Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LGBTBSA: Homosex For Kids

We have children's books promoting masturbation and homosexual behavior available in public school libraries. We have parades displaying all-but-naked lewd dancers in our capital city streets. We have entertainment media portraying casual sexual encounters, including homosexuality, as normal and good. Did we really need more proof that the sexual revolution is all about sex?

So many people, including many participating in one way or another, have been duped into thinking the LGBT juggernaut is all about a person's "gender identity." Wrong. It's about sex. And here's one more proof that make blow your mind if it isn't already blown.

The Boy Scouts of America, over the last five years, has gone from a conservative, God-based organization, to one that accepts and encourages openly homosexual "identity," and now to one that openly promotes homosexual sexual behavior for minors. An article from LifeSiteNews is entitled, "Boy Scouts to Make Condoms 'Readily and Easily Accessible' at Upcoming Global Gathering." Apparently, the World Organization of the Scout Movement has announced that the host organizations (Canada, US, and Mexico) for this jamboree that happens every four years, to be held in West Virginia, July 22-August 2, 2019, must ensure that condoms are to be available "at a number of locations on the site," available for minors age 12-17, as well as the adults on staff in charge (the IST, International Service Team). What, no prostitution huts like at the Olympics?

We ask you, is this about some poor child or youth who has got it into his head that he feels like a girl, or who merely identifies as "gay?" Is it about "diversity?" No. It's about having sex. Why else do they feel the need to provide condoms? In this case, there will mainly be males present, so it's about homosexual sexual behaviors. Carried on in secret, initiated by older males to boys, and from boys to other boys.

Seriously, why offer free condoms at a scout jamboree as if it's a gay pride festival? Males can't make babies so it's not about unwanted pregnancy.  Condoms do not completely prevent the transmission of STDs so it's not about preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Males notoriously don't like condoms and won't use them if they can get away with it, so it's not about actually using condoms for sexual activities. Anybody using their brain can see that this making condoms "readily and easily accessible" at a huge gathering of boys and men is really about promoting homosexual behavior. It's about giving boys the idea of homosex with the stamp of the Approval of Adult Authority. News flash: boys go for sex. Duh. This makes them sitting ducks for recruitment into homosexuality. We're surprised they don't have a homosexuality merit badge---yet.

This is condoms, like brightly wrapped candy arranged in bowls on tables, for pre-pubescent, adolescent kids to grab, kids away from their parents and under the influence of pro-homosexual-behavior-adults. Kids don't even know what condoms are, at least kids whose innocence hasn't been compromised. And they will grab them. And they will learn what they are for. And their innocence will be compromised. And their healthy sexual development will be interrupted. And their perverse sex education will begin or get a big boost.

It's all about promoting homosexual behavior to boys and the male adults in charge of them for twelve days, a total set-up for predatory child sexual abuse, a thing called pederasty as old an ancient Rome, in a word, debauchery.

This is what the LGBT movement is really about, and any person or organization that accepts, ministers in support of, or celebrates, the various "gay identities" always ends up accepting, and inherently promoting, high-risk, dead-end homosexual behaviors. This scenario has played out quite dramatically in the actions of the BSA in the last half-decade.

Evidently it's a short distance, if any, from a trumped-up perverse sexual identity to actual bad behavior, and the best time to recruit and enslave a people in Godlessness and sexual addiction is when they are young.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Pulse Survivor: Homosexual No More

Our grandson sent us a link to this:

"Going through old pictures of the night of Pulse, I remember my struggles of perversion, heavy drinking to drown out everything and having promiscuous sex that led to HIV. My struggles were real !" he recalled. "The enemy had its grip, and now God has taken me from that moment and has given me Christ Jesus."

This is the precious testimony of a young man named Luis Ruiz who was injured in the horrendous shooting up of the Florida gay nightclub, June 12, 2017, where 50 people died.

How about that? Repentant! Forgiven! Washed clean! Changed! Saved! This is the gospel of Jesus Christ in its plain and precious and glorious truth.

FYI, this event has been exploited to promote all things homosexual by way of purported gay victimization, but that is not true.The fact is, it was learned at the trial from the shooter's widow that the shooter didn't even know it was a gay nightclub; he had intended to attack Disney World and got spooked, so he chose the first nightclub that popped up on a Google search. But you won't hear that on the mainstream media. The gay juggernaut exploits everyone and everything to its advantage.

