Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Gay Couples Can Never Be Good, Better, or Best Parents

(Note: In this post we are referring only to open, proud gays, not those who are resisting and privately working to overcome homosexuality.)

We've heard it from the media. We've heard it from our kids' friends. Now we've heard it from members of our church. "I know some lesbians who are such good parents." "At least it's better than abusive heterosexual parents or no parents at all." "Some of the best parents I know are gay."

First of all, how do they know? Are they the child of gay parents? Are they being raised by them? Do they live with them? Are they an innocent captive child audience to homosexual behaviors? Sure, the child may be fed, dressed, and housed, taught to wash hands and brush teeth and say the alphabet, get plenty of hugs and kisses and toys. But what else are they getting? They are getting a firsthand education in selfishness and delusion, not to mention a perverse sex education.

Here is a reality check:

1. Children do best in every way when raised by both a mother and a father because male and female complement each other, that is, they each add something uniquely essential. Gay couples are the same sex and therefore do not complement each other in important ways. Their union does not contribute anything of lasting value to a child.

2. Gay couples cannot mate. They do not do and never can do the thing that can make babies, although they do their best to contrive the heterosexual act. That's why they shouldn't be portrayed as if they are married. Societies sanction marriage (that is, two people of opposite sex forming a union with the understanding that they will do the thing that can make babies, whether they get babies or not) with the best interests and security of children in mind. Since homosexuals and lesbians can never make offspring together, their relationships do not deserve to be legitimized as marriage or anything like it. Same-sex sexual relationships are totally disconnected from human reproduction. As such, in every aspect, this fact must consciously or unconsciously define and influence their so-called union, including the lesser degree overall that children are important to them.

3. The "I deserve to be a parent no matter what" thing was cemented with Murphy Brown, the TV show that in a 1992 episode should have shocked America when the main character, a single working woman got pregnant and decided to celebrate being a single mother. Once we accepted elective single unwed parenting, elective gay parenting was next; if kids could do just as well without a dad or a mom, wouldn't two dads or two moms be even better? No. See #1.

4. Gay couples who finagle a way to procure a child are thinking primarily of themselves, as if a human infant is a pet, a trophy, or a sign of personal fulfillment. The fact that they must contrive an unnatural way--no exceptions--to obtain children portrays homosexuality's maladaptiveness. They do not care that they, personally, are purposefully and willfully depriving a child of normalcy and security in order to satisfy their own desires or whims. It's a case of wanting to have their cake and eat it.
5. Gay couples are 2-6X more likely to include instability, drug abuse, domestic violence, promiscuity, and the like, than heterosexual married parents.

6. The scope of legal ramifications of gay parenthood are a nightmare. As always, it is the children who suffer most when parents go wrong, and gay relationships open up a whole new set of unimaginable problems when children are involved.

7. Gay parents are modeling and teaching in unspoken and probably spoken ways a perverted and often extreme and promiscuous view of human sexuality. Before accepting the idea that gays make good parents, everyone should read Out From Under, by Dawn Stefanowicz, a heart-wrenching personal narrative on being raised by a gay father. Dawn is active in helping many others who have had similar experiences work through the damage done.In many ways, the social experiment called gay parenting, which is centered on the whims of sexually radical adults rather than the best interests of children, should be considered child sexual abuse. Common sense indicates that in such situations children are being exposed to a model of maladaptive and risky gender role play, sexuality, and behavior as if all is normal and safe. *As if we need more than common sense, scientific evidence is emerging indicating all sorts of negative outcomes including sexual. According to a pioneering new study by researcher Mark Regnerus, children of gay parents experience dramatically higher rates of depression, unemployment, drug use, arrests, marital problems, and, not surprisingly, sexual abuse, confusion,and promiscuity. One example of the dangers to children caught in this lifestyle is the finding that "children of lesbian mothers are an astonishing 11 times more likely to have been 'touched sexually by a parent or other adult caregiver' in childhood (but not necessarily by the homosexual parent; IBF 2%; LM 23%), and are nearly 4 times as likely to have been 'physically forced' to have sex against their will (at some time in their life, not necessarily in childhood; IBF 8%; LM 31%)."

We suggest people think about the best and long-term interests of innocent children and review what it is gay people actually model to their children and do with each other before sympathizing with,defending, and praising the modern travesty now called gay parenting.

*Added 10/14