Monday, August 20, 2018

A Quiet Place---Nightmare Come True

Image result for a quiet placeHave you seen the movie A Quiet Place? The premise is that fierce, man-eating, blind aliens have invaded the earth and viciously and violently attack human beings based on their keen sense of hearing. Survivors have learned through gruesome experience that they must be completely quiet or they'll greatly endanger themselves and most likely be instantly killed. The people live in fear. They have to give up all sorts of freedoms, including the freedom to speak, in order to merely survive. The good life is no more.

We submit that this is how more and more conservatives are feeling in our environment today. People who believe in the Biblical God or who merely espouse traditional family values are shutting up because of the climate of intimidation and punishment that is prevailing in every aspect of modern living: media, work, school, church, even friends and family.

In only a few decades societal norms and perceptions have completely flipped. We here at SoL, born in the 1950s, grew up in a culture of shared values, a culture that taught and supported and promoted  God and life and goodness and reality and order. Now we find ourselves surrounded by a culture that in the most important aspects of human existence teaches and supports and promotes vice and death and evil and fantasy and chaos. And if we dare to make a sound decrying these monstrous invaders we may greatly endanger ourselves--our jobs, our financial security, our church membership, our social standing, our reputation, our relationships. Which amounts to a loss of freedom, even of feeling free to think and converse according to the dictates of our conscience.

Small case in point: The other day we received in the mail an anti-sexual revolution sticker from our friends at Mass Resistance and actually hesitated to put in on our Jeep!

Think we're exaggerating? There are more and more examples coming to light. Bakers, photographers, florists, printers, targeted, harassed, sued, punished financially, even losing their livelihoods, for daring to stick to their religious convictions. People fired from their jobs merely for standing for traditional values/marriage or being too conservative.  Others have been targeted, marginalized, cancelled, forced to resign. We've been cancelled multiple times ourselves.

Image result for tim allen last man standingTim Allen comes to mind regarding his TV show on ABC, Last Man Standing, in which he stars as a die-hard conservative, exactly what he is in real life. This extremely popular sitcom aired for six seasons and then one day it just got cancelled. The network stressed that Allen's conservative leaning did not factor into the decision and gave some really lame excuses, such as they decided not to have comedies on Fridays. What? (It has since been picked up by Fox.)

Spoiler alert: In A Quiet Place, the father, who has protected the family all through the movie, screams out to save his daughter and is instantly attacked and killed by the stealthy aliens. In other words, he got cancelled. Is it any wonder people are either switching their lifelong beliefs or going totally silent?

There is some good news. We were talking about how when we were growing up there was rarely any mention of Jesus or even God in the mainstream---not at school (except during the pledge), not at community activities, not on TV,  not at the movies; only at church and church activities. Well, now we can watch religious cable channels and Fox and lots of stuff online and hear about God and Jesus all the time. There are Christian movies in the theaters pretty regularly. These are signs of revival. But alas, too little, too late?

It turns out that most of the big folks supposedly on the side of God and goodness made a great mistake. Generally, they have merely spoken up for the good  (as in pro-life and pro-marriage) and neglected to decry the evil (as in abortion and homosexuality). In doing so they pretty much forfeited the right of truly God-fearing people to speak out against evil at all. This is how evil has come to bully and dominate our society.That is how so many people, even churches, have come to be either  silent or compromising on these issues.

There can be no peace between good and evil. The more evil infiltrates, the less good will be allowed. That's where all of this is headed--toward more evil--where else? And they want us all participating.

We ordinary people who love God, who believe in striving toward and conserving goodness and rightness, are living in a dangerous, post-apocalyptic, nightmarish, quiet place. Many are feeling that they must give up all sorts of freedoms, especially the freedom to speak up and live according to their consciences, in order to merely survive. The good life is no more.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The New Telestial Religion

There was a devotional talk (read: propaganda) this past week by a BYU religion professor named Huntsman, a member of the Tabernacle Choir, about "safe spaces for all kinds of feelings," within our church, including homosexuality, which was glowingly reported in the church news. "We should never fear that we are compromising when we make the choice to love." What? So all human feelings are righteous? So human love is the object of our existence? This is religion? Since when?

The church is not an encounter group, or a civic center, or a social club. It's not kindergarten or diversity training or an ethics class. It's not Impact or Mr. Rogers or the Peace Corps.  Those things may well have their place, and may espouse some goodness and truth, but they are not about Jesus Christ. They are not about the welfare of our immortal souls. They are not about fallen man and law and justice and redemption. They are sociological only, perhaps the best people think they can do in  these telestially-focused institutions. Although some who participate in them may individually believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, in and of themselves these entities are not centered in Christ.They are not valiant in the testimony of Christ as Divine Redeemer. In fact, Christ and any principle of the gospel don't usually appear at all, not even indirectly. If we screech to a stop at the  message that we are of value or even that God loves us, and have nothing more to say, true as it is, it is not Christianity. If we carry this over into the churches, we are essentially acting as if Christ does not exist, that is, we are acting anti-Christ.

