Monday, March 27, 2017

Scripture Spin--What a Ride!

It makes you dizzy. It addles the brain. The ground underfoot dissolves. There is no foundation. Thoughts are confounded. That's scripture spin.

It's almost funny what lengths people will go to in order to reinvent the gospel of Jesus Christ to fit the sophistries and sexual immorality of the day. Our culture is in a state of free-fall right now, probably because of the ubiquitous internet, pervasive and persuasive social media, and the radical individualistic, self-centered, sexually permissive spirit of the times. Again we say, sin is as old as mankind. What's new right now is the embrace of bad ideas and sins as if these are a person's identity, the ignoring and censoring of truth regarding the dangers of bad ideas and sins, the praise and celebration of badness, the abandoning of God's timeless proven standards and the reinstituting of arbitrary, inconsistent, and contradictory new standards that have no foundation but what somebody or other said 8 minutes ago. 

Warnings against such developments are not only seen throughout Holy Scripture but throughout the best literature mankind has produced.

"O that cunning plan of the evil one! O the vainness, and the frailties, and the foolishness of men! When they are learned [from the internet] they think they are wise [prideful know-it-alls] , and they hearken not unto the counsel of God [the scriptures], for they set it [God's Word] aside, supposing they know of themselves [pushing their own prideful, self-serving ideas on everyone else], wherefore, their wisdom is foolishness [they aren't smart at all; they are fools] and it profiteth them not. And they perish [physically/ mentally/ spiritually]."  2 Nephi 9:28

"Professing themselves to be wise they became fools [ignoring God and believing whatever the world espouses at the moment]". Romans 1:22

C. S. Lewis said the same thing in his own words. Read The Abolition of Man, a slim volume full of real wisdom based on God's standards for human thought and behavior.  Once God is given up (or spun beyond recognition) there is no limit for human behavior. Without God, all is permitted, wrote Dostoevsky. Because mankind too often proves nonbenevolent toward mankind---in a big way---as in people seizing power who have no business seizing power---this sort of thing inevitably ends badly for everybody.

It seems the only vice still somewhat perceived as a vice by most people is the sexual abuse of children. But please note that even this horrendous evil is being softened. Once you give in on one evil, it is easy to give in on the next. As you read this perverts are producing child porn and snuff films, courts are becoming more lenient with child rapists, pedophilia is finding a respected niche in society, and child abduction into sex slavery is rampant.It all comes of abandoning God's standards. Those who cheer on abortion and homosexualism and the like are responsible for the rising tide of criminal child sexualization. And those who do nothing to stop all of these evils are guilty as well.

It comes down to God's wisdom versus man's foolishness. Sexual purity in not rocket science. Responsibility for procreation is not rocket science. Protecting human posterity is not rocket science. Current ideas about sex, abortion, and homosex are based on pure selfishness, convenience, superficiality, worldliness, even brutality. God's laws are based on unselfishness, responsibility, depth of thought, everlasting truths, and goodness.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is plain and precious. Worldly ways are the opposite of God's ways: alphabet-soup-complicated and a dime-a-dozen.  People who wrest the scriptures, that is, twist, spin, or reinterpret them to fit  current popular worldly beliefs are the foolish talked about in the scriptures. We are to love God first. That includes obeying His laws because we love Him. The more we love God the more we will truly love others, as Jesus loves.

Loving God means humility. It means decency. It means intellectual honesty.

Scripture spin is none of those.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Coming Out is An Excuse Part 2

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Coming Out is an Excuse for Very Bad Behavior":

Coming out is what allowed me to begin healing and come back into the church and gain a stronger testimony than I ever had before.

No, I don't have sex with men. I awknowledge the feelings I have and I am open and honest obout how I feel. The idea that I should hide this part of me is unbelievably damning.

Only by stepping into the light with this have I been able to find peace and healing.

Your rhetoric here is incredibly hurtful. Trying to to cry here at work while I read this.

Dear Anon,

First of all, thank you for reading our blog and sharing your feelings. But we wonder why you read it if it hurts you and makes you want to cry. No one is forcing you to read a single word of this little-known. But you do. That right there shows some doubt and trouble in your life. Perhaps deep down you aren't quite as sure of your choices as you boast. Also, the truth does hurt. Christ said he came to bring a sword. He's a spiritual heart surgeon, not a massage therapist. So keep reading. If it hurts, it might be because you know it's true.

