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Polygamy and Homosexuality: The Link

Hi! We did not post all last year! The main reason may be that we have been enjoying a new church and learning how to actually worship God and how to actually study the Bible. It's a small local Bible church, but growing rapidly. Every Sunday we talk to people who are in the process of leaving the LDS church. Our prayers for new friends have been answered to overflowing. In spite of complications with our family and friends, we have never been so happy and confident in the Lord.

Who knew there was so much to learn and love and rejoice in and find rest in through Jesus Christ in God's Word? Who knew we could praise and glorify God singing 6 or 7 lively songs about Christ who was born, lived, taught, died for our sins, and was raised as if it is Christmas and Easter every Sunday? Who knew we could eat up 40-minute Sunday sermons based on one or two Bible verses taken in context and applied to our everyday lives and go home rejoicing every week? Who knew we could enjoy Bible study classes with Christian friends multiple days/nights a week? Who knew it doesn't matter what you wear or what your past has been or what "callings" you have held? Who knew it's all about loving God and becoming a new creature in Christ? As rubber-stamp Mormons we certainly didn't know any of these things.

 It was when we came to Christ that we found ourselves no longer welcome in the Mormon church and began our long journey out of it and into truth and healing and real worship of God.

So that is what's been happening. We hope and pray any readers we still have will experience God's saving grace as we have, and be confident in the assurance of salvation through Christ this very day (something priceless that Mormons never have).

On to the topic of this post, the link between polygamy and homosexuality---and also every other out-of-bounds sexual lust, perversion, and preoccupation. As a wise woman wrote, "Sex is a serious thing. If it is misused somebody gets hurt."

We are looking at this topic from a lifelong-Mormon-recently-seeing-the-light perspective, as in how polygamy was instituted in the early church, how many splinter groups emerged when the mainstream church gave it up (or rather pretended to), how facts about this historical practice have suddenly been admitted to by the mainstream LDS church itself, how practicing splinter groups are being exposed for their many atrocities common to the practice, how the internet is making these facts and push-backs highly public, and how there is a glaring crucial blind spot concerning homosexuality inherent in these ex-Mormon anti-polygamy, yet always pro-gay, conversations. Yes, most ex-Mormon channels and podcasts are pro-gay no matter what they are talking about. It always pops up how ignorant, cruel, and hateful the Mormon church is toward gays. But here we are particularly discussing the glaring blind spot linking polygamy and homosexuality coming from ex-Mormons.

Once the Biblical boundary of marriage between one man and one woman is crossed, say, be it through adultery or its euphemism polygamy, we submit that there is no reason to have any boundaries at all. Granted, this boundary may be crossed in many ways, such as child abuse and pedophilia, incest, pornography, rape, sex trafficking, prostitution, the list goes on. But here we are concerned with a strange phenomenon in which those who are adamantly against the horror of polygamy are outspoken in favor of homosexuality. That terrible blind spot.

We know why this is happening. It is happening because today's culture has utterly accepted all things homosexual to the point of  granting this particular lust/behavior a special identity, special celebration, and special rights, no questions asked, no thinking required, and no health warnings issued. And having jumped on the virtue-signalling band wagon without any critical thinking, the lgbtetc brainwashing within many people's minds is complete. While they can see the abuses in polygamy and of course child sexual abuse, they can't see past the end of their own noses when it comes to homosexuality, which is certainly inordinately fraught with illnesses and abuses and tragedy and death.

Bear in mind, this is not true of  LDS church leaders, past and present. It is our opinion that they most certainly know. They know these sexual perversions are wrong and harmful. They know Joseph Smith was a conniving scoundrel---in many ways, including seducing women in God's name. Otherwise, why did they cover up his sexual and other shenanigans for nearly 200 hundred years? And now, when they finally are forced to admit them (probably for legal/financial reasons) because of the pervasiveness of information on the internet, why else would they continue to unscrupulously whitewash these facts unless they knew?

Yes, the leaders know, and don't care. They are only concerned with their corporation, their personal gain, their fame, their power over the peons, and their standing in the world. This is a corporation richer than Google or Disney. They know exactly what they are doing and why. This is nothing new in the history of mankind. Human corruption is a broken record, playing over and over again. But the LDS members, the ordinary trusting members, don't know. And apparently neither do many of the ex-members who on this topic seem to have traded one set of man-made beliefs for another set of man-made beliefs: We don't believe in Mormonism anymore; instead we believe in all the woke ideologies that have become popular around us in the last few years. Voids have a way of getting filled, for good or evil.

Many ex-Mormon podcasts and YouTube videos, and as a result, many vulnerable ex-Momons, as part and parcel of leaving the church, along with exposing polygamy as truly terrible, are lgbtetc affirming. We submit in this post that this makes no sense. For one thing, if they had stayed a little longer in the LDS church, they would have found it to be more and more pro-gay itself, at least looking the other way and allowing all things lgbtetc to infiltrate the church by leaving these issues up to local leaders who are all over the map politically and even morally. Left-leaning inclusivity is seeping into the LDS church big time. (here and here and here and here and here) It has given up many of its hardcore doctrines in favor of mainstreaming. (You can bet they reeeeeally wanted a Mormon U.S. president and still do.) This is nothing very new for the church, as we know it eventually gave up polygamy, and even pretended to demonize it, to advance in the country and world. The way things are going, it ought to bring it back soon for those same reasons!

Another reason being anti-polygamy but pro-gay makes no sense is because both stem from being out of God's boundaries for human sexuality. An honest thorough thinker can see this. Once a man's conscience is seared to the point where he can look at any number of females with lust and get them to "marry" him, what is to stop him from lusting after anyone and anything? This may be shocking for some people until you put your squeamishness aside and look at the human male honestly. Warning, this may get graphic. Males like the sensation of sex. They like the pressure and the friction. This is unique to men in its own way. If a man is not concerned about his wife's emotional well-being or physical comfort, he will not have the empathy, love, and patience it takes for her to prepare for penetration. Even if, or especially if, a man has unlimited (lonely? jealous?) women at his beck and call, he may get impatient, even bored. Since women do not or should not allow sodomy to be committed on them, the man may fantasize about sodomy with men. Indeed, there are many instances when men involved in adultery, polygamy, incest, etc. also stray into homosex.

 Anyway, that's our Biblical stance. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2022

LDS Church Sells Its Soul

If you are a disillusioned Mormon gay, gay activist, or gay supporter, including the unlimited sexual identities and behaviors represented in the letters in LGBTETC, you should be very happy today, or at least feel a great sense of validation and progress. If you are an active, traditional family values, conservative Mormon you should be very disillusioned today indeed, and owe yourself some serious mature adult reflection.