This doesn't just matter in an eternal sense. It matters now. Aside from families, truly God-centered churches are the last societal stronghold in preserving human freedoms. This is because human value and human freedoms are only guaranteed if people believe there is God and His Righteousness and His Judgement. God is the source of everything protecting us. If men cease to believe in God men can arbitrarily make up whatever sort of society they like with whatever sort of rules they like and whatever sort of enforcement of those rules they like. And these rules will most likely be nonbenevolent toward humankind. They have been in the past. When we forsake God we forsake the good life.

This has been said much better than we can say it. How we wish everyone would read and reread C. S Lewis's The Abolition of Man! It's only a very thin volume. And then read The Great Divorce also by Lewis. And lots and lots of good old books, and some of the good new ones, too. We don't think people are reading much of anything of value at all. And if they are, they aren't caring to understand what can be got out of the great books that is true and right and unchanging.

We get it. We get how in these times we humans are sorely tempted to downplay our convictions, to cozily position ourselves as compassionate and accepting, to rack our brains for another solution, to avoid disagreement or contention at any cost, to fool ourselves into thinking our human abilities or temporal influence can bring people around, and we do all of this---why? So we can be seen in a positive light. So we can feel comfortable and get along with everybody who matters to us. So we can feel important and morally "superior." So we can be the saviors of others.

Wrong. All wrong. In compromising our principles we may gain the culture or the family or the neighborhood or the ward or the world or success or fame or fortune, but we lose the gospel. Churches primarily exist to preach God's Word, arouse the spiritual faculties and shape the consciences of God's children, not to make us comfortable in this world. True Christianity is and will always be an affront to the natural man. No public relations campaign, no musical program, no sociological rhetoric can ever soften the offense Christ gives to the sinner, or equal the relief Christ's amazing grace gives to the repentant and believing. 

The truth is, we cannot greatly help each other in any permanent sense. All we can do is throw out a few ideas and hope people will use those ideas to turn to the Goodness and Truth and Salvation of which Christ is the Author and Finisher. The ubiquitous teaching that God helps us through each other has gotten way out of hand. We must not stop there. We must not forget the true Giver, said C. S. Lewis. If we do, we tend to get puffed up in our pride and rely solely upon each other, rather than turning to a divine source. The only arbiter is Jesus Christ. He is the only name under heaven whereby we can be truly helped. He is where we should be pointing each other.

If we turn elsewhere we are practicing an earthly religion we have created in our own image. 

Saturday, July 21, 2018

No Gay Chastity Lessons from These Church Ladies

All our young lives we were taught about chastity in church. Oh my gosh. Necking, petting, fornication were no-nos of the highest degree. But that sort of preaching was and is apparently only for heterosexuals. Amazingly, nowhere will you find any warnings or instruction or preaching in our church about chastity for the homosexual. All we hear about is "celibacy" in the very loosest of terms. Of course there is a huge spectrum of acting out homosexually that falls short of sodomy and the like. Even publicly and proudly declaring one's proclivity to homosexuality is a form of acting out and advocating all things homosexual, including acts. Then there are all sorts of other activities such as lusting, pornography, chat rooms, phone sex, masturbation, flirting, propaganda, media, entertainment, activism, and on and on, oh, and the old necking and petting too. (And we think most probably do many of the above plus more if they are bold enough and past feeling enough to publicly advertise their homosexuality.) But strangely, we hear absolutely nothing about any corresponding boundaries when it comes to the much-talked-about, highly sexually-charged, greatly celebrated, nongenerative, sodomitic homosexual identity. That's within the church. If heterosexuals are taught chastity, why not homosexuals?

What is encouraged will increase.  In the past only heterosexuality has been encouraged. Now quite suddenly the homosexual identity is being officially encouraged, and this means that more and more people will adopt and spread homosexuality, and inevitably practice it in all its degrees. Is the omission we are talking about---the absence of truth and chastity and warnings and the gospel as it all applies to homosexuality---wise or kind or in any way right? After all, if a church is all of a sudden going about sympathizing, accepting, supporting, agreeing with, and embracing homosexuality as a god-given immutable identity, ought it not also to warn of the inordinately high-risk physical, spiritual, emotional, and psychological dangers that come with it, and the necessity and possibility of hope and change?

It is not there. It is not anywhere.  None of it. Why?

Here's why. In the church, just as in the naive/false world, there is some sort of disconnect between the now sacrosanct, protected homosexual identity and the dangerous and disgusting impure thoughts and acts that comprise it. That's right. Comprise it. Gay is nothing special without the gay sexual component. All of it, the L, the G, the B, the T, the Q, are all about some perverse and preposterous and extreme form of human sexuality in thought and deed. Wrote C. S. Lewis way back in the 1950s, "[Y]ou and I, for the last twenty years, have been fed all day long on good solid lies about sex." Bingo. It's past time that squeamish, unthinking people face the facts. The sexual revolution is about sex, sex, and more sex.

