Saturday, June 16, 2018

LGBTQ Family Group Sheets!?!?

The news is that the LDS Church has now decided to record gay marriages/families in its genealogy/family history data base. Seriously.

Let's try to make sense of this. Family search, family group sheets, in other words, finding a person's ancestors, their names and any other information, is something people like to do these days. Mormons have been doing it for 150 years or so, in order to do sacred ordinance work for their dead. When we were students at BYU in the 1970s family history was pounded into our consciousness and you felt like you were sinning if you didn't take regular field trips lugging your huge Book of Remembrance to the family history library in Salt Lake City to search out your ancestors and fill in endless forms, even if the work had already been done by someone else. Nowadays, Mormons also like the stories they unearth and some sort of connection they feel to these people they never met. We at Standard of Liberty feel that the only real and lasting value in researching one's ancestors is discovering their journeys toward and testimonies of Christ as an example and encouragement, but this doesn't seem to be emphasized or even spoken of. Family Search, apart from temple work, appears to be a purely sociological endeavor, that is, all about human relationships, however closely or distantly people are related. We're all related after all, whether we "evolved" from nothing or are Adam and Eve's offspring. Go figure.

Now, we understand that the LDS Church is very proud of its genealogical setup that supplies information to the whole world. In addition, there is a huge trend for people to find their blood lines through DNA testing. But the entire premise is based on male-female mating and their offspring. Adoptive children can embrace their adoptive family for all intents and purposes, and/or seek out their biological roots. With gays, it's much more complicated. The whole male-female template is blown to bits. Imagine a gay couple, each person raised by a gay couple, and on back. Imagine one or more were married heterosexually previously and have biological offspring and got divorced? Are the same children on different family group sheets? (No wonder there is already so much duplication on temple work!). Imagine one of the gays in the couple used a surrogate or artificial insemination. Imagine bisexuals married to one or more of each. Imagine plenty more scenarios. The gay family group sheet? A farce. And a mess. Do they really think there is any order in this arbitrariness? Do they forget what the letters LGBT stand for?

In a LGBT coupling, the two never supply a father and a mother to anybody, unless the record supplies more names, such as the identity of the surrogate or sperm donor or biological parentage. In heterosexual marriage, whether artificial means such as adoption, surrogacy, sperm donation, etc., are used, there is still mother and father on the group sheet.

The excuse the Church is using for this move is  to "capture, store, and provide records and an accurate genealogy that represents past, present, and future families of the world." Really? These are families? These records are going to be accurate? They are going to make sense and order in the world?  Homosexuals have future families? To now accommodate legally "married" same-sex couplings and their claimed children in their record-keeping, the Church must in its own words do some "significant redesigning" of their record-keeping system. Can't use the words husband and wife, can they? Sounds more like California than a church.
News flash. This accommodation stuff, these special group sheets, these separately designed forms, will not at any future time be acceptable to the gay agenda. All must be equal. The only solution they will allow will be the same form for everyone. In other words, goodbye to the words husband, wife, mother, father, male and female in the ancestry data base world! Just look at California. These words are increasingly disallowed in the public arena. We will say it again: this movement is about destroying our way of life. If homosexuality is normal, then heterosexuality is abnormal, someday soon perhaps even criminal.

Think about it. Is a phony marriage, legal or not, really worthy of  a record? In addition, you can bet this pressure is coming from homosexualists within the church. LGBT couples with Mormon ties (they are supposed to be excommunicated but we don't hear of it happening--it's handled locally by lay-clergy on a case-by-case basis) and their supporters are behind this and will be the first to have their forms filled out.

Let's recall that these relationships are immoral and high-risk, harmful in many ways, and against God's laws; to be more specific, they are sodomitic and nongenerative. These are people who abuse and mock and exploit for sinful pleasure their bodies and the God-given procreative power. The very nature of their lusts and behaviors is pornographic and pathological, causing all sorts of mental, physical, and spiritual sickness. Licentiousness is worthy of  formal recognition as if normal and natural and healthy? Really? And here is this church putting its stamp of approval on it.

