Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Where Straight Means Hate

In the last post we talked about how all homosexualist terms such as gay, SSA, and transgender set no limits and are not about loving who you want to love, but about breaking down the barriers of human sex and sexuality. Now we're going to give more evidence and show the next step in progress: how if you insist on having traditional ideas about sex and sexuality and want only these true and right ideas taught to children, or even if you are just plain straight personally, you are a hateful bigot.

Case in point: A July 7, 2017 article in Teen Vogue magazine (printed and online), for girls 12-17, called, "Anal Sex: What You Need to Know, How to do it the right way." This is an article describing how to perform the act of sodomy as "a perfectly natural way to engage in sexual activity. Just know that it isn't weird or gross  . . ." although the writer admits, "poop is involved . . . It's not a big deal. Everybody poops." (Hello. That's why the scriptures call this act "filthy.")

The last line reads, "Anal sex and anal stimulation can be awesome, and if you want to give it a go, you do that. More power to you." We'll say this next point more than once: nowhere in the original article is there a single mention of the inordinate risks involved or of any safety measures. Later, because of pushback, the magazine updated the online article with one short paragraph warning to use condoms because "STIs are widespread and abundant."

How's that for caring about "safe sex?" You know, for kids.

An immediate outcry against this article arose on several levels and for several reasons, one being, why are adults pushing any kind of sexual activity on minors? And then, of course, what kind of perverts are pushing sodomy for kids? Make that girls. Go figure.

So there's no such thing as homosex anymore, if everybody is supposed to be doing it? Interesting, this whole gay thing started with this special same-sex attraction identity and now there's nothing special about it! The behaviors are open to everyone! It's all fluid! We hope people can finally see the true nature of this sexual movement. Anything goes.

One of the arguments in favor of this article is the old kidsaregoingtodoitanyway so we better tell them how. Really?
"How can you expect young women to not get pregnant without access to reproductive health care?" defended Phillip Pacardi, editor of Teen Vogue. What? Teaching sodomy is reproductive heath care? This guy is the editor of a girls' magazine? He goes on, "The backlash to this article is rooted in homophobia. It's also laced in arcane delusion about what it means to be a young person today." What? Arcane delusion? We know one huge difference about being a young person today is how oversexed adults with any sort of authority and power are using every opportunity to teach them sex, sex, and more sex!
"Even the CDC says that sodomy is the riskiest sexual behavior for getting and transmitting HIV," reports Elizabeth Johnson, the Activist Mommy who came out publicly against this article. The gay activist response to her was, all the more reason we have to teach them how to do it right! And yet the original article did not have one single mention of condoms or warning of disease. (Incidentally, condoms do not necessarily provide any protection.) These perverts project their own perversity onto innocent kids for reasons of their own. Trust us, kids don't like poop, so no, they weren't going to figure that one out for themselves. This is admittedly an introduction to sodomy. Kids aren't generally doing this. And perverts know it, and know they have to teach it. Remember, attitudes toward sex and sexuality are taught and learned, good or bad, right or wrong---see Plato. (Honestly, people need to crack some classics.) 

Yes, the Chicago Tribune and Vogue said those who are complaining about this article are homophobic. And yet the magazine and the article do not indicate they are for gay girls particularly. So where's the homophobia? People are just really mad the article is peddling obscenity to minors. Obviously Vogue, etc. does not believe sodomy to be obscene. Are we to assume they are finally admitting homosexuality isn't an identity: it's just about sex, sex, and more sex? If so, homophobia afflicts people who are against obscenity for children, including the peddling of sodomy; homophobia is not about being afraid of or against people. Thank you. We are homophobes then. And proud of it.

And there's that hate again. Adults are considered full of hate because they don't want other adults encouraging minors to perform perverse and very dangerous sex. Apparently they, the perverts, are the ones in charge of teaching kids about sex, not people who actually care about kids'  well being. These people are really sick.

This is called contributing to the delinquency of minors and it is against the law. It's also called distribution of obscene material to children, which is also against the law.

We're pretty sure hating this outrage is the right thing to do.
Another case in point: An online site called twitchy reported a tweet posted by "Zinnia Jones," a he-she transgender, referring to dating services. "I don't see a problem with telling straight guys who are exclusionary of transwomen partners that they should try to work through that . . . These angry declarations that they have some absolute right to not want to be with transwomen are just misplaced and inappropriate." (This shows how transgenderism is just another face of homosex.)

Yes, this is a call for mandatory transgender dating. When once homosexuality was thought of as wrong, now heterosexuality is "misplaced and inappropriate." And that is just not allowed.  Tucker Carlson commented that according to Jones, one's personal romantic dating preferences are no longer one's own and "if you are a biological man who prefers biological women, you are a bigot." In other words, a hater. 

It's not just dating services and youth magazines getting targeted. It's everywhere. This attitude is creeping into our churches as well. Remember our post that reported an LDS general authority stating over the pulpit that people who do not accept homosexuality are "incorrect and unkind." These days LDS members can be heard publicly stating their acceptance of gay marriage;our daughter heard this in her Utah Valley Relief Society meeting recently. Another LDS GA, Sharon Eubank, gave a talk at  BYU's 2017 Women's Conference, regarding "opening up the circle of sisterhood to many more kinds" and "seeing those backgrounds as valuable instead of handicaps." She provides a long list of different kinds of women that must be included, at the end saying,  "I would add . . . liberal, conservative, don't-care, immigrant, gay, converted, and unconverted."  It follows that if we don't open up the circle to abortion, illegal immigration, homosexuality, and unbelief, all to be esteemed as valuable, we're haters.