Back to our repentant gay, the truth is, if one person can do all sorts of awful, destructive things and turn to Christ and be changed and cleansed, so can we all. We are all sinners to some degree or another---it doesn't really matter in the big picture. What matters is that Jesus died for us to make it possible for us to repent and become new creatures with new desires and humble, grateful hearts centered in God. Jesus is equal to the task of taking upon himself our sins, be they small or great. Now that's the good news.

When it comes to the sin of homosexuality in all its forms, the change in Ruiz is not an isolated case. There are thousands of people who have left this sleazy, self-destructive world behind. We don't hear about most of them because this message is not allowed in the mainstream media, or even in schools or churches today. We don't hear about them because these humble people want to get on with living a decent life. We don't hear about them because if they do speak up about their choice and change away from the LGBT lifestyle and mindset, they are demeaned and challenged and persecuted to the point of death threats. Funny, people like us don't do that to gays. We don't get on their web sites and threaten them. Go figure.

Get our book, Captain of My Soul, to read a young Mormon's riveting true story of sin and redemption. And no, you won't find this book or this message hardly anywhere but here, at least in the Mormon culture. A recent reader said, "I read this book in two days. It was the best book I ever read. I am sending it to two homosexuals. I know their past is the same. Loved reading the book!"

To all the gays that read our blog: It is never too late to become someone new. Leave that unhealthy and dangerous world behind. Find the peace and goodness of God. Turn your hearts and minds and lives around. Jesus has his arms open for you, waiting to fill you with humility and gratitude and joy. God bless you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Why Homosexualists Never Speak of Rules or Risks

Has anyone else noticed that most gay affirming individuals and groups do not say anything about sexual purity, virtue, or chastity, inside or out? Absolutely nothing. These topics are absent even among those Mormons, for instance,who insist that gayness can be lived in a wholesome and celibate way. No, regarding this gay world there is never a word against the vices of lust or pornography or masturbation, vices that lead to sexual behaviors with other people. Neither is there any talk against the disease-ridden promiscuity so common in the gay life, even among those who insist they are a couple/married. Even gay monogamy (just as harmful as gay promiscuity when it comes to anal cancer caused by sodomy) does not pop up except as implied in gay "marriage."

Evidently gays are just not to be subject to or held responsible for the same rules as straight people are. Nor do any of these gay-affirming people issue any warnings about the very real off-the chart health and well being risks inherent in the gay lifestyle. Mental illness, disease, drugs, sexual and other abuse, domestic violence, and murder within the gay community are seldom if ever mentioned or emphasized in schools, churches, or in the mainstream news, and if they are spoken of they are mischaracterized.

For example, recently a couple of lesbians apparently ran themselves and their whole adopted family off a cliff, the vehicle's speedometer broken reading 90 mph.  The fact is, they had been reportedly abusive in more ways than one to the six children, and ended up deathly violent with at least one suicide and six or seven people murdered. Officials had been unsuccessful at investigating the reported child abuse, and the women fled taking their children when confronted. When we heard this on the radio, there was zero mention of lesbianism or child abuse. How irresponsible and harmful to society at large to leave these important facts out!

Incidents like these are not accurately reported or given the attention they need in our mainstream communities today. Instead, we hear endlessly of gay youth suicides, suicides that are blamed on a homophobic society, suicides in reality caused by all sorts of deeper issues that were and are ignored.
In addition we hear endlessly about diversity, and acceptance of, and ministering to this, that, and the other self-inflicted problem, including self-identified sexual aberration. The latest count is ninety human sexes. Not two. Ninety.

Doesn't the fact that there are no boundaries or warnings in regard to homosexulaity strike anyone as telling? Correct us if we're wrong. We hope we're wrong. But in our experience, we do not see or hear anything, not from media, not from schools, not from churches, not from gay organizations, not from medical associations, not even from families or friends of gays, about any rules or risks in connection with homosexual behaviors. No, there is no "safe sex" program in the LGBT world, not even for youth, even though it's the most deadly kind of sexual behavior there is. We never hear safety warnings among the gay community.  Hardly anybody talks about the facts, except maybe the CDC, which is disregarded. The only people who really care about the health of gays are marginalized. People like PFOX, Mass Resistance, a few medical people, us.