On November 15, 2022, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints voluntarily released to the world---you might call it a family proclamation to the world---a statement in support not of traditional marriage but of gay marriage including all the "rights" of all LGBTETC people. To quote the Associated Press, "The church's public stance is a stark contrast from 14 years ago, when its members were among the largest campaign contributors in support of California's Prop 8, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman in response to cities such as San Francisco granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples." To quote a pro-gay blogger, This is "the first time the LDS church has acknowledged the civil legitimacy of same-sex marriage and publicly supported legislation that requires that civil recognition."

The thing is, the church wasn't required to say anything about this U.S.Senate proposal to repeal the already existing Defense of Marriage Act (1996) in the U.S. Code and replace it with the proposed Respect for Marriage Act . (Many are rightly calling it the Disrespect for Marriage Act.) The proposal has been recently voted on (12 Republicans have voted for it, including Mormon and father of gay marriage Mitt Romney) with the goal to include in it gay marriage along with traditional marriage. (Funny how the Defense of Marriage Act came to be with the sole purpose of protecting traditional marriage against same-sex marriage!) What the church did was pro-actively give wholehearted support to this proposal to give equal respect to gay marriage as is given to traditional marriage, in the laws of the entire United States. 

What has happened here is the self-proclaimed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has made a public relations move to win the approval of the world and flow with the culture, and there's probably a lot of money involved too, by embracing the now institutionalized practice of  gay marriage, that is homosexuality, that is sodomy, in the form of respect and understanding for some made-up new "rights" found nowhere in the constitution or history of the country, and clearly defined as sin in the Bible, one of the standard works of said church.

And don't think gay marriage is all the LDS church has decided to support. Its statement which we include below gives legitimacy and support not just to so-called gay rights but to the so-called rights of all the letters in LGBTETC with no limits as well.  Yes, that includes the T for transgenderism which is all about cross-dressing, puberty blockers, hormones, and the permanently sterilizing, destroying and mutilating of  healthy body parts to simulate the opposite sex, even in children and teens. And there's no end. The list of genders keeps growing. Apparently the LDS Church is suddenly in the affirmation-only camp for unlimited sex and sexuality madness, full speed ahead.

Let us focus for a moment on the travesty that exponentially sped up the LDS ride down this slippery slope. But we have to shed our squeamishness and first define the euphemisms love, gay, homosexuality, gay marriage, and yes, transgenderism. These are all just clever ways of  cleaning up the loaded and ugly word: sodomy. The fact is, two men together (no matter what they call themselves or what they dress like or what they have done to their bodies) cannot mate (which mating is what true marriage entails). With each other, two men, or any number of men gay or trans, can never do the thing that makes babies. Anal penetration, which is sodomy, is the primary way two men simulate sexual intercourse, one or the other of the men's anuses playing the part of the female vagina. The institutionalizing of gay marriage is essentially the institutionalizing of the practice of sodomy. Indeed, many straight couples now engage in this practice, thanks to the modern societal legitimization and normalization of  homosexuality and gay marriage. This may actually put the lie to gayness as an identity, because sodomy, the act which ultimately distinguishes male gayness, is now approved of and available to all (even lesbians who may find ways to simulate it also). Not only does this practice cause disease and chronic health conditions off the charts, it also easily spreads horrible and slow fatal sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS. There is always unnatural bleeding involved. Please note that there are no chastity or behavioral or fidelity rules or boundaries inherent in the LGBTETC ideology and lifestyle. Please note that heterosexuals often commit sexual sins and sexual crimes also, but homosexuality is notoriously, off the charts pornographic and promiscuous, and especially prone to crimes such as drug abuse, domestic violence, and child sex abuse, marriage or no marriage.

Now that we have that clear, here is a brief outline (many books could and should be written on this) of some of the many developments and events that have taken place in which to show how the Mormon church has flipped its stance to publicly embrace the practice of sodomy as a civil right, indeed, under the euphemism, marriage. 

Less than 30 years ago the Mormon church had quite Biblically and vocally continued to condemn homosexuality as an abomination, a vice, and a sin in opposition to God's plan that could and must be repented of  (The Miracle of Forgiveness by Spencer W. Kimball, 1969,  The Family: A Proclamation to the World, 1995). But an insidious softening had already begun (October 1995 Ensign article, Same Gender Attraction , a squishy article in which homosexual tendency is likened to the Apostle Paul's thorn in the flesh). As the sexual revolution stepped up its campaign to decriminalize, destigmatize, and normalize homosex behaviors (Lawrence vs Texas, 2003) and label, protest, demonize, and punish those who stood for their Christian beliefs regarding marriage and family (churches, adoption agencies,bakers, photographers, printers, venue owners), the Mormon church continued to stand against homosexual behaviors (BYU student expelled), while continuing to soften on and embrace the homosexual identity (Oaks-Wickman Interview, 2006), (God Loveth His Children, 2007), which is at the very least, intellectually dishonest. Incidentally "God Loveth His Children," this once famous tortuous treatise, is now hard to find. We think it was axed because it stated rather offhand that some people could overcome homosexual tendencies; it also said we should resist and reform wrong feelings. The church never says things like that anymore. Apparently church leaders decided the infinite atonement of Christ is not infinite or atoning, because it is not applicable in one or more instances.

To continue, it wasn't long before the church stepped in line with the world to accept homosexual tendencies (by this time they had institutionalized the euphemism same gender attraction) as a harmless and immutable identity like race or eye color that cannot and need not be changed or repented of (, 2012). Although in 2008 the Mormon church surprised everybody, especially  its own members, by uncharacteristically---according to its most recent attitudes---leading the fight against gay marriage in California , it not only subsequently conceded this fight throwing its obedient, exhausted and persecuted California members under the bus, but specifically called off any further organized Mormon member opposition to gay marriage (in Maine and Maryland, 2012). The next years showed an ever increasing softening toward homosexuality, mostly as an identity but as a practice also, such as publicly endowing Church monies (read: member tithing) in support of gay activist groups (Inclusion Center Awards Social--supports gay organizations, 2015) and picking up pro-gay activist code words such as diversity, inclusion, respect (BYU Office of Belonging, 2021). We began hearing talks in church settings inclusive of gayness and invitations to gays to speak before congregations. (Sister Eubank introduced a lesbian in BYU Women's Conference, 2021). Some Mormon wards began instigating diversity training (Mormon Inclusion, 2018). Even the Tabernacle Choir visited San Francisco and sang solidarity songs with the gay men's choir under its leadership (SF Gay Men's Chorus sings with Tab Choir, 2018, many of which members were found to be on the child sex offender's list). It was no surprise to those paying attention that Kimball's famous book, The Miracle of Forgiveness, which decried homosexuality in no uncertain terms, got questioned, cancelled, and pulled from the gay-affirming, doctrinal heavy weight, Deseret Book (Miracle of Forgiveness fading, 2015). The church continued to soften toward and embrace the homosexual "identity" (BYU counseling center and changes in honor code, allowing activists and groups on campus, 2007-current day). At the same time the church disingenuously and rather sheepishly, vaguely, and occasionally continued to disapprove of the inherent behaviors. This is intellectual dishonesty, which doesn't appease anyone on either side of this issue except the willfully blind and deaf, like telling a man it's wonderful that he can go to school to be a doctor but it would be a sin that he ever practice medicine. 