This is funny, because when you include everyone and everything as equally valuable in a church of Jesus Christ, as in "anything goes," it isn't a church of Jesus Christ anymore. What makes a church or a religion is the upholding of its specific tenets, restraints, requirements, doctrines, beliefs, and values. Otherwise, it turns into a social/cultural/humanitarian club. Might as well join the the local Elks Club or the Peace Corps. Is it too much to ask that a church of Jesus Christ remember who He is and what He died for: our sins?

Now you know. Sexual immorality welcome, traditional morality not welcome. In fact, Straight Means Hate is the new emerging battle cry. As we've said a hundred times, this movement is not about loving who you want to love. It's about upending our entire value system.  And no, they will never stop. As C. S. Lewis wrote, they will end with eating each other up.

This is where where toleration, coddling, and celebration of unlimited sex and sexuality has brought us. Now that those who worship perverse and extreme forms of sex and sexuality have gained protection and power, it's not too hard to imagine what this new tyranny could mean to those who resist. We've watched as straight people, decent people, people who love God, have been pressured and coerced into accommodating all things homosex. We've seen how unthinking people have been deceived into welcoming homosexuality into their midst. We've seen how churches, the Boy Scouts, media, public schools and universities, the military, bakers, printers, photographers, florists, friends, neighbors, fellow congregants have given in or been punished. With homosexuality being especially protected, does it not follow that heterosexuality will be demonized? Merely being straight is the new homophobia.

You think we're exaggerating? Think about this. What else has recently been demonized that was once highly respected?

Motherhood. In one generation we have watched motherhood, once the most revered of all human roles, degraded into unfulfilling drudgery; mothers who stay home and devote their young lives to their children are considered ignorant and worthless; worldly, money-making careers have taken priority over motherhood and homemaking in many women's hearts.

Manhood. Just as women earned their "right" to live like men, men became feminized. And not just effeminate. They actually pretend to become women!

Marriage. Not only are couples getting married later in life or not at all, marriage doesn't mean what it used to mean. In one generation it has gone from meaning a sacred commitment between one man and one woman into meaning anything goes: man-man, woman-woman, man-women, woman-men, women-men, and apparently whatever other combinations people dream up. As Homer Simpson advertised when he became a minister online in order to make some extra money, "I will marry any one to any thing." And anybody who stands in favor of traditional marriage is a hater and deserves to be punished. Yes, people have actually been persecuted, vandalized, suspended, fired, had contracts cancelled, and received terrorist and death threats, just for speaking out for man-woman marriage, an act now considered an intolerable form of hate.  

Having a family. When just a generation ago a man having his quiver full was the greatest of earthly blessings, we have watched having a baby become associated with dollar signs and the overpopulation myth. One result is that families have become smaller and smaller, even nonexistent. Yes, many couples now think it is actually wrong for them to reproduce. In our day how much a baby would cost was hardly a consideration. When people wanted a baby, or another baby, or another baby, they made do. Now many people having a lot of babies are having them to get welfare checks!

The power of procreation. We have watched sex acts become a casual activity void of responsibility and procreation a despised nuisance. We recently saw an ad on TV when the woman grimaced realizing she had forgotten to take her birth control pill the day before. Abortion, the legal right to destroy an unwanted baby, has become so popular that since 1973, the year we were married, 60 million unique, healthy, developing human beings have been brutally killed in the wombs of their healthy American mothers. We have watched sex, severed from reproduction and family, become the national appetite, in courts, in sales, in entertainment, in the multi-billion dollar porn industry.

Does it not follow that the next step will include pressure and coercion into participating in perverse sexuality? As Newt Gingrich said, it's a fascist movement. Sadly, many people would rather give in to a powerful movement than try to fight it, no matter how evil. Lots of people want to be on the winning side just because it's winning. We were recently watching an episode of Foyle's War in which this very thing occurred, based on true events. During World War II groups of English Nazi sympathizers/traitors arose in England hoping to position themselves to welcome the Germans, whom they believed would be the inevitable victors. Some people cannot resist jumping on the bandwagon of whatever is up-and-coming.

This may sound alarmist or exaggerated to people not paying much attention. But they need to know that this is what this brave new world looks like. Virtue is the new immorality, the new hate, the new crime. Debauchery is the new virtue, the new love, the new law. Welcome to Sodom.

The Hidden Meanings of SSA

C. S. Lewis warned that language matters. For one example, he said that calling every man a gentleman regardless of any evidence of gentlemanliness, would destroy the word gentleman. Which it most certainly has. Have you noticed how this word is now used indiscriminately, such as in reference to any drunk, escaped convict, intruder, robber, pimp, rapist, murderer, or terrorist, all of which are certainly not gentlemanly acts. It makes us wince every time. Listen, you'll hear it.

This term same-sex attraction (or same-gender attraction) is another example of language gone awry. It needs a little dissecting to understand.

For one thing, it is a new term, which should make one consider why it was invented. Whether people realize it or not, this term was fabricated in order to put the unspeakable sin of homosexual lust/sodomy in a benign light. It turns an abominable sin into something much less objectionable, much more clinical, even positive. Think about how the words same sex and attraction are in and of themselves harmless. Same sex can simply refer to people all being male or all being female, and attraction could simply mean friendship or fondness. And if you substitute the word gender for sex the term does not seem to refer to human sexuality at all. How is that for turning sodomy into chastity?

Homosexuality is not pure. It is about lust and corresponding perverse sex habits and acts, all of which are outside God's boundaries for sexual purity.

Then there is the broadness of the term same-sex attraction. This has always bothered us in the backs of our minds. Let's think about it.

