Sunday, December 31, 2017

Why Mormons Have Gone Pro-Gay

Mormons have gone pro-gay, pro-gay marriage, pro-gay sex, the whole homosexual enchilada. Yes, they have. Only a few of us are left holding our scriptures, standing our ground.

You don't think so? Ask around. Speak out against homosexuality. This is what you will get:

"Well, when there's someone in your family. . . :

"Well, it's complicated . . . "

"Well, I don't know anything about it . . .:

Well, they make such great parents. . . "

Well, you can't help who you love . . . "

"Well, what if they were really born that way . . . "

And on and on.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. All wrong.

These are excuses. They are rationalizations. They are nonsense. In a religious sense they are false idols.

Here's what has happened. Here's why Mormons, once thought to be a highly moral group, have left their morals far behind.

It's because they have put family and the world before God. Whether they have done this by having been deceived, or are complicit in the deception, it's that simple. 

Look, God gave us minds and hearts. We're supposed to use them. Everybody knows what homosex is. Everybody knows it's gross. But many are afraid of the workings of their own minds and hearts. They would rather rely on other people's conclusions than do their own homework and come to their own. In fact, they would rather not think, or even feel very much, so they take the wide, easy path. They would rather keep the status quo, retain their position, have no empty chairs, pretend everything is hunky dory, have everybody in the family photo, wear white clothes in fancy buildings, feel themselves to be charitable and open-minded, and gain popularity with the world, than stand against the evil wickedness of the times. They would even rather do all of the above than warn their family member of the physically risky and spiritually dead path they are on. That deserves an exclamation point. ! Ask anybody if they warn their gay friends or family members of the very real health risks and lifestyle dangers. Just ask them. We can tell you they probably don't.

A stake church leader actually angrily and incredulously and disdainfully spouted to us, "Do you want me to tell my [lesbian] sister she is doing something wrong???"

Uh, yeah.

Especially if you claim to be a follower of Christ. Especially if you actually care about the person.

And shouldn't we care about everybody?

Alas, this irreligious, immoral, moronic political correctness is the state most Mormons have come to, whether out of ignorance or fear or pride or whatever else bad. Instead of standing for truth and right, instead of caring about the temporal safety and immortal souls of these people, instead of testifying of law and sin and justice and Christ and his power to redeem, they are going right along. To put it bluntly, they are gullible and weak of faith. They don't really believe in Christ. They don't really think the gospel works. They have put other things before God. Hence, the devil is winding his invisible flaxen cords around their necks. They have fallen into the all-is-well-in-Zion trap, made laws unto themselves, and rely not on Christ but on themselves and other human beings, their manipulations and managements.

It's no mystery. This is exactly why people are embracing this age-old vice, whether they participate themselves or find pleasure in those that do.  

Friday, December 29, 2017

Are Celibate Gay Mormons Heroes?

Here at SoL we sure wish people would think things through a little. That's okay. We'll help you. Of course it's up to you to discern truth and error, good and evil, sin and righteousness. But at least you get to hear another side of things. The side that is hardly ever said or heard these days.

What we've been hearing, yes, from within our church, is that an actively gay middle-aged man who gives up gay sex so he can come back into full church fellowship is somewhat heroic. But wait, he lets everyone know he still lusts after sodomy. He even brags and jokes about his sex drive and glows over the delights he experienced during decades of sexual debauchery. (See our previous post, That We May Be Homosexualists.)

Heroic? Really? Doesn't he sound more like a dirty old man?

Bear in mind we are not not talking about people who quietly and privately resist and even conquer their demons and move on. We're talking about people who have had their cake and are still eating it. These are people who are pushing an agenda, the narrative that gay is who they are, that gay sex is not only harmless but wonderful, that not only the world but the church will come around sooner or later to embrace these relationships. And they are making great progress. When such a book as one of these proud gays has written is held up in a Sunday women's meeting as don't-miss reading, as it was in our ward, we are well on our way. In fact, we're there. And no, they won't stop. They will never stop. Evil will always triumph if good people do nothing to stop it. In this case, supposed good people are even encouraging it.

As usual, there is so much wrong with this whole thing we don't know where to begin. So we'll just begin anywhere.

Just because a man says he is celibate or has given up committing sodomy, are there other related habits he is engaged in? Even so, is a man who is helped to overcome some noxious sexual habit like masturbation and pornography addiction a hero? Is a man who merely gives up prostitutes heroic? Is a married man who gives up adultery a hero? Is a man who once sexually molested and abused children any sort of public hero? Ever?

 Are single straight celibate people heroes? We never hear anything about them. Are straight fornicators who gave it up heroes? We never hear anything about them either. In fact, such things are  not even spoken of.  Why is it that only gays, and among the orthodox Mormon culture for the time being, only supposed celibate gays, considered heroes? Especially and particularly.

What this is is nonsense. The sexual drive is a human trait, not a gay trait. 

Are any sinners (which means all of us) heroes for the sole reason that we cease to commit some outward sin? Really? If we give up one sin, aren't there more sins we have to work on?  What about sins of the heart, as in sexual purity? In fact, should we fallen humans ever allow ourselves to be thought of as spiritual heroes? 