This is insane. There is no education, there are no facts, there is no gospel of Jesus Christ.

We never see a scenario of a coming-out or gay "marriage" where is included some interest or advice about abuse or pornography or promiscuity or lust or violence or disease, all common in the gay lifestyle. There is no reference to sexual purity (because sexual purity cannot exist in homosexuality) or mental health. We submit these glaring omissions exist because these people do not care one whit about truth or right and wrong. They don't care who they exploit or endanger. They don't care about human relationships. They don't care about the future of  homosexuals, here or in the next life. They don't care about goodness. What they care about is furthering a Godless, inhumane "progressivism." There must be a lot of very bitter and angry people caught up in this cause. Chances are they have been abused themselves, which is horrible and tragic, but does not excuse the doing of more wrongs.

One horrific wrong perpetrated by the pro-gay community (we're talking not just gay organizations anymore, but now schools, churches, and families) is its predatory nature. They increasingly do everything they can to target and label children with gender nonconformities, the younger the better. We used to call them a bit of a tomboy or a sissy, and they grew out of it. Now, it's immediately a permanent thing that has to be accepted and coddled.

Like the large family we sat behind the other Sunday when we were visiting a nearby congregation.  A little girl, maybe six years old, apparently much pampered, sported a pony tail and yet was obviously proudly dressed in a boy's suit, white shirt, and tie. Now, the parents had to have acquired and prepared those clothes just for her. In this day and age, surely the parents know there is a dangerous and perverse future sexual component to this act. Surely to purposely dress your child for church in obviously opposite sex clothing is a form of child abuse. And if the child insists, to borrow from Flannery O'Connor, a child's taste should not be consulted; it is being formed.

Yes, rather than face all sorts of truth, and stand for the truth come what may, these sorts of people would rather initiate/encourage/allow children into a world of sex, perverse sex especially, the kind that is sterile, that has no procreation possibilities or responsibilities. Apparently this gives progressives,  homosexuals and homosexualists alike, all sorts of thrills and/or self-aggrandizement. Yes, ostensibly decent people in positions of authority and influence are doing this. Parents, teachers, doctors, lawyers, judges, administrators, leaders. They call it compassion, service, ministering.

Speaking of lawyers and judges, another of the progressive pro-gay world's latest efforts is to outlaw any professional counseling of minors toward reparative therapy, that is, any SOCE counseling (sex orientation change efforts), which ONLY refers to forbidding helping young people change from gay to straight, not the other way around.

Of course there are all sorts of legal ways people can persuade kids toward experimentation and change from straight to gay: books, porn, chat rooms, web sites, gay school clubs, PTA, teachers, community centers, sex workshops, gay-affirming therapy, and on and on. Their common message is: try it, and here are several ways, and if you don't like it at first, give it time. Kids are told to be prepared for merely "recreational" sexual experiences and that they might need to reign in any fond romantic feelings for this or that person or it will get in the way of more sex. Does this sound like the gay "love" they are always touting??? This and much more from a Mormon pro-gay site's "For the Strength of Gay Youth." Please note, they are attempting to recruit kids, encouraging kids to try same-sex sex, telling them there is nothing wrong with the most dangerous and unnatural and phony kind of sex there is.

Again, no rules. The only stipulation seems to be: do sex, sex, and more sex, especially the kind that won't result in pregnancy or responsibility of any kind.  And if there is a warning it's a warning against feeling any guilt or shame. "Guilt and shame are useless emotions," says the Mormon gay site encouraging gay sex for kids. What hogwash this blanket statement is. While guilt and shame are not applicable when an innocent person has been abused and victimized by a predator, on the other hand, when you've really done something harmful and wrong, guilt and shame are helpful. They can lead you to quit doing it and repent. As Pascal said, There is no shame except in having no shame [when it is well deserved].

There are now ten states, and counting, that have enacted laws forbidding SOCE therapy for minors, a heinous development which does violence not only to parental rights but to the individual's desires and goals toward what they consider health and happiness. (Some individuals are miserable in the sleazy, narcissistic, rebellious environment and want out. Our son did, and succeded.)Why would anybody forbid others to get help out of something they don't want in their lives? It makes no sense unless it's about a greater and more nefarious purpose.