If just a decade or two ago you had asked any pure-minded traditionally married person if they were opposite-sex attracted or same-sex attracted, they would have stared at you blankly. This is because people didn't use to think this way. First, they didn't think of themselves as sexual beings, as many people do now. Second, sexuality was a private matter. People kept themselves, or tried to keep themselves, sexually interested in only one person of the opposite sex: their spouse. This is what upright couples promise when they commit themselves to each other. Decent people do not go around seeking to arouse, or entertaining, romantic or sexual attraction toward anyone else; they don't think that way. And if they fall into that temptation in any degree, they recognize it and repent quickly.

Yes, you can help who you are sexually attracted to, who you love romantically and sexually. That's the understanding good married people have with each other and the world. Otherwise there would be no faithful spouses and no limit to sexual relationships.

Speaking of language, the terms love and hate have also been hijacked. In certain senses, the lovely word love has been reduced to mere sex acts. And yet it is well known that all sorts of people engage in sex without love: porn addicts, masturbators, rapists, whatever you call people who hire and pay for sex, prostitutes, actors, porn stars, even sexual abuse victims and slaves who are coerced into engaging in sex acts against their will. And the word hate is now being used to refer to anyone who believes in God and His rules for sexual morality; yes, the sexual revolution is in essence saying: Sex is love and God is hate.

Let's discuss the term SSA (which is the same as gay or homosexual or transgender). It has always bothered us for several reasons. Has anybody ever thought about what this label implies? For one thing, SSA is another way of saying homosexual lust. It is about looking at people of one's same sex with sexual lust in the mind and heart. Otherwise same-sex attraction would be mere friendship. And yet we have heard LDS people say that SSA (the Mormon kind?) is chaste or nonsexual. This is intellectually dishonest, deception, or just plain dumb. All sexual lust is of course both sexual and impure.

And there's more. The sweeping term same-sex attracted also implies no boundaries. Look at it this way. Even before a thoughtful, pure-minded person settles on one partner for life, he or she is not attracted sexually to every person of the opposite sex. That would be ridiculous. There should be only a relatively small portion of the population that would be qualified even within the opposite sex population: someone perhaps of the same approximate age, someone with similar values and goals and beliefs, someone who is pleasant to you, etc. But the term SSA makes no such distinctions, at least we've never heard any. Hence, according to the term same-sex attracted, the group one could choose from would encompass half of the world's population, which would include family members, other people's spouses, co-workers, strangers, children, anybody! And if, as is now being said, human sexuality is "fluid," make that the entire human race. As we said, no limit to sex lusts and acts.

Funny how that idea doesn't sound so strange these days. As barrier after barrier has been broken down---easy divorce, co-habitation, homosexuality, gay marriage, transgenderism, and sexualizing minors---people have become used to the idea of unlimited human sexuality. Some comfort themselves in various ways that seem to excuse the sin, such as by calling this sin a God-given "identity."

In fact, all these terms: gay, homosexual, SSA, and even the corresponding new terms straight and heterosexual, make no discrimination as to demographics and have no such understandings about fidelity attached. Why is this? Why these sweeping new sexual labels? We think it is because homosexualists/sexual revolutionaries/liberals want no such distinctions made. Even as they go about the many normal aspects of their lives, they want no sexual boundaries. They want no such roles or restraints as male, female, nature, biology, health, marriage, fidelity, mother, father, children, integrity, purity, sin, God.

As we see from the growing sexual alphabet soup (LGBTQI) and facebook's current 92 fabricated "genders," this is not about identity or love. It's about no-guilt, perverse, unlimited, in-your-face sex and sexuality.

Can we all be honest and call SSA what it really is?

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Mormon Gay Doctrine Today

We recently read a lengthy online exchange between a Mormon gay steeped in Mormon gay ideology and an orthodox member and follower of SoL who still believes in sin and repentance. Here are some of our thoughts.

The Mormon gay community consists of people immersed in the gay ideology (highly facilitated by the internet) and they are trained, in spoken and unspoken ways, to engage with people like us. They're all about "dialogue." A code word. This is the way they win people over. It's a ploy. They're only nice and fair-sounding and flattering so they can engage you. They want to catch you in your words and/or persuade you toward theirs. For all their gospel-sounding talking points, they are anti-Christ. For instance, Northstar, a gay-affirming, pseudo-spiritual, Mormon group, is anti-Christ. Anti-Christs put on a respectable, benign facade, but if you pay attention you see that they resist the very idea of repentance. Like this Mormon gay said, "I don't like how you say I'm wrong." He goes on and on about how God thinks he is so wonderful. All because he's gay. This is vainglorious. This is the Mormon gay mindset.

None of us should think God is so extremely pleased with us as is. His perfect love is separate from our minds and hearts and performances. And we're supposed to be giving Him all the credit, not take it upon ourselves. For all we can do, we're dust. We need a Savior. That's why God sent His Son. This humility and admission and reliance on Christ alone for salvation makes us into new creatures. Our outspoken Mormon gay obviously doesn't get any of this, or if he does he applies it to others and not to himself. He is highly narcissistic and egocentric. He has made God over into what other gays told him He is and what he wants Him to be. And not only God but the purposes of this life and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was easy to see that these two, the new Mormon gay and the orthodox LDS, are on completely different wavelengths. As our spokesman said, there is no scriptural foundation for this new gay doctrine. Sadly, a lot of this convenient worldliness comes from church. All the flattery and humanism, all the emphasis on self-esteem and human relations, all the sophistries of men, all the programs about just loving and serving each other in strictly temporal ways (rather than loving and serving God according to His will), all this coming from within the church has opened this door to acceptance of all things LGBTQ.