One of our daughters had a disturbing conversation with two other women the other day at a church activity. She did her best to shed some light on their shallow, complacent, flawed, anti-Christ thinking, but apparently to no avail. Even while they presumed to retain their own identity as conservative, family-values-based, Christ-centered Mormons, in a long and convoluted discussion these are some of the goofy false ideas they tried to push on her:

Mormon gays are different than other gays. (How?  How prideful and blind is that? Homosexuality is homosexuality.)

Mormon gays are special and above the principles of sin and repentance. (Why? These are universal true principles. This view is anti-Christ and damning.)

It is to be taken for granted that Mormon gays are and will always be celibate. (Again, what does that mean? See above. And how does anybody really know? How can anyone predict that? What is encouraged will increase. People experiment. These things are done in secret. Doesn't anybody care anymore about the welfare of the soul? No unclean thing . . . )

Anyway, Mormon homosexuality is not sexual. (Come again? There is no homo without the sexuality. Why are gays special if the attractions are not romantic/sexual? There are plenty of single people in the world who for one reason or another don't participate in romantic relationships or marriage, who are not gay. So if gayness is not sexual all these single people must be gay, and they are not. Too bad they are now being told they are! It's all crazy if you think about it at all.)

Mormon gays were never abused sexually, nor have they ever used pornography or had pro-gay associations. Their sexual aversion to those of the opposite sex and sexual attraction to those of their same sex is just who they are. (Just out of the blue, huh? Didn't get these ideas from anywhere, huh? Doesn't have anything to do with the perverse, oversexed world and pro-LGBT juggernaut going on at this particular second in time, huh? Right. And bear in mind we know of their pristine past and present only on their own say so. Well, there is such a thing as lying, and such a thing as repression. Attitudes toward one's sexual feelings are learned one way or another. These people learned homosexuality. Not surprising in today's world, is it?)

Mormon gays are the most spiritual humans on the planet.  (How do you know? Maybe they just talk so as to give that impression, which would be to their advantage. Lots of people do that sort of thing. It's called deception or hypocrisy, it is used to get gain, and people can be very skilled at it.)

Mormon gays were made that way by God and are hoping to remain that way forever. (What? Why? For what reason? There's lust in heaven??? Sorry, no. Read The Great Divorce by CSL.)

It's wrong to talk about success stories, like Dean Byrd did, of people who overcame homosexual tendencies (he was our mentor who is now deceased) because that 's really rare and makes the ones who don't overcome it feel bad. (Wait, there are no standards or ideals anymore? Just because everyone isn't successful we're not supposed to offer success? People need to know this is a vice. It's lust. Gays  haven't overcome it because they are getting something out of it. Sexual sin is thrilling, escapist, pleasure! Say what they will, they don't want to give it up bad enough. They are keeping it alive through those ways we mentioned above. Like  St. Augustine wrote, "Lord make me chaste. Just not yet." And wait wait wait! We're not supposed to have broken hearts or contrite spirits? We're not ever supposed to talk about the mighty change of heart? We're supposed to label people by their weaknesses permanently and offer absolutely zero hope? There is no sin and no Christ and no redemption and no posterity? All experiences of getting help and overcoming homosexuality are to be silenced? We are not to encourage repentance and healing? These people are to be offered  no help for getting out of this sordid, dangerous dead-end mindset/lifestyle? How can anybody get out of it if they don't know there is a way out? What if someone is miserable, which many are, and want out? Is there to be no light at the end of the tunnel? Is your head exploding yet?)

And finally, these ladies have it on the best authority that there will soon be a really really really spiritual lesbian general authority lady called in the LDS Church. (Because she is a lesbian? Will everyone know she is a lesbian? Apparently several already do. Why does she make this known? How did she learn lesbianism? Why not a gay man too? Why not have all gay Mormon leaders since they are so much more special and spiritual than everybody else? Why not have the best of the best? See where this goes? Do we exaggerate? Why all the slobbering over homosexuality? To show how loving and tolerant and worldly we proud Mormons are? This is what we care about? How about God?) 

C. S. Lewis wrote, "Good people know about both good and evil: bad people do not know about either." (Good people we take to mean those who are striving toward God and truth and righteousness, who know their only hope is in Christ.) We submit those women who were trying to persuade our daughter to embrace wickedness are bad people in the above sense. They have lost, sold off, forfeited their ability to discern good from evil. They can't even distinguish between the two. Perhaps they already have them almost completely flipped, good becoming evil, and evil good, as the scriptures say. 

The way these church ladies talk and think----that is why there are are no chastity lessons for homosexuals. And less and less for everybody else too. Think about it. There are hardly any such things as sins or laws anymore. Only victims and problems and special identities. Pornography addiction is no longer a sin, but a emotionally-charged challenge its poor victims and the rest of us have to live with. About a Mormon high councilman doctor who also raped young girls, one bishop merely said, "Well, we all have our problems." And homosexuality is who people are, people we're all supposed to especially respect and admire. These fatal principles spread into all facets of our lives---can you think of more? Note that all of this nonsense came about around two milliseconds ago, relatively speaking.

