laws for human sexual desire and behavior.

We guess they gave up on revising the book. As of this writing, the beloved LDS gospel-centered classic The Miracle of Forgiveness is no longer available in print, but only in audio or e-book format. According to a manager at Deseret Book "the hard cover is out of print and paperback out of stock indefinitely." On Amazon it is only available used in paperback. So hold on to your copy! It is now considered obsolete by the powers that be, as are many priceless truths in this wicked world today. It makes one wonder when the scriptures will be out of print also.The scriptures say the same sorts of things as this book and are certainly out of fashion. Even supposedly religious people don't seem much inclined to applying the plain and precious truths of the gospel. Too harsh, they say. Now isn't that prophecy coming true? Good will be called evil and evil good. People will say all is well in Zion, yea, Zion prospereth and set aside as nothing the things of God.

A couple years ago a woman, who admits she never gave a previous thought to homosexuality and knows nothing about it, went to some lengths to discredit and remove this book on a nomorestrangers blog. Apparently, since she sought out some gay people socially and liked them, she decided everybody should revamp their ideas about sexual morality. Come again? People like this woman think sexual lusts and behaviors are like a person's ethnicity and that being unaccepting of homosexualism is like being a racist. No. Homosexualism is not like racism. A person's race was never an individual's mindset/behavior/sin. This is an example of brainwashing and pride and human emotions making you completely and utterly blind to reality and reason and facts and God. It's an example of merely looking on the surface and seeing only what you want to see.

For instance, why did this woman go to proud gay people to discern the truth about homosexualism? They are certainly going to be biased in favor of it. Why not also seek out ex-gay people or better yet, turn to God's word?

As a matter of fact, when we had this problem in our family, President Kimball's book was a great help. But these new homosexualists don't seem at all interested in humbly learning the truth from the Spirit of the Lord. And yes, people involved in homosexuality may look fine from what you see, but very bad stuff is going on in their heads and hearts and with their bodies.Sure, people can appear to be wholesome and they can do many good things that show outwardly. But they can most certainly be dong those good things for all the wrong reasons and behaving very badly in private.   

Honestly, has this woman never cracked a good book? Has she never heard of sin and deceit and evil? She doesn't know that Satan can appear as an angel of light? She doesn't know that it's human nature for people to cover up their sins? Does she really think her momentary shallow human judgment of people's souls is accurate or definitive? That's for God to judge, and He judges not on the outward appearance but on the heart. All people have some good and some bad. (Even serial killers brush their teeth.) The homosexuality part of these people is very bad. It harms themselves and others. 

Do these mushy people get that the embrace of homosexualism/sodomy opens the floodgates to the societal promotion of unlimited sexual behaviors? Why wouldn't it? They don't stop to realize that if truth and reality can change with the times, there are no boundaries, no laws.Views based merely on current popular opinion are arbitrary, open to change at any time. And why not? There's no science, there's no long-term human experience, there's no wisdom, there's no scripture supporting any sort of  normalcy or wholesomeness in homosexuality. In fact, those things are evidence of the opposite: that homosexuality is maladaptive and destructive. And please don't believe the red herring about the link between gay acceptance and suicidality. Gays who do themselves in have much worse problems than what others think of their sexual proclivities. For one, they deceive themselves. Homosexuality is a dark filthy pornographic world. It's a dead end.  Sin is pleasurable, but only for a time. That's what's so hopeless.

This sickening nomorestrangers thing concerning the book The Miracle of Forgiveness complete with its trail of self-congratulatory humanist comments is an illustration of  how people can come to think they know more than God and the accumulated wisdom of the ages. How morally superior they make themselves sound but how rebellious, prideful, and blind they are. It's the philosophies of men all tangled up with scripture. No such thing as sin and no need for repentance. Anti-Christ. Yes, they are following Satan. It's incredible how they don't care about the homosexual's soul. And how incredible that these "latter-day saints" avoid the fact that they are riding in the wake, using the momentum, reaping the emotional capital, created by the zeitgeist of our wicked times. Satan's ideas are where they get 100% of  their persuasiveness.Without the powerful and predatory gay movement's inroads these people wouldn't dare encourage homosexuality like they do. They would never have even thought of it.

All this is going to end very badly. We need to get the truth out. If given the chance there will be some who will choose God and goodness come what may. As Hugh Nibley said, the righteous are those who are repenting, the wicked are those who are not. No, we're not removing Miracle from our shelf. It remains in a place of honor and is often referred to because it highlights timeless truths that apply to us all. It contains the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ that is now being systematically rejected.Who knew a relatively few unrepentant homosexuals and the wholesale societal embrace of homosexualism would be such a significant means of causing the rejecting of Christ on such as grand scale? Of course this movement is born out of a selfish anti-Christ secularism that has been developing for a century or more.

12/7/15 Postscript: Church members are divided on this. Some have relatively recently decided to hate this book and some love it as they always have. It seems the former would rather go with the flow of the selfish wicked world today and the latter are choosing to be humble and steadfast in Christ. Interesting that this book was quoted in regards to homosexuality as recently as the 2006 Spencer W. Kimball manual distributed to and taught in all Relief Society and Priesthood classes. How quickly this evil has taken over in people's hearts!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Loving Your Kid Means Loving Their Homosexuality? Excuse Me?

We got this incomprehensible comment on our previous post, "The Scarlet A and Invisible I."

oh my. you think people who don't agree with you are guilty of incest? the only reason to love their gay kids is to hide their own sin? please please stop

First, we invite this sad, anonymous, lower-case-letter reader to cease reading our blog if it causes them so much pain. But we hope they can tough it out because it sounds like we're the only source from which they hear the right point of view.