Second, bless your heart, what are you "healing" from? We certainly hope it's not some horrific abuse of any kind. You see, we care about you. Did people label you unkindly? Were your thoughts and actions conflicting with what you had been taught? Were these secret things you had been preoccupied with weighing on you? You should do some digging to find out why these things were so hurtful as to now feel they must be healed. Furthermore, how does "coming out," as in unrepentantly announcing you are permanently "gay," heal anything? It is an excuse, not just for bad behavior but for ignoring or mischaracterizing things that occurred in the past. Did you think coming out as gay would erase your past problems? Did you think coming out would excuse these lusts you're entertaining? Well, it won't do anything of the kind. Coming out only masks worse problems and enables you further on this rebellious and destructive path. It keeps you from having to examine very real events and problems. For your info, people having surgical, hormonal sex "changes" are being found to be even more miserable and messed up than they were before, 4 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population. In the not very long run, claiming these new sex "identities"  only makes things worse.

 And what exactly does church mean to you? Sociology? Meetings? Programs? Service? Family?  Because that's not what church is primarily for. It's to discuss the welfare of our immortal souls. It's to teach us of God, Christ, and the Holy Ghost and their great demands on us. It's to remind us we are sinners and need to repent. It's to increase our faith that Christ is the only means whereby we can be saved. So what exactly is your testimony about? An earthly institution? Some motions to go through? Human relationships? Feeling good about yourself? Habits? Culture?

Third, let's think about what coming out really does. It lets people know you are the equivalent of what is now thought of as "gay," meaning attracted sexually to your own sex. So why do people need to know this? Especially if you are not going to act out, who cares? Is it pity you want? Is it attention? If so, you should wonder why. Normal healthy humble people don't crave pity or special attention from others. What's more, most people don't go sharing their inmost private feelings with the world, especially their sexual feelings, which sexual feelings come and go and aren't all that important in the daily scheme of things. In other words, most people aren't preoccupied with their sexual feelings. They school their sexual feelings and thoughts to keep them within the boundaries God has set. They don't identify themselves to the world by their particular sexual feelings at the time. Why do you feel compelled to tell the world about your particular out-of-bounds sexual feelings?  Any single straight person, or anybody, could do the same. Look at me, I'm single and I'm attracted to the same sex! That's who I am! It's my identity! Oh, I'm so relieved now that I've told everyone about my sexuality! See how silly that is? If the world weren't so completely gay-friendly, wouldn't you think that coming out publicly in this sexual way was very strange behavior? It certainly would have been thought strange only 20 or 30 years ago.

We think, in spite of the whitewashing homosexualism gets today, many supposed gay people soon learn what they are really involved in and coming out may often be a cry for help. Deep down. Unless the person's conscience has been seared. Otherwise coming out without the behaviors makes no sense. It's like a person doing everything it takes to be a doctor and coming out as a doctor, but never intending to practice anything he has learned. Or a dancer. Or an alcoholic. Whatever. Anyone who claims some particular identity that has certain behaviors involved to make it real, has or intends to make it real. Do you see how there is no reason to call yourself gay if you don't act that way? But of course you have to some degree, if only in your mind. It's a meaningless label unless you are totally preoccupied with same sex sex. And why does anybody need to know that, unless you'd like some help ridding yourself of this addiction?

If people thought it through they'd see that coming out is just a way to tell people you have unnatural lusts which lusts are who you are and everybody has to know that and treat you, what, differently?  In what way? Accept without caring your dangerous and immoral sexual manners? Praise you for your lusts? Comfort you because you are "celibate?" Lots of people are celibate: chaste people, single people, widows and widowers. Not ask you if you're dating? You can't answer that question like everyone else can? You can't say, "No, I'm not dating anybody," without some sort of break-down or explanation or justification? Why not? It's quite pathetic and we are very sorry you are troubled with such intense overwhelming sexual feelings and thoughts. But the truth is, you can change those thoughts and feelings. People change their thoughts and feelings every day, sexual thoughts and feelings included.

Fourth, you say you do not have sex with men. How do you define sex? Is porn, internet chatting, and phone sex included?  How about flirting, language, holding hands, making out? Is mutual masturbation included?  Do you mean presently? Or not yet? We hope you don't ever. Please note the long list on our previous post of common gay behaviors. You only denied one of those---in the present tense. And you didn't deny all the rest. All are dangerous to your health and welfare. It's a dark world entirely. See our past post, Gay, Naughty or Nice.

You see, we know you have a history in homosexualism, and you have not denied it. People just don't get to where you are and go to the trouble of coming out and insist they have found "healing" and "peace" unless they have some homosexual experiences, as per that long list we posted, and more. Where in the scriptures, of which you seem to say you have a stronger testimony, is it written that we will find healing and peace by embracing and broadcasting our lusts?