The church's public relations line is: Our gays don't act out. Is that in any way true? Here is a quote from a gay Mormon trying to navigate his life in the LDS church by observing others in his situation: "I learned they [the high profile Mormon gays he observed] didn't actually follow the law of chastity [which prohibits homosex in all its manifestations including flirting and hand holding etc.]. Cuddling parties, dating, and casual hook-ups [sodomy] were a common and secret part of these men's lives." This man goes on to say, "Their hypocrisy played a role in my decision to leave the church and helped form my belief that any openly gay man in the church is not following the law of chastity."  Our gays don't act out? Oh yes they do. And they love to initiate younger men and boys. That is nature of homosex.

Then, like a cherry on top, the church has made a hero out of one of its apostle's gay brother and published his book (That We May Be One, 2017) which proclaims that his sexual relationship (read: sodomy) with his gay lover of 20 years was beautiful. (This book was highly recommended reading in our ward Relief Society by the bishop's wife.) To update, this man, Tom Christofferson, who just five years ago said he left the gay behaviors behind and joined back up with the church, is now by his own admission back into homosexuality, has written another book published by the church, has been on the speaking circuit for women with big wig Sheri Dew, and dating fellow homosexuals, if you want to call it dating. In other words, acting out. The church, as usual these days, acts as gay affirming only, despite what it may say and despite its tenets.

Like the old adage says, actions speak louder than words. Just as Mormon gays may say they are chaste and yet we know that entire ideology is pornographic and highly promiscuous, the church may say one thing when their actions say another.  Of course we must look more at what the church did and continues to do rather than what they have said or say in between. The key question is, what is the signal they are sending? What is the message they are sending specifically into Mormon homes? It is of course the message that parents should respect and affirm an attention-seeking/rebellious/confused/abused child or teen or young adult in whatever sexual identity they got off tiktok that day! No searching for causes, no counseling, no healing, no instructing, no health warnings, no Bible, no religion, no nothing. It has been our experience that in the last 20 years or so the LDS church leadership on every level and in every entity has offered absolutely no leadership or thought or care or help to individuals and families who are dealing with unwanted LGBTETC confusion and problems. They have simply cancelled those of its members resisting this juggernaut, while taking step after step to encourage and support wholesale gay-affirmation.

 It is our understanding that the highest church leaders instruct famous Mormons and politicians and entities such as Deseret Book, BYU, etc. on strategies and public stances they should take. In the case of the "disrespect of marriage act," Mormon Mitt Romney was all for this Act while Mormon Mike Lee seemingly stood against it, or at least wanted it amended; we can see here another example of the Mormon church speaking out of both sides of its mouth in true Orwellian doublespeak. We have seen that members pick up their perceptions and marching orders by way of what the church leaders actually do and get done rather than what their doctrines or scriptures say or what may be said periodically in a talk, and that increasingly infrequently, vaguely, and contradictorily.  This is what the Bible calls hypocrisy, being neither hot or cold, serving two masters, and putting one's trust in man instead of God and being cursed for it. Jeremiah 17:5.

In the middle of this terrible muddle, in 2017, Steve here at SoL was told in a person-to-person conversation with Elder Rasband, an apostle of the church who extended to him the private invitation, that he wanted to discuss the church's "evolving" (Rasband's word) position toward homosexuality. You can say that again. He said the top Brethren did not agree on this topic or how to handle it. He also emphatically said that the church would never, ever change its current position on marriage as only between a man and a woman. This newest proclamation does support gay marriage, although it also pretends not to, and everyone who isn't braindead perceives that the church has indeed flipped to now support same-sex sodomy, whether they call it marriage, respect or rights or whatever. Here is the actual statement, with our comments interspersed:

The doctrine of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints related to marriage between a man and a woman is well known and will remain unchanged.  [We know this statement is made in regard to same sex marriage, nevertheless, this statement is not true in that sense or any other sense. First, plural marriage (that's marriage between a man and not a woman but any number of women) was practiced in the early church, is still in the church's standard works (D&C 132), and is a doctrine never denounced and still believed in and practiced in a very real sense even today---because for Mormons marriage is eternal. For example, President Nelson has been sealed (eternally married) to two wives, and although he was not married to both of them simultaneously here on earth, he fully believes to be and expects to be the husband of at least two women for eternity. That's marriage between a man and two women, based on LDS doctrine. Second, if the above were their doctrine, why are they voluntarily supporting same sex marriage? Isn't the church about spreading and proclaiming its doctrines to the world? Instead they are proclaiming the opposite!]

 We are grateful for the continuing efforts of those who work to ensure the Respect for Marriage Act includes appropriate religious freedom protections while respecting the law and preserving the rights of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters. [This is a contradictory position that they have taken. The church's official rule is that it does/will not perform same-sex marriages in its church houses and temples, and yet church leadership has come out in support of a law that allows for, establishes, and respects same-sex marriage. In addition, the church leaders in supporting such laws don't seem to even consider that they are leaving their members exposed to sexual freedom laws that the members will have to obey or suffer punishment. Over and over again, the church has sided with its critics, while ensuring for itself the loophole that protects itself, the corporate church, and leaving its conservative members' religious freedom imposed upon and its gay members still dissatisfied.] 

We believe this approach is the way forward. As we work together to preserve the principles and practices of religious freedom together with the rights of LGBTQ individuals, much can be accomplished to heal relationships and foster greater understanding. [This is nonsense. The way forward? What does that mean? When the whole herd is going toward a cliff, the right thing to do is go backward. What we have are two opposing worldviews. This means conflict, whether LDS leaders like it or not. One side will win the conflict. We know which side is winning at the present time, with the full and informed support of the Mormon church, and its members wearing blinders. And LGBTETC activists will never stop their demands until they are treated not just equally in every detail, but however they want to be treated at the moment, until they are actually in charge and running everything, at least for a time until destabilization is complete to the point where the powers that be discard even them. In the meantime, response to this statement from the gay "community" is that the church has only made a "tiny step" toward what they want and they are still frustrated. So, contrary to what looks on the surface like some bizarre, out-of-touch, cock-eyed LDS church optimism, but what is really the same old calculated self-interested politicking, there is no "healing" or "fostering of greater understanding." What will happen is total surrender to this chaos, and the destruction of Christianity and the western world. And we are not the only ones saying this. There is a huge cultural response to the Mormon church's new stance from both sides. It seems everyone but the Mormons can see what is going on right in front of their eyes. Even the church's enemies are saying the church didn't have to do anything. "It could have stayed silent and no one would have been surprised." Of course the church has its reasons, none of which seem to be doctrinal or religious.]