This self-proclaimed gay man insists that he was not abused, does not use pornography and does not act out homosexually in any way. Well, we don't believe him. Gay activists are not afraid of lying and are coached at it. And another thing, how does he define these terms? For instance, we say the way the world is promoting homosexuality as normal and healthful and courageous is a form of sexual abuse and an exploitation and pornographic perversion of the human sexual instinct. So in that sense, we're all being abused and exposed to porn. The young and impressionable may react to this unprecedented cultural development, apart from anything else, and adopt homosexuality. Many are.
George Eliot wrote, "there is no creature whose inward being is so strong that it is not greatly determined by what lies outside it."

Yes, the root of homosexualism can be just that simple: the wildly pro-gay culture. That's how attractive all things LGBTQ have been made to look, and how sponge-like human beings can be. It is also extremely unjust and wicked how children and youth are now being exposed and abused in this way. You'd think everyone could agree at least on the protection of children, but they don't.

In addition, there are many ways to act out homosexually these days, one being publicly self-identifying as gay. There's also chat rooms and phone sex and cruising, there's reading and writing about homosex, fantasizing, talking, browsing, and blogging, gay activism, and plenty of stuff most people can't even imagine. It has been rightly said that anything you do that gives expression to your same-sex sexual attraction is a form of acting on it. Even if this outspoken gay man's hands are clean, his soul has been fouled. (That's from Euripides.) Shouldn't everyone who says they care about eternal salvation care about souls that are fouled?

Besides, surely he knows that his proclivities lead to some very bad and harmful and sinful physical acts. And if he's all for gayness, he has to be for these acts even if he isn't doing or hasn't done them himself, which we doubt. We didn't hear him denouncing any of these physical acts. We notice these activists never denounce these acts, and this is because they want to promote the behaviors as well as the identity. That is the end-game for promoting homosexuality as an identity. What else could it be? You only advance something in theory if you want it accepted in practice. Why else? There is no other reason. Darwin promoted his theory so everyone would believe him and act accordingly. No matter what they pretend, they are all about the church eventually completely officially giving in. This has been Mormon gay activism's goal for decades, and many are now admitting it, such as can be seen on the Mormons Building Bridges site on facebook.

Wholesale acceptance of any and all things homosex is already happening on a local scale. We have reported many incidents of this kind on this blog, such as the formation of Mormon pro-gay associations and groups, visiting teachers advocating for lesbianism, gay advocacy and coming out in church meetings, open gays called to leadership and teaching positions, and visiting GAs standing for homosexuality and against those who disapprove. And there are tons more.

One point that wasn't emphasized quite enough for us during this exchange, although it was said in different words, is that sexuality is learned. And then whatever sexuality is learned, is nurtured. What has the world around this person taught him? It is teaching that sex is the ultimate individual pleasure. It is teaching that homosexuality is normal and inborn and difficult if not impossible to change--even the church is now teaching this! Like our spokesman said, the gay guy, Mormon or not, got his ideas and thought patterns from somewhere and we don't have to look far. He also rightly pointed out that it doesn't really matter where the ideas came from; what matters is that they are wrong and harmful and can and should be resisted and corrected.

Gay is ingrained in mainstream media now. All impressionable young people can be susceptible, given the perfect storm. Just a PG gay-promoting movie, or a young person's certain nonsexual interests that have been stereotyped as homosexual, plus some regular old hormones could plant the idea in a 13-year-old's mind, and normal curiosity about sex could make it grow. In addition, adolescents are naturally self-centered and overthink everything. And let's not overlook the natural affinity pre and early teens display toward their same sex, along with a shyness or mystery toward the opposite sex and all the taboos there. It's also very cool and avant-garde to come out as gay right now--in Mormon culture, as in the world. Everybody eats it up. And if there's a little opposition, so much the better---you get more attention. And that's just the tip of the ice berg as to why people go gay.

There should be no mystery as to how typically impressionable kids can quite easily get these ideas today, and how these ideas are rapidly cemented. No wonder our gay activist thinks how he does, even without physical experimentation. Like Jeff Robinson said, he asks his clients if they thought they would be gay if not for the gay-affirming environment they grew up in. And they say no! The world is a lot different now than when we dealt with this 15 years ago.  It's in the very air kids breathe. Gay is a perfectly acceptable alternative identity, even courageous and to be celebrated! We thought it was revealing how this gay guy apparently thinks sexuality is the only or most important way a person can identity himself. Wow. If that's not oversexed we don't know what is. Our culture today worships sex and sexuality. It is used to sell things.

And also, homosexuality is pornographic in nature. We're glad our SoL guy pointed out that attractiveness just is and shouldn't be at all sexualized (except between engaged or married people). When this gay guy sexualizes other males, even from afar, which he admits he does, he is making porn in his head. It's called a dirty mind. You don't need internet porn to do it. We didn't hear him say any of this was wrong. It's incredible how many people in the church today (yes, they have told us themselves) think it's perfectly all right to entertain romantic feelings toward any and everybody, i.e. it's okay to lust. Or they deny that Mormon gays are capable of lust! And yet sex is the essence of homosexuality! As Paul Mero put it, "there is no homo without the sex."

To summarize, the new Mormon gay doctrine, although under the radar, appears to be this:

I am who I identify myself as: homosexual. God isn't changing me and is very pleased with the way I am. In fact, this is how He wants me to be. I alone decide what acting out homosexually comprises.  Participation in homosexual behaviors and the inherent dangers must be whitewashed and even lied about in order to get everyone to gradually accept homosexualism completely. Until then, we must push the ideas that gay is an innate identity, sexual lust is not a sin, and repentance is not necessary. It's wrong to tell gays they are wrong in any way. Every homosexualist's job is to win people over to this enlightened new doctrine. 