In the case of gay Mormons, for instance, what if they define celibacy differently than most other people? What aspects of the lifestyle are they still engaging in? Porn? Masturbation? Phone sex? These activities are staples of homosexuality. What if they gave it up just because they got caught? What if they got older and didn't care so much about sex anymore? What if they just couldn't get a gay sex partner they liked? What if they saw something else they now want more? What if they calculated on gaining another sort of selfish advantage? What if they are just saying they gave it up? Is there proof? Has a lot of time passed?

Shouldn't it matter why the person gave it up? If it was really to get back into the church, shouldn't it matter why they want back into the church? What if they just want to make names for themselves and further the acceptance of the gay identity, and then the behaviors? It's certainly being furthered! Churches everywhere have completely reversed their position on homosexuality in the last 10-15 years! Bible or no Bible!

Shouldn't it matter what this person's character is? Shouldn't it matter what his beliefs and desires are? Shouldn't it matter if he has experienced a mighty change of heart? Shouldn't we care about these things for the safety of those in the flock and for the sake of the individual's own precious immortal soul? The scriptures are certainly clear. A person can repent as many times as necessary, and be fully welcomed back into the fold, that is, after some time passes as evidence of his repentance.

But wait. Hold it right there. Nowhere in this now popular celibate gay Mormon narrative that people are gobbling up and swallowing whole are the words sin and repentance. In other words, there is no gospel of Jesus Christ in this scenario. All we have is the outward appearance of things. Nothing about sin. Nothing about the heart. No mighty change. Nothing about Christ as our essential Savior from sin. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

This is what happens when we pretend at Christianity, when we have become first-class hypocrites. This is what happens when we put human beings and human desires and human positioning, in other words, the world, before God. Christ is mischaracterized beyond recognition. Something else more popular takes his place. And just about everybody goes for it.

Who knew that so many people would forsake the Lord to take up the banner of something as stupid and gross as perverse sexual appetite, that is, lust? There are many other false idols, but, incredibly, this one highly politicized and distorted issue has become the national taste and is leading many people on that broad path away from Christ.

Believing in and having faith in Christ is for people who are desperately interested in forgiveness, who long to be forgiven of their sins, their flaws, their faults, their humanness. It's not for people who have little or no sense of sin, who perceive little or no need for redemption, who think they can sufficiently manage themselves so as to avoid relying fully on Christ. Such people, if they claim to be followers of Christ, are the worst kind of hypocrite. Real followers of Christ believe he is the only way. 

To borrow from Hugh Nibley, the righteous are those who are repenting; the wicked are those who are not.

Perhaps, in a private circle of family and friends, people who forsake their sins and sinful desires, inside and out, gay "identity" included, could be regarded as a type of hero in that they chose to leave behind a pleasurable and destructive and difficult-to-overcome sin while all the world mocked and derided them. As we recall Jordan Peterson putting it, being a real hero means you've done something positive, not just quit doing something evil.
More accurately, they should be regarded as repentant sinners, precious, humble, even holy. But there is no such scenario and no such doctrine coming from Mormon homosexualists, which is pretty much all Mormons these days. And make no mistake. Anybody, yes, anybody, who makes excuses for homosexual identity, lusts, and acts etc. is a homosexualist.

And yes, we will be judged on our desires. There is no hiding those from the Lord, now or ever. Nothing unclean can dwell in God's presence. That includes a dirty mind. And that includes any sort of worldliness. The only way to become clean is by repentance through the blood of Christ. (Crazy how nowadays this kind of talk sounds stodgy and overzealous and weirdly religious to most people. But it's absolutely true and we rarely say it or hear it anymore, even in church. We're even worse than the Zoramites.)

There is only One True Hero where we sinners are concerned, and people are free to take him or leave him. That Hero is Christ, and only those who have truly repented of any sin, large or small, know who he is.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Born Yesterday

“Janice, please do something to control your rage, or at least how you express it. It is unwomanly for you to rant and rave like an angry longshoreman. Be a submissive, quiet woman and the men of your stake may once again look upon you with favor. I will pray to Heavenly Father that you once again speak and act like a godly woman.”  

That was a comment sent anonymously a couple of years ago in response to Janice’s blog post about the disastrous Supreme Court gay marriage decision. Let it sink in a minute.
Image result for born yesterday movie

Everybody should watch the great movie, began as a play, "Born Yesterday," starring Judy Holliday and Broderick Crawford. With five daughters, it was required watching at our house. It portrays a shallow, naive, and uneducated young woman allowing herself to be constantly verbally abused and put down by her tyrannical, brutish, greedy and scheming fiancĂ©. While in Washington D.C. on a nefarious business trip, the fiancĂ© engages a smart young reporter, played by William Holden, to tutor Billie so she won’t embarrass him in front of important people. But unexpectedly, Billie takes to truth like a fish to water and subsequently triumphs over her cruel oppressor. Yes, the truth sets her free. In the process of her awakening she marvels at the profound inscription on the Jefferson Memorial, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”  Amen.