Next, a careful reading of our post, "The Scarlet A and Invisible I," seems to be needed. Nowhere does it say that we think "people who don't agree with us are guilty of incest." Brother. What a crazy leap. Seriously. This is sad. What we said was that sometimes homosexuality is caused by incest, and people don't want to admit it. This is absolutely true and really happens. People's tragic personal experiences were shared at our Stand4Truth conference recently and can be viewed at By the way, people are watching this conference and lives are being changed. Praise the Lord.

Also, only a brainwashed person thinks loving your kid means you have to love their homosexuality, as inferred in the above comment. Yes, this is what some people actually think. That's like saying you don't love your kid if you don't love their bad ideas or their sloppiness or their goth-type clothes or their ridiculous hair style or their drug abuse or their bad grades or their speeding tickets or their promiscuity or their stealing or their spending too much money, and the list could go on and on. Any good parent will be annoyed or disgusted or devastated by such things, but will still love their kid, maybe even more.

Let's get this straight. Gay is not who a person is. It is a mindset about sex and sexuality. People are much more than sex and sexuality, for heaven's sake. Some people with very bad sexual manners also do unrelated good things. Some people with very good sexual manners also do unrelated bad things. Some people live long productive lives totally without sex. Anybody who publicly identifies himself by a perverse sexual proclivity is preoccupied with/addicted to sex and/or obsessed with himself.  And he might have some worse problems, too.

Really, people actually have been brainwashed to believe that the parent of a kid who identifies himself by a perverse sexual proclivity is supposed to love the perverse sexual proclivity! Or else! Well, absolutely not. First of all, homosexuality is physically risky and addictive in the extreme.  Second of all, it's a destructive sin, inside and out. Third of all, kids are born knowing nothing whatsoever about life or sex or love. Fourth of all, powerful predatory organizations are all about recruiting young people into all things homosex, including transgenderism. Fifth of all, what other sexual proclivities is a parent supposed to automatically love? Porn addiction? Bestiality? Sadomasochism? Pedophilia?

Now some people will say, oh my gosh, they're comparing SSA with bestiality and pedophilia! How horrible! Well, why not? Homosexualists have made a law unto themselves by pronouncing homosexuality, what God calls an abomination and what formerly was known as an unspeakable vice, perfectly okay. They ignore God and His rules and biology and reality and make themselves God. Then they make themselves God again by pronouncing other people's sexual proclivities (such as bestiality and pedophilia) out of bounds. Who made them the boundary-setters? They, themselves. With absolutely no authority or truth on their side. Just a bunch of arrogance and rebellion and shallow sentimental sociological mumbo-jumbo. By the way, there are powers that be which are all about denigrating "heterocentrism" and teaching this sick ideology to kids. No, it's not just equality homosexualists want. It's superiority. And why not? Without God in the picture, anything is permissible.

Guess what, brainwashed but beloved and valued people: All this stuff you're saying and thinking and believing is totally arbitrary, that is, based on whatever some very powerful and nonbenevolent people have decided to make up and brainwash other people with.  And guess what else? Parents who really love their kids don't give in to their maladaptive and dangerous and dead-end sexual ideas and conduct. They love their kids and that's why they are so worried about them when they are lured into homosexuality.

God is a parent, too. God loves every one of his children and doesn't want any of them involved to any degree in this very bad stuff. He gave his Son so all sinners, that's all of us, could repent and have everlasting life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Scarlet A and the Invisible I

Perhaps we all read Hawthorne’s masterpiece, The Scarlet Letter, in high school. Then, we were taught it was about the hideous overharshness of the 1600s America Puritan culture (what Hawthorne’s ancestors were part of) in publicly shaming a woman all her life for the sin of adultery made obvious by a resulting child. But that’s not what the book is about.

As interesting as the other main characters are—the ill-treated but shallow Hester, loyal at all costs to her secret lover, her idolized wild unfathered little daughter Pearl, and the devilishly vengeful Chillingworth— it is the riveting second half of the novel concerning Dimmesdale that is the heart of the story.

Yes, the pure-and-saintly-seeming Reverend Dimmesdale was a dim bulb, but a very interesting character. His talents were great, his rise remarkable, his influence far-reaching, but as a result of many years of covering his sin (he is Pearl’s father) his tortured soul itself is deceived. For all his popularity and glowingly righteous appearance, he is spiritually dead, which ultimately causes untimely physical decline and death. And strangely, for all his Bible-knowledge and flowing, charismatic sermons full of truth and comfort, he himself, hypocrite that he is, chooses not to take advantage of the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and so become humble, clean, and forgiven. Instead, he makes himself the one exemption, fooling himself that he can do more good unconfessed, making of himself a secretly suffering martyr. He convinces himself that by keeping his sin hidden he can do the greater good for man's welfare and for the glory of God through his own tireless and continual good works.

Chillingworth, Hester’s actual husband, this fact unknown to anyone but them, bad as he himself is in a different way, has Dimmesdale’s number when to Dimmesdale’s convoluted hypothetical argument he blurts out,

“These men deceive themselves . . . They fear to take up the shame that rightfully belongs to them . . . [I]f they seek to glorify God, let them not lift heavenward their unclean hands! . . . Wouldst thou have me believe, O wise and pious friend, that a false show can be better—can be more for God’s glory, or man’s welfare—than God’s own truth? Trust me, such men deceive themselves!”

Nathaniel Hawthorne was indeed a great thinker. And we must do a bit of thinking ourselves if we are to understand his story and take warning from it.

That’s the Scarlet A. Now for the Invisible I. We were featured on a radio show the other day and a lady called in. She told about her sister-in-law who as a girl was sexually abused by her brothers, who later decided to present herself as a male (so no man would ever hurt her again?) and who eventually took her own life. The caller later found out it was her own husband who had been one of his sister’s tormentors and who had also been sexually abusing their sons. She said multi-generational incest is huge in Utah, among the Mormon population no less.