Again, thanks for reading. We hope and pray you will rethink your choices and perceptions. What you are experiencing is a relief from your efforts at secrecy and from your conscience, that's all. Secrecy is exhausting, so we see how you are finding a bit of general temporary relief there. And coming out is encouraged and accepted today, so there may be some general temporary comfort and validation there, too, along with some congratulations and all the "love" that's being so greatly encouraged. But chances are you still have some big secrets and conflicts. And let's not forget that conscience is a good thing; it's another name for the Holy Ghost. The only shame is in having no shame, wrote Pascal.

Even though you have been on a strange road, we think there is great hope for you. You are not stuck in this. You can get to the roots of your problems. You can confess your sinfulness to the Lord and any carefully selected person or persons who knows how to help you. Christ offers repentance and the mighty change of heart---if we desire it. The Lord's solutions work. We are great sinners but he is a great Savior.

All the best to you and Lord bless you in righteousness. 


Monday, March 20, 2017

Coming Out is an Excuse for Very Bad Behavior

We hear all these glowing stories about young people coming out to their families and the families opening their arms in nonjudgmental "love." Apparently once they "come out" it's a done deal. But it certainly shouldn't be. At this point several questions should be asked if the families really care about the young person. These include:

How has his normal sexual development been hijacked?
Did someone sexually abuse him as a youngster?
Was there peer abuse?
Does he masturbate?
Where did he get these ideas?
What has he been thinking about?
What has he been reading?
Gay books, periodicals, web sites, blogs?
Is advocacy of homosexuality happening at his school?
Pro-gay "days," teachers, club, counseling?
What has he been looking at?
Pro-gay movies and shows?
Sex, sex, and more sex?
Same-sex pornography?
Is he making his own same-sex porn?
Where has he been going?
Gay pride groups, gay pride parades, gay sex workshops, gay bars?
Who has he been talking to, online or in person?
What risky/dangerous/illegal behaviors has he been involved with?
Alcohol? Drugs? Smoking?
Phone sex? Chat rooms?
Cross-dressing? Bath houses?
Anonymous sex in public rest rooms?
Cruising? Bromances? Gaycations?
Chem-sex orgies? Crystal meth?
Sexual encounters with older men?
Who initiated him? How many? Where?
Is he involved in child sex abuse (pedophilia)?
Or seduction of younger males (pederasty)?
Has he been tested for HIV/AIDS?
If he had HIV would he care if he spread it to others?

Ask the young person you know who has become emboldened to the point of coming out. Ask him (or her) if they do or have done any of these things. If they are the least bit honest they will admit involvement with at least some of the above. 

It takes a lot of bad thinking and/or a lot of bad behavior, and great loss of innocence and moral sensibility to publicly come out as what is now called gay. You have to be, sexual morality-wise at least, what the scriptures say "past feeling."

Parents and families and leaders should know that this type of sexuality has to be fed. It is pornographic in nature. Stimulation must increase to maintain excitement. It's highly addictive and dangerous. Young people get their information from the internet. Young people use internet porn to "confirm" that porn of this or that type turns them on. Porn keeps their sexuality unnaturally and perversely inflamed. (Of course the internet is not reliable and anything sexual can be arousing.)

What is the matter with parents and leaders that they don't seem to care that these are the things that teach a person homosexuality? How else would they learn it? Like the old song says, children live what they learn.

We wonder if parents and leaders would still show all this acceptance and love and compassion and understanding to a kid who confessed and made pubic some really nasty and perhaps illegal gay and gay-related stuff he had done? Apparently they would rather cover up their eyes, ears, and mouths like monkeys, and hope that kind of behavior isn't happening. But it is. Oh yes, it is. This is not a time to be scandalized or squeamish.

So. Instead of confessing all these bad obsessive thoughts and behaviors that would turn their parents hair white, the proud, unrepentant, and very messed up kids involved in this filthy stuff cover their sins by "coming out." It's trendy. It's popular. Everybody has drunk the koolaid. Everybody believes you can't argue with or change a gay person. If they announce they are gay, that's the end of it. No, there is no scientific explanation or medical diagnosis. In fact, there is plenty that says there's no such thing. But no matter. You just have to believe what the inexperienced, messed-up, young person says, that he is "gay," which also happens to be a very popular and politicized trend at the moment. The unrepentant person knows if he comes out as gay he has a green light to think and do whatever he wants unhindered. But oh, well. Have to accept it.