If you think this LGBTETC affirmation-only stance the LDS church has increasingly taken has not and will not now exponentially trickle down and enter every Mormon ward and stake you are very wrong. We have seen and heard of several of the following taking place. Sexual diversity training in ward meetings. Gays being doted on in families and wards. Homosexuality being proudly modeled and taught from local pulpits. Legally married gay couples recognized and supported in church settings. Gays and lesbians and transgenders serving as young men and young women leaders, as well as other ward positions. Mormon transgenders attending opposite sex meetings, women in Priesthood, men in Relief Society. (How do people even know what sex some people are anymore? Trans people are passing pretty well for the opposite sex these days.) Proud gay youth speaking from local pulpits. Cross-dressed children attending all ward meetings. Transgenders or their affirming parents invited to speak at sacrament meetings and stake conferences. Transgenders teaching primary. Openly gay men attending the temple. Transwomen/men in drag sitting with the women in the temple. And of course the bathrooms and temple locker rooms infiltrated by whoever. You think these things and more aren't already happening or are going to soon? Think again. Top church leaders have long allowed these types of events, washing their hands of  such local situations. There are so many wards and so many temples after all; they don't have time to address all of their idiosyncrasies and problems. The loophole for church headquarters is: we let the local leaders handle such situations, as stated in its handbook. 

We submit that many, many Mormons don't like or want any of the above going on. Of course the LDS church could get around any sex-based controversies simply by changing its meetings, bathrooms, locker rooms, dorms, adult and youth programs, priesthood,callings, classes, and the entire temple experience to be nonbinary. In other worlds, men and women, boys and girls, use the same facilities, attend all meetings, and hold all offices alike, mixed up together, and no mention is made of the two sexes. Of course this still won't make transgenders happy, for instance, because they insist on being identified as the opposite sex from what they really are based on the binary male and female worldview. Still, historically, the church has been dead set against women and men being interchangeable, so that's a big problem for them. They would actually have to change everything, beginning with dumping their standard works. We here at SoL have heard they are in the surreptitious process of doing that very thing, calling it a de-emphasis on the scriptures. (Indeed, in the climate today they would need to as the Book of Mormon blatantly racist.)

We believe the LDS church has gone through many contortions to protect itself from this infiltration, including this latest move, (not caring a bit about actual human souls and what is actually right). But of course you can't sink a ship to save a ship. Whatever is encouraged will increase. If you let the camel's nose in the tent, soon you will have the entire camel. What has happened rather quickly is that the church we grew up in and raised our children in is gone, and something increasingly unrecognizable has taken its place.

And here, please do not give us the nobody's perfect line. We are not talking about imperfect human individuals here. We are talking about what is taught and modeled and perceived and learned and passed on. We are talking about principles, right or wrong, and ideas, true or false. Imperfect human are perfectly capable of either spreading falsehoods or spreading the truth. And they are certainly accountable for that, especially anyone in any leadership or position of authority. If they make a mistake they are obligated to correct it, repent, apologize, face the music. Like all the rest of us. There are tons of scriptures in the Bible about this abuse of power by the way. In addition, it is the ordinary people themselves who are allowing these travesties to take place and remain. If there were no members going along, supporting, and financing them, there would be no bad church leaders or false churches.

In short, in a third of a lifetime the Mormon church has gone from proclaiming homosexuality a sin to proclaiming it an identity to proclaiming any sort of unnatural sexual identity or behavior or "medical" treatment a God-given right.  Remember, the statement says they are "working together to preserve the rights" of  their LGBTQ brothers and sisters. The church may think it can protect its sex binary-based temples from infiltration, and protect its finances and reputation by making such statements, but it is certainly not protecting its members, wards, and stakes, and most particularly, its children. All representations of every letter in the LGBTETC alphabet soup will be exposed to Mormon minors within church walls and activities and portrayed as righteousness.

No longer is sexual purity a moral value in the modern LDS church, and it wasn't in its first 100 years if you look into its true history that has never been corrected or repented of. We baby boomers must have enjoyed the church in its only window to date in which it supported traditional biblical values and rules for human sexual relations. That era is over. It is now quite suddenly a person's "right" to be sexually immoral in formerly unspeakable and incredibly prideful and insane ways, says the LDS Church, sealing its words with the act of making the above public statement to the world. 

About church members being told they should learn "greater understanding" from this development. Understanding? Of what? Love? The vast majority of males in the world today can and do love each other without homosex. Understanding of sodomy and every other sex perversion?  These things are not hard to understand; they can be defined in a few words (see above).  The LDS church like many other churches today, has quite rapidly caved to the idolatrous prideful Godless spirit of the times. 

Die-hard Mormons who know this is wrong will call this pronouncement complicated and make up every excuse for the church they can dream up. But it is not complicated and there is no good excuse.

Who can honestly deny that this is a complete reversal? Who can deny this is a huge, disgraceful sellout? Who can deny it is a betrayal of God's word? Who can deny that those members who have fought against the sexual revolution in the last two decades have been abandoned, even villainized? And where is the modern-day revelation to back up this statement by the church?  Thoughtful members have been left gaping in surprise upon hearing this incomprehensible statement, not from their beloved and trusted leaders but on the news. This is actually cruel.

What's next? Wholehearted support of adultery? Pedophilia? Incest? Pornography? Oh wait, that's already happened. The Mormon church's entire history is fraught with succumbing to outright committing of such sins, along with softening, recharacterizing,and covering them up. Open your eyes to the church's true colors,  not from "anti-Mormon materials" but from the church's own materials. Learn some true history of the church and Joseph Smith's 30-40 secret "wives"---from the church's own shocking recent admissions (see footnote 24). Watch the video on pornography addiction the church produced, complete with soothing music and sans any reference to sin and repentance. Watch the smarmy videos on the mormon and gay section of the church's website (same-sex attraction). Zero mention of sin. Zero health warnings. Zero preaching of  sexual purity. Zero calls to repent. Zero  testimonials of people who have overcome homosexuality. (Our own books highly endorsed by experts were either quickly pulled or summarily rejected by Deseret Book, in spite of Sheri Dew's written assurance to us that they would include books on the other side of this issue). On these church sites you will find affirmation only for this anti-Christ madness sweeping the world.  

Please know that what is encouraged, supported, respected will increase. All things licentious are now coming in double time for the Mormons, most specifically for the Mormon children.

Most recently, in Arizona, a child abuse case where the Mormon father sexually molested his own daughter all her young life, has been found to have been known of and intentionally covered up by Mormon authorities on all levels all these many years. In other words, this criminal conduct was known of  but not reported, exactly like what has unfolded in the Catholic church. The perpetrator committed suicide in 2017. The family is suing the LDS church for keeping the abuse quiet. There is a lot more to this story, but there seems to be no doubt that LDS leaders allowed the abuse to continue. This is called support of the pedophile. It certainly isn't support or validation of his victim or protection of other potential victims he came in contact with through the church organization.

