Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Born Yesterday

by Janice Graham

“Janice, please do something to control your rage, or at least how you express it. It is unwomanly for you to rant and rave like an angry longshoreman. Be a submissive, quiet woman and the men of your stake may once again look upon you with favor. I will pray to Heavenly Father that you once again speak and act like a godly woman.”  

That was a comment sent anonymously a couple of years ago in response to my SoL blog post about the disastrous Supreme Court gay marriage decision. Let it sink in a minute.
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Everybody should watch the great movie, originally a play, "Born Yesterday," starring Judy Holliday and Broderick Crawford. With five daughters, it was required watching at our house. It portrays a shallow, naive, and uneducated young woman allowing herself to be constantly abused and put down by her tyrannical, brutish, greedy and scheming fiancĂ©. While in Washington D.C. on a nefarious business trip, the fiancĂ© engages a smart young reporter, played by William Holden, to tutor Billie so she won’t embarrass him in front of important people. But unexpectedly, Billie takes to truth like a fish to water and subsequently triumphs over her cruel oppressor. Yes, the truth sets her free. Is it "rage" she is suddenly showing? No, it's that wonderful and necessary thing called righteous indignation. In the process of her awakening she marvels at the profound inscription on the Jefferson Memorial, “I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.”  Amen.

The above comment was most likely written by a male in our ward or stake congregation (we have a good idea who), who ostensibly seems to care more about putting me in my place as a female and correcting my perceived personality flaws rather than the very real powers and principalities being discussed. Apparently this person is reading our blog and yet pretends to be squeamish about the topic, a topic constantly in the public discourse, indeed, now a huge topic in the United States Supreme Court! He sounds like a person from two centuries ago, and yet he is adept at using modern technology. Go figure.

And we’re just getting started. In today’s world what kind of man, withholding his identity, tells any woman that if she is more submissive and quiet she can hope to be again “looked upon with favor” by a bunch of men? It sounds positively Nathaniel Hawthorne–esque. Bring on the scarlet A, not for Adulteress but for writing an Article. On an obscure blog. And what does this "looking at a woman with favor" even mean?  It could certainly be construed as sexual harassment in this day and age. Can you imagine a man saying such things to a woman in the workplace? What is this—Hollywood? Congress? Oh wait, it's church.

It’s just like how only the racists insist on talking about race all the time; only sexists insist on pointing out the sex of a person when it has nothing to do with the business at hand.  

If misogyny were the only evil underlying this email that would be bad enough. But we believe this is not what this is. This is an ad hominem attack aimed at dismissing our politically incorrect and deeply held biblical beliefs, for whatever uncomfortable reason. What it is really saying is, “You better shut yourself up, girl,” under the false pretense of caring about my emotional health (what?), measure of womanliness (excuse me?), and favor among certain men (ick!), as if any of these things were any of this person’s business. 

Ridiculous personal attack aside, we thought we’d share this twisted comment to show how  an intellectually dishonest coward shamelessly attempted to intimidate the person who makes him feel uncomfortable instead of bravely facing important issues. It also shows how worldly progressive secularism has infiltrated what have been regarded as conservative scriptural moral churches, how leftists seek to silence and manipulate conservative thought and expression any way they can think of, and how some people, for all the talk of "gender equality," like nothing more than to put people down whenever it is expedient. 

We are here reposting the so-called “angry,” “unwomanly” article that prompted this bizarre comment. It contains no ad hominem attacks, no vulgarity, no profanity. Not even any caps or exclamation marks. If the term “fake sex” is offensive, people can take it up with Pope Benedict who coined the phrase.

After reading, you may want to reflect on this: You may be sitting next to a passive-aggressive homosexualist, at least a cowardly sexist, and for sure a sneaking hypocrite, in your own church pew. 
In a one-word response to this anonymous emailer, we quote the newly freed and irrepressible Billie in Born Yesterday: “Fascist!”

Ha! What a great movie.