No, you don't.

We didn't accept it. Our kid didn't accept it. He wasn't past feeling yet. He was unhappy and conflicted. He wanted out. He wanted to be the decent person people thought he was. He was humbled. So instead of "coming out" he confessed his bad behaviors--everything--, got his mission call cancelled, got counseling, and repented, all the while suffering embarrassment and questions and shunning and lectures and rejection in almost every aspect of his life.  And we supported him because it was right and brave, and his whole life, and the life to come, depended on it.(No, he hadn't gone "all the way" but there are plenty of bad things you can read, look at, listen to, lust, do, and have done to you short of that.)

Instead of coming out he confessed. Instead of coming out he repented. Instead of coming out he increased his faith in Christ. Instead of coming out he forsook his sins. Instead of coming out he changed his mind. He found the love of his life. He got married. He has kids. He is living a normal, healthy, productive, faithful life.

Whose future is more bright? The kid who came out, whom everybody pretends isn't thinking or doing anything wrong or risky, who gets indulged and pandered to, whom the world loves to love? Or the kid who confessed and repented of his sins, is living a healthy life, loves the Lord, and whom his family genuinely respects and admires?

Which way is the Lord's way?

We say "coming out" is a way to excuse, validate, and celebrate very bad lusts and acts. Coming out is a way to force others not to question your very bad choices. Coming out is a way to shut people up if they wonder that you are involved in some very bad behaviors. Who on earth but gays get such a pass?

It's not just a coming out, it's an out. And nobody should accept it.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

A Tale of Two Families

March 16, 2017, the LDS Church published on its Mormon Channel which appears on YouTube "The Mackintosh's [sic] Story-A Son Comes Out and a Family Loves."

Contrast this to the title of Janice's first book on this topic: My Darling From the Lions, A Boy Falls to Homosexuality, A Mother Turns to God, A Family is Changed Forever. 

Some think there are only two reactions to a child coming out as gay: rejection or love. But both reactions are based on false narratives. What usually happens is not really rejection and not really love.

The first family above decides to just "love" the child involved in homosexuality. We're supposed to think love is the be-all, end-all, highest virtue. But what does this type of love look like? It seems to look like not just affection for the person but acceptance of the sin, too. Really? Acceptance of sin is love? Where in the scriptures does it say that? Indeed, in the end the parents do accept homosexuality---as their son's immutable identity! How cruel is that! These are people who know better (see the Family Proclamation) pretending a despicable, age-old sin is somehow a young person's identity. In addition, there is no evidence that the parents care how he got there, if there was abuse or pornography, or what consequences there will be to his high-risk behavior. (See The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, a new, very fat book.) This isn't rocket science. It's common sense. What is more, they don't seem to care at all about his immortal soul. Doesn't sound like real love, does it?

Now the rejection scenario. What may often happen in the rejection narrative is something like the parents taking any kind of stand against homosexual conduct (internet pornography and filthy communications are always a big part of it) or using any kind of tough love, whereupon the misbehaving kid mischaracterizes that as rejection and whines to the gay community that he's been "kicked out." And this gets back to the Church---apparently the gay community has the Church's ear. Truth be told, the child chooses to leave the home of his own accord because he refuses to abide by the house rules. Kids themselves aren't being rejected. It's just the bad behaviors being called out.

The trendy new idea of homosexuality being an identity (which has zero scientific or scriptural support) instead of what it is---an age-old sin of filthy lusts and abominable behaviors--- has completely blinded just about  everybody.If you believe that unlike every other sin this particular sin is who a person is and they can't help what they think, feel, and do, then of course you have to either accept the horrible behaviors along with the person, or reject the person himself. It's a no-win and a false notion.

Of course there is one solution that works better than anything else. The second family above chooses the Lord's solutions. It turns to God and changes from the inside out. There's all sorts of repentance going on. There's all sorts of humility and reliance on the Savior and loving God more than anything or anyone else. The boy gets help and overcomes these wrong thoughts and feelings. He repents.He learns to redirect his thoughts and desires. He goes on to live a normal life. The whole family learns about fallen human nature, sin, Christ, repentance, God's love. Everything important.The whole family learns how to APPLY the gospel of Jesus Christ.

See the difference? The first family's solution is purely sociological, shallow, self-interested,  and temporally-focused.The second family's solution is gospel-based, humble, repentant, God and Christ-centered, spiritually-focused.