We’ve heard plenty of these stories. They demonstrate what is known as The Family Secret. We’ll call it the Invisible I. I for incest.

Then it struck us. So many LDS families are having a slobbering love affair with homosexuality because someone in their family claims same-sex attraction. These gay family members are their especial pets even. They don’t wonder why.  They, quite cruelly, don't care to know the causes. They accept this identity no questions asked. They even denounce their faith, even leave the Church, because of these gay children or relatives or friends. Why? Well, how about this? Perhaps, like in the experience related above, it’s that ugly family secret, the invisible I, that is the reason so many LDS families are so unquestioningly accepting of their children coming out as gay. Perhaps that is why they don't seem to care about the reasons for and the physical and spiritual dangers of their child's homosexuality. They’d rather sacrifice these poor damaged souls to the myth of inborn homosexuality than have their own sordid family secrets uncovered and their reputations sullied. No, they don’t want anybody shining the light on the skeletons in the closet. Perhaps they consider their standing in the community, their good works, their reputations too important, too valuable. Yes, perhaps they choose to do a Dimmesdale: deceive themselves into believing they are doing more good for their fellow man, for God, by keeping the I invisible, by covering their sins, by denying this ugly truth, by keeping this horrible crime hidden, and instead celebrate the destructive homosexual tendencies of their child.

We believe many vulnerable young people can fall into homosexuality merely because of our oversexed culture’s gay-promoting environment, false stereotypes and peer abuse, being unlucky in love, pornography,  perverse sex -ed and the pushing of homosexuality in schools, but of course there can be different factors. The Invisible I,  for one. Because of the costs, such as the shame and the shunning and the loss of community, job, family, and church status, even imprisonment, incest/pedophilia most often remains a deep dark family secret that is therefore replicated through multiple generations leaving all sorts of destruction in its wake. 

Here's a heads up. Beware the overpure appearance and talked-up outward piousness of some families, whether they toot their own horn or have others do it for them. Family secrets can be kept hidden indefinitely. Devils can appear as angels of light. 

This is the meaning of the scripture about how a corrupt tree cannot bring forth good fruit. Some evil may be able to put on an angelic appearance, like Dimmesdale, like plenty of people all around us, but it’s corrupt at its roots and will not survive or prosper in any meaningful, important, or eternal way. Whether or not anyone else will be ultimately helped or God glorified in spite of that standing evil is questionable. At least people won't be helped as much as they could be. As Hawthorne said, how can a false show do more for mankind or to glorify God that God’s own truth? We mustn’t deceive ourselves into believing a corrupt tree can bring forth good fruit. It’s a good bet Hawthorne had read his Machiavelli; the ends do not justify the means. Unless God Himself unmistakably tells you to do something you know to be wrong, if  you stand to benefit personally in any way from that wrong thing, you better believe it’s dead wrong.

The Family Secret, a.k.a. Dimmesdalian covering up and rationalization of sin, is not a mere fiction. It has happened and continues to happen in real life. How sad that people would rather allow great suffering and perpetuate such evils than confess, humbly turn back to the Lord, and be saved from their sickening hidden sins now and forever. 

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Revised Handbook, Homosexualism, and the Triumph of Sin

"The triumph of sin comes with our failure to perceive it," said Roger Scruton. If you insist on characterizing the sin of homosexuality as merely a benign "identity" or even a too-complex purely psychological disorder, you are failing to perceive it as a sin. If you treat homosexuality, what God calls abomination in heart, mind, and body, only as a sin when it's acted on or called gay marriage, you are stuck on a convenient technicality and have failed to perceive a soul-killing sin that people are both sympathetic to or deeply involved in, bad sexual behavior/"marriage," or not. This tactic---ignoring the destructive nature of homosexuality itself and instead focusing on traditional marriage and children deserving a mother and father---many politicians, family values activists, groups, and churches have utilized, and stubbornly persist in utilizing, to no avail. Gay marriage is now institutionalized nationwide, in some large part because its majority of opponents went along with the normalizing of homosexuality as an identity and avoided the fact that homosexuality is a sin, and a dangerous one. Ask around. Homosexuality quit being considered sinful more than a decade ago, even in mainstream LDS Church circles. In fact, we learned that some men, members of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, were heard to say, "Why doesn't the Church get with the program and let people love whomever they want [accept gay marriage]?" (We'd say the MoTab is pretty LDS mainstream.)

Failure to perceive sin as sin is making for a lot of confusion by way of conflicting statements and policies. For example, the Mormon Church surprised everybody by recently issuing some very strong new instructions in a revised handbook to local clergy on how to discipline same-sex married couples and their children, the leakage of which has caused strong emotions on all sides of the issue. It's disappointing to the LDS progressives/homosexualists who have made such progress in reinventing religion, Christ, and human sexuality. It's confusing to the orthodox who have been slowly but surely brought along to believe homosexuality is not sinful, at least, not that sinful. And many, on whatever side, seem to think the rules are much too harsh, especially for the children of gay parents. Still others are saying it's about time the Church said anything firm on this issue, but also see the Church contradicting itself. How can something be acceptable in principle (see mormonsand but apostate in practice as the handbook states? As per the handbook, how can the Church continue to be affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America now that the BSA has accepted homosexual  behavior among its ranks? Isn't the BSA an apostate group? All temple-going Mormons promise they do not affiliate with, support, or agree with apostate individuals or groups. And now the Church itself has made us all affiliated with an apostate group! In fact, there are many pro-gay Mormon groups and individuals that should be refused their temple recommends for championing what the Church has now stated is apostate.