It doesn't matter to these people if the minor was abused sexually or exposed to porn or had his developing sexuality interfered with in any way. It doesn't matter to these people if the child or youth is unhappy with a gay mindset and wants to live a normal life in keeping with his beliefs and goals. All they care about is using people to accomplish their Godless ends, which include social experimentation, the total secularization of society, praise of men, pride, power, force, tyranny, you name it. It's easy to manipulate and exploit people who are addicts to their own base appetites.

Apparently progressivism/socialism/secularism/humanism is a huge temptation for people in every walk of life, a tendency as old as mankind. Their mantra goes something like: we are magnificent, let's rise up and make the world a perfect place by our own rules and our own management. And this is occurring even as such people profess to love God and follow Jesus. Many people are caught up heart and soul in these philosophies of men, all the while pretending at religion for reasons of their own. They are fine with all sorts of evils being perpetrated in favor of their faithless, misguided, and impossible human utopian pipe dream. They seem to have forgotten---that was Satan's plan.They seem to be unaware that they are themselves his legions, the anti-Christ.

Monday, April 30, 2018

See Something LGBT? Say Something.

In the space of one week one of our daughters has reported two in-your-face, totally out-of-place LGBT propaganda sightings in the course of her Utah Valley family life.

The first was at ninth grade orientation: a booth set up in the school manned by two girls with boyish haircuts. (The world we now live in says how you do your hair is meant to show the world the kind of perverse sexual behavior you prefer. Yes, that is what LGBT means.) The other was at church. It occurred at a big Mormon stake conference where one of the carefully-chosen speakers was a divorced mother of a transgender child who proceeded to normalize the child's condition, puff herself up, and lionize her stake president for his amazing "ministering" abilities. (Oh, so that is what this new ministering thing is about? Apparently that is how some people are taking it.)

What do you do when you are living in occupied territory, when your kids, whose characters and developing sexuality you are trying to form and guide correctly, are exposed by the most trusted authority figures and authoritative institutions in their world to lies and anarchy and evil posing as truth and order and goodness?

Well, our daughter is lodging  a complaint at the school, the school which is funded by her tax dollars. Perverse and dangerous sexual behaviors are being promoted to ninth graders, sans warnings. And that isn't safe for anybody. It amounts to contributing to the delinquency of minors, which is apparently legal nowadays. And you can bet this idea did not originate with the kids. Adults, with various purposes, are always behind these sorts of things, planning, encouraging, recruiting, carrying out. We call this child sexual abuse. To put it more mildly, school is not for sexualizing kids. It's for basic education, the old three R's.  Alas, so-called progressivism has taken over these institutions for the misguided utopianistic purposes of social experimentation.  

As for the Sunday meeting, our daughter gathered up her family and walked out of the building, stormed into our house (we live nearby), teenagers in tow, and burst into tears.

"I can't trust anything anymore!" she sobbed.

Image result for cedar hills stake centerOur son, who lives in the same stake walked out of the meeting, too, with this family. They will both be lodging a complaint with the powers that be, and will continue to walk out of meetings that turn out to be pulpits for gay propaganda---which is actually another name for anti-Christ---if there is no sin there is no punishment and no God and no Christ. Doesn't anybody read the scriptures anymore? If only everyone, or at least a huge chunk, would simply see what is going on in such meetings, stand up, and walk out. It's one way of saying something.That would certainly send a message. And as far as we know church members don't get disciplined for excusing themselves from meetings. Yet.

How unfair that this new sexual ideology (actually a sin as old as mankind), which is completely opposite to scripture, doctrine, biology, reality, and health, and even the opposite of recent and continued commonly-held values and ecclesiastical teachings, is being forced on people in trusted family settings! We bet 90 % of the people in those settings are rightly shocked by and opposed to the normalization of homosexuality and child homosexualization in school and church. And yet the administrators take it upon themselves to offend, even terrorize, and attempt to brainwash, everybody! What brashness has the human heart! How far will it push? (Euripides)

Those who surrender on one issue tend to surrender on others as well. That which is encouraged will increase. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. The triumph of sin comes with our failure to perceive it. Failing to stop evil leads to more evil. In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. Every uncorrected error and unrepented sin is, in its own right, a fountain of fresh error and fresh sin flowing on to the end of time. Redemption is meaningless unless there is cause for it in the actual life we live. These are only a few quotes off the tops of our heads from some of the wisest human beings who ever lived. 