For all intents and purposes the son in the first family won everybody over to his worldview.  He left his faith and continues behaving badly. The second family came to Christ, miracles happened, and virtue triumphed.

The first family gets to tell its story with the Church authority behind it. Stories like the second family's are not allowed. 

Think of all the families who see this Church video and the Deseret News article that accompanies it and think it's what they are supposed to do (against their conscience and better judgment) and so decide to mimic these ideas and actions. Think of all the young men being encouraged in homosexuality by their thoughtless families and by their church. What is encouraged will increase. Has anybody considered that there may be a humble, confused, suffering person out there who is not yet past feeling, who knows inside that what he's gotten himself into is really wrong, and who would love some encouragement on how to overcome these unwanted feelings and habits? Where is the acceptance and love for him? There isn't any! Because it's politically incorrect! Because the world wouldn't like it!

What these parents need to accept is that their son is currently a lost soul and apparently they are wandering, too. Accepting your child as gay and turning a blind eye to his sullied soul and behavior and his unhappy future is the easy worldly way. How about separating his infinite worth from his sins? How about loving the sinner but not loving the sin? Yes, it's possible! How about standing firm in your knowledge of right and wrong, truth and error, God and man's fallen condition? How about turning to God, repenting yourself, and seeking the Spirit for guidance continually? Now that's hard. Your kid won't like it. Lots of people here in Sodom where we now live won't like it. And yet that's what we're supposed to do.That's what the gospel and the scriptures and God and the Spirit and even plain old common sense say to do.

Notice how there is never anything published these days about overcoming/repenting from homosexuality, nor is any help or encouragement or even warnings offered. The lesson we are supposedly being taught? Just love. Just serve. It's outward appearances and performances that matter. It's families getting along that matters. It's the here and now that matters. There is to be no talk of heaven or hell. No calling to repentance. No testifying of Christ. No Christ as Savior from sin. No true religiosity.

Are you sufficiently outraged and disappointed? We hope so. Because if you are outraged and disappointed at these developments it's a sign of your nearness to God.

The Deseret News  article is in the "Faith" section of the Mormon Church-owned newspaper. Doesn't sound like faith to us, unless your faith is not in God but in family and giving in to whatever your inexperienced, ignorant kids do so you can feel temporarily comfortable. Remember what C. S. Lewis wrote, anything worshiped other than God becomes a demon.

There are many comments on the video/article. Most are gay-affirming. Here are the comments we sent which are posted on the online comments section of the Deseret News article March 16, 2017. (We're actually really surprised they published them.)

"When these shallow pro-gay coming-out stories are told we never hear the dark backstory. Parents and leaders should care that underneath what you see is a pornographic, cyberspace, predatory, sex-addicted, narcissistic, phony, dead-end mindset and lifestyle. Many years ago in his teens my child was involved in homosexuality. The sinning was exciting, but he knew it was wrong and eventually, with the right help, got himself out. His authentic heart-wrenching story and Christ-centered beliefs are regularly recharacterized, dismissed, and met with hateful resistance, even threats. Interesting that the world-- and the church-- have zero love and acceptance and praise when it comes to stories like my son’s."

Me Tarzan, You JaneCaptain of my Soul by Aaron S. GrantBy the way, the Mormon Church and its entities, including BYU, Deseret News, Deseret Book, KSL TV, over the years has had many opportunities to tell our son's story. It has been summarily rejected time and time again by the powers that be. So we started our website, publishing company, and this blog. We are also on the radio Monday and Thursday mornings 10-noon, K-TALK 630 on your AM, available live online and an app for your phone. See our son's excellent book endorsed by LDS experts, Captain of My Soul and our other books with the gospel worldview on . Free on our website is the text of Me Tarzan, You Jane for the youngest children.

Here is Steve's comment:

"This is not a lifelong sentence for Xian. We all are tempted and are called on by Jesus to repent. These outside-of-God's-law feelings and desires can be schooled and overcome and left behind permanently. Jesus does love Xian, as he loves us all. But he loves us enough to invite us to repent and experience the mighty change of heart, not give in to the doctrines of the world. When he comes to the point where he would like help, have him find a good therapist who helps people desiring to change. He can be helped to leave his homosexual desires and behaviors behind."

Hey everybody, keep the faith, the real faith. No matter what people are saying or what the Church is doing for its own reasons, the real faith is still there if we want it.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Pope: Because We Are Too Many

Okay. Here at SoL we are frrrreaking out today. This is why. According to, and as reported on Fox News, at a Vatican-run workshop at the Vatican on March 3, 2017 a panelist said this: "Pope Francis has urged us to have fewer children to make the world more sustainable." The article continues with more disturbing statements from the conference that sound alarmingly socialist and even genocidal. A paper read at the conference promotes forced abortion and mass forced sterilization as a means to reduce the world's population.