By the way, depending on individual state laws, when a local LDS leader learns of child sex abuse under his jurisdiction, he is supposed to call the church hotline which is actually the church's law firm, Kirton and McConkie, which tells the bishop to report it to police or not to report it to police, again, depending on the state law.  

And also, all members should all know the church has 100 billion dollars plus stashed away for, as a church spokesman said, "a rainy day." ($100 billion "rainy day" fund) We submit that settling sexual abuse cases out of court, like a sort of reverse form of blackmail (we'll give you this huge amount of money if you give up this case and never say anything about any of this ever ), is one of the rainy day ways they use it. Sad to say, there will be a lot of rain and the church may be needing those billions. Is this why they aren't afraid to gain public approval by promoting sexual immorality--because now they have a bottomless pit of money to cover for the inevitable messes it makes?  For shame.

No matter how many excuses you can think up, this is not the church many faithful Mormons grew up in and raised their children in. If you doubt this we strongly encourage you to read this article published in 1974, the year after Steve and Janice, here at SoL, were married, which to this day appears on the LDS church's website. (Why Does the Church Oppose Homosexuality, 1974). Like we said before, in those days it was one of the most  conservative churches in the world that stood for family, faith, and freedom. We may not have known of the disturbing real history of the church and the deceit used to cover it up, but ignorance was bliss and the church was a good way to raise our families. Now, those who have paid attention and watched this "evolution" and discerned it correctly are disgusted and disappointed beyond words. These are such people who can no longer participate in such an organization. You may say these people have left the church, but the truth is the church has left them. Many of those who have realized the church's falseness have chosen to serve the Lord rather than men, men who have lied from the beginning and keep changing their church to protect its great wealth and fit in with the world. 

We here at SoL believe God is perfect and unchanging. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8), and the Bible is reliable and incredibly rich in goodness, truth, beauty, and reliability, contrary to how the LDS church makes it out to be. Turns out many of the scriptures and phrases we used to think were purely Mormon come straight out of the good old Bible, God's unchanging Word.

Saturday, October 22, 2022

Straight Lives Matter

 We have said this before and we need to say it again. It's not a question of neutrality. It's a question of which worldview will be embraced and which worldview will be disallowed. No man can serve two masters. Two opposing worldviews cannot peacefully co-exist. 

Nobody made this truth up. It's unalterably recorded in the history of the world. 

Some parents are mad (see clip starting at 7:25 of the video), and rightly so, about all the graphic and explicit sexual LGBTETC books now available in their children's schools. But they have something wrong. They won't say what it is they don't like about the gay books. They just say: we don't want ANY sexual ideas in school. Oops. They are making a big mistake here because schools have always had models of human sexual behavior implicit in their materials. 

For example, the Dick and Jane books, which we here at SoL learned to read from back in the day,

set their literacy program against a backdrop of a traditional family: father, mother, and their children. That was a model for the two human sexes and human sexual behavior, no matter how subtle. An adult male and an adult female get married, make a home, and have children of the male or female sexes whom they take care of and love and model this reality to, generation after generation. That is the one good way of sexualizing children, as in yes, you have a sex: you are a girl or a boy, and marriage and family is the usual thing that is done with that fact.  Maybe 95 percent or maybe all books ever written reflect this reality and standard at least in some implicit way. So these angry parents, if they really mean what they say, would have practically all books removed from their children's school, and their children would have no standard at all for human sexual behavior in their schools, not to mention very few books of any interest or value to speak of. However well-meaning, these parents haven't thought this issue through and are not brave enough to come out and say what is really wrong with these LGBTQ materials.  

Again, it's not about neutrality, it's about which worldview will be preferred, embraced, emphasized, taught, implied, catechized, glorified, whatever word you like, and which worldview will be harmed, rejected, de-emphasized, ignored, vilified, demonized, whatever word you like. Which worldview is what matters, not wiping the slate blank and not transmitting any worldview at all. Of course there will always be a preferred worldview modeled and taught. The important point is which will it be and will it be the best for mankind. Of course we know from human history the right answers to these questions. God's standard of human sexual behavior, even when not perfectly applied, is the most effective and benevolent for humankind.

The same thing happened with the gay marriage debate. Nobody would actually come out and say homosexuality is harmful, wrong, sinful, destructive, promiscuous, pornographic, causes chronic illness, spreads terrible disease, whatever. They only said faithful traditional marriage is valuable. Now, the whole institution of marriage, which was already wounded, is in a death spiral. For instance, apparently, now sodomy is for everyone! Yes, this is what many people under, say, about 35 years old actually think. You can't give a new definition to something without destroying the old definition. Normal marriage, sexual morality, proper intercourse, family, parenthood, childhood, are some of the old certainties that have been recently redefined and are in the process of being destroyed.

Elementary schools, and even many Christian/conservative churches, have given in to the secular culture and consequently the sexual revolution. The church in general is moving left. Gay (read:sodomy) is great now, it's only the trans thing that has Christians flummoxed. Will they give in to the T too? If not, because of the worldview that is now culturally preeminent (read:winning)  anti-Christian sentiment. will only increase, along with all this anti-male, anti-family, anti-western world, anti-America, anti-white, even anti-observable science sentiment. There is growing animosity against   traditional values, objective truth and reality, real science, and even any norms at all. All these standards are falling like cards. What will be the next one to be attacked and demonized?

 We submit that straightness is the next thing to go. If  childhood sexual innocence, human sexuality, family, male and female, motherhood and fatherhood, child and parent, are all being redefined/erased  because their traditional meanings are so very repressive and oppressive and hurtful and destructive, then exclusively male-female sexual relationships must be done away with. And not just straightness; more specifically, it is monogamous straight relationships that will be touted as the worst kind. That is what must be completely demonized. But general straightness too, that is, exclusive sexual attraction to the opposite sex. You at least have to be fluid or bisexual. Maybe even incest/minor-attracted as well. Oh and don't forget nonbinary---choose your own adventure!

 Of course this is not a new idea. And all you sexual revolutionist, millennial-types need to know it is not new to you. Marxism has this uprooting of the traditional family and sexual morality idea at its core. And some very famous science fiction books come to mind. Well, they are called science fiction. Now they are proving to have been prophetic. In Ayn Rand's story, Anthem, coupling between men and women is forbidden, along with any individuality at all. The word I has been removed in favor of the collective we. In Aldous Huxley's  Brave New World, having babies is done by those assigned and monogamous sex is forbidden, in favor of casual sexual promiscuity. In fact, drugs are required to heighten libido and promiscuity is required. No having sex with the same person more than once! The same sorts of perverse twists happen in Orwell's 1984.