All this confusion is occurring within the church membership because the Church has softened on homosexuality, bit by bit, over the last 20 years. LDS leaders have most currently been saying same-sex attraction is not sinful. In essence they have been saying homosexualism itself is not a sin, with the strange caveat that it suddenly becomes sinful when you act on it, which actions are not in any way defined. (Experts agree that merely coming out publicly as same-sex attracted is itself a form of homosexual activity and expression.) They have most recently stated in essence that members, including highly public and influential members, can be pro-gay marriage, which means all for same-sex sexual behaviors including sodomy, and remain in good standing. How does that policy not contradict the revised handbook stating that gay marriage, which obviously indicates the practice of sodomy, etc., constitutes apostasy and must be disciplined?

The wording in the new handbook may be the first firm thing the Church has said against homosexuality in years, perhaps since 1995 when it presented The Proclamation on the Family (which actually doesn't mention homosexuality directly). But while everybody argues about the fairness or wisdom or compassion of this new dictate we at SoL have additional concerns.

We're concerned about the inclusiveness of homosexuality in principle. What is fine in principle must be fine in practice. When people accept an idea, the practice of that idea will follow. No matter what any  laws or written policies state, it's the public sentiment that will play out. All the bold pro-gay activism and contradiction occurring within the Church membership is one result of the failure to perceive and pronounce homosexuality as a sin in all its forms. The truth is that the very idea of homosexuality is rotten to the core. It is immoral as a principle and as a practice; it hurts people.

Second, how is this new rule respectful and welcoming? We've been told by top Church leaders to accept the gay identity as not sinful or harmful or dangerous or sick (, and to respect all opinions and be gracious  to people who claim this identity or sympathize with it. Apparently there are no boundaries to this instruction, which could extend even to respecting those who flaunt and push this and any other Godless ideology and behavior on everyone else in any forum they can get. Making a rule for local leaders to follow stating that members living together as a legally married same-sex couple are to be considered apostates and require mandatory disciplinary counsel doesn't sound respectful or gracious at all. And another rule that says their children are not to receive baby blessings/christenings, or be baptized until adulthood, (so they won't be entered on Church records) sounds extremely harsh in light of what has been said recently about how we all have to accept as perfectly fine someone's self-determined gay (or transgender?) identity. Most people don't want to think about the physical practice of homosexuality.  They don't even want to think about what that means. They just know they're supposed to accept gay people and what they see them doing. And now they're apostates? No wonder people are confused.

If homosexuality is wrong, it has to be wrong across the board, just as President Spencer W. Kimball described it in his day, just as the scriptures describe it for all time, just as God does not look on sin with the least degree of allowance.

Our third concern is the practicality of this contradictory dictate. How does it look in real life? Will it make any difference? Will it discourage homosexuality in our congregations? We think not. The truth is, if you give wickedness an inch, it will take a mile, and more. This particular iniquity has been given many an inch. It has been given audience. It has been coddled and excused and accommodated, and is even paraded by Mormons on the Salt Lake City streets. The homosexual juggernaut is patient. Activists have accomplished their goals step by step. Indefatigable Mormon gay activists won't be deterred by this new setback. Think about it. Church discipline and excommunication is conducted locally on a case-by-case basis. Many local leaders would rather look the other way, others are outspokenly pro-gay, and everything in between. Church headquarters is known to leave such things to local leaders. So, it seems likely that many gays and both their public and private behaviors are and will be allowed, even given special attention and accommodation. Also, just because a gay couple is excommunicated doesn't mean they can't attend church meetings and flaunt their romantic and familial relationships and make comments (filibuster) in classes and talk to people and be popular and influence others. Just because a young person (child of gay parents) is denied baptism or paper church membership or ordination in the priesthood doesn't mean they can't or won't go to church meetings and youth activities and be outspoken in favor of the homosexuality of their parents.

In addition, we not only have individual homosexuals in our congregations but a larger group we call homosexualists;  as Romans 1:32 says, not just those who do it, but those who have pleasure in those that do it.  As one homosexualist said to fellow homosexualists on the pro-gay Mormons Building Bridges facebook page in response to the handbook declaration, "Don't leave. We need accepting people in the Church to provide a loving place for everyone! I am glad I'm Relief Society president now and can tell my sisters that I love them ALL." Mormon homosexualist activists are not about being quiet; they are about changing the Church to include homosexuality in all its forms, in principle and practice. As such, the Church's refreshing sentiment to"protect its members" from gay marriage doesn't seem to hold much water when it comes to activist homosexualists and their pawns who also are actively serving in leadership and teaching callings (such as the RS president mentioned above), or open homosexuals and gay couples and their children participating in church meetings and activities, in other words, mingling with the general membership in the context of any church gathering. A handbook meant only to be seen by local leaders, some of whom are homosexualists themselves, and many of whom would rather not face this unpleasant and contentious issue at all, is not nearly as influential as what top leaders and the people around us are actually saying and doing or not saying and not doing.  We have been instructed to be accepting and gracious regarding all things homosexual, which translates to include gay marriage and gay parenting, whatever may go on in people's homes or behind the ecclesiastical disciplinary curtain. What good is a handbook for leaders when people's neighbors and fellow church-goers and their children's neighbors and church friends are homosexualists, openly gay, or belong to a gay-parented family, church discipline or not? It's the public sentiment that holds sway. And that has gone overwhelmingly sympathetic towards homosexuality.

This all translates, in our experience, to thinking-conservatives shutting up and the complacent members, and/or the emboldened homosexualists, taking over. In church. In fact, a local bishop told us that he would do nothing about a lesbian married couple talking up homosexuality from the pulpit. (Anyone may be invited to preach and teach in Mormon meetings.) We wonder if he will do an about-face and abide by the new handbook? Who knows. But as we've said, any discipline would take place behind the scenes and wouldn't matter to the general congregation if the gays continued to make themselves part of the church community.  Disciplinary actions against members are not announced to the congregation anymore. And if found out, the way things are going, the excommunicated gay couple would most likely be treated to an emotional outpouring of sympathy and attention from members rather than any sort of encouragement to repent and be forgiven through Christ. This is actually already happening; you can see it online. Most people don't think homosexuality is a sin anymore, remember?