A Red, White, and Blue Celebration of Fake Sex

Today five bad judges on the nation's Supreme Court unlawfully presumed to impose the celebration of a certain type of sexual immorality on 350 million people. Tonight the White House isn't white, but painted in gigantic rainbow lights in a proud celebration of what God's Holy Word refers to as an abomination.

We really don't have much to say we haven't already said since 2005 when we launched Standard of Liberty. But (heavy sigh) we'll continue to practice our constitutional rights to free speech and the free exercise of our religion while we still can without being fined or jailed. Or worse.

What's the most celebrated of all human ceremonies? It may be marriage. What is marriage? It's two people uniting in a commitment in the only form---male and female---capable of bringing forth children. Of course there is no such thing as marriage between two men or two women. You can call it something, but you can't rightly call it marriage.What has happened is that gay activists, who don't care a thing about marriage, have hijacked this institution in order to further their power-hungry, Godless cause.

Most people have been fooled by clever rhetoric and emotional appeal. Did you see all the posters emblazoned with the word love at the U. S. Supreme Court Building today on the news? This word has also been hijacked. Love is not the definition of  gayness. It's about sex. Take away the sex and there is no special relationship between these people. In fact, if the sex is compromised they move on or get violent in many cases. Truth is, people can love each other to the moon and back without any sort of sexualization going on; in fact most fond and loving relationships are nonsexual, such as parents and children, siblings, relatives, friends, roommates, comrades-in-arms, colleagues, teachers and students. For all the fondness that gays profess for their partners (of which there are usually many), love is not the thing that makes their relationships unique. The defining aspect of homosexuality is same-sex sex, not love.

But is homosex real sex? Since sex is what married people do, gays have co-opted  marriage, but dishonestly, because gays can never mate. They can lust their hearts out and sex-ish around all they want, but they can't do the thing that makes babies. All they can do is imagine and playact some fake way of mating which satisfies their sexual urges, which sexual urges are just sexual urges that can be satisfied, like an appetite, in the one appropriate way or any number of inappropriate ways. So it isn't about love, but what Pope Benedict called fake sex. Why should fake sex be celebrated? Why should a few people decide that the whole country must celebrate fake sex?

Everything sex activists do and say on this issue is done to thumb their noses at God and God's boundaries for human sexuality. In reality, however they got to this sad, bitter place, they are the haters. They hate facts. They hate responsibility. They hate goodness. They hate normalcy. They hate contentment. They hate righteousness. They hate posterity. They hate God and Christianity, which is what they have been aiming at destroying all along.

It's not pity they want. It's not tolerance they want. It's not acceptance they want. They want celebration. They want preferential treatment. They want us all to be forced to celebrate wickedness and distortion and meaninglessness. They want evil called good and good called evil. And anybody standing for their biblical beliefs or speaking the truth on this subject or warning young people about the very particular and inordinate dangers inherent in these behaviors is to be marginalized, shamed, and punished.

These are enemies of God. They may call themselves "regular folks" and make themselves appear wholesome and decent. But they do, and/or promote and encourage, lusts and behaviors they know are a crime against nature. It's all in the scriptures. There's nothing new under the sun.

No, it's not about love. We see gushing emotional displays between homosexuals, but the fact is people who really love each other don't violate each other's bodies contrary to nature. Sodomy (which decent heterosexuals never do and what homosexuals engage in regularly) commits violence on the human body; it ruins people's private parts and spreads disease. Ask any doctor who treats these people. Homosexuality is also pornographic and promiscuous by nature. It is sadistic and filthy and is kept alive by lust. Those homosexualists who profess any godly faith are hypocrites. In effect homosexuals desecrate God's word and their own minds and bodies.

What other fake things will we soon be forced to celebrate? Fake education, fake religion, fake science, fake compassion, fake love? Oh wait, that's already happening. The sky's the limit. Or should we say, hell is bottomless? Without God every evil thing is permitted.