What with abortion still being pushed in half the world, with child sex abuse being increasing downplayed (even by churches), child sex trafficking increasing, the child-adult sex movement moving right along, children being sexualized ever younger, and the normal sexual development being interfered with and sexual parts being amputated by the mainstream medical establishment, and any protest against such travesties being cancelled and protestors harmed, it is not hard to imagine that straight lives will in the near future be looked down upon, thought anything from stodgy and boring to outright evil. 

What we are seeing is what C. S . Lewis called the abolition of man in his slender volume of the same name. When you switch out traditional time-tested objective values for anything else, men will end up eating each other up in one sense or another. And he warned about this back in the 1950s. The book's premise begins by pointing out how a textbook in a local high school refused to call a waterfall beautiful; it stated that such an idea was subjective. In other words, there is no such thing as objective beauty. Lewis saw it coming. The upending of civilization was being advanced with trashing the idea of real beauty, and he knew it would extend into trashing truth, goodness, health, reality, real science, and every other right thing as well.

Who will care? We think very few. Certainly not enough to make a difference. Most are either too brainwashed or too intimidated to do anything. It is easier to go along. God help us.

If Christians (people who hold to the standards for human behavior in the Bible), whites (people who have paler skin than others), and generally people who value humanity and reality (those against abortion and against LGBTQ-ing kids, etc.) are being silenced and harmed, and the Godless hedonistic progressive revolutionist ideas against humanity and reality are increasingly being given preference in all institutions, you can bet the whole idea of monogamous heterosexuality, and exclusive heterosexuality itself, is high on the deconstruction list. It is already scoffed at and mocked and dismissed. It only follows that straightness will someday be outright demonized and banned. (Activists are at this moment spreading the idea that straight men who don't date transwomen --that is, men who don't date other men who are pretending to be women--- are transphobic bigots.) 

Of course in the meantime all of this is very unhealthy for human beings and human civilized society ---practically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Wear your Straight Lives Matter t-shirts while you can!

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Mormon/Christian LGBTETC?

We came across an excellent podcast we wanted to link you to. Too bad it's so late in coming. Too bad the Mormon church is in the process of caving to the LGBTETC pressure, along with the Southern Baptist Convention, and many others. They have long since ceased, if they ever did, to make the crucial distinction between a proud, self-identifying, openly unrepentant same-sex sexually attracted/porn addicted/gender dysphoric Mormon/Christian, etc. and a resisting, repentant, humble, help-seeking to overcome it such person. They will be sorry. There are essentially no brakes being applied to this movement, not from within, not from government, not from schools, not from businesses, not from churches, and not even in families anymore. It is a Godless, anti-Christ movement that will only lead to more and more destruction. 

Click here to watch "The Truth About Gay Christians."

Monday, July 18, 2022

The Lure of the LGBTETC Life

Finally, after more than 20 years of trying to learn about and bring some light to this topic, many more people with many more talents and resources than we have are doing it! Hallelujah! This is why we don't post as much anymore or start our own YouTube channel.  Most of what we are seeing and hearing on our side is gratifying and an answer to our prayers. They are rightly finally calling the LGBTETC phenomenon grooming. That means it's the environment, the culture, the propaganda that is luring mostly young people in unprecedented numbers into gay experimentation and ideology. Other words to describe the grab for young people by the LGBTETC and their operators are seducing, luring, tempting, corrupting, initiating. And yes, grabbing, that's a good one. It now occurs everywhere, all over the internet and in all other media, in government policies and programs, in schools, in businesses, even in churches and families and, of course, in person. Turns out the movement was always after the kids. As Tammy Bruce, a prominent journalist and self-identified and not proud lesbian, said back in 2003 in her book The Death of Right and Wrong, " I believe this grab for children by the sexually confused adults of the gay elite represents the most serious problem facing our culture today." 

We agree with Tammy, although the word confused rings euphemistic at this stage of the game. While in our activism days we fought the gay clubs in high schools, now there are nationally organized drag queen story hours in public libraries, rainbow-clad parades in our cities' public streets, and drag shows in gay bars, all aimed at the smallest children. True, there are many, many pawns in this movement, but the movers and shakers at the very apex of it know exactly what they are doing. They are thumbing their noses at God, making a lot of money, wielding a lot of power, and corrupting the young. The thing is, they will throw the whole LGBT "community" under the bus (literally) when their power is absolute.  All this hateful faction-making is just being used to divide and weaken us as a people.

The born-that-way and who-would-want-to-be-gay and it's-just-who-I-am and if-you-don't-accept-us-you-are-making-us-suicidal arguments have never held up and have all but disappeared.  Just as the legalization of abortion was sold as  a "right" and promised to be "safe and rare," the gay movement was sold as: there aren't that many, love is love (which is a meaningless circular argument), it's a rights issue, it's nobody else's business, it's who we are, there are all sorts of families. Turns out none of that proved to be sincere or true, on the abortion issue or the gay issue. Turns out both issues have not been able to hide their true colors any longer. We can see clearly that this, along with the abortion craze, wasn't about someone's constitutional rights at all, but about anger, rebellion, nihilism, licentiousness, no rules, do whatever, let's take over the world. It is naive, and dangerous for us all.

The LGBTETC craze has exploded, most recently in the form of  the in-your-face transgender movement, the T in LGBT. Homosexualist ideologies, along with LGBTETC individuals, groomers, and predators are everywhere, at work, in schools, in high government positions, in entertainment, in the military, even in churches and starring in conservative media.  People get punished for their traditional values. Parents get disowned by their grown children for being "toxic homophobes."Teachers can't say the words mother and father. There are a hundred or more "genders." Leaders, medical professionals, and politicians refuse to define what a woman is at the same time women are celebrating destroying their unborn. The licentious are celebrating their licentiousness. Sex and sexuality are fluid, from moment to moment. And it's the very opposite of private. It's on the offense and it has come after everybody's children. Knowledge of one's own unrepented-of guilt, virtue-signaling, and attention-seeking are hugely seductive parts of it. Even parents are preempting the coming Godless dystopia, already willingly sacrificing their children on this destructive altar. 

Let's not pretend, people. The LGBTETC lure is hugely seductive in today's environment, especially for susceptible, sponge-like young minds. Even Disney is proactively going after kids. And churches and families are going along. Churches do not teach law, sin, repentance, chastity or fidelity with regard to gay congregants. Parents are no longer teaching their kids about chastity or traditional values, especially when it comes to gayness. The pressure is too great. So kids are growing up thinking all things LGBTETC are cool. On a personal level it's a way to be noticed, a way, (like abortion) to avoid responsibility, a way to rebel, a way to push against peer abuse, and a way to deny or avoid the discomforts of adolescence and relations with the opposite sex, even a way to repress painful realities such as sexual abuse. It's a way to dismiss law, sin, goodness, God and Creation. Face it, it's just another way to be crazy and/or bad. And ask them; they will tell you it's pleasurable. But what they don't know or won't admit is, sin is only fun for a while. Then you go back to being miserable. Already, young people who were so easily caught up in the LGBTETC lure are detransitioning, many having done permanent damage to their bodies. 