The above comment was most likely written by a male in our ward or stake congregation (we have some ideas who), who ostensibly seems to care more about putting Janice in her place as a female and correcting her perceived personality flaws rather than the very real powers and principalities being discussed. Apparently this person is reading our blog and yet pretends to be squeamish about the topic, a topic constantly in the public discourse, indeed, in the Supreme Court. He sounds like a person from two centuries ago, and yet he is adept at using modern technology. Go figure.

And we’re just getting started. In today’s world what kind of man, withholding his identity, tells any woman that if she is more submissive and quiet she can hope to be again “looked upon with favor” by a bunch of strange men? It sounds positively Nathaniel Hawthorne–esque. Bring on the scarlet A, not for Adulteress but for writing an Article! On an obscure blog! What does this looking at a woman with favor even mean?  It could certainly be construed as sexual harassment in this day and age. Can you imagine a man saying such things to a woman in the workplace? What is this—Hollywood? Congress? Oh wait, it's Church.

It’s just like how only the racists insist on talking about race all the time; only people obsessed with sex insist on pointing out the sex of a person when it has nothing to do with the business at hand.  

If misogyny were the only evil underlying this email that would be bad enough. But we believe this is not what this is. This is an ad hominem attack aimed at dismissing our politically incorrect and biblical beliefs. What it really is saying is, “Shut up,” under the false pretense of caring about Janice’s womanliness, as if such a thing is any of this person’s business. 

Ridiculous personal attack aside, we thought we’d share this twisted comment to show how  liberals shamelessly attempt to intimidate the person they disagree with instead of confronting the issues, how worldly progressive secularism has infiltrated what has been regarded as a conservative scriptural moral church of Christ, how leftists seek to silence and manipulate conservative thought and expression any way they can think of, and how such  people, for all their talk of gender equality, like nothing more than to put people down, man or woman, whenever it is expedient. 

We are reposting the so-called “angry,” “unwomanly” article that prompted this bizarre comment. Read Janice’s intelligent and measured (and constitutionally-protected) expression of deeply held biblical and moral beliefs.It contains no ad hominem attacks, no vulgarity, no profanity. Not even any caps or exclamation marks. If the term “fake sex” is offensive, people can take it up with Pope Benedict who coined the phrase.

After reading, you may want to reflect on this: You may be siting next to a passive-aggressive homosexualist, at least a sexist, and for sure a sneaking hypocrite, in your own church pew. 
In response to this cowardly anonymous email, we quote the newly freed and irrepressible Billie in Born Yesterday: “Fascist!”

What a great movie, and funny, too. 

A Red, White, and Blue Celebration of Fake Sex

Today five bad judges on the nation's Supreme Court unlawfully presumed to impose the celebration of a certain type of sexual immorality on 300 million people. Tonight the White House isn't white, but painted in gigantic rainbow lights in a proud celebration of what God's Holy Word refers to as an abomination.

We really don't have much to say we haven't already said since 2005 when we launched Standard of Liberty. But (heavy sigh) we'll continue to practice our constitutional rights to free speech and the free exercise of our religion while we still can without being fined or jailed. Or worse.

What's the most celebrated of all human ceremonies? It may be marriage. What is marriage? It's two people uniting in a commitment in the only form---male and female---capable of bringing forth children. Of course there is no such thing as marriage between two men or two women. You can call it something , but you can't rightly call it marriage.What has happened is that gay activists, who don't care a thing about marriage, have hijacked this institution in order to further their power-hungry, Godless cause.

Most people have been fooled by clever rhetoric and emotional appeal. Did you see all the posters emblazoned with the word love at the U. S. Supreme Court Building today on the news? This word has also been hijacked. Love is not the definition of  gayness. It's about sex. Take away the sex and there is no special relationship between these people. In fact, if the sex is compromised they move on or get violent in many cases. Truth is, people can love each other to the moon and back without any sort of sexualization going on; in fact most relationships are nonsexual, such as parents and children, siblings, relatives, friends, roommates, comrades-in-arms, colleagues, teachers and students. For all the fondness that gays profess for their partners (of which there are usually many), love is not the thing that makes their relationships unique. The defining aspect of homosexuality is same-sex sex, not love.

But is homosex real sex? Since sex is what married people do, gays have co-opted  marriage, but dishonestly, because gays can never mate. They can lust their hearts out and sex-ish around all they want, but they can't do the thing that makes babies. All they can do is imagine and playact some fake way of mating which satisfies their sexual urges, which sexual urges are just sexual urges that can be satisfied, like an appetite, in the one appropriate way or any number of inappropriate ways. So it isn't about love, but what Pope Benedict called fake sex. Why should fake sex be celebrated? Why should a few people decide that the whole country must celebrate fake sex?

Everything sex activists do and say on this issue is done to thumb their noses at God and God's boundaries for human sexuality. In reality, however they got to this sad, bitter place, they are the haters. They hate facts. They hate responsibility. They hate goodness. They hate normalcy. They hate contentment. They hate righteousness. They hate posterity. They hate God and religion, which is what they have been aiming at destroying all along.