Is this a church or is it not? There are plenty of  ancestry-recording entities besides the LDS Church who will do this meaningless dirty work. Why in heaven's name is a church getting into it?  Not only is it wrong, but the data itself will be a mess of confusion and arbitrary nonsense. If they care so much about everybody and are going to be so very technical, who needs marriage? Why not keep records of unmarried couples and their illegitimate offspring? Aren't they important, too? Why not keep records of aborted children? They got their bodies. Many people have recorded and formally buried and mourn for their stillborn or miscarried babies. 

We suppose all this record-keeping is predicated on legalized relationships. But so what? The gay agenda is all about societal normalization/legitimization of their out-of-bounds sexual relationships, and delegitimization/denormalization of heterosexuality. Now that adult sodomy is legal and even celebrated and destigmatized through "marriage," the next wave, that is, pedophilia, incest, polygamy, bestiality, and more, are up for legalization also. We'd like to see how those relationships are going to be recorded on a family group sheet! How do you record a daughter who is also a wife? Or a child who is also a grandchild? Or a mother who is also a sibling? Or a man married to a dog who adopts a human? Can you even wrap your mind around these things? And yet they are happening and the LDS Church is setting itself up to legitimize it all.

This is not hyperbole. We have reached the point where a man can marry another man and the whole idea is totally accepted and celebrated by society. Biologically, this is more outrageous than opposite-sex incest or opposite-sex pedophilia. Males alone cannot do the thing that makes babies. Neither can females alone. So, apparently, if same-sexed people are to be recorded as married couples and parents together, which defies facts, biology, and reason, ANYTHING goes.

Again, we feel that all or some of the motivation to accommodate gay families as per its family history program has come from within the LDS Church. Homosexualism, among other radical -isms, appears to have taken over. Does this match up with our doctrine? In the LDS Standard Works is the scripture in Alma 6:3: And it came to pass that whosoever did belong to the church that did not repent of their wickedness and humble themselves before God---I mean those who were lifted up in the pride of their hearts---the same were rejected, and their names were blotted out, that their names were not numbered among those of the righteous. 

Did you get that? These are our holy scriptures. And they are being completely upended. Other scriptures go on to explain that proud, unrepentant sinners must not be allowed into the flock because they will lead the flock astray. They also say that as many times as sinners humble themselves before God and repent, they are to be welcomed back into the church. These essential true principles are being totally ignored.

A hundred years ago LDS Church President Joseph F. Smith wrote, " There are at least three dangers that threaten the Church within, and the authorities need to awaken to the fact that the people should be warned unceasingly against them. As I see these, they are: 1. flattery of prominent men in the world, 2. false educational ideas and 3. sexual impurity. " Sure haven't heard much on these topics lately. Nope, no warnings. In fact, we've heard the opposite. We have to be gracious, get along with the world, be tolerant, be liked. We mustn't exaggerate evil; all opinions are of value (except those of people like us); there is no absolute truth. Sexual purity? That's impossible. Everybody lusts. So there is no problem with same-sex lust (attraction) being who you are. See

Most comments on the Deseret News article (apparently from Mormons) were supportive of this radical family history development. But there were a few thinking members who commented, including: 

"How do you record the family history of someone who is gay, then transgender, then gender-fluid, then something else, with multiple partners equally varied, and who have multiple 'family members' etc., within one lifetime. This will be a record-keeping nightmare." Art Santiago - Boise, Idaho

"I'm very disappointed in the Church. This implies the Church recognizes two gay men or two gay women with kids (however they were acquired) as a family? . . .I guess 'The Proclamation to the World' and what a family is just took a new meaning in the LDS theology?? . . What's next, gay weddings in LDS chapels, followed by gay temple marriages??" Joemamma - West Jordan, Utah

In a long list of compromises, equivocations, and voluntary forfeitures, (what has been called the Church's evolving position on homosexualism) this may be the worst thing yet that has happened in the Church regarding the acceptance of homosexuality, the denial of sin, and the disregarding of the sacrifice and grace of Jesus Christ, that is, God's Plan. And we are not alone in our assessment. Furthermore, we believe and hope that more people, as this wickedness escalates, will be waking up and turning back to Christ. As for the others, this gay family history nonsense, which is to be used both within the Church and available to the whole world, is just one more of the devil's flaxen cords being invisibly wound around their necks, leading them into bondage.

Even as false material is being produced, it's like the Word of God is being shredded.