News flash. There are laws and sins, including sexual laws and sexual sins, and sexual sins are exciting and pleasurable, whether in thoughts, feelings, or deeds, but only for a time. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. But now people are not only doing nothing against evil, they are downplaying it, recharacterizing it,  and encouraging it---in the name of religion!

Being gay is popular nowadays. The false ideas promoted by the church ladies above are arguments to promote what are extremely popular, exciting, pleasurable, lustful, rebellious, Godless sexual sins. This reminds us of the scripture in Romans that says even the women were doing that which was against nature or finding pleasure in those that did (as in talking it up, excusing it, arguing for it, admiring it, promoting it). This can only end in all sorts of tragedy, sooner or later.

*Lewis quotes are from Mere Christianity.

Response to Distressed Mormon

Hi -------------, Steve handed me a printout of what you sent. It's all true and all happening. In fact, that one thing that happened in Utah County at the stake conference where the mother of the trans child spoke about "ministering" apparently happened in a stake center up our street where two of our grown children and their families go (unless the same sort of thing is going on all over, which it probably is).  They both got up and left the meeting with their kids and told us all about it at the time. I am a firm believer that we are free agents and shouldn't sit there listening to dangerous false ideas because not only is it spiritual abuse but our very presence encourages it. If a whole bunch of people had left the meeting that would have sent a message. At least some people saw it for what it was.

I appreciated the scriptures you pointed out. It is hard to read the Book of Mormon now because it's all so painfully obvious, but we must. It is for us. We are the ones who have it. But like you say, people aren't using the scriptures or understanding them. So sad. They are caught up in the world and going right along, albeit a few years behind.

Sunday is the hardest day of the week for me too. Not only do I not get to hear the gospel, which I really love and need to hear, also when I say anything in church it feels like I am from another planet. I have been mocked several times for my testimony of Christ as the only way to get back to God because we are all humans and weak and lacking in one way or another, as it says over and over in the scriptures. This derision usually happens in Relief Society. When I was RS pres. I did feel as if I was wasting my breath a lot. I got a lot of eye-rolling. That was a while ago. I had pulled back recently, it was just so stressful (unhealthy!)to sit in meetings where Christ is overlooked,  which is essentially anti-Christ, and then to be ridiculed for my deepest beliefs. But after a break I am feeling braver and am speaking out again when it feels right to, come what may. It takes a lot of faith and patience and thinking of people as the Lord thinks of them and not caring if they think you are crazy or annoying or unkind or any of those things. Everyone is precious and needs to know the truth. So many are being deceived. You can just see it happening in slow motion. Those invisible flaxen cords. Of course we cannot help anyone very much--just throw out a few ideas which they can think about and hold to if they wish. That's how important agency is. 

I think when a people decide a sin is not a sin anymore, as in sexual impurity/homosexuality, they equivocate on other sins as well, perhaps even decide there are no sins they have to worry about at all; those who surrender on one issue tend to surrender on others as well. We find people hard-heartedly resisting the idea of sin. Just once in a blue moon will I hear something true properly emphasized. (There was a good talk in Sac. mtg. Sunday, which I am sure some people hated if they were listening.)  I have heard from others that RS has become all about making the sisters feel good about themselves, and there is no religion really. No Christ, no repentance, no humility, no meekness, just self-indulgence. Dostoevsky wrote, "Nothing in the world is harder than speaking the truth, and nothing easier than flattery." I have especially studied the Book of Mormon anti-Christs (there are lots!) and the one thing they preached in common was that there was no need to repent. That sums up what is happening in the trenches of our church, and in all churches. This is the secular spirit of the times in which we live.

When one starts paying attention and thinking for oneself there are lots of opportunities for long-suffering and trust in the Lord alone. And isn't that a good thing? I memorize scriptures to repeat and think about in my head to help keep my sanity and spiritual-centeredness.  As in Jacob, "Lift up your heads and receive the pleasing word of God (it is pleasing to me!) and feast upon his love, for ye may if your minds are firm, forever." Yes, you are right about all this happening within the church; some years ago we were told by a (now) apostle we know personally that the Church (capital C) is evolving and the Brethren do not agree on some fundamentals,  such as homosexuality. Who knew this would be The Thing that would deceive so many? A house divided . . .

We don't think it is helpful to blame anyone. But we do feel as if we must take on the world and share God's truth and righteousness wherever we happen to be whenever we can, as the scriptures say. The Lord gave us hearts and minds. We are supposed to use them.  It is a blessing to find firm like-minded people, now difficult to do even within our beloved church. Still, we can't put our reliance on each other either. We have seen so many people turn.

Hang in there. The trajectory is bad and it's only going to get worse. It's a test! A hard one.  I try to remember opposition in all things works both ways. We can rejoice in Christ and all Creation, in the good and true and beautiful, in God's loving merciful plan, even in the midst of all this insidious creeping falseness and evil and persecution. We can be made into different sorts of people fit for God's presence right now.