And there's a lot  more. There are endless kinds of of situations and questions that arise when you include children of gays in the policy. One young man whose gay father, divorced from the mother, has decided he would rather give up his lifelong plan to serve a mission than denounce his father's homosexuality as wrong.  There will be no end to these situations. Plus, all it takes is one lawsuit. True, the Church has documented its policy about how to treat gay marrieds, but the way things are going in the courts, sexual liberty is trumping religious freedom these days, as the late Richard Wilkins told us it would years ago. Churches everywhere may soon be forced to treat their gay couples the exact same way they treat their heterosexual couples, or face all sorts of punitive damages, treatment church leaders may not be willing to endure. We can always pray they will at least draw that line, come what may.

Strong as these new dictates are, whether they have come too late, whether they are just, whether they are too harsh, whether they are consistent, whether they are legal insurance, we submit that when it comes to real life nothing's changed. The devil's vengeful agenda marches on, using the prideful, the vulnerable, the damaged, and the ignorant as his unfortunate pawns. 

Yes, it's true: The triumph of sin comes with our failure to perceive it.  And, predictably, the failure to call out homosexuality as an abominable sexual sin both in principle and practice is affecting the popular perception regarding all types of sexual sins as increasingly less sinful or not sinful at all. One of our daughters told us of a married couple she knows who were aghast at being invited by another couple in their LDS neighborhood to swingers' parties held on a certain weeknight each week. (Swinging is spouse trading for sex.) At our recent conference we learned that sodomy is becoming very popular among heterosexuals as well as homosexuals, having been modeled and promoted by gays. This triumph of sin should not be surprising to anyone, given churches' and mainstream society's failure to perceive it as such.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Outpouring of Pure Courage and Love: Our Exposing-Homosexuality Conference

We won't bore you with our delight at meeting and visiting again with some of the most intelligent, interesting, courageous, and knowledgeable people in the world at the inaugural #Stand4Truth summit, Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth, at Lex deAzevedo's studio in Midvale, Utah this past Monday. What we will share is how wonderful it was and why, and how you can access it.

There was only room for a studio audience, but the good news is that the entire conference is now available on the internet at and will soon be offered in professional format on a DVD including personal interviews with the presenters and other extras at the same website. And yes, the conference  should have been spread out over two days instead of one; there was just so much both terrible and lovely Truth to take in, and there could have been more. To see an outline of the program, go to .

This may have been the first ever conference of its kind, not only in Utah but in the nation and the world, because it addressed all aspects of homosexualism today all in one gathering: science, religion, government and politics, health, education, culture, media, pornography, psychological and sexual abuse, reparative therapy, faith, family, parenting, personal experience, history, attacks on individual's professional and religious freedom, and current events. There were 20 speakers: scientists, doctors, therapists, lawyers, researchers, activists, authors, plaintiffs and defendants, professors, clergymen, parents. And the inspiring, humble, heart-wrenching testimonies of the abused, deceived, and consequently reborn and changed from the inside out. 

Here is a worldview that is systematically demonized. Here is information critical to the liberty and well-being of society that is denied to the public. Here is help for damaged individuals battling unwanted homosexual and transgender tendencies--- real help that works, help that has been mischaracterized and even outlawed by  bad lawmakers and judges. Here is hope for spiritual cleansing and wholeness and forgiveness, hope that is censored, dismissed, and ignored by supposed religious leaders. Here is a much-needed prophetic warning against sin and evil in a world that has secularized and sociolized its theology, lost its sense of sin, and now hails homosexuality as something harmless, even good. Here is an outpouring of the pure love of God and fellow man that is being so greatly abandoned and distorted today.

It strikes us again and again how parents, relatives, friends, teachers, leaders, and churches are increasingly giving in to youth homosexuality and general homosexualism without question. They do so not out of compassion and graciousness, as they say, but to take the easy, most self-serving road. In favor of  the praise of men, worldly benefits, and the status quo, these new homosexualists are giving no thought to the horrific causes, the unmet needs, the well-being, the delusions, the dangers, the miseries, the futures, the influence on others, the posterity, and the immortal souls of unrepentant self-identified gays. Accepting homosexuality out of political correctness or coddling or convenience is not compassion and love, but selfishness and cruelty.

What was spoken at this conference was not mere comfort for its own sake but Truth from which lasting comfort can only derive, as harsh as it may feel or sound. "Charity is hard and endures," said Flannery O'Connor. "Love may forgive all infirmities and love still in spite of them: but Love cannot cease to will their removal . . . Love is something more stern and splendid than mere kindness," said C. S. Lewis. Real love is about the eternal best for others, not theirs or our own immediate comforts and gratifications.

People may wish to avoid the culture war and put all their efforts in merely "loving" homosexuals and the like back into our midst and by doing so hoping their bad habits and wrong ideas will prove harmless. That may have been possible ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. Not anymore. We must wake up to the fact that aimless millennials have been brainwashed into sympathy, experimentation, and identifying with unlimited sexuality, even in spite of the recklessness and risks and dead ends. As our friend Brian Camenker pointed out, the mainstream society-wide pushing and celebrating of unlimited sex and sexual orientations (there were 67 sexual orientations to choose from on Facebook's profile section at last count) is not the same as pushing tattoos or immodest clothing. No, homosexuality is not the same as forgetting to say your prayers or return your friend's book. What is now prevailing is spiritual wickedness coming from the highest places. We are being attacked by nefarious principalities and powers. This is Evil with a capital E, the source of which is Satan himself, head hater of God and Goodness, who stops at nothing to exploit the young, the vulnerable, the damaged, the rebellious, the arrogant, the hypocritical, and the Godless as pawns to further his miserable vengeance.