We are living in enemy-occupied territory. Sacred trusts are being betrayed, which amounts to spiritual terrorism. It is a battle against principalities and powers. Hell is empty and all the devils are here (from Shakespeare's The Tempest). Of course the tide could always be turned by repentance, by a return to Christ. In the meantime, we will continue to teach those in our circle of influence God's truth. And if we see something, we will say something. Or at least walk out. 

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Why Mormons Have Gone Pro-Gay

Mormons have gone pro-gay, pro-gay marriage, pro-gay sex,pro-transgenderism, the whole homosexual enchilada. Yes, they have. Only a few of us are left holding our scriptures, standing our ground.

You don't think so? Ask around. Speak out against homosexuality. This is what you will get:

"Well, when there's someone in your family. . . :

"Well, it's complicated . . . "

"Well, I don't know anything about it . . .:

Well, they make such great parents. . . "

Well, you can't help who you love . . . "

"Well, what if they were really born that way . . . "

And on and on.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. All wrong.

These are excuses. They are rationalizations. They are nonsense. In a religious sense they are false idols.

Here's what has happened. Here's why Mormons, once thought to be a highly moral group, have left those morals far behind.

It's because they have put family and the world before God. Whether they have done this by having been deceived, or are complicit in the deception, it's that simple. 

Look, God gave us minds and hearts. We're supposed to use them. Everybody knows what homosex is. Everybody knows it's gross. But many are afraid of the workings of their own minds and hearts. They would rather rely on other people's conclusions than do their own homework and come to their own. In fact, they would rather not think, or even feel very much, so they take the wide, easy path. They would rather keep the status quo, retain their position, have no empty chairs, pretend everything is hunky dory, have everybody in the family photo, wear white clothes in fancy buildings, feel themselves to be charitable and open-minded, and gain popularity with the world, than stand against the evil wickedness of the times. They would even rather do all of the above than warn their family member of the physically risky and spiritually dead path they are on. That deserves an exclamation point. ! Ask anybody if they warn their gay friends or family members of the very real health risks and lifestyle dangers. Just ask them. We can tell you they probably don't.

A stake church leader actually angrily and incredulously and disdainfully spouted to us, "Do you want me to tell my [lesbian] sister she is doing something wrong???"

Uh, yeah.

Especially if you claim to be a follower of Christ. Especially if you actually care about the person.

And shouldn't we care about everybody?

Alas, this irreligious, immoral, moronic political correctness is the state most Mormons have come to, whether out of ignorance or fear or pride or whatever else bad. Instead of standing for truth and right, instead of caring about the temporal safety and immortal souls of these people, instead of testifying of law and sin and justice and Christ and his power to redeem, they are going right along. To put it bluntly, they are gullible and weak of faith. They don't really believe in Christ. They don't really think the gospel works. They have put other things before God. Hence, the devil is winding his invisible flaxen cords around their necks. They have fallen into the all-is-well-in-Zion trap, made laws unto themselves, and rely not on Christ but on themselves and other human beings, their manipulations and managements.

It's no mystery. This is exactly why people are embracing this age-old vice, whether they participate themselves or find pleasure in those that do.  

Friday, December 29, 2017

Are Celibate Gay Mormons Any Sort of Heroes?

Here at SoL we sure wish people would think things through a little. That's okay. We'll help you. Of course it's up to you to discern truth and error, good and evil, sin and righteousness. But at least you get to hear another side of things. The side that is hardly ever said or heard these days.

What we've been hearing, yes, from within our church, is that an actively gay middle-aged man who gives up gay sex so he can come back into full church fellowship is somewhat heroic. But wait, he lets everyone know he still lusts after sodomy. He even brags and jokes about his sex drive and glows over the delights he experienced during decades of sexual debauchery. (See our previous post, That We May Be Homosexualists.)

Heroic? Really? Doesn't he sound more like a dirty old man?

Bear in mind we are not not talking about people who quietly and privately resist and even conquer their demons and move on. We're talking about people who have had their cake and are still eating it. These are people who are pushing an agenda, the narrative that gay is who they are, that gay sex is not only harmless but wonderful, that not only the world but the church will come around sooner or later to embrace these relationships. And they are making great progress. When such a book as one of these proud gays has written is held up in a Sunday women's meeting as don't-miss reading, as it was in our ward, we are well on our way. In fact, we're there. And no, they won't stop. They will never stop. Evil will always triumph if good people do nothing to stop it. In this case, supposed good people are even encouraging it.