Lord bless!


Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Singing Along With Sin:LGBTMOTAB

There is this crazy idea going around that embracing, celebrating, calling attention to, and, let's say, singing along with SIN will somehow make the hard-hearted, stiff-necked people doing that SIN not want to do it anymore or feel some sort of love or get some sort of spiritual message or want to turn to God someday. There is absolutely nothing in the scriptures that says that is what works;in fact God says the very opposite: give them consequences, tell them the truth, preach the gospel to them, don't let them be numbered among you, blot out their names, hope they repent. And yet an embrace of  homosexuality and other godlessness, sans any warning or religion or Christ whatsoever, is exactly what the Mormon Tabernacle Choir  representing the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has done, continues to do, and did this past month in no uncertain terms in San Francisco during the infamous gay pride month, parade, and festivities.

Yes, this past month the MoTab reached out, planned, participated in, and pretty much yucked it up with all things LGBT during the most famous public display of human depravity in the world today. Yes, their hotel was on the gay pride parade route about which some choir members were positively giddy and camera-happy. Yes, they invited a gay men's chorus solely because they are homosexual in their gay t-shirts to sing with them for a sound check. Yes, they had the out, proud, homosexual leader conduct them in "This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land" for the encore number of the concert they put on. Yes, to thunderous applause and cheering. Tears and rejoicing. Thrills and chills.

One choir member admitted to feeling confused and disappointed at first when faced with this untenable situation. But she trusted in her leaders and bought the misapplied line that we mustn't judge anyone or anything. She ate up the flattery about their glorious music working miracles. Hmmm. The only thing we saw happen was a mob-mentality group being brought around to embracing and celebrating and encouraging a sin they previously thought unspeakable and their sacred scriptures condemn and their consciences recoil at.

We have news. If there are still some people who do believe there are such things as right and wrong, God and the devil, righteousness and sin, sexual purity and sexual impurity, this land is not our land. It belongs to the godless and the lawless. As we have seen increasingly play out, the righteous (those who still believe in God and His laws, and are repenting continually through Christ) will not be allowed to live, work, speak their consciences, raise their families, and who know what else, in this land.

Case in point:Two years ago a Canadian man, a Christian activist named Bill Whatcott, had the temerity to offer fliers containing medical information and uncomplimentary photos, some graphic, about the lifestyle and health risks of LGBT behaviors and a Bible scripture about the gift of repentance. He lost his job, is being sued, was arrested and held in jail, abused, etc.. This is all about one man offering fliers (which no one has to pay any attention to) purportedly being seen as a threat to the psychological well-being of all manner of proud  evil-doers who are loudly parading their self-destructive licentiousness in the streets in front of children! What about the children's psychological well-being? What about Bill Whatcott's?

This intolerance to Christianity is coming to an American city near you. And no, good and evil singing in harmony is a fantasy. There is no getting along. There is no unity.  One side is going to be in charge and take over and punish any resistance. That's how it has always been. The difference now is that when in our lifetimes good has prevailed, evil is now in control. Yes, the godless are making and enforcing a whole bunch of  arbitrary sentiments and rules. And no goodness equals no justice. We are forfeiting our freedom! Who knows what the standard for "hate crimes" will be next? What if the powers that be just decide you're feeling or thinking something they don't like? This is not unheard of. Read your history.

It's worse than Sodom and Gomorrah. People are either deceived and caught up in the wickedness, reduced to singing along with sin, as the MoTab (which for all intents and purposes has turned into a big pillar of salt). Or they are ignoring the whole situation and will be spewed out of the Lord's mouth. Or a few, just a few, are paying attention and actually care and are taking a stand and may be charged and persecuted, lose their freedom and perhaps lose everything---wait---everything except their immortal souls.

Happy 4th.

Postscript 8/6/18

We got some more info on this. From our source most of the choir did not know about this event, as in any interaction with a gay choir in San Francisco. The choir actually resisted the event when it found out. It sounds like they were sort of tricked into it. Public relations departments are running the church apparently, and what public relations have to do with religion, we don't know. Are these people called or hired? Anyway, while it sounded like choir leadership was thrilled with the festivities, such as inviting the gay men's choir director to lead the Tabernacle Choir in an encore number at the concert, at least some of the choir members were confused and embarrassed about the whole thing and had a hard time enduring it. And yet, we are also informed that some members of the choir itself are gay; some enjoyed the whole thing very much; in addition, returned LDS missionaries belong to the gay choir. We were told that "good will" is the overarching reason the choir exists. Come again? Call yourself  a civic club or encounter group then, not a religion. Any Christian church's foremost purpose is to preach the Word of God, awaken consciences, and shape the ethics of the people. What happened in this event was the very opposite. What people came away with was that the LDS church is softening on sexual sin.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

LGBTQ Family Group Sheets!?!?

The news is that the LDS Church has now decided to record gay marriages/families in its genealogy/family history data base. Seriously.