Our time calls for conferences like this one. Our time calls for rising to the unpleasant occasion, unflinching courage, unsqueamishly facing and sharing ugly and shocking truths, protecting children, fighting for our freedoms and against tyranny, loving God most, being steadfast in Christ as Redeemer. Our time calls for Pure Love.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Attempts to Submarine our Conference

We are not going to name names. That's not what we're about. But we will say that as we have participated in planning the upcoming Stand4Truth Conference, Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth, preparing to fly experts in from all over the country, this conference, every aspect of it, and individuals involved have been systematically slandered and submarined by people supposedly on our side. When things like this happen we always marvel a bit that the powers-that-be would rather alienate people like us---faithful followers of Christ who play the organ and volunteer to clean the church building who have a big grown family of decent productive church-going citizens---rather than stand with us in one tiny corner in opposition to the debauched and wicked world.If they aren't willing to support us, they should at the very least leave us alone. This is still supposed to be a free country. But no.

Luckily we have this scripture in Corinthians memorized: We are troubled on every side, but not in distress, we are perplexed yet not in despair, persecuted but not forsaken, cast down, but not destroyed.

It's evident that war has been declared on the old certainties that once bound communities and societies and families and churches together. Apparently the enemies of our conference are all about letting children and young people grow up in an environment which celebrates high-risk sexual immorality. That's right. With no knowledge. With no warnings. With no hope. With no Christ.Whatever their motives, it's all wrong.

Homosexuality, in principle or in practice, by any of its names, hurts people. We are obligated to God and our fellow man to let the truth be known to any who wish to know it. No, we are not forcing anyone to come to our conference. We are not bad-mouthing anyone. We are just bringing the truth to light. Evidently the truth is not welcome. It is not popular with the world. It is not financially sound. Funny, Jesus paid no heed to those very temptations.

These days if you are not actively seeking truth you will very easily come to believe lies.We hope our friends out there are actively seeking truth and will support this wonderful and courageous conference which is an unprecedented effort to bring hope and help and essential information and resources to suffering, confused, and striving individuals, families, and leaders who want and need it.

What we need right now is money to get these experts here, take care of them, and video tape the one-day conference. People involved are putting up their own personal resources and funds, but we need a bit more.

To register to attend the conference, view via live streaming, order the video, or donate go to any of these:

God bless you, and we hope to see you there. It isn't a pleasant or fun topic by any means---trust us, we at SoL know that--- but we must put aside worldly comforts and squeamishness, take courage, and do the right thing, come what may. As Roger Scruton said, "The normalization of homosexuality comes with large social cost." These are crucial issues that must be approached with true compassion and the whole truth.

Thank you and all best wishes to all God's children!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's HERE! Upcoming Conference on The Whole Truth About Homosexuality!

Mark you calendars! Register! Space is limited! On October 26, 2015 a coalition of like-minded groups are putting on a conference called Standing for Truth, Understanding Homosexuality, The Politically Incorrect Truth,  featuring national experts, ecclesiastical leaders, scientists, doctors, and ex-homosexuals. Yes! It's Utah's first conference of this kind. For more info go to This will be live-streamed also and be available on video for a nominal fee.

Because the unprecedented  normalization of homosexuality comes with great costs---to the individual, to his cut-off posterity, to youth and to children, to freedom, to churches, to all of society---we are obligated to make public all aspects of this topic that have been concealed. Avoiding or silencing for whatever reasons any part of homosexualism is grossly irresponsible, irreligious, and inhumane. Hence, this conference.

 "Homosexual acts should be discussed with an open mind with a view to making a distinction between what is normal and abnormal, right and wrong, what fulfills our sexual nature and what frustrates it" (Roger Scruton). This brilliant statement holds true for every aspect of homosexualism---the activism, the mindset, the pornography, the promiscuity, the addictions, the health risks, the pro-gay environment, the threat to free speech and religious liberty, holy scripture, science, government, education. All of it needs to be brought to light for the sake of the innocent and vulnerable, those experiencing SSA, those trapped in the gay lifestyle, human posterity, and all of society. 
Here's an example of one aspect of the kind of information that will be presented at the conference. This is not an isolated case. It should break your heart.

First a little background info. The following is a portion of a transcript from a session at a Sunstone Symposium, July 30, 2005, sponsored by an unofficial fringe group of LDS and ex-LDS. What you are going to read is a comment from an unnamed audience member made at the end of a panel discussion at the Symposium. You’ll need to know that the discussion concerned a pamphlet available on the Internet called “For the Strength of Gay Youth” the author’s answer to the LDS Church’s well-known youth guidance publication “For the Strength of Youth.” No, “For the Strength of Gay Youth” is not a joke. It won an award from the LDS gay community. All four panelists gave great glowing endorsements of it as a well-written, wonderful, helpful guide for “gay kids” age 12 and up. Here is a transcript of the reaction of one unnamed honest man. Steve was there at the symposium when an honest young man walked up to the front of the room at the end of the pro-gay discussion and said the following:

“I’m kinda nervous . . . I’ll start with the disclosure that I’m a same-gender attracted male who, 32-year-old, who did the whole coming out, embracing my sexuality, and now I”ve gone back to church and feel that’s where I belong and where I found most of my happiness and true strength as an individual. My main concern about this article [“For the Strength of Gay Youth”] as I read it was I felt I could get the same message from MTV. And I felt lied to as an individual about homosexuality, about gayness, about what it really entails. It doesn’t fairly warn [about] the dangers of the sexuality part for one thing. For me that’s something I’m struggling with immensely. I thought that it [homosexuality] was all about my feelings but the sexuality is such a strong part of it. And right now I’m addicted to sex, . . it’s like . . it’s, well I mean, it’s not the only thing I’m addicted to. I feel that The Strength of Youth pamphlet [“For the Strength of Youth” put out by the LDS Church] was given as a strong firm guideline to protect us against these type of things. And for the Strength of the Gay thing . . . it just kind of says well, do what feels good, which is what I feel was my downfall. Doing what felt good, or what felt going by my own instincts, led me into a darker and deeper hell that I’m right now still struggling to get out of . . . I really think it needs stronger, firmer warnings about the dangers of the gay community, the gay lifestyle, things that I wasn’t prepared for. You know sexuality is not something to be experimented with. It needs to be kept, you know, closely under grips until one is ready and I don’t know that any homosexual man is ever ready. . . It doesn’t really talk about the relationship part of it. With me, I found that the relationships were never fulfilling, my homosexual relationships. I could not understand why I had this beautiful, wonderful companion, this man that I was dating whom I loved dearly but yet I was cheating on him and I was always looking for something more, something that was not fulfilled. And my personal belief is, that’s because the foundations of my sexuality were not healthy. The very fact that I do not feel fulfilled and defined as a man, as an individual, was the basis of my sexuality. And so those are some of my concerns that this [booklet] does not address from one who feels that now that I’ve found much more light and happiness which I had lost and misplaced when I entered this whole gay lifestyle and when I embraced my homosexuality. That’s all I have to say. Thanks.” 

You need to hear this again in this young man's voice. Click here to hear the actual audio recording of this man's statement.

Lies. Dangers. No warning. Lost light. Misplaced happiness. Downfall. Unhealthy. Unfulfilled. Addictions. Darkness. Hell . . . all words used by a young man involved in homosexuality, the gay community, in a gay relationship, in promiscuity, in sex and drug addiction. This is what gay really means. How can hearts not melt in great compassion for this man and the many others like him? Every time we hear this we pray this young man discovered hope, found help, was enabled to change his desires and thought patterns and become free, clean, and forgiven through Christ, and learned to properly channel his sexuality in the marriage union with a woman. Many have done so! It's unsettling to us that although this person mentions going back to church, he never mentions hope in overcoming his addictions and SSA. He never mentions Christ and the mighty change of heart. We do so hope he has found an understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Back at the Symposium, after this man stopped speaking, the panelists’ reactions were incredible. Steve reported that they jumped at the chance to comment on what this man said, first flattering him for his courage and, second, belittling and invalidating his genuine misery and concerns. So much for compassion. Back in 2006 when we here at SoL excerpted this comment from Sunstone's audio recording, efforts were made to intimidate us into removing it from our website. So much for truth.(According to Fair Usage, it is legal to quote small portions of such conferences.)

Hopelessness and sexual frustration seems to be the message that is being given to such individuals as the young man above. But not anymore! The Standing For Truth Conference will not cover-up the truth like Sunstone and Northstar and Gay Pride and HRC and GLSEN and the mainstream media and LGBT activists and even churches do. At our conference you'll learn to see past the rhetoric, the emotion, the secular humanism, the false narrative, the halftruths. What you'll hear is reality and true charity.  It is only through truth and real love that we can protect our children and our freedoms and lend our fellow man a helping hand out of the darkness and into the light. 

See for more info on the Oct. 26 STAND4TRUTH Conference.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Everything They Know They Learned on Internet Porn

Societal morality is in a state of rapid decay. That's nothing new, but the make-over our culture is experiencing is new. As foretold in scripture, evil is now being represented as good and good is now being vilified as evil.

As for evil being called good, oh yes, sexual sins are now healthy and natural (see the children's book available in school libraries, It's Perfectly Normal). Premarital and promiscuous sex of all kinds are popular, while marriage is outdated (except of course in perverse forms). Pornography, material that preposterously distorts human sexuality and addicts people of all ages to sexual sin of all stripes, is considered a human right and is free and readily available, even mainstreamed. Homosexualism is taught in schools as equal to heterosexuality without any warnings of the health risks. Masturbation is glorified and encouraged. Condoms are handed out to school children with no morality attached. Even flavored condoms! Open homosexuals are recognized, praised, and celebrated. Transgenderism and homosexuality is paraded in the streets. Churches and supposedly religious people accept, and so encourage, homosexuality as a permanent characteristic of congregants and family members. Little children are now sexualized, supposedly born knowing all about gender and sexuality; misguided adolescents are now teaching their own oblivious parents some fractured fairy tale of the birds and the bees. But none of these can be surprising in a politically correct culture that has lost its sense of sin, where it's cool to entertain oneself with promiscuous casual sexual activities, shift responsibility for all manner of sexually-transmitted diseases, and legal to destroy the human baby that may result. All of the above is evil being represented as good.

As always, half-truths are the functioning tool of the devil when it comes to promoting the above sexual sins. Examples: It's true that everyone is free to make their own choices and God loves everybody just the way they are. But of course these are not the whole truth. The whole truth includes temporal and spiritual consequences for bad choices and God's generous and loving plan to make us changed creatures, fit for his presence and greatest gift of eternal life, clean and forgiven through Christ, if we wish it.

As for the good being called evil, anybody who stands against these dangers, or even just takes a stand for traditional morality, is called a kook, a religious fanatic, a bigot, an extremist, even dangerous and harmful, even a Nazi. Christians being marginalized, persecuted, punished, even slaughtered, here and around the world is another popular trend.

Anybody who inclines toward allowing or accommodating the above sexual sins so as to be more "inclusive" or "compassionate" is part of the problem. Being inclusive of sinfulness doesn't help anybody; to put it bluntly, this "kinder, gentler gospel" condemns sinners (all of us) to hell. It appears that the influential people in these and all sinners' lives don't love them enough to give them the whole truth, to warn them and teach them and offer them righteousness and divine forgiveness. And honestly, this omission, this anti-Christ take on the gospel, is a much worse evil than the miserable mere sins of the flesh we've been talking about here. 