Even a cursory comparison of the above to the scriptures, or even to things church leaders have said within the last few years, illuminates the self-indulgent, presumptuous, irreligious, blasphemous, and heretical nature of these ideas. Correct us, please, if we are wrong and have completely misjudged this movement.

There is actually nothing new about this sort of thing. In every era there are human beings who try to revolutionize society in every aspect to fit their radical notions. Rouseau tried it, Darwin tried it, Marx tried it, to name a few, and all of their doctrines and theories have failed to stand the tests of evidence or time or science or economics, and have proven to be greatly destructive. How destructive is the wholesale acceptance of homosexuality? Marcus Aurelius said, "What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee." Yes, if all humanity is gay, no more humanity. Gay is therefore not good for anyone.

But the sexual revolution is only a symptom and one of many tactics being exploited to push the secular humanist, anti-God, anti-Christ revolution happening today. Mormon gays, doubtfully clean hands notwithstanding, and their supporters, need to know they are pawns in a very bad scheme.

For purposes of this post, suffice it to say that Mormon gays (along with gays of all religions) are attempting to make God over into what the world's homosexualists have told him He is, and what they themselves want God to be. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

You Asked For It, Jordan

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Living in Occupied Territory

The world changing doesn't mean it's changing for the better. Big shifts in a people's behaviors and ideas and values may be for the better---or for the worse. As C. S, Lewis wrote, when these shifts are based on the whims of men, and not on God's ageless rules and principles, the "new morality" is arbitrary and usually nonbenevolent toward humankind. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of human history knows that. 

We like Matt Walsh's phrase used to describe traditional, God-loving people trying to carry on in society today: We are living in occupied territory. No, we are not hemmed in and physically brutalized or carted off by uniformed men with guns and tanks. So far it's a war of principalities and powers, an attempt at a toxic, tyrannical takeover of the human mind and what it knows to be wise and right. Amid all of today's technology and convenience and ease and pleasure and entitlement, or perhaps partly because of those luxuries, a great swath of society has become an inhumane, anti-Christ dystopia where self-will and sexual licentiousness are respected above all else. Human posterity is despised and the sexual instinct whereby humanity reproduces is corrupted and exploited beyond recognition or sanity. George Orwell said that societies must insist on strict rules for sexual morality as the price of civilization. Civilization as we know it has been forfeited. Barbarians, wolves in sheep's clothing, have taken over.

What does this look like?

Unborn babies, conceived by free will, are brutally destroyed in their own mothers' wombs by the multi-millions. The purpose of the God-given human sex drive, to reproduce and make families, once modeled and treated so tenderly and respectfully, and carefully kept within strict bounds, is prostituted. Young people, even children, are targeted by those in power and authority, objectified sexually, and encouraged to experiment with any and all variations of sexual behavior and opposite-sex role playing. And the two sexes, male and female, are disguised beyond recognition in 92 (and counting) incomprehensible, bizarre, and outrageous invented costumes,where they are paraded in the public city streets.

What this means is that the current new regime---a society that, no matter what pious-sounding words are used, most certainly worships itself rather than God, that makes up its own rules based on the worst in human nature and the whims and fads of the moment, that cares more about being popular with each other and gratified in this world, all developments of which are definitely nonbenevolent toward mankind---has, for all intents and purposes, taken over the land. And this is no passive movement.

Those who hold fast to God, truth, reality, goodness, and health, are now The Opposition, Enemies of the State. Based on their supposedly protected religious and moral beliefs, they are ignored, censored, called names, shunned, demonized, sued, punished, fined, and jailed. They cannot be tolerated. They must be intimidated, even forced, to keep quiet, to be persuaded, and to comply. An accurate name for this is fascism.

When true principles are cast off in favor of such arbitrary whims as we've seen take root and malevolently proliferate today, what happens it that evil is called good and good is gossiped about as the worst kind of evil. Is it any wonder that sodomy--sterile, maladaptive, and pathological---is the new intercourse, the words mother and father are being stricken from public forums, homosexuality is preached from pulpits, couples who don't support homosexuality are being told they cannot be foster parents while homosexuals are free to foster and adopt children into the homosexual model, men pose as women and women as men, people have doctors mangle their healthy bodies to try to match their tortured minds, and doctors, who wish to save lives, are being coerced to perform or recommend the murder of unborn babies, or lose their licenses?

Those who value freedom, family, God, and religion, who know by education and experience that traditional morality has proven a safe and beneficial guideline for the human race, must retreat underground. George Orwell also said, "In a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act." We are revolutionaries. We are the resistance. We speak and write the truth and print it however we can, come what may. In barbaric Nazi-occupied Europe this was called samizdat, clandestine copying and distribution of literature banned by the state, literally meaning "I self-publish."

But the resistance is small. Most people have shut their eyes, ears, and mouths quite voluntarily.  They are too used to following blindly, too afraid to find out they have been led astray, to sheepish to question the powers that be, in a state of denial that they have been let down by those they trust, too invested in this world. They have put their trust in human beings rather than God.

Strange to say, many people actually think this world here is heaven, rather than what it really is: the telestial kingdom or hell, or at least hell-like in many ways. (See C. S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man) We're being tested. We're supposed to be learning. We're choosing whom we will follow, Christ or Satan, and where we want to spend eternity.