It's not pity they want. It's not tolerance they want. It's not acceptance they want. They want celebration. They want us all to be forced to celebrate wickedness and distortion and meaninglessness. They want evil called good and good called evil. And anybody standing for their biblical beliefs or speaking the truth on this subject or warning young people about the very particular and inordinate dangers inherent in these behaviors is to be marginalized, shamed, and punished.

These are enemies of God. They may call themselves "regular folks" and make themselves appear wholesome and decent. But they do and promote and encourage lusts and behaviors they know are a crime against nature. It's all in the scriptures. There's nothing new under the sun.

No, it's not about love. We see gushing emotional displays between homosexuals, but the fact is people who really love each other don't violate each other's bodies contrary to nature. Sodomy (which decent heterosexuals never do and what homosexuals engage in regularly) commits violence on the human body; it ruins people's private parts and spreads disease. Ask any doctor who treats these people. Homosexuality is also pornographic and promiscuous by nature. It is sadistic and filthy and is kept alive by lust. Those homosexualists who profess any godly faith are hypocrites. In effect homosexuals desecrate God's word and their own minds and bodies.

What other fake things will we soon be forced to celebrate? Fake education, fake religion, fake science, fake compassion, fake love? Oh wait, that's already happening. The sky's the limit. Or should we say, hell is bottomless? Without God all things are permitted.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

That We May Be Homosexualists

That we may be oneDeseret Book, the commercial publishing arm of the LDS Church, has a new book out, That We May Be One, A Gay Mormon's Perspective on Faith & Family, "One"apparently referring to being united as a church in embracing homosexuality.  Come again? The author, though he freely invokes the name of Christ, is certainly not about repentance or forgiveness through Christ. There seems to be no understanding of the gospel at all, only the same old vaporous, irreligious talking points, calling upon Christ but denying the power thereof, which power exists to change the desires of our hearts. No, he's not about overcoming his lusts. He's gay, he's happy, he's Mormon. And he's anti-Christ. It is obvious that this book is yet another leap toward the acceptance of all things homosexual within the Church, or perhaps it's the last nail in the coffin. We are here at last, living in a worldwide, modern-day Sodom. But ultimately more disturbing, this highly-promoted book sets a sweeping precedent for denial of the reality of sin and denial of the power of Christ to change us through repentance (which comes down to the denial of God Himself and all Creation--see 2 Nephi: 2:13).

Much is being done to promote the book prior to its release. Magazine and newspaper articles, a documentary, interviews, and a Q and A panel discussion scheduled for Oct. 5 at the University of Utah, to be moderated by Sheri Dew. In the past couple weeks two Des. Book mailers have gone out highlighting this book.

We have read the promotional materials and listened to a lengthy interview with the author. From what we've seen so far, this book is an effort by some with influence in the Church to make over homosexuality into a "delightful" identity, a personal truth that should be welcomed into our midst, while at the same time holding to the idea, though rather weakly, that this "delightful" homosexual lust need not and should not be acted on. In other words, be that way but don't be that way. Or at least don't tell us you're being that way.

And still we have the author of the book saying his sex life with his homosex partner of two decades was "delightful," and beneficial to individuals and society. Really? Sodomy?

"I'm old but not that old," Christofferson giggled. His interviewer lady giggled, too. Really? Does anybody seriously doubt that this is all about lustful sex?

What kind of person tells the whole world about his sex life, wait, his perverse sex life? He may dress up and talk quiet and slow like a GA but his words sound like they are coming from a dirty old man.

It makes our heads spin.

People's heads were spinning even faster after General Conference this past weekend when Elder Oaks reemphasized the Family Proclamation, confirming the two sexes and their traditional roles and repeatedly denouncing gay marriage in no uncertain terms, reflective of the late Elder Packer's and many others' similar stance, that is, family values.As in the Family Proclamation.

The documentary on this man and his book was scheduled and advertised to air between General Conference sessions this past Sunday. Mysteriously, something else aired in that time slot, though its title remained on the schedule. It's now been rescheduled for Oct. 15. 

No doubt there is a lack of communication within the church leadership. Or something. Still, this incomprehensible book rolls on. Apparently words are cheap.

Apart from what everybody heard from the pulpit, how is this happy-gay-celibate-Mormon tactic working? It's not. What it's doing is encouraging homosexualism, making those who are all-the-way-pro-gay mad, and confusing and/or dismissing the deeply-held beliefs of everybody else.

In an effort to placate or stall off both sides of a very controversial issue, the Mormon Church is disaffecting people on both sides of the homosexual juggernaut. Contrary to countless previous pronouncements, it has previously bought into, big time, the false idea that the LGBTQI+ identity is natural and permanent. See But in a stunningly incomprehensible leap, it insists on, at least in some obscure handbook, prohibiting homosexual behaviors. Yes, it's perfectly delightful for gays to desire same-sex sex, but a huge no-no to actually do that perfectly delightful stuff they fantasize about. And yet any disciplining is left up to local leaders (who are untrained lay people and may well be homosexualists/progressives/leftists) on a case-by-case basis. The way things are going, this amounts to homosexuality in all its outward forms being welcomed and highlighted and celebrated in wards and stakes, and orthodox, traditional family values members having to shut up and endure all this nonsense. And watch it proliferate. Gay marriage, that is, all things homosex, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah, here we come. And how did that work out?