Let's try to make sense of this. Family search, family group sheets, in other words, finding a person's ancestors, their names and any other information, is something people like to do these days. Mormons have been doing it for 150 years or so, in order to do sacred ordinance work for their dead. When we were students at BYU in the 1970s family history was pounded into our consciousness and you felt like you were sinning if you didn't take regular field trips lugging your huge Book of Remembrance to the family history library in Salt Lake City to search out your ancestors and fill in endless forms, even if the work had already been done by someone else. Nowadays, Mormons also like the stories they unearth and some sort of connection they feel to these people they never met. We at Standard of Liberty feel that the only real and lasting value in researching one's ancestors is discovering their journeys toward and testimonies of Christ as an example and encouragement, but this doesn't seem to be emphasized or even spoken of. Family Search, apart from temple work, appears to be a purely sociological endeavor, that is, all about human relationships, however closely or distantly people are related. We're all related after all, whether we "evolved" from nothing or are Adam and Eve's offspring. Go figure.

Now, we understand that the LDS Church is very proud of its genealogical setup that supplies information to the whole world. In addition, there is a huge trend for people to find their blood lines through DNA testing. But the entire premise is based on male-female mating and their offspring. Adoptive children can embrace their adoptive family for all intents and purposes, and/or seek out their biological roots. With gays, it's much more complicated. The whole male-female template is blown to bits. Imagine a gay couple, each person raised by a gay couple, and on back. Imagine one or more were married heterosexually previously and have biological offspring and got divorced? Are the same children on different family group sheets? (No wonder there is already so much duplication on temple work!). Imagine one of the gays in the couple used a surrogate or artificial insemination. Imagine bisexuals married to one or more of each. Imagine plenty more scenarios. The gay family group sheet? A farce. And a mess. Do they really think there is any order in this arbitrariness? Do they forget what the letters LGBT stand for?

In a LGBT coupling, the two never supply a father and a mother to anybody, unless the record supplies more names, such as the identity of the surrogate or sperm donor or biological parentage. In heterosexual marriage, whether artificial means such as adoption, surrogacy, sperm donation, etc., are used, there is still mother and father on the group sheet.

The excuse the Church is using for this move is  to "capture, store, and provide records and an accurate genealogy that represents past, present, and future families of the world." Really? These are families? These records are going to be accurate? They are going to make sense and order in the world?  Homosexuals have future families? To now accommodate legally "married" same-sex couplings and their claimed children in their record-keeping, the Church must in its own words do some "significant redesigning" of their record-keeping system. Can't use the words husband and wife, can they? Sounds more like California than a church.
News flash. This accommodation stuff, these special group sheets, these separately designed forms, will not at any future time be acceptable to the gay agenda. All must be equal. The only solution they will allow will be the same form for everyone. In other words, goodbye to the words husband, wife, mother, father, male and female in the ancestry data base world! Just look at California. These words are increasingly disallowed in the public arena. We will say it again: this movement is about destroying our way of life. If homosexuality is normal, then heterosexuality is abnormal, someday soon perhaps even criminal.

Think about it. Is a phony marriage, legal or not, really worthy of  a record? In addition, you can bet this pressure is coming from homosexualists within the church. LGBT couples with Mormon ties (they are supposed to be excommunicated but we don't hear of it happening--it's handled locally by lay-clergy on a case-by-case basis) and their supporters are behind this and will be the first to have their forms filled out.

Let's recall that these relationships are immoral and high-risk, harmful in many ways, and against God's laws; to be more specific, they are sodomitic and nongenerative. These are people who abuse and mock and exploit for sinful pleasure their bodies and the God-given procreative power. The very nature of their lusts and behaviors is pornographic and pathological, causing all sorts of mental, physical, and spiritual sickness. Licentiousness is worthy of  formal recognition as if normal and natural and healthy? Really? And here is this church putting its stamp of approval on it.

Is this a church or is it not? There are plenty of  ancestry-recording entities besides the LDS Church who will do this meaningless dirty work. Why in heaven's name is a church getting into it?  Not only is it wrong, but the data itself will be a mess of confusion and arbitrary nonsense. If they care so much about everybody and are going to be so very technical, who needs marriage? Why not keep records of unmarried couples and their illegitimate offspring? Aren't they important, too? Why not keep records of aborted children? They got their bodies. Many people have recorded and formally buried and mourn for their stillborn or miscarried babies. 

We suppose all this record-keeping is predicated on legalized relationships. But so what? The gay agenda is all about societal normalization/legitimization of their out-of-bounds sexual relationships, and delegitimization/denormalization of heterosexuality. Now that adult sodomy is legal and even celebrated and destigmatized through "marriage," the next wave, that is, pedophilia, incest, polygamy, bestiality, and more, are up for legalization also. We'd like to see how those relationships are going to be recorded on a family group sheet! How do you record a daughter who is also a wife? Or a child who is also a grandchild? Or a mother who is also a sibling? Or a man married to a dog who adopts a human? Can you even wrap your mind around these things? And yet they are happening and the LDS Church is setting itself up to legitimize it all.