There is so much wrong with this we don't know where to begin. Let's just work on the Pope's alleged pronouncement. Apparently he is worried about the sustainability of the natural world God created for us, which sounds like he doesn't have much faith. He also obviously doesn't care that Christians having less children and Muslims having more children will amount to the voluntary extinction of Christianity! He doesn't sound very religious at all, does he?

Besides the fact that mainstream science doesn't have much understanding at all of the sustainability of the natural world and touts a bunch of outdated and politicized theories that have no evidentiary support, has any Christian Church ever said such a thing? We think not. Not only does this run totally contrary to the Catholic Church's basic tenets (prohibiting birth control!--and let's admit that any form of limiting children is a form of birth control), it also shows that the Church intends to replace biblical tenets to "multiply and replenish the earth" with secular progressive propaganda that the world cannot sustain human life and doesn't have "enough and to spare." He is in essence saying that children, that is, human beings, that is human posterity, is not more valuable than any other type of life and  are not the most valuable resource the world has. This is a huge about-face from the wisdom of the ages, Holy Scripture, and the most basic of human values, which is to cherish and promote human posterity. Think about it. This is the stuff of paganism, nihilism, Communism.

We shouldn't be surprised. We live in a world where many people care more about the here and the now and their own selfish pleasures than anything beyond themselves. It's a world that brutally destroys its unborn, makes money on pornography, sodomizes marriage, has turned sex into casual promiscuous entertainment, increasingly sexualizes and abuses children, makes porn available and attractive to children, sells young people and children into sex slavery, and more, all of which are anti-posterity, anti-children, anti-family, anti-goodness, and anti-God in nature and purpose. It's a world that devalues the right things and values the wrong things, to put it mildly.

Oh, but there's even more wrong with this secular progressive, anti-humanity, pagan Pope. Has anyone ever read Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy? In it the little children overhear their parents  talking about how hard life is and how they are struggling to make ends meet. The result? They find their three darling and beloved children having hanged themselves in a closet, leaving a note to their parents, "because we are too many." This part of the book is so tragic it's almost impossible to read.

Does the Pope think his words won't affect anybody who is now living? Any poor family? Or any family who even thinks it should have more money or should leave less of a carbon footprint? Any children who might see their parents working hard to provide for them? Talk about inciting abortion,  democide, genocide, and perhaps even suicide! What couple is going to want children, what child is going to feel his true worth, after hearing such words from such an authority figure? It seems we're all supposed to feel guilty for existing! What a scrooge this Pope turns out to be. Remember what Dickens has Mr. Scrooge say back in the 1800s about what a good thing it would be to "decrease the surplus population?"How can there be a surplus of God's children? Any problems can be best dealt with  by using our heads and hearts, knowledge and charity, i.e. the spirit of the Lord.

As Tolkien wrote, "What new devilry is this?" Yes, but well, it isn't new. What's new is who is touting it. The leader of the Catholic Church, the biggest Christian church in the world.  Having rejected God, the world is lost in contradiction and uncertainty about, of all things, the value of human beings: who is valuable, when they are valuable, why they are valuable, and how many are valuable.

The world is a very wicked place, not because there are wicked people in it, but because even goodish people do nothing. Sad to say, we are so far beyond this. In this case, and many other cases, the "good people" have actually switched sides and are proactively encouraging the wickedness.

In our family we're in the middle of welcoming and helping with our 24th grandchild, the sweetest little thing you ever saw. Jesus said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me." The word "suffer" means allow. How anti-Christ this world has become that it disallows, discourages, and even destroys, human posterity in every possible way!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Gay: Naughty or Nice?

This whole gay thing. Is it naughty or nice? We think it's a fair question. A question practically nobody wants to ask or even think about for fear of thinking themselves unkind or being labeled all sorts of nasty names. Too bad! Anything that impacts individuals and society and law and human posterity and contagious disease and health and education and marriage and family and religion and the immortal soul as much as the gay thing is doing is ignored at our peril.