This book shows how the LDS Church, while ostensibly upholding God's most obvious boundaries for outward sexual morality is promoting the idea of a special kind of gay, a Mormon gay, homosexuals and lesbians and transgenders who are perfectly happy with themselves the way they are, that is, sexually lusting after people of their own sex, while representing that they are not actually acting on that lust, however that is defined or lied about or responded to. Mormon gays are special gays, the Church sort of says. They don't actually do the things they really wish they could do, or they say they don't (and we know they don't mind lying). But of course the behaviors are going on in all degrees. All this we can and must accept, even celebrate. They are heroes!

Wait. Heroes? The author of this book is 60 but looks older. We have his word only that he has given up decades of practicing sodomy. Presenting himself as religious and invoking Christ's name, he never mentions sin or repentance. And by his own admission, he continues to enjoy lusting after men. Can it be that he only left off sodomy (if he really did) so he could get back into full fellowship in a church culture in the process of embracing homosexuality and cash in on his gay position as an apostle's gay brother? Is any of this heroic?  People are slobbering over him? There's a scripture that warns against those who do these things, along with warning against those who have pleasure in them that do them. Romans 1:32.

What about people who actually repent of these lusts and turn their lives around and rely solely on Christ for salvation? Sad to say, we could write a book on how the Church isn't interested in those kinds of people or their very real experience in living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We get it. Prosperous churches that like good PR have a tendency to steer clear of whatever is unpopular to keep their patrons happy and/or to appear loving and peace-promoting to the world. But if those are a Christian church's priorities, it has lost its way. It's the church of Christ without Christ, to say the least.

Regarding the issue of homosexuality, the LDS Church's tactics are backfiring. All it is doing is encouraging homosexuality, making Mormon homosexuals and homosexualists impatient for more equivocating to come, and alienating the faithful, that is, those who are faithful to Christ. For instance, several people in our own Utah Valley ward are (relatively suddenly) all about openly celebrating all things homosex, while those who have taken a stand against it are marginalized and mocked. 

To explain, a gay-married lesbian Mormon's blog is all about about her great faith and piousness and self-proclaimed "divine mission," that "pleases our heavenly parents," her gay Mormon identity being "exactly what the Lord is asking of her." We found her latest post to be extremely self-serving and phony-sounding (it's so sad how people fool themselves). And yet about it a man in our ward wrote,

"This blog post illustrates this [lesbian, "married"] couple's joy and warmth as well as a sense of the magic of their love. . . I would like to meet her and her wife. So Laura, if you're ever in Utah Valley, the door of my home stands open and ready to greet you both."

Yikes. Magic of their love? Women can love each other without sex. But here are two women pretending, not at friendship, not at sisterhood, but at marriage. Marriage is the only human relationship that's supposed to have sex in it. So what we have here are two women who have based their relationship (by getting "married") on arousing sexual feelings in each other. Hello? And what kind of person invites strangers to their house based solely on the type of sex they do, in this case, weird sex? The scripture says "even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature" (Romans1:26). This means Roman people in the apostle Paul's time had gotten so wicked that even women, who are supposed to be less likely to act homosexually, were doing it. Yes, lesbianism is a purely sexual thing. Whatever else they are to each other, unlike any other relationship they have with other people, these women sex around with each other. And everybody knows that, including this man.

Again, there are sins of the flesh, and then there are those who take pleasure in them that do those sins. Just saying. Case in point: Years ago our teenage daughter left an outdoor movie party when she saw two girls making out with each other obviously to turn their boyfriends on, and perhaps themselves. That's a fact: sexuality is just sexuality to some people; it has few or no boundaries; any and all of it can turn people on. So we'd stay away from this man if we were these ladies. (They were probably both sexually abused by adult males as children, poor things, and have never gotten over it. And no one cares. They exploit themselves and continue to allow themselves to be exploited.)

Aside from the one being a female-looking bride and the other being dressed in pants, i.e. pretending at male/female marriage at the same time being proud lesbians, look how Mormony and modest and attractive they look. Given these wholesome appearances and the world's wholesale embrace of sexual immorality in this low form, it's easy to see how gullible people of weak faith are buying into it. In addition, there are going to be twisted perverts out there getting a kick out of any and all of it, including getting a sexual thrill out of this new Mormon homosexualist book. (Please note that we are not saying the man in our ward is a twisted pervert. We're just saying he, in his over-the-top, inappropriate, pro-homosex zeal, needs to know he is sounding like one.)

Celibate or not, to claim a gay identity and/or celebrate it is to promote all things homosex, from lust to sodomy. These people are made victims of, and heroes of, all the while getting pleasure from their sinful lusts and acts. Yes, sin is pleasurable . . . for a time. And it's only pleasurable, for those doing it and those watching it being done, because these people's egos have completely killed off the Spirit of the Lord. They are past feeling the influence of righteousness.

Bottom line, you can't use the methods of the devil to build the kingdom of God. It's a great mistake to work to marry heaven and hell, as C. S. Lewis put it. Whatever your excuses for slobbering over homosexuality, what you are building belongs to the devil.

