Monday, December 8, 2014

Gays, the New National Treasure

Some people think the societal embrace of homosexuality is no big deal. They think it can be safely accommodated, that we can be inclusive of it, that it won’t make much difference to anything we hold dear. Wrong. It’s a very big deal. Whether or not it has hit you personally or not, it’s a very big deal.

Make no mistake. When we make one group preferable, we denigrate the opposite group. Our society used to be against sexual immorality, including homosexuality, with laws forbidding it. In other words,sexual immorality used to be denigrated. Now, along with other bad behaviors, society has wholeheartedly accepted homosex with its blatant immorality, inordinate health and societal dangers, and total impotency. Besides the tragedy this brings to individuals, posterity, and families, the natural result on a societal scale is a denigration of its opposite. Society now denigrates normal decent sexual behaviors and has abandoned the most fundamental instinct of the human race, that is, to value its future posterity.

Yes, heterosexuality and everything that goes with it is now being harmed. Sounds nuts, but wait, just hear us out. We can see how this is happening what with intimidation and punishing of individuals and businesses that try to live and make a living according to the dictates of their conscience; the pressure on and persecution of religion and churches (mainly Christian); the rise of gay porn and gay businesses; the putting down of stay-at-home motherhood (going on for decades); the putting off or choice against marriage and children in favor of casual sex and self-centered money-making careers; the popularity of birth control, the barbarity of  elective abortion (read: the despising of posterity); unwed mothers and fatherless children; government incentives for unwed mothering and children without fathers, fathers excused for abandoning their families to pursue the gay lifestyle, i.e. gay sex; no-fault divorce laws; disrespect for the Biblical marriage institution; smaller families; support for gay families/parenting, pro-gay indoctrination in education systems, and the many various other anti-humanity organizations and movements.

We're not saying total cultural decline will happen overnight. To borrow from Robert Bork who borrowed from Yeats, we are a nation slouching, but not any longer towards Bethlehem, towards Gomorrah. For some time our society has been on the latter rather than the former path, and we know what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah. Obviously, as a society we can’t have it both ways. And the choice is being made.

Yes, homosex is now brave, cool, honest, laudable, while normal, moral heterosex and everything that the wisdom of the ages shows naturally goes with it (good health, chastity, traditional marriage, motherhood,  fatherhood, big families, sacrifice, babies being allowed to be born) is quite out of style.How far we have come from when Mark Twain said, "Babies are national treasures." The way we carry on, having legalized the destruction of 60 million while celebrating totally sterile sexuality, it looks like we have substituted generations of innocent unborn babies for a tiny percentage of people of the same sex who lust after each other's bodies. Apparently, and societally speaking,  it's now gays who are the national treasure.

Again we quote George Orwell. "[A]ll societies, as the price of survival, have to insist on a fairly high standard of sexual morality." With all his warning vision, we at SoL don't think he never saw this coming.