We here at SOL finally see a healthy backlash. But it's at least 20 years too late. At least two generations have been lured, conditioned, seduced, groomed, either into this licentious mindset and behavior or into supporting it. And the much, much older people who know better are going along. Shame on them.

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Live Not By Lies: A Real Love Adventure

Just got back from a three-week road trip in our little Tab trailer, the focal point being a visit to family in Tennessee. One night in Arkansas we watched a movie in our little trailer in the pouring rain, "Light of My Life." In the movie the father is telling his daughter how he and her mother (who died when she was a baby) liked to go on camping trips before she was born. But things would always go wrong. A flat tire, getting lost, bad weather, whatever. And the wife would say to the husband, "Isn’t this great? We’re having a love adventure." So that’s what we called our latest road trip. A love adventure. We had a few meltdowns (this is just so inconvenient!). We got lost a few times. We had to change our plans. We couldn’t find food. Once there were no showers and no electricity. It rained a whole lot. But we kept on loving God and loving each other. It’s all part of the love adventure.

We know that many families, friendships, and other human relationships are struggling like never before. People don’t know where they stand with each other and where each other stands on lots of  things. People have made boundaries, only because we are flawed humans and we want to protect ourselves from other flawed humans. We want to be ourselves with each other, but it’s not possible anymore because of the changes in the schools and churches and polarizing worldviews and damaged relationships. So oftentimes we are afraid and exhausted when we talk to or see each other, if we even do talk to or see each other.  It is exhausting trying to avoid offending someone or avoid being offended. We have in essence lost our confidence to speak freely, some even in their own families. It is very tempting to give up on any meaningful relationships and just barely show up and be nice.

Nevertheless, we are all having a love adventure. All of this bad stuff is going to keep happening. But we can work on loving God and each other despite the getting stressed out and angry and annoyed and hurt and offended and inconvenienced. Despite everything.

We read a book aloud on our road trip which we think everyone could find something good in. I, Janice, the read-alouder, underlined and made notes on every single page. It is called Live Not By Lies, A Manual for Christian Dissidents, by Rod Dreher. It gave us hope. Even though we all may have different problems dealing with our families and churches and polarizing worldviews in today’s world that affect all aspects of our lives, there is a bigger danger we should be addressing. The loss of freedom.

The author describes and interviews several incredibly courageous people who resisted throughout the Soviet takeover of Poland and Czechoslovakia after the end of WW II. They all said that the family and other small groups of human relationships are a threat to communism and totalitarianism. So these governments always want those things questioned or controlled or damaged or destroyed. In order to resist this total takeover of one’s life, inside and out (which is what totalitarianism is), the people the author interviewed say one good idea is to form small groups of family and friends and acquaintances that meet often, as many as you can, small groups who have something in common.

It can be practically anything. Off the top of my head, book groups, pickleball, choirs, plays, dinners, movies, games, workouts, orchestras, hiking, sports teams, knitting, photography, bird watching, food truck picnics, anything concrete to build interested small group gatherings on---that have no hierarchy telling you what to do and getting gain from it. This independence and freedom to form and meet in groups of our choice is training us to resist powers that wish to control every single aspect of our lives, especially our minds.

We know people are doing a lot of this already (sorry if your groups weren't mentioned above!). But we also know that the last few years have caused a lot of isolation and loneliness. People just aren't talking like before. Well, it's time to take back the freedom mentality! And from this book we learned that meeting together in person for whatever worthwhile activity is much more important and deeply valuable than we might have thought. 

On this same road trip we took a side trip to Alabama and met some YouTube video people called the RV Odd Couple. This couple recently bought hundreds of acres for a new special RV park (patriotic, conservative, Christian) and we wanted to see it in person. They were so nice and the place should be a state park it’s so gorgeous. We joined up. We met people. Another small group with something in common!

Totalitarianism happened in eastern Europe in our lifetime and the people who resisted it had to be strong to hang on to their sanity and their convictions and their freedom, if only in their minds. They hoped it would end soon but meanwhile they had to use their imaginations, even to go underground, but they did it. And those who didn’t lose their lives or minds came out free on the other side when the Iron Curtain fell in 1989.

This same thing can happen here. We have all seen it happening already, although in more soft, disguised, insidious, and sophisticated ways. We like the many positive ideas this books shares about confronting this problem and wanted to share one of them with you. But we highly recommend you get a hold of the book for yourself and your family and friends. It's a huge eye-opener (we never learned about any of this in school!) and contains many highly encouraging, faith-promoting suggestions and Christian coping tools. We will be reading this book again and again.

Keep up the good work! In spite of everything, it’s a love adventure!


Sunday, April 10, 2022

If You're Pro-Gay You're a Groomer

Open letter to a former friend, 

We call you a former friend because we used to feel an affinity with you by way of our shared beliefs and values. We wish you all the best, but are sad that we no longer share those important values with you. You quite recently developed a blind spot that has compromised that affinity and that friendship.

You were against "gay marriage" until your son decided he was gay. You say you're a Bible-believing Christian but the Bible condemns homosexual behavior in no uncertain terms.You say there are good gays; you say it's about who they love. But gay marriage is not mating; it is a euphemism for sodomy which is a hurtful and harming act, the opposite of love. You say there are bad gays. But who is making any distinction between good and bad gays in any significant way? The fact is homosexuals commit child sexual abuse at a rate 36 times higher than heterosexuals. You say gay is fine for those good gays but grooming kids to be LGBTETC is child abuse. If gay can be good why is this grooming wrong? Ah but gay is never good. This is the blind spot that is your downfall that is contributing to the complete fall of human civilization. 

Let's talk about language and how euphemisms change crucial understandings of important words and  meanings. A euphemism is "a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing." Relatively speaking on the timeline of humanity, homosexuality was the most unspeakable of behaviors until five minutes ago. Then it came to be called gay in a purposeful and systematic program of conditioning. Gay behavior, which is a euphemism for sodomy, which the euphemism "gay marriage" legitimized this behavior for people of all "sexual orientations" (another euphemism--a way to make any sexual lust or behavior sound fine). 

Our beloved church, just like so many beloved friends and family members, has embraced homosexuality and in doing so has become a form of groomer for the rising generation, for minors, for children. A proof of this is that statements about gays or gayness include no warnings or chastity lessons or boundaries whatsoever, including ages involved. Where are the warnings of the unique and deadly diseases and drug abuse and child and domestic abuse that are not only common to the gay population but much more prevalent than in the heterosexual population? Where are the limits on promoting homosexuality of all kinds to children? Completely absent, as seen atn gay pride parades with children in tow, gay affirming books for children, and drag queen story hours in public libraries. Even the rainbow icon, a staple of children's art and imaginations, has been hijacked by the perversely oversexed LGBT crowd. This is propaganda. Another word for it is grooming. You're promoting behaviors as wholesome that are highly dangerous and destructive. Sex is a serious thing; if it isn't used properly someone gets hurt. So why did you soften, why are you doing this? Because for whatever selfish reason you gave in to the wickedness of the times.