Note 11/5/17 The homosexualist book, That We May Be One, was held up in our ward's Relief Society meeting 10/22/17 by the bishops' wife, an instructor. We weren't there, but it was reported to us that the book was touted as being a wonderful book everybody should read.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Birth, Diet, Female Spirits: Lame Excuses for Sin

Don't you think they really might be born that way?

Gays are gay because of the additives that are put in our foods!

We believe our son is possessed of an evil female spirit; that's why he's acting this way.

Believe it or not, people are making such arguments, old and new, and there are surely more on the horizon. 

We always want to ask, So what is your point?

Their point, if they would just stop to think about it, is: the gay person is not responsible for his thoughts or acts; for these people, although sane, there is apparently no such thing as agency. Their point, if they would just stop to think about it, is: there is no such thing as right or wrong or sin or Christ or repentance or redemption. Their point, if they would just stop to think about it, is: we have to find an excuse for these people, our spouses, our fathers, our children, our relatives, our friends, our fellow humans, because they can't possibly be as bad as all that.

Well there is such a thing as agency. There is law, sin, and God. There is a Savior, for the repentant. If a person is mentally healthy, there is no excuse for sexuality gone bad. And in making excuses for homosexual lust, those making the excuses are paving the way for more homosexual lust. By way of their misguided but perhaps well-intended apologetics, they promote the problem.

Oh, and by the way, all the above excuses are not only lame, but considered bigoted and hateful in the highest degree these days. The narrative goes like this. How dare you insinuate that gay people don't have agency; in fact, a person's sexuality is fluid from moment to moment! It is pure homophobia to claim gays' perfectly lovely same-sex sexual desires to be a problem of any kind, much less a dietary problem! The very idea that gays are possessed of devils is pure hatred!

We will say this. Young people are being exposed nonstop to the glorification of homosexuality in all its unlimited forms. Have the excuse-makers noticed that all things homosex are being portrayed as some kind of wonderful today? This has got to confuse kids' natural modesty and innocence. It has got to get them curious about trying out any or all variations of this sex stuff. Homosexuality, transgenderism, whatever---it all  amounts to the newest form of  childish attention-getting, rebellion, escape from boredom, a way to get kicks. No-danger-of-pregnancy/zero-responsibility sex: it's the new drug abuse.

No, they don't need the born-that-way excuse. They don't need the same-sex-lust-making-food excuse. They don't need to blame any evil visitor taking over their body. If you really need an excuse, homosexuality is in the air they breathe!

But excuses,  real or imagined, aside, what's more important is this: Is the thing right or wrong, moral or immoral, healthy or destructive? Should it be endured, pitied, and embraced, or should it be resisted, exposed, treated, denounced, overcome, repented of?

Everybody, in their heart of hearts, knows the answer to that question.What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee (Marcus Aurelius).

While it is important for an individual to root out the causes of his or her inclination toward bad sexual manners, what's more important for everyone is to turn to the Lord and find solutions in the gospel. We're told it's more powerful than anything else.

C. S. Lewis said there are a dozen views about anything until you know the answer. Then there is only one.The one right answer to the homosexuality juggernaut is to turn back to decency and to God, to His rules for human sexuality, to teach kids decency and righteousness, to show how the gospel of fallen man, Christ, and redemption works in our everyday lives.

Anyone can know by common sense, or the Spirit of the Lord, if professional help is needed. But then it must be wanted. Sometimes these sexual problems are merely a symptom of deep mental and emotional trauma and disturbances, an aspect of homosexuality the pro-gay world doesn't care one bit about.

Coming up with sweeping, superficial excuses for homosexual lusting doesn't help anyone or solve anything.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

LoveLoud? Try SinLoud

Dan Reynolds, the lead singer for the popular band Imagine Dragons (they won a Grammy), who is also sort of a Mormon, or used to be, has organized a gathering/sharing concert called the LoveLoud Festival for gay Mormon youth to be put on in Utah Valley near the end of August. He says this is "to help ignite the relevant and vital conversation of what it means to unconditionally love, understand, and accept and support LGBTQ+ youth in an effort to keep families together . . . and celebrate individuality. It all begins with talking about, sharing, and showing the realities of what LGBYQI+ teens face daily." He goes on to explain that religions that teach that homosexual behavior is a sin are hurting "our youth." More specifically, he says, " . .. Mormons believe the doctrine is if you are gay and acting upon it, that is sinful. That is a very dangerous and hurtful and hateful thing to preach and to teach our children. To be gay is beautiful and right and perfect . . . "

Once again, there is so much wrong with this we hardly know where to start. But before we start we must give you a terrible heads-up. Reynolds reports that the LDS Church contacted him and asked what they could do to help. They suggested an endorsement. WHICH WAS GIVEN. We quote:

     After receiving media inquiries, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has provided the following statement about the LoveLoud Festival in Orem, Utah, which takes place August 26, 2017:

    We applaud the LoveLoud Festival for LGBT youth's aim to bring people together to address teen safety and to express respect and love for all of God’s children. We join our voice with all who come together to foster a community of inclusion in which no one is mistreated because of who they are or what they believe.