As usual, there is so much wrong with this whole thing we don't know where to begin. So we'll just begin anywhere.

Just because a man says he is celibate or has given up committing sodomy, are there other related habits he is engaged in? Even so, is a man who is helped to overcome some noxious sexual habit like masturbation and pornography addiction a hero? Is a man who merely gives up prostitutes heroic? Is a married man who gives up adultery a hero? Is a man who once sexually molested and abused children any sort of public hero? Ever?

 Are single straight celibate people heroes? We never hear anything about them. Are straight fornicators who gave it up heroes? Are former adulterers heroes? How about former pedophiles? We never hear anything about them either. In fact, such things are not even spoken of.  Why is it that only gays, and among the orthodox Mormon culture for the time being, only supposed celibate gays, considered heroes? Especially and particularly.

What this is is nonsense. The sexual drive is a human trait, not a gay trait. 

Are any sinners (which means all of us) heroes for the sole reason that we cease to commit some outward sin? Really? If we give up one sin, aren't there more sins we have to work on?  What about sins of the heart, as in sexual purity? In fact, should we fallen humans ever allow ourselves to be thought of as spiritual heroes? 

In the case of gay Mormons, for instance, what if they define celibacy differently than most other people? What aspects of the lifestyle are they still engaging in? Porn? Masturbation? Phone sex? These activities are staples of homosexuality. What if they gave it up just because they got caught? What if they got older and didn't care so much about sex anymore? What if they just couldn't get a gay sex partner they liked? What if they saw something else they now want more? What if they calculated on gaining another sort of selfish advantage? What if they are just saying they gave it up? Is there proof? Has a lot of time passed?

Shouldn't it matter why the person gave it up? If it was really to get back into the church, shouldn't it matter why they want back into the church? What if they just want to make names for themselves and further the acceptance of the gay identity, and then the behaviors? It's certainly being furthered! Churches everywhere have completely reversed their position on homosexuality in the last 10-15 years! Bible or no Bible!

Shouldn't it matter what this person's character is? Shouldn't it matter what his beliefs and desires are? Shouldn't it matter if he has experienced a mighty change of heart? Shouldn't we care about these things for the safety of those in the flock and for the sake of the individual's own precious immortal soul? The scriptures are certainly clear. A person can repent as many times as necessary, and be fully welcomed back into the fold, that is, after some time passes as evidence of his repentance.

But wait. Hold it right there. Nowhere in this now popular celibate gay Mormon narrative that people are gobbling up and swallowing whole are the words sin and repentance. In other words, there is no gospel of Jesus Christ in this scenario. All we have is the outward politically correct appearance of things. Nothing about sin. Nothing about the heart. No mighty change. Nothing about Christ as our essential Savior from sin. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

This is what happens when we pretend at Christianity, when we secularize religion, when we have become first-class hypocrites. This is what happens when we put human beings and human desires and human positioning, in other words, the world, before God. Christ is mischaracterized beyond recognition. Something else more popular takes his place. And plenty of people unthinkingly go for it.

Who knew that so many people would forsake the Lord to take up the banner of something as stupid and gross as perverse sexual appetite, that is, lust? There are many other false idols, but, incredibly, this one highly politicized and distorted issue has become the national taste and is leading many people on that broad path away from Christ.

Believing in and having faith in Christ is for people who are desperately interested in forgiveness, who long to be forgiven of their sins, their flaws, their faults, their humanness. It's not for people who have little or no sense of sin, who perceive little or no need for redemption, who think they can sufficiently manage themselves so as to avoid relying fully on Christ. Such people, if they claim to be followers of Christ, are the worst kind of hypocrite. Real followers of Christ believe he is the only way. 

To borrow from Hugh Nibley, the righteous are those who are repenting; the wicked are those who are not.

Perhaps, in a private circle of family and friends, people who forsake their sins and sinful desires, inside and out, gay "identity" included, could be regarded as a type of hero in that they chose to leave behind a pleasurable and destructive and difficult-to-overcome sin and turned their lives around, while all the world mocked and derided them. As we recall Jordan Peterson putting it, being a real hero means you've done something positive, not just quit doing something evil.
More accurately, they should be regarded as repentant sinners, precious, humble, even holy. But there is no such scenario and no such doctrine coming from Mormon homosexualists, who seem to have a strangle hold on the powers that be. And make no mistake. Anybody, yes, anybody, who makes excuses for homosexual identity, lusts, and/or acts (that includes gay marriage) is a homosexualist.