This is not hyperbole. We have reached the point where a man can marry another man and the whole idea is totally accepted and celebrated by society. Biologically, this is more outrageous than opposite-sex incest or opposite-sex pedophilia. Males alone cannot do the thing that makes babies. Neither can females alone. So, apparently, if same-sexed people are to be recorded as married couples and parents together, which defies facts, biology, and reason, ANYTHING goes.

Again, we feel that all or some of the motivation to accommodate gay families as per its family history program has come from within the LDS Church. Homosexualism, among other radical -isms, appears to have taken over. Does this match up with our doctrine? In the LDS Standard Works is the scripture in Alma 6:3: And it came to pass that whosoever did belong to the church that did not repent of their wickedness and humble themselves before God---I mean those who were lifted up in the pride of their hearts---the same were rejected, and their names were blotted out, that their names were not numbered among those of the righteous. 

Did you get that? These are our holy scriptures. And they are being completely upended. Other scriptures go on to explain that proud, unrepentant sinners must not be allowed into the flock because they will lead the flock astray. They also say that as many times as sinners humble themselves before God and repent, they are to be welcomed back into the church. These essential true principles are being totally ignored.

A hundred years ago LDS Church President Joseph F. Smith wrote, " There are at least three dangers that threaten the Church within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that the people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see these, they are: 1. flattery of prominent men in the world, 2. false educational ideas and 3. sexual impurity. " Sure haven't heard much on these topics lately. Nope, no warnings. In fact, we've heard the opposite. We have to be gracious, get along with the world, be tolerant, be liked. We mustn't exaggerate evil; all opinions are of value (except those of people like us); there is no absolute truth. Sexual purity? That's impossible. Everybody lusts. So there is no problem with same-sex lust (attraction) being who you are. See

Most comments on the Deseret News article (apparently from Mormons) were supportive of this radical family history development. But there were a few thinking members who commented, including: 

"How do you record the family history of someone who is gay, then transgender, then gender-fluid, then something else, with multiple partners equally varied, and who have multiple 'family members' etc., within one lifetime. This will be a record-keeping nightmare." Art Santiago - Boise, Idaho

"I'm very disappointed in the Church. This implies the Church recognizes two gay men or two gay women with kids (however they were acquired) as a family? . . .I guess 'The Proclamation to the World' and what a family is just took a new meaning in the LDS theology?? . . What's next, gay weddings in LDS chapels, followed by gay temple marriages??" Joemamma - West Jordan, Utah

In a long list of compromises, equivocations, and voluntary forfeitures, (what has been called the Church's evolving position on homosexualism) this may be the worst thing yet that has happened in the Church regarding the acceptance of homosexuality, the denial of sin, and the disregarding of the sacrifice and grace of Jesus Christ, that is, God's Plan. And we are not alone in our assessment. Furthermore, we believe and hope that more people, as this wickedness escalates, will be waking up and turning back to Christ. As for the others, this gay family history nonsense, which is to be used both within the Church and available to the whole world, is just one more of the devil's flaxen cords being invisibly wound around their necks, leading them into bondage.

Even as false material is being produced, it's like the Word of God is being shredded.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Homophobia: A Derisive Name for True Beliefs

These days many of the admonitions we hear from our church mirror those we hear in the secular world. And they are very confusing and conflicting. We are indoctrinated toward diversity, and at the same time told we must be one. We are supposed to rely on and serve the Lord, and yet service to and reliance on one another is what is emphasized. They say all worldviews are welcome in our church, but the conservative worldview obviously isn't. More and more we hear words to the effect that traditional family values and age-old, virtuous, biblical ideals, for instance,  must be replaced with trending philosophies placing human beings and certain of their current whims at the center of our worship. 

Yes, as the secularist movement intrudes into churches, all that talk of diversity and tolerance shows its true colors. There are certain opinions, and it follows certain people, that are actually not welcome anymore. Furthermore, they are being called names. Here is a very recent example.

Anthony D. Perkins, a General Authority Seventy, said in a BYU Idaho Devotional, May 22, 2018, "We must shun bigotry of every kind. There is no room in this Church for sexism, racism, homophobia, Islamaphobia, immigrantaphobia, or any other phobia. There is room in this church for everyone."

Say again? How can there be no room for people who have some genuine beliefs about the issues he mentions (men and women are different, for example, which fact many consider sexist), but room for everyone? Did he really say two completely opposite things in the same paragraph?

There are several problems here. But let's discuss these unlovely words: bigotry and phobia.

Bigotry is now defined as applying to people who hold strong and unreasonable ideas especially about race or religion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, and other politically-charged issues of today. Here's the catch. In the world we are living in, where good is being called evil, and evil good, and only the elite get to decide what is reasonable or unreasonable, anybody who retains strong feelings towards important principles and problems which feelings are now unpopular is a bigot. So, pretty much, we're not to have strong, family-based, conservative, biblical beliefs on any of these important issues because such and so has now been declared bigoted. 