    We share common beliefs, among them the pricelessness of our youth and the value of families. We earnestly hope this festival and other related efforts can build respectful communication, better understanding and civility as we all learn from each other.

And the Church is supposed to be against the behaviors!?

Someone hasn't done their homework.

Here's what we know. Sex is a serious thing. If it is used improperly someone gets hurt. Improper human sexuality is precisely what is being promoted through this concert.

This adult band person (30 years old) is using his position in society, especially attractive to young people, to get his clutches on youth, in other words, to contribute to the delinquency and destruction of minors, no age limit specified. He is providing a special meeting place for encouraging same-sex lust, sexual predators, and sexual experimentation. There will be pro-gay speakers and group story sharing before the concert begins.

Apparently Reynolds doesn't have a single warning to give youth about chastity or even the specific and inordinate risks connected with the gay lifestyle. (This includes lies and propaganda, pornography addiction, drug use, violence, mental health issues, unlimited promiscuity, disease, chronic illness issues, etc.) He doesn't know anything important about these kids, their troubles, their parents, their situation, their sexual development, or any abuse that may have occurred or be occurring. He has clumped these immature individuals together based on one superficial whim. Therefore it is obvious he doesn't care about "our youth;" he only cares about himself and pushing his passionate revolutionary sexual ideas. He disregards God and goodness and the welfare of immortal souls, and it is from this worldview that he seeks to influence minors. He is a modern-day Korihor. In fact, we've said before on this blog that Korihor was probably as popular as a rock star.  LoveLoud? It's SinLoud, Thumb-Your-Nose-at-TruthLoud, HateGodLoud, ExploitKidsLoud. The "individuality" Reynolds wishes to celebrate is about sexual sin, which is as human and common and ancient as mankind itself. No individuality there. Please note the gay-affirming false rhetoric he uses. The "realities" gay kids "face daily" he mentions are actually sexual abuse and pornography and masturbation and sexual experimentation and sexual thrills and rebellion and misery and dead ends.  Reynolds has the temerity to proclaim that it's hurtful to teach kids about sin. Sounds anti-Christ, doesn't he? Anti-Christs preach that there is no sin and no repentance necessary. To top it off he says he is using profits from this concert to raise money for adult-run gay activist groups, what we know to be four horrible, filthy rich, predatory, pro-gay organizations that seek to further the spread of unlimited sex and sexuality to all ages. That includes the 70 something sexes or genders now listed on facebook,

Why is our society and our Church encouraging this?

These are kids, Mormon kids, who are supposed to be cherished enough to be raised with a clear sense of right and wrong and knowledge of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. Truth is nowhere to be found, only deception, exploitation, shaky human relations, and vaporous immediate temporal felt needs. Kids---no age limit is mentioned---aren't even fully physically developed, not to mention intellectually and spiritually. Again we refer to the study that found kids are less and less likely to become suicidal the longer they PUT OFF self-identifying as LGBTQ+. And yet not only is no one warning these young people against what they are getting into, they are being encouraged and applauded for seeking out and experimenting with out-of-bounds, unnatural, high-risk sexual ideas and acts. All this by people perceived to be in positions of great admiration, influence, and authority.Now THAT'S what leads to suicide and every other kind of death.

Reynolds said, "We know that with the Church's announcement and endorsement of the event that that's going to help people feel safe and give them the confidence to want to come to this . . . and with the Church's encouraging people to be involved, I think that's going to push ticket sales over the top."

Wait. Did he just say he is doing this exploitation of kids to get money?Yep, that's what he said.

We did a whole 2-hour KTALK radio show today on this topic and callers and messagers alike were outraged. You can hear it here. Some good callers. One said he joined the church as a teen primarily because of its strong standards, and now he has seen it, and his mentors, do a complete 180.  He is so demoralized he can't bear to go to church anymore. Another caller expressed the need to put our reliance on Christ, not church leaders.

We heard later from a 20-something LDS listener who was extremely frustrated about how when confusing and upsetting things actually occur that affect church members in living their lives (Boys Scouts, BYU changing its honor code, open homosexuality advocated from local pulpits, traditional values being pronounced "unkind and incorrect" from local pulpits) there is weak, superficial, or no response or leadership at all from church headquarters, but when there's something---anything---big happening that the whole world sees, the Church makes an official, carefully-worded, politically correct public statement, unconditionally pro-gay in this case. She feels abandoned and betrayed by her own church, and doesn't know what in the world she should teach her little children about these glaring omissions and contradictions.

Here's one instant message we received:

"Call to action. Flood the lines at LDS public affairs office. 801-240-1000! This is unbelievable. They have crossed my line of morality! Anal sex is dangerous, whether heterosexual or homo. Emphasize that! What happened to a message of living a clean life? This is an abomination and the Lord will condemn us for this atrocity being advocated to young people."