Even if individuals or groups do or say nothing against the gay movement, they are groomers because all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing as Edmund Burke said. Acquiescence is quiet assent. What is allowed/encouraged will increase. We could go on and on. But our beloved church and so many beloved friends and family members do more than quietly ascent. Here is quote from our church's last general conference, women's session. "We, as Latter-day Saints, are pleased to be part of a coalition of faith, business, LGBTQ people and community leaders who have worked together in a spirit of trust and mutual respect." Wow. They are no longer quiet about it. As such they have become groomers. They are announcing to the rising generation that gay is great. You don't think that will influence vulnerable young people, parents and children, people of all ages, to wonder and experiment and seek out gay-affirming material? First we endure, then pity, then embrace, said Alexander Pope.

Of course the "gay community" (another euphemism for a group of proud rebels against God and biology) is still mad at the LDS church because the church, while following the world in accepting and sympathizing with the "gay identity," (another euphemism---for out-of-bounds sexual lust), quite weakly resists accepting an open display of the inherent behaviors. Gays have church callings and trannies crossdress freely in Mormon wards and stakes. The LDS church, no matter how angry the LDS gay crowd still is for past offenses, has entered the embrace stage, at least outwardly and policy-wise. We suggest the angry, self-righteous pro-gay Mormons or ex-Mormons have a little more patience. The LDS church is bowing under the pressure, gladly, it appears. At least they say they are "pleased" about their "coalition," offering up flattery, pandering, and turning a blind eye to behaviors.

There is a lot of uproar and righteous indignation against the Disney corporation recently plainly exposed as grooming children toward all things LGBTETC. Child sexual abuse, the public cries! As if that wasn't already happening everywhere. Euphemisms that allow for this particular type of child sexual abuse are everywhere, including in our churches. They include: fairness, equality, inclusivity, diversity, unity, love, authenticism, your truth, your identity, and on and on. Notice that they are the very same euphemisms used to get homosexuality accepted and mainstreamed and whitewashed. And again, no one is making any significant or widespread distinction between "good gays" and "bad gays." The LDS church says their gays don't act out. Really? And from you, who used to be our friend and think like us, we hear that good gays were the ones for gay marriage but these bad gays/perverts are the ones coming after kids. Really? Tammy Bruce, a prominent self-identified lesbian who nevertheless admits she is messed up, wrote that the nefarious gay movement was coming after kids decades ago. (The New Thought Police,  2001, The Death of Right and Wrong, 2003)

The shock and dismay that grooming of children into "alternate sexual and gender identities"is going on by Disney, is proof that many people know that all things LGBTETC are taught. Yes, it shows that people do believe children are not born that way. Of course. It also shows that people know that there is something terribly wrong with it. Heterosexual sex education in schools never had this kind of backlash. It's disturbing though that this argument, lately stirred up by Florida's new law banning LGBTETC grooming of K-3 school children, doesn't extend to older children. Have you ever looked at, say, ninth graders? Many of them are nowhere near physically mature, not to mention the immaturity and susceptibility and vulnerability of their minds. Why only K-3? This is all very obvious stage one thinking. Too little, too late.

We might say that the boundary against child sexual abuse is the last sexual boundary to be resisted, and the last to be dissolved. As it is, our world today has surrendered to homosex. With its fancy euphemisms and fight for radical "individual rights" ( another euphemism---for sexual sin, killing unborn babies, etc.), the Godless sexual revolution will get society to surrender this last boundary as well, no sweat. That's where all this has been heading, with its softening of punishments for child sex offenders, man-boy love, and the growing idea that consent should be the only requirement for sex in any circumstance. Here is a quote from a popular queer "Christian" preacher, Brandan Robertson:  "For those who are in open or in  polyamorous relationships, your relationships are holy, they are beautiful . . . they are welcomed and celebrated  . . . seek to follow Jesus in all of our relationships . . . be honest and respectful and self-sacrificial and consensual and loving with your partners. When any of us live into these standards we can be sure we are on the path to wholeness and holiness . . . "

Anybody can say a child consented. Children are sponges, easily enticed, manipulated, stimulated, influenced, bribed, and scared. We see this in the grooming of  the young into sex trafficking. 

 But, by the way, don't forget, those caught in the LGBTETC trap and its sexual activists (including sympathetic churches) with be among the first to be tossed aside when anarchy has played itself out a and the powers that be take over. Such precious, deluded souls are merely pawns used by much more expansive and forward-looking despots to gain control.

Former Friend, your son was groomed into homosexuality. Ask him. If he's honest he'll tell you by whom, whether it was peer abuse, child sexual abuse, internet chat rooms, internet porn, articles, books, movies, the pro-gay society we live in, the media in general, junior high, other boys, older predatory males, Disney, or all of the above and more. Don't you want to know?

Other words for grooming are conditioning, indoctrinating, brainwashing, lying, abusing, recruiting, exploiting, controlling, manipulating. Those who have been groomed become groomers. Readers, are you conditioned? Have you gone soft on homosexuality? And are you now a groomer? You are a groomer if some time over that last few decades you have become excusing or accepting or supporting of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc., ideology, lifestyle, or behaviors on any level in any way, in your private communications or within your sphere of influence. 

If you preside over a church congregation and invite or allow the promotion of LGBGETC activists or materials in your meetings, you are a groomer. If you hold family gatherings welcoming openly gay or trans family members especially with minors present and provide no warnings or teachings against such behaviors, you are groomer. If you showcase and admire and chat up and excuse your favorite gays (the "good" kind) in your communications with others, you are a groomer. We could go on and on. And furthermore, if you think there is no harm in supporting anything LGBTETC  only among adults and that these attitudes or policies do not trickle down from those adults to their children to influence the rising generation you are greatly mistaken and you are a groomer. Upset about K-3 indoctrination? Disney agenda? What a joke. You may not be directly grooming kids, but you have groomed leaders, teachers, and parents to groom kids.

Even if LGBTETC people are only a few percent of the population, which they now are, and will never be more than that, our entire society and its policies and laws and religions and schools are so much in their control that everything is increasingly being run in their favor to the degradation and exploitation of everyone else. This is what happens to a culture that buys into this vice. It is ruined.

It began with "let them get married" and now it's come to "let them groom children." Everyone should have seen it all coming and fought it at its roots. Now it has captured your heart, our friend, and the hearts of what used to be moral, decent people. It's a steamroller now and will never stop until it is stopped by even more malevolent powers, while in the meantime the natural innocence of  the young is messed with and destroyed.