The ancient destructive sin of homosexuality will take yet more forms in the modern worldly Sodom and Gomorrah where we live today. Evil has forced its way into every facet of society. The perversion currently trending is transgenderism. For the vulnerable, innocent young and for the emotionally and psychologically damaged, transgenderism and transsexualism are strong delusions involving the way they present themselves and the way they socialize. "Sex change" surgical operations have been found to only increase mental and emotional problems and suicidality. But for mentally healthy adults sexuality is at the trannie core. It is sin: men burning in their lusts toward one another by another name. Yes, cross-dressing turns them on sexually; it's just another name for homosexuality. And of course this previously embarrassing and unmentionable mindset and activity is now being characterized as good. On Northstar, the website we have repeatedly warned against, LDS  transgenders are currently featured extolling the peace they have found and the reconciliation they have made between their homosexual desires, cross-dressing, taking hormones, mutilating their healthy bodies and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Really. And where were they taught these wondrous comforting self-indulgent "truths"?  Pornography. Yes, the honest ones admit to viewing pornography. Transgenderism is pornographic in nature. The pornogrified world we live in is where these oversexed "transgenders" learned everything they know.

Apparently, for some, pornography is the new kindergarten.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who's Breaking What Law?

Kim Davis, elected official, civil servant, and county clerk in Rowan County, Kentucky, is incarcerated in a federal prison right now for refusing to do something against the dictates of her conscience. Exercising one's religious freedom is a basic right guaranteed by the Constitution. By law, in print, this is her privilege as a U. S. citizen. So why is she in jail?

Another judge in a long line of bad judges put her there. He said that by refusing to issue a marriage license signed by Davis to two people of the same sex Davis is breaking a law. What law? A "law" constructed by Supreme Court judges with zero authority to make up laws. They are judges, not lawmakers. Congress is the law-making branch of our government. Laws are supposed to be made by representatives voted into office by the people, not appointed judges. But yet again, Congress isn't doing anything about such a travesty. It's a case of a social change being forced on the public through a bully pulpit, a fiat, a mere decree with no historical or legal foundation. In other words, because of these judges' lofty positions they decide to push their weight around. Unlawfully.

Many are saying, hey, she broke the law. Really? We think she exercised her right to keep a good law and broke a fake one. Of course freedom of religion truly is a law, our first freedom stated in the Bill of Rights. And the right for two people of the same sex to be issued a marriage license is only a "law" because five bad judges who happen to be here right now made it into one unlawfully, and the government intends to enforce it, which is fascism, or force through government. We are seeing that if you don't comply with this bad "law," you get punished.

Did you know that in the Marine Corps they are taught not to obey an unlawful order? Has anybody ever read Henry David Thoreau's "Civil Disobedience?"

Plenty people have committed acts of civil disobedience when that was the right thing to do, come what may. When enough people are brave enough to protest, things happen. We're only in this mess because the great majority of people aren't thinking for themselves. They just go along with whoever has some sort of power. This is what the Chinese did with Mao Tse Tung. He was a crazy mass murderer, who executed and starved 65 million of his own people according to his personal changeable whims. (Among his least crazy mandates were outlawing garden flowers and kitchen cooking utensils!) How do more than 500 million people get themselves into this predicament? We submit that the Chinese went along because they blindly put their trust in power for its own sake. Yes, they worshiped Mao just because he had the power. They didn't stop to think what kind of man he was and what he was doing and why. Power was more important to them than goodness. Totalitarianism makes people stupid, or is it that stupidity allows for totalitarianism? Whichever way it works, power plus a public abandonment of principles makes the masses easily brainwashed and easily led, which is just how despots want them. You can always tell a despot; they are afraid of the workings of the human mind (to borrow from Winston Churchill), so of course they do whatever it takes to shut down people's thought processes. Propaganda, hero worship, flattery, stirring up pride, getting people to spy on each other, misrepresenting morality, calling good evil and evil good, intimidation, threats, fines, punishments, murder, you name it.

It's always been obvious that people forfeit life and liberty when they unthinkingly go along with bad leaders and bad laws just because bad leaders put bad laws into place.

This Kim Davis issue is not about her breaking the law. It's an illegitimate trendy law pushed through by propaganda and position and politics and power, a "law" that makes no sense and is dangerous and harmful in many respects. Remember that the gay agenda is not about marriage. It does not promote sexual morality in any sense. Gays sex around, "marriage" or not. As Midge Dector said, they just want to bring the whole house down. Kim Davis knows she can't stop people misbehaving or the government making bad laws. But she is doing what she can and what she must in her personal capacity. She wants to remain a civil servant as elected; all she is asking through her lawyer is that her name not appear on official documents relating to same-sex marriage licenses, which is apparently not necessary. This is not too much to ask, especially as the price of upholding her first freedom.

No, it's not about breaking this fabricated law. The persecution of  Kim Davis is about getting rid of all vestiges of godliness in people's lives, about the government intimidating and forcing people to do things contrary to their constitutionally-guaranteed right of religious freedom. Even Justice Kennedy, one of those bad judges, stated that this conflict was going to happen, and that freedom of religion would be challenged. It's another example of which worldview is now being preferred, and which worldview is now being harmed; today it is sexual immorality over religious freedom.

Truth is, the government should be thrown in jail, not Kim Davis.

However, bad people getting power and harming individuals and society is nothing new in human history. Apparently Kim Davis is our real-life Antigone, someone who actually lives out her cherished principles, someone willing to sacrifice for what she believes, someone who loves goodness and rightness and freedom of conscience more than personal conveniences and comforts and popularity and physical freedom. Funny, these days we don't see gays sacrificing any of these things.  

We do see plenty of people today protesting for sexual immorality and infanticide and lawlessness and entitlement and trumped up grievances. But somebody standing steadfast and immovable for their timeless godly beliefs? It's a breath of fresh air.