Thursday, April 23, 2009

The “They” of Whom We Speak

We at SoL have been studying the sexual revolution/homosexual agenda for so long that we sometimes forget that some people may not know the “they” of whom we speak. "They" are the radical sexual revolutionists and their helpers. Evidently, it is not common knowledge that immense resources and power are pushing this movement. For starters, following is a cursory list of local and national organizations/groups that actively promote or allow public acceptance and legitimization of unlimited sexuality and sexual behaviors. You can find info on them through our website or google them to find out their specific positions, objectives, budgets, and programs. Also see "The New Homosexuality."

Equality Utah, The Human Rights Campaign, Lamda Legal, GLAAD, GLSEN, SEICUS, PFLAGG, Planned Parenthood, Hollywood, NEA, PTA, The Utah AIDS Foundation (in partnership with The United Way), National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association, ACT UP,

Please note that the transformation of our culture toward tolerating any and all sexual orientations and conduct, and separating sex and sexuality from man/woman marriage and procreation, did not just happen. Countless organizations, businesses, entities, and individuals participate in, encourage, and contribute to the lawless sexual revolution which made great strides in the1960s and was further fueled by radical feminism. It was fabricated, funded, organized, planned, carried through, and continues to make progress step by step. Many people have been caught up in this cause through conditioning and deception. Young people, especially, are being exploited. In media, entertainment, schools, universities, professional health organizations, and politics, societal blights such as abortion, prostitution, pornography, and homosexuality are no longer controversial issues. In America today sexual revolutionists teach, write, perform, produce, broadcast, publish, sell, lobby, represent, lead, legislate, and receive federal tax dollars.

The sexual revolution is a direct threat to the safety and well-being of the rising generation and our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms of speech and religion. For instance, speaking or discriminating against homosexuality has been silenced through misinformation, fear, and intimidation, is increasingly punished, and is now legally threatened by hate crimes legislation. If it continues unchecked both culturally and governmentally, individual sexual freedom will continue to trample truth, conservative values, parental rights, free speech, and religious freedom. “They” will never stop until society has been completely remade in the image of licentious godlessness. The success of the sexual revolution is not due to enlightenment but to the worst in human nature. And as any student of history knows, that road leads to weakness, enslavement, and extinction.

Monday, April 20, 2009

True Colors

We think these tea party rallies are great -- we attended one in Provo, Utah. It occurs to us that in the sixties it was only the angry, bored, anti-establishment, hippie student-types who protested in the streets. Now, finally, the hard-working silent majority is speaking out, and in a big way. Hundreds of thousands of regular patriotic Americans are fed up with the glutted Fed. We want less government intrusion in our lives! Government taxation has become oppressive, and spending is out of control! Uphold the original intent of the Constitution! Represent the will of the people! Down with socialism! These are the cries of honest to goodness America. (If you haven't read it yet, get a hold of Mark Levin's new bestselling book, Liberty and Tyranny, for a review, or an education, of what America is all about. We underlined practically the whole book.)

But you didn't hear much at all about these unprecedented protests on the network news. People gathered themselves together and showed up in huge enthusiastic groups all over the country and reporters essentially ignored it. The incredible fact that the mainstream media did not give this event the coverage it deserved shows its true colors. The incredible fact that the media is calling average, hard-working Americans "racists" and "extremists" for exercising their First Amendment rights and demanding that government taxation and spending be limited shows who these news media people really are. They have been deceived into thinking America is evil at its very foundations and the rest of the world enlightened. They cast aside history, the accumulated wisdom and experience of mankind. They close their eyes to the realities of human nature. They get caught up in shallow social schemes and don't think things through. They thumb their noses at America's unique foundational principles. They forget God.

It makes you wonder how long the anti-America Americans can with impunity turn a blind eye to this grass-roots, red, white, and blue movement. More tea parties are planned for -- you guessed it -- the Fourth of July.

At SoL we regret that America has not significantly shown its own true colors in protesting against the sexual liberationist movement. It has allowed people to be silenced, fired, punished, and called "Nazi," "homophobe," "ignorant," "bigot," etc. for living and speaking up for their traditional, Biblical, conservative family values. Remember what happened in the wake of the passing of California's Prop. 8. If only we had been brave enough to stand against sexual irresponsibility and licentiousness as it boldly paraded itself in our city streets, before it crept into our public policies, laws, schools, entertainment, and businesses.

Could it be that our pocketbooks are more important to us than our children or our faith? Or is it that an oppressive government is just the last straw on a pile of grievances? Whatever the reason, the exciting tea party movement is a sign that it isn't too late for the people to rise up against any destructive direction our beloved country is headed.


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