Everybody needs to take Blaise Pascal's famous wager. Which will you wager on: God or no God? If you wager there is no God, and consequently live a prideful/depraved life, and then it turns out there is no God, you'll go to oblivion and never know the difference. You wagered your life and ended up with absolutely nothing. But if you wager there is a God and live accordingly, you gain everything. Pascal says that only a moron would bet his life on ending up with nothing when he could bet his life on ending up with everything.

But alas, our occupied territory is Godless, as fascist occupied territories before it have been. If God is mentioned, He is made over into whatever this or that human being wants him to be. Even many who pose as Christian turn out to be gushy admirers of Jesus the man, but not true and humble followers of our essential divine Redeemer. Still, in every regime there are always revolutionaries, underground if need be. In this case, they are those who will carry on as best they can to keep the faith and truly love their neighbor by raising a warning voice and declaring the unpopular truth in any way they can.

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As per mormonandgay Savannah Should Have Her Say!

Image result for savannah testimony meetingSince the 12-year-old came out as a lesbian in church as reported in our previous post, The Sexualizing of Savannah, we are reposting "Meet the Gay Mormons" below from 10/25/16 with several paragraphs added illuminating the pro-gay stance of the official LDS Church as per its web page, Funny how most Mormons have probably never seen this web page, or thought about it much. It's a big deal. Maybe it should be required reading. Maybe people need to face what is happening in their own church, make of it what they will.

First a little intro. At several Mormon gays were recruited to be filmed telling their pro-gay sexuality stories for all the world to see and sympathize with. So why was young Savannah's mic cut off and she told to sit down? This is a fair question. She was doing exactly what they do on this official web page.

With encouragement like this, what do people expect to happen in church meetings, yes, where youth and children are present? Granted, there are no gay minors shown on mormonandgay. But nowhere are any such lines drawn either. See photo of Savannah at a gay pride parade/festival. People need to know that there are always lots of kids at these sexual exhibitionist events. Sad to say, Savannah herself has been immersed by adults in this adult perverse sexuality to the point where she has no qualms pushing the idea of homosexuality onto other children. Pushing unlimited sexuality on children is the crux of the gay agenda. They can't reproduce so they must recruit. Gays are also known to be highly predatory. Initiating the young is commonplace in this lifestyle. Case in point: Savannah.

By the way, Savannah's prepared speech, pretty much written by her parents,or rather her mother and her "other parent" (what's that all about?), specifically insists she can't make anybody gay by association. Interesting how gays often make this strange assertion, at the same time very publicly glorifying their lifestyle. They turn themselves into a flashy, attention-getting advertisement for homosexuality, and then assure people it won't spread! What? Selling something is what advertising and web sites and propaganda and pornography are all about. The question is, what are you peddling, something worthwhile and true and good, or the opposite? Savannah, in her boy's shirt and tie (we guess this is a passive-aggressive nose-thumbing at proper gender roles), coached by adults, is introducing a destructive idea about human sexuality she says is perfectly fine---from the pulpit. Why wouldn't others, especially vulnerable children like herself, be motivated to entertain and explore that idea? It's like seeing a commercial for a juicy hamburger and becoming interested or curious or hungry, which motivates you to go out and find and buy and try that exact hamburger. People do such things every day.   

Still don't believe the Church is so very pro-gay these days? Yes, it still takes a bit of a stand against gay marriage (in a handbook at the back of leaders' desks), but many members, even very vocal/well-known members, are now for gay marriage, which stance appears to be perfectly fine with the leadership. But there's a whole world of gayness that has nothing to do with the fake marriage spectacle. That was just a stratagem to further the agenda. People need to think about what's going on on mormonandgay. Read on.

Meet the Gay Mormons (Revisited)

Note: Apparently, not all church leaders agree on certain aspects of this issue, nor do members. We at SoL have been given to understand that strong differing opinions are understood and tolerated within the church. SoL's view is not based on current cultural trends and sentimental human relations and  emotional stories but on Scripture, universally true principles, real charity, and timeless objective moral standards that come from God. 

The following is our response to the new page, And we've also been reading some of the responses from the other side. It seems this is yet another effort to make everyone happy which has resulted in nobody being made happy, at least not the ones who take this issue seriously. It's astonishing that the Word of God does not have the first, middle, and last word. The Bible is absolutely clear about homosexual lusts and behaviors being wicked and repentance through Christ being available and necessary to all who care about God and eternal life. We think Mormon homosexualists know that they are at opposition with Scripture, as in the Standard Works, as in the Standard for the regulation and spiritual growth of all immortal souls. It looks like they have to work very hard to justify their moral relativism and denial of the plain and precious gospel, God's plan, which comprises sin and possible repentance and redemption through Christ. It doesn't matter if people are born that way, which they aren't, or not; these lusts and all degrees of behaviors are destructive and sinful. Sex and sexuality are serious; if misused somebody gets hurt.

Here are some of our specific thoughts about this,org.

This page boasts diverse individuals' stories but neglects to show any of the people who have resisted and overcome homosexuality. (We know plenty and have ourselves published two books on this subject, My Darling From the Lions and Captain of My Soul, highly endorsed and prefaced by experts, yet rejected by leading LDS publisher Deseret Book. D.B.'s books on this topic are gay-affirming and have no expert endorsements. Make of that what you will.)

Christ's gospel of sin, repentance, and redemption is not emphasized, rather it argues in favor of the human will and the weakness of homosexual lust.

The Atonement is mischaracterized as something that can make us comfortable with our sinfulness rather than humbling and changing and purifying our desires.

The dark, broken, rebellious, pornographic, addictive, promiscuous, narcissistic, dangerous world of homosexual lust and how people get into it is completely ignored.