And yes, we will be judged on our desires. There is no hiding those from the Lord, now or ever. Nothing unclean can dwell in God's presence. That includes a dirty mind. And that includes any sort of worldliness. The only way to become clean is by repentance through the blood of Christ. Crazy how nowadays this kind of talk sounds stodgy and overzealous and weirdly religious to most people. But it's absolutely true and we rarely say it or hear it anymore, even in church. We're even worse than the Zoramites.

There is only One True Hero where we sinners are concerned, and people are free to take him or leave him. That Hero is Christ, and only those who have truly repented of any sin, large or small, know who he is.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Born Yesterday

“Janice, please do something to control your rage, or at least how you express it. It is unwomanly for you to rant and rave like an angry longshoreman. Be a submissive, quiet woman and the men of your stake may once again look upon you with favor. I will pray to Heavenly Father that you once again speak and act like a godly woman.”  

That was a comment sent anonymously a couple of years ago in response to Janice’s blog post about the disastrous Supreme Court gay marriage decision. Let it sink in a minute.
Image result for born yesterday movie

Everybody should watch the great movie, originally a play, "Born Yesterday," starring Judy Holliday and Broderick Crawford. With five daughters, it was required watching at our house. It portrays a shallow, naive, and uneducated young woman allowing herself to be constantly verbally abused and put down by her tyrannical, brutish, greedy and scheming fiancĂ©. While in Washington D.C. on a nefarious business trip, the fiancĂ© engages a smart young reporter, played by William Holden, to tutor Billie so she won’t embarrass him in front of important people. But unexpectedly, Billie takes to truth like a fish to water and subsequently triumphs over her cruel oppressor. Yes, the truth sets her free. In the process of her awakening she marvels at the profound inscription on the Jefferson Memorial, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”  Amen.

The above comment was most likely written by a male in our ward or stake congregation (we have some ideas who), who ostensibly seems to care more about putting Janice in her place as a female and correcting her perceived personality flaws rather than the very real powers and principalities being discussed. Apparently this person is reading our blog and yet pretends to be squeamish about the topic, a topic constantly in the public discourse, indeed, in the Supreme Court. He sounds like a person from two centuries ago, and yet he is adept at using modern technology. Go figure.

And we’re just getting started. In today’s world what kind of man, withholding his identity, tells any woman that if she is more submissive and quiet she can hope to be again “looked upon with favor” by a bunch of strange men? It sounds positively Nathaniel Hawthorne–esque. Bring on the scarlet A, not for Adulteress but for writing an Article! On an obscure blog! And what does this looking at a woman with favor even mean?  It could certainly be construed as sexual harassment in this day and age. Can you imagine a man saying such things to a woman in the workplace? What is this—Hollywood? Congress? Oh wait, it's Church.

It’s just like how only the racists insist on talking about race all the time; only people obsessed with sex insist on pointing out the sex of a person when it has nothing to do with the business at hand.  

If misogyny were the only evil underlying this email that would be bad enough. But we believe this is not what this is. This is an ad hominem attack aimed at dismissing our politically incorrect and biblical beliefs. What it is really saying is, “You better shut yourself up, girl,” under the false pretense of caring about Janice’s measure of womanliness (excuse me?)and favor among men (ick), as if such a thing is any of this person’s business. 

Ridiculous personal attack aside, we thought we’d share this twisted comment to show how  liberals shamelessly attempt to intimidate the person they disagree with instead of confronting the issues, how worldly progressive secularism has infiltrated what have been regarded as conservative scriptural moral churches, how leftists seek to silence and manipulate conservative thought and expression any way they can think of, and how such  people, for all their talk of "gender equality," like nothing more than to put people down, man or woman, whenever it is expedient. 

We are reposting the so-called “angry,” “unwomanly” article that prompted this bizarre comment. Read Janice’s intelligent and measured (and constitutionally-protected) expression of deeply held biblical and moral beliefs.It contains no ad hominem attacks, no vulgarity, no profanity. Not even any caps or exclamation marks. If the term “fake sex” is offensive, people can take it up with Pope Benedict who coined the phrase.