Let's do a little thinking, and a little truth telling. Let's gather up what the Bible says about the gay thing specifically and undeniably. But first, please note that we do not wish anyone "put to death." Christians do not do as Muslims do.  The least thing we want is for them to leave this world in an unrepentant state. We love everyone and want them to have all God wants them to have. We speak against homosexualism because it is wrong and hurts people, and because it is being pushed on society, especially on the young, and because it threatens our way of life and unalienable rights. (Yes, it is coming down to an us-or-them situation. Christian people are currently being punished and ruined right here in the U.S.A. merely for living according to their biblical beliefs, while their gay/lesbian persecutors are being rewarded.) Also, since Jesus came and fulfilled the law, the Old Testament punishments are done away, such as stoning an adulteress. Homosexual behaviors and the like are still sins that can and must be repented of, continually if need be. Perhaps gays have a death wish themselves as characterized by the extreme risks they take in their lifestyle, which could be interpreted as deeming themselves "worthy of death."

God knows our hearts. We're all sinners who need Christ. The righteous are those who know what sin is and are constantly striving and repenting, relying on Christ. That is nice. The wicked are those who thumb their noses at God and His laws, who deny their sins and revel in them and do not repent. That is naughty. Perhaps what's even naughtier is how homosexualism characterizes these out-of-bounds, high-risk lusts and behaviors as an identity, as who people are, as if sane people have no choice as to what they spend their time thinking about and proclaiming and doing.

Here it is in black and white.

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind; it is abomination.

Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with woman both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.

Deuteronomy: 23:17 There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.

Romans 1:26-7, 32 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections; for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature; and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. . . who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

1 Corinthians 6-9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolators, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind.

1 Timothy 1:9-10 Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.

And there are many many more in all Scripture which speak more generally against all manner of sexual sins. 

Let's also point out a few facts about LGBT sexual behaviors. For all we see in public, for all they try to do to whitewash and belittle this perversity, there exists a dark underworld of violence against God and nature. These sexual behaviors are notoriously irresponsible, anonymous, promiscuous, violent, and encouraged and enhanced by pornography, alcohol, and dangerous drugs. Doctors who treat gays could tell you horror stories about the ways these people's poor bodies have been abused. Epidemiologists could tell you how fatal diseases such as HIV/AIDS and anal cancers, in addition to chronic health problems, are direct results of these counterfeit sexual behaviors. Sociologically, these abominable addictive behaviors cause children to dishonor their parents, and spouses and parents to abandon their marriages and children, or at the very least mistreat their spouses and cheat their children of a proper parent. Psychologically, these behaviors may merely be dangerous symptoms of tragic early sexual abuse that is not being addressed. Spiritually, these nihilistic choices lead to hell. Sexual immorality draws you further and further from God. Homosexualism in all its forms is carnal and devilish.

Is this what we should want for anyone? Does it sound naughty to you?

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in which people wake up and choose to face facts and truly care for the physical and spiritual welfare of themselves and others.

Click here to go to Mass Resistance website and read about a much-needed, soon-to-be-published book.

This groundbreaking book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, which has been available since October 2016 as an digital-edition book through Amazon, is being readied for release as a paperback edition. We expect it to be available in about a month (January 2017).

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Meet the Gay Mormons

Note: Apparently, not all church leaders agree on certain aspects of this issue, nor do members. We at SoL have been given to understand that strong differing opinions are understood and tolerated within the church. SoL's view is not based on current cultural trends and sentimental human relations and  stories but on universally true principles, scripture, true charity, and timeless objective moral standards that come from God. 

The following is our response to the new page, And we've also been reading some of the responses from the other side. It seems this is yet another effort to make everyone happy which has resulted in nobody being made happy, at least not the ones who take this issue seriously. It's astonishing that the Word of God does not have the first, middle, and last word. The Bible is absolutely clear about homosexual lusts and behaviors being wicked and repentance through Christ being available and necessary to all. We think Mormon homosexualists know that they are at opposition with Scripture, as in the Standard Works, as in the Standard for the regulation and spiritual growth of all immortal souls. It looks like they have to work very hard to justify their moral relativism and denial of the plain and precious gospel, God's plan, which comprises sin, and possible repentance and redemption through Christ. It doesn't matter if people are born that way, which they aren't, or not; these lusts and all degrees of behaviors are destructive and sinful.

Here are some of our thoughts about this,org.

This page boasts diverse individuals' stories but neglects to show any of the people who have resisted and overcome homosexuality. (We know plenty and have ourselves published two books on this subject, My Darling From the Lions and Captain of My Soul, highly endorsed and prefaced by experts, yet rejected by leading LDS publisher Deseret Book. D.B.'s books on this topic are gay-affirming and have no expert endorsements. Make of that what you will.)