Homosexuality is portrayed as a harmless orientation rather than a disorder or sin. (Why would a girl be interrupted in her advocating of lesbianism in testimony meeting if lesbianism is harmless? No one official has said this is inappropriate to say in church. It's on the Church's website!)

Homosexual behaviors, supposedly still prohibited, are not clearly defined. Therefore, any individual or ward leader can choose to put up boundaries, or not, anywhere they please.

Mormon gays are shown as sympathetic characters because they are not officially allowed the full perverse and dangerous physical homosexual contacts they desire, although these are not defined. Again, all of this is up to untrained local leaders to define and discipline or not.)

No concern is shown for the obvious depravity or emotional and mental illnesses of the gays highlighted, or gays in general. How unkind is that?

"Authenticity," as in embracing the natural man as is and sharing one's feelings, is considered the highest value and most helpful attribute. Not reality, not truth, not goodness, not virtue, not humility, not repentance, not forgiveness, not improvement, not learning, not growing, not love of God and His word. Just authenticity. Who is to say Savannah's "testimony" was not "authentic?" So why did they cut her mic? The truth is, authenticity of itself isn't worth much. A serial killer is authentic. Thieves are authentic. So what? What matters is what you believe in; if it's right or wrong, good or bad. It is incredible that certain people's trendy pro-gay stories, which all sound pretty much the same, are held in the highest esteem by many, regardless of holy scripture and regardless of the crimes or causes or illnesses behind these stories. In reality these stories are not authentic at all; that's why we put it in quotation marks. At best they are memorized talking points, whitewashing, denial, incomplete, deceptive, and justification for sin.

Mormonandgay offers zero help for healing from horrific child sexual abuse, as in the sad case of Ricardo. He explains how at a very young age he was seduced and initiated into homosex by predatory older males, which he admits had a huge influence on him (and obviously interfered with normal sexual development). Astonishingly, the story is apparently included to convince us to embrace this person's resulting choice for a homosexual lust identity rather than to show evidence of serious crimes against him as a child and his ruined life. He says that sharing his feelings helped him see that "nothing is broken or needs to be fixed." Oh really?

There appears to be some disconnect on what sexual purity and healthy sexuality actually are as in the case of lesbian Laurie who says, "The gospel has not made me attracted to men. But it has helped me be attracted to one man." What? Aren't we all supposed to keep our sexual attraction focused on one person---our spouse? This statement shows some seriously obsessive wrong-headedness by way of sexually objectifying human beings in general. It seems that gays/lesbians walk into a room and see sex and sexuality, not people.

The greatest available comfort for gays is shown to be, not God's love and truth, repentance through Christ, and spiritual guidance, but human relations by way of venting one's feelings on others. How well does this work? Tanya tells about her son who was so relieved to "come out" but who was still so depressed that he only lasted 5 months on his 2-year mission. Once home he was put in a ward leadership position! This is how we deal with spiritual death and sexual sin and confusion and mental illness? 

Perhaps the most disturbing part of this web page concerns the now popular worldview of professional therapy for gays. In a nutshell, LDS therapists are instructed to confirm the gay person's gayness, regardless of any previous abuse, underlying trauma, or pathology, regardless of the Hippocratic oath, regardless of the therapist's knowledge, experience, and life's work, regardless of his convictions about God or morality and his constitutionally protected right to exercise them, regardless even of a client's fervent wish to repent, heal, and change! Not only is this website saying: Be gay but don't actually live gay, but to the therapists it is saying: Be Christian but don't actually live Christian. This is what is called crazy-making. Thomas Jefferson called it tyranny over the mind of man.

An enlarged, colored pull-quote from the website states: "When one seeks therapy, the Church recommends approaches that respect 'client self-determination.'" (The way they have put 'client self-determination' in quotes is right! Gayness is a personal whim, a huge fad in today's world, that has no biological, scientific, or medical diagnosis.) In others words, when a proudly self-determined gay person (who probably has much worse problems that will now go unaddressed) is looking for some sort of validation or resolving of conflict between their religion and their popular homosexual proclivities, church leaders recommend they find a therapist who will respect their popular homosexual proclivities. This is not help! That is encouraging that person toward misery, high-risk behaviors, and yes, hell.

Please note that there is no mention of any kind about therapists helping a person heal and change and overcome homosexuality, even if that is what they seek!  "While shifts in sexuality can and do occur for some people, it is unethical to focus professional treatment on an assumption that a change in sexual orientation will or must occur." Even though they include this statement: "The individual has the right to define the desired outcome," it obviously refers only to gay-affirmation. How clever and cunning. Apparently, from this web page we are to believe that change from homosexuality is not something that will or must happen, and yet it has happened and God says it must happen! No unclean thing, especially a dirty mind or sullied soul, can dwell in God's presence. For the honest person who has become involved in the sleaze of homosexuality and is miserable, this is nothing short of cruel. And they go on, digging ever deeper holes: "For someone who experiences same-sex attraction, or identifies as gay, counseling may help the person approach his or her sexuality in healthier, more fulfilling ways." What health and fulfillment can come from homosexuality, especially when the church prohibits acting on it??? More crazy-making! What is really occurring here, whether leaders know it or not, is systematic activism toward the full acceptance of homosexual behaviors in the church.

SoL knows who is behind this web page. It's people we've written about before who wish to remake the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ to include homosex. They have set themselves up as a light, have the ear of some leaders and put endless pressure on them, and patiently push their agenda in every possible way. They are openly against reparative or change therapy, even though they are forced to admit "shifts in sexuality can and do occur." These people could sell refrigerators to Eskimos. They have got the church stating that people who wish to change and want counseling in that direction are not to be helped in that way because these pro-gay pseudo-therapists, some of which are homosexuals themselves, insist it should not happen. They are in essence preaching there is no law, no sin, and no repentance/Savior required. For Mormons who take scripture seriously, this should sound very familiar.