After reading, you may want to reflect on this: You may be sitting next to a passive-aggressive homosexualist, at least a sexist, and for sure a sneaking hypocrite, in your own church pew. 
In response to this cowardly anonymous email, we quote the newly freed and irrepressible Billie in Born Yesterday: “Fascist!”

What a great movie, and funny, too. 

A Red, White, and Blue Celebration of Fake Sex

Today five bad judges on the nation's Supreme Court unlawfully presumed to impose the celebration of a certain type of sexual immorality on 300 million people. Tonight the White House isn't white, but painted in gigantic rainbow lights in a proud celebration of what God's Holy Word refers to as an abomination.

We really don't have much to say we haven't already said since 2005 when we launched Standard of Liberty. But (heavy sigh) we'll continue to practice our constitutional rights to free speech and the free exercise of our religion while we still can without being fined or jailed. Or worse.

What's the most celebrated of all human ceremonies? It may be marriage. What is marriage? It's two people uniting in a commitment in the only form---male and female---capable of bringing forth children. Of course there is no such thing as marriage between two men or two women. You can call it something , but you can't rightly call it marriage.What has happened is that gay activists, who don't care a thing about marriage, have hijacked this institution in order to further their power-hungry, Godless cause.

Most people have been fooled by clever rhetoric and emotional appeal. Did you see all the posters emblazoned with the word love at the U. S. Supreme Court Building today on the news? This word has also been hijacked. Love is not the definition of  gayness. It's about sex. Take away the sex and there is no special relationship between these people. In fact, if the sex is compromised they move on or get violent in many cases. Truth is, people can love each other to the moon and back without any sort of sexualization going on; in fact most fond and loving relationships are nonsexual, such as parents and children, siblings, relatives, friends, roommates, comrades-in-arms, colleagues, teachers and students. For all the fondness that gays profess for their partners (of which there are usually many), love is not the thing that makes their relationships unique. The defining aspect of homosexuality is same-sex sex, not love.

But is homosex real sex? Since sex is what married people do, gays have co-opted  marriage, but dishonestly, because gays can never mate. They can lust their hearts out and sex-ish around all they want, but they can't do the thing that makes babies. All they can do is imagine and playact some fake way of mating which satisfies their sexual urges, which sexual urges are just sexual urges that can be satisfied, like an appetite, in the one appropriate way or any number of inappropriate ways. So it isn't about love, but what Pope Benedict called fake sex. Why should fake sex be celebrated? Why should a few people decide that the whole country must celebrate fake sex?

Everything sex activists do and say on this issue is done to thumb their noses at God and God's boundaries for human sexuality. In reality, however they got to this sad, bitter place, they are the haters. They hate facts. They hate responsibility. They hate goodness. They hate normalcy. They hate contentment. They hate righteousness. They hate posterity. They hate God and Christianity, which is what they have been aiming at destroying all along.

It's not pity they want. It's not tolerance they want. It's not acceptance they want. They want celebration. They want preferential treatment. They want us all to be forced to celebrate wickedness and distortion and meaninglessness. They want evil called good and good called evil. And anybody standing for their biblical beliefs or speaking the truth on this subject or warning young people about the very particular and inordinate dangers inherent in these behaviors is to be marginalized, shamed, and punished.

These are enemies of God. They may call themselves "regular folks" and make themselves appear wholesome and decent. But they do, and/or promote and encourage, lusts and behaviors they know are a crime against nature. It's all in the scriptures. There's nothing new under the sun.

No, it's not about love. We see gushing emotional displays between homosexuals, but the fact is people who really love each other don't violate each other's bodies contrary to nature. Sodomy (which decent heterosexuals never do and what homosexuals engage in regularly) commits violence on the human body; it ruins people's private parts and spreads disease. Ask any doctor who treats these people. Homosexuality is also pornographic and promiscuous by nature. It is sadistic and filthy and is kept alive by lust. Those homosexualists who profess any godly faith are hypocrites. In effect homosexuals desecrate God's word and their own minds and bodies.

What other fake things will we soon be forced to celebrate? Fake education, fake religion, fake science, fake compassion, fake love? Oh wait, that's already happening. The sky's the limit. Or should we say, hell is bottomless? Without God every evil thing is permitted.