Christ's gospel of sin, repentance, and redemption is not emphasized, rather it argues in favor of the weakness of homosexual lust.

The Atonement is mischaracterized as something that can make us comfortable with our sinfulness rather than humbling and changing and purifying our desires.

The dark, broken, rebellious, pornographic, addictive, promiscuous, narcissistic, dangerous world of homosexual lust and how people get into it is completely ignored.

Homosexuality is portrayed as an orientation rather than a disorder or sin.

Homosexual behaviors are not clearly defined. Therefore, any individual or ward leader can choose to put up boundaries, or not, anywhere they please.

Mormon gays are shown as sympathetic characters because they are not officially allowed the full perverse and dangerous physical homosexual contacts they desire. 

No concern is shown for the obvious depravity or emotional and mental illnesses of the gays highlighted.

"Authenticity," as in accepting the natural man and sharing one's feelings, is considered the highest value and most helpful attribute. Not reality, not truth, not goodness, not virtue, not humility, not repentance, not forgiveness, not love of God and His word. Just authenticity. It is incredible that certain people's trendy pro-gay stories are held in the highest esteem regardless of holy scripture and regardless of the crimes or causes or illnesses behind these stories. In reality, these stories are not authentic at all; at best they are whitewashing, denial, incomplete, and justification for sin.

No help is offered for healing from horrific child sexual abuse, as in the sad case of Ricardo. He explains how at a very young age he was seduced and initiated into homosex by predatory older males, which he admits had a huge influence on him and obviously interfered with normal sexual development. Astonishingly, the story is apparently included to convince us to embrace this person's resulting choice for a homosexual lust identity rather than to show evidence of serious crimes against him as a child and his ruined life. He says that sharing his feelings helped him see that "nothing is broken or needs to be fixed." Oh really?

There appears to be some disconnect on what sexual purity and healthy sexuality actually are as in the case of lesbian Laurie who says, "The gospel has not made me attracted to men. But it has helped me be attracted to one man." What? Aren't we all supposed to keep our sexual attraction focused on one person---our spouse? This statement shows some seriously obsessive wrong-headedness by way of sexually objectifying human beings in general. It seems that gays/lesbians walk into a room and see sex and sexuality, not people.

The greatest available comfort for gays is shown to be, not God's love and truth, repentance through Christ, and spiritual guidance, but human relations by way of sharing one's feelings with others. Tanya tells about her son who was so relieved to "come out" but who was still so depressed that he only lasted 5 months on his 2-year mission. Once home he was put in a ward leadership position! This is how we deal with spiritual death and sexual sin and confusion and mental illness? 

LDS therapists are instructed to "help" gay people in whatever way they wish to be helped, regardless of the hippocratic oath, regardless of the therapist's knowledge, experience, and life's work, and regardless of his convictions about God or morality and his constitutionally protected right to exercise them. Thomas Jefferson called this tyranny over the mind of man. Not is this website saying: Be gay but don't live gay, but to the therapists: Be Christian but don't live Christian.

And how about this point? If Mormon gays are never supposed to act out their sexual fantasies in any way, why does everybody need to know about them? Isn't the management of one's personal sexuality a private part of life for everyone, single or married?  Aren't gays exactly the same as other members in this way? In other words, why do these particular people get to make their private sexual feelings public, and what is everybody else supposed to do about it? The web page does not make this clear. We can only assume that we are being instructed to treat self-proclaimed gays as more special than anyone else and never to help them overcome their miserable oversexed minset--why? Because it's what the world is doing?

It appears that this page exists, at least in part, to indoctrinate the general membership into especially recognizing homosexuals, accepting perverse sexual lust as immutable, ignoring sexual abuse and emotional and mental illness, and treating open homosexuals as healthy, harmless fellow congregants/leaders.

Whatever a church says about its ultimate disapproval of this age-old sin that got two cities burned to the ground by the Lord is completely drowned out by the "respect" and "acceptance" we are being coerced to exercise regarding a person's self-proclaimed harmful and unnatural sexual attractions. Apparently, our human relations and interests, no matter how steeped in sin we humans are, are more important than truth, our relationship with the Godhead, and the welfare of our immortal souls. Apparently homosexuality, once considered a vice so ugly that polite society would not name it, is now touted by churches as an attractive characteristic. Yes, in this case gay is just another interesting and world-friendly kind of Mormon we can boast we include in our midst. 

It's not too hard to imagine what kinds of things will happen next. "The triumph of sin comes with our failure to perceive it (Roger Scruton)."