Please keep in mind that what is happening here goes far beyond any issue concerning mere temptations of the flesh.  Most people don't realize that the push for homosex is only a means to an end. We are confronted here with principalities and powers, the stuff of anti-Christs. Who knew this would be the road taken to that destination? But let's finish our analysis of mormonandgay.

These people use total psychobabble to further their agenda. First it is admitted that people can change from gay to straight, then they say that it is unethical to deliberately help them do that. It makes no sense, unless you're all about pushing homosex. In addition, the therapist, a free agent in his own right, trained in making people well, is supposed to take his marching orders from the sick/troubled person who has come to them to get better--that is, in the way the sick person wants to get "better." No right or wrong, no health or sickness, no getting to the roots of problems, just make the gay person feel good about their choice of  . . . well, pornography. The whole gay thing is pornographic and pornography is its mainstay. It's a case of lunatics running the asylum. 

And another thing. If Mormon gays are never supposed to act out their sexual fantasies in any way, why does everybody need to know about them? Isn't the management of one's personal sexuality a private part of life for everyone, single or married?  Aren't gays exactly the same as other members in this way? In other words, why do these particular people feel free to make their private sexual feelings public (as seen on mormonandgay and Savannah's case) , and what is everybody else supposed to do about it? The web page does not make this clear. We can only assume that we are being instructed to treat self-proclaimed gays as more special than anyone else and never to help them overcome their miserable oversexed minset--why? Because this fits in with what the world is doing? So aren't local leaders supposed to let members of any age and any sexual orientation/gender identity (there are 92 at last count), including Savannah, tell everybody all about their heart-felt felt-needs, felt-hopes, and current sexual feelings? Why not in church? It's not even as public as the internet. Oh, unless they record what happens there and put it online. 

It appears that this page exists, at least in part, to indoctrinate the general membership into especially recognizing homosexuals, accepting perverse sexual lust as immutable, ignoring sexual abuse and emotional and mental illness, and treating open homosexuals as healthy, harmless fellow congregants/leaders. So why couldn't Savannah finish her speech? Apparently, what happened was merely a glitch. The person in authority who spoke after Savannah sure didn't correct anything she said or say anything clearly against homosexuality. How confusing is that?

Whatever a church may say or print about its ultimate disapproval of this age-old sin that got two cities burned to the ground by the Lord is completely drowned out by the "respect" and "acceptance" we are being coerced to exercise regarding a person's self-proclaimed harmful and unnatural sexual attractions. Apparently, our human relations and interests, no matter how steeped in sin we humans are, are more important than truth, our relationship with the Godhead, and the welfare of our immortal souls. Apparently homosexuality, once considered a vice so ugly that polite society would not name it, is now touted by churches as an attractive characteristic.

Yes, on this web page we are privileged to meet the gay Mormons. Apparently gay is just another interesting and world-friendly kind of Mormon we can boast we include in our midst. And activists know that if self-identified homosexuals are shown as sympathetic characters on the church's website they'll soon be fully accepted by its congregations, no questions asked.

In light of this very fair assessment of (that most Mormons don't know exists or don't think through--how's that for unity and clarity?), is it any wonder that young Savannah, encouraged by the world, her parents and entourage, even the Church, was emboldened to come out in a church meeting? According to, she is perfectly respectable and allowed to share her "self-determined" and not-to-be-changed sexuality. So, again, why was she cut short and told to sit down? Don't these local leaders know the Church's attitude toward gays as per this web page? If not, why not? Aren't these local leaders in big trouble for being ungracious and unkind and unChristian toward a homosexual? The only reason we can think of why they finally told her to sit down is because she was actually saying she wanted to live the gay life-style someday, as in getting "married." And yet as we've pointed out, many fine upstanding church members openly advocate for gay marriage (i.e.homosexual sexual behaviors), in public and in church, so where is the problem?

Where is our gay-affirming Church's statement denouncing this horrific and highly publicized event? Perhaps it's not there because they don't know what to say except the convenient excuse that they leave these things up to local leaders. Again, how's that for unity and clarity? If ye are not one, ye are not mine, said Jesus. Orthodox members, if they are honest and paying any sort of attention, are confused and frustrated by what is happening. Contradictions, inconsistencies, uncertainties, and equivocations abound. Morale is low, to put it mildly. If we at SoL could have our way, when Savannah, even though a tender adolescent, first began preaching lesbianism from the pulpit, every single person in that chapel would have stood up and quietly walked out. But people aren't thinking. And the reaction of the people in charge was too little, too late. Damage done.

What would have been more in keeping with mormonandgay would have been what a former bishop of ours told us he would do if the same sort of thing happened in our ward: NOTHING (except maybe have a family night about it at home with his own kids!).

Once given an inch gay activists will take a mile. And they will never stop. There are no boundaries for homosexualists, Mormon homosexualists included, or at least no boundaries except the arbitrary ones they choose. By equivocating with gay activism, churches everywhere are painting themselves into a nightmarish policy vs. doctrine corner they cannot get out of. No one in this dead-end lifestyle is helped by society pretending there is nothing wrong with it.

To borrow from and add to Roger Scruton, "The triumph of sin [and illness and insanity and sexual impurity and child sexual abuse and Godlessness and evil being called good and good evil, and every other bad thing] comes with our failure to perceive [and unequivocally oppose] it.

Why does SoL go to all this trouble to point this out? Because things only get fixed when people realize they are broken. Nobody turns to Christ unless they realize they are sinners.