One concerned citizen, Angela Fallentine,  a social scientist who works with the UN, wrote a comment on the Deseret News facebook page. You can read it here. It's excellent. Nice to have someone else besides us telling the truth for a change. The only thing we worry about is the search for "middle ground" coming from the Church she refers to a few times. Pretty sure there is not supposed to be fence-sitting of any kind when it comes to God and His Word. And we're pretty sure anything pro-homosexuality is not near any form of  middle ground. It's pure leftist. But we understand her scrambling attempt to find some explanation for the Church's official volunteered endorsement of this horrendous event.

As always, make of this what you will. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Red: Child Sex Abuse in a Crayon

Children live what they learn. Does anyone doubt this? And yet the same people who insist babies are born with all sorts of crazy sexual ideas in their heads will use their positions of authority as adults, teachers, or leaders to put all sorts of crazy sexual ideas into children's heads. How does that work? If kids are already born that way, why do we need to teach them all things LGBTQAI, etc.?

They may argue that transgenderism must now be introduced and taught in schools so other kids will accept the trannie kid and not bully them. Right. Do they really not know they are putting ideas in children's heads? After all, this is what teachers and adults do. TEACH. As Plato said, adults teach children what they should think of as right and good and what they should think of as wrong and disgusting. The problem is not that kids aren't being taught at all---they are always being taught if only by example and the culture around them. The problem is that now the powers that be have made a whole new set of rights and wrongs, what? about 10 seconds ago, that are totally contrary to the whole of human history and experience and literature and biology and reality. And they are quite actively teaching this new base and baseless morality. It's really quite insane. But it's worse than that. It's evil.

Image result for red a crayon's storyAs a new school year begins, in elementary schools across America, little school kids are being treated to some attractive new picture books about glorifying transgenderism in childhood. One is called Red: A Crayon's Story, published by Greenwillow Books and snapped up like candy by librarians and teachers everywhere.

From what we can gather, in this picture book a red crayon that is actually the color red goes through life feeling bad until it finally decides it is really a blue crayon because it miraculously colors an ocean blue (or thinks it does, because everyone knows it's impossible for a red crayon to color blue), after which the crayon's confidence and acceptance by others skyrockets. If you don't believe this book is meant to be for children about changing one's sex in childhood, read here.

Nowhere in this agenda are children to be told facts such as: if they get confused or tampered with they need to tell someone they trust, and it's quite common for children to go through stages such as boys being sissy-ish and girls being tomboy-ish and that they will quite naturally grow out of these phases. Oh no. No truth allowed.

Yes, this book about a crayon discontented with its obvious, natural self is the first book being read to many children this year, at back-to-school orientation no less. School hasn't even started yet and we have heard of kids being treated to more than one group reading of this book. And it's only one of many, which are more specific, such as Jacob's New Dress, The Sissy Duckling, Roland Humphrey is Wearing a What?, The Only Boy in Ballet Class, Annie's Plaid Shirt, Be Who You Are, Ballerino Nate, Not All Princesses Dress in Pink, Backwards Day, Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress, Oliver Button is a Sissy, My Princess Boy, A Fire Engine for Ruthie, etc.

One of our questions is: who are these people whose priority (over reading, writing, and arithmetic) it is to mess with kids' core biological identities as male or female and normal sexual development? Where do they get the nerve to do such a thing? We'll tell you who they are and how they possess the temerity. They are those who have been conditioned and deceived into furthering the sexual revolution, those think themselves morally superior by their supposed inclusivity, those who are victims of unresolved child abuse themselves, those who have been unsuccessful in their own normal relationships and have become embittered and wish to recruit children into sharing their misery, those who are personally involved in homosexuality, or those who actually desire to introduce little children to risky and perverse sexuality, which is child abuse. Pick one or more or add some of your own. What other reasons could there be for interfering with children in this highly inappropriate way other than ignorance, pride, bitterness, sin, and evil?

And again, the anti-bullying excuse doesn't cut it. Most everybody gets made fun of, even cruelly, in their lives for some reason or another, and it usually has nothing to do with a person's sex, male or female. The reality of this situation is that everybody is being made to conform to a very few people's whims or disorders. When the rules are made according to exceptions, there are no more rules. C. S. Lewis called this the fatal principle. In this case, we're all supposed to ignore certain observations and facts and upend certain customs that help ensure safety and order, give of our personal resources, and even allow our little ones to be exposed and exploited, all to accommodate a very tiny demented demographic. Make no mistake, there are and will continue to be fatal repercussions in every aspect of civilization directly related to this twisted, free-sex social experiment.
Image result for chelsea manning

FYI, Bradly Manning, the soldier who betrayed our country bigtime, who announced he was a female trapped in a male body the day after he was charged with treason, who demanded free sex-change treatments and surgeries while in prison, had previously broken up with his boyfriend. So you see what we have here is a man having sex with men and then pretending he is a woman, what, so he can have more sex with men? Whatever. You can bet it's all unimaginably perverse. Because of a pardon from Obama, Manning got out after serving 7 years of a 35-year sentence. He was there long enough to steal our tax dollars for the travesty of pretend sex-change treatment and become a national phony hero, or rather, phony heroine. Again we say, it has been found that post treatment transgenders are 20 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

And this glorification of all things homosex is what our elementary schools are insidiously teaching innocent, pre-pubescent children. Plato would call it downright disgusting.