Now, phobia. The word homophobia is a misnomer, a very unkind and false one. As our friend and mentor Dean Byrd taught us, a phobia is a mental disorder, an irrational fear not based in reality. So people with mental disorders aren't welcome in church? Seriously, calling people homophobes simply because they believe homosexuality to be harmful and sinful and a dead-end according to scripture and biology and medicine and human experience is not a phobia. It's actually truth, righteousness, and common sense.

Homophobia is a made-up word concocted to intimidate and blacklist anybody who expresses anything, that means anything, against homosexuality that is, anything LGBTQ etc., from gay porn to gay marriage, from proclaiming unlimited self-imposed sex identities to cross-dressing to almost every form of physically acting out sexually to mutilating one's healthy hormones and genitalia under the guise of transgendering. The only remaining taboos anywhere in this sexual revolution scenario seem to be incest, child sex abuse, and child-adult sex, and these taboos are weakening as Godless progressivism marches on, apparently without much resistance. Without God all things are permitted, wrote Dostoevsky. 

Church leaders spouting admonitions against their pet -isms need to realize that the Church itself has a history of racism and sexism, which sexism continues, which it has never apologized for. They need to know they themselves, by their own definition, are "homophobes" because despite its softening toward and welcoming of self-identified homosexuals and homosexuality (see, the changing of the BYU honor code, the hanging on in the homosexualized BSA, and the donations to gay organizations, etc.,  the LDS Church has official doctrines and policies in place that discriminate against homosexual behavior (although the enforcement of these policies are conveniently left up to untrained local leaders of every ilk).

Because of this, advanced LDS homosexualists (those who fully embrace all things homosex)  continue to work toward the Church fully and openly embracing homosexualism in all its forms. Sarah Langford is one of those, an open bisexual Relief Society president in a BYU young marrieds ward, who works in the Missionary Training Center and who is married to a man professing to be gay. (Did you get all that?) She was a panelist at a recent BYU-sponsored event about "what it's like to be LGBTQ" at the school. (Notice how self-centric this topic is.  Who says something like this? There is no law, no sin, and no God in it.) One person in the group expressed a feeling of division between those "righteous and unrighteous gays," meaning those who stick in the church and say they are celibate, and those who wish to openly act out homosexually. He needn't hold his breath. Langford seems to consider herself an apologist for homosexualism in all its forms and a pioneer on "modeling for the rest of the church" what gay acceptance looks like, i.e. giving gay behaviors of all types a platform (we read: attention, inclusion, equal treatment as per temple marriage, etc.).

We repeat, homosexualists and those who are derisively called "homophobes," cannot both be equally preferred and supported. One group will be harmed. We can see which way the wind is blowing. 

Will the Church fully give in to the pressure of the sexual revolution and all other progressive concepts? It seems to have done so already in spirit if not completely in deed, and in the process has not only resorted to disingenuous name-calling but is deeply alienating its most truly religious and thinking members and causing a stark division within its congregations.One of our daughters told of a long pro-gay comment made by a woman in a Relief Society meeting recently that met with zero resistance. This is happening all over. Those of us with Godly ideals and values are no longer speaking up. We have received the message loud and clear. Our worldview, even though spelled out in the scriptures, is not allowed. What Brother Perkins proclaimed amounts to, If you believe in the scriptures [the Word of God, the Spirit] you are a bigot and a homophobe and not one of us.

Personally, we cannot in good conscience attend meetings where the opposite of what we believe, and have always believed, is taught and discussed (and blubbered over) as if true and righteous. Not only does this false teaching/discussion do violence to our treasured beliefs and dishonor the Lord Jesus Christ, it feels as if our presence would be an encouragement or amen to the lies. We seem to be having to avoid certain leaders, teachers, and fellow members in church settings, and only exchange polite greetings elsewhere. We are walking out of more and more meetings. We wish this were not necessary, we wish we could stay, we wish we could participate fully as we used to, we wish we could gather with countless people, friends unified by God's Word, discuss the welfare of our immortal souls, and share the peace and joy of the gospel of Jesus Christ together.

This veer to the secular left in our beloved church has happened by degrees, step by step, behind the scenes, flaxen cord by flaxen cord. We believe it all began with the weakening of a belief in the complete need for Jesus Christ as our Savior, the essential saving grace of Christ, of Christ being the only way we can be saved from our sins and receive eternal life, as we know from scripture. If Christ is not so very necessary, it's that much easier for sin to be rationalized. This is how homosexualism, and other radical stances, have crept in. Notice that there has been no public pronouncement or revelation revoking any scriptures or the Family Proclamation. And yet these things, largely, in spirit at least, have been abandoned. 

Need we say it's just not good for a church to be so divided among its members, especially by way of stealthily abandoning its former unequivocal stance upholding morality and true Christianity, that is, abandoning its standard works and doctrines---and then intimidating, alienating, even persecuting its true believers? Can it even call itself that same church, or a church at all?