Saturday, November 30, 2013

The "Noble" "LDS" "Gay"

It's very public. We see it in magazines, on blogs, in conferences. We now have people who put themselves on pedestals because of their unrequited perverse and unnatural sexual lusts. Namely, Mormons who openly claim a permanent gay identity, more or less, and who also claim celibacy from same-sex sex, however they decide to define celibacy because it isn't officially defined anywhere. They crown themselves with laurel leaves and sing a song of noble sacrifice. Really? This is worthy of praise? Let's think about it. 

Do we put on public pedestals young people who proclaim they made it to marriage without fornicating? Do we put on public pedestals people who openly share their pleasure in adulterous lusts who don't actually commit full-on adultery? Do we put on public pedestals people who make a career of pornography addiction who proclaim they are "managing" their use of the sleazy, destructive  material, whatever that means? Do we put on public pedestals people who claim to the world they can't help sexualizing little children but who brag that they won't actually harm any children? If we do we certainly should not. We shouldn't praise anyone (including ourselves) for having dirty minds and low characters because they boast they are avoiding doing something even "worse."

The funny thing is, there are LDS gays who do. They puff themselves up for the amazing sacrifice they are making, that is, not committing, what, sodomy? Really? Yes, among other naughty things, sodomy is what it comes down to when they whine that they can never "be" with a same-sex soul mate. Of course you won't hear them calling it that. For male homosexuals, sodomy is the consummation of their "love." What kind of twisted thinking is this? Not only is sodomy selfish and harmful rather than loving, why are gays the only people on earth who think they deserve praise for abstaining from abomination? Why do they think they are the only ones who have sexual temptations? Why do they think they are the only ones who deserve some sort of award for not giving in to "filthy" lusts? (The word filthy is used in scripture, it appears for good reason.) Everybody has sexual feelings that may easily take a wrong direction. Every sane striving person controls his or her sexuality privately and doesn't expect some sort of award. And people who stray in any degree, in their minds, hearts, or bodies, can always repent and get help if needed.

But there is no repentance here. Let's put it this way. Are people extra-noble because they don't stuff an entire Costco chocolate cake in their mouth? The thing is terribly wrong and disgusting in the first place, so how can it be gloriously noble to abstain from it? If this is what we've come to, we've completely lost our basic sense of values and morality. We should praise people for doing good, not for not doing bad. How dumbed-down and alienated from human goodness can we be?

Reality check: these people are not martyrs. They are not noble. They are not humble or repentant. They are not worshiping the Lord. They are setting themselves up as a light when they are lost in darkness. They are fooling themselves. And apparently, plenty of others.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Who is Really Anti-Gay?

Anti-gay. The wording is tossed around today like a football. It's listed right along with antisemitic, racist, misogynist. But what is it and who really is?

The world's view is this. Anti-gays are people who are against anything gay, anything LGBTQI. Saying anything that casts a negative light on any alternative sexual identity or the corresponding behavior is not allowed. After all, gays are everywhere. They are our friends, our sons, our daughters, our relatives, our teachers, our professors, our leaders, our co-workers. Everyone must be pro-gay and people who aren't pro-gay are the scum of the earth. Apparently pro-gays care more about human relations than God, so they accept homosexuality and everything that comes with it. They pretend that homosexuality is orderly, righteous, wholesome, and healthy. The new homosexualists think themselves above dwelling on what homosex actually comprises. They ignore the totally preventable, inordinate, chronic and life-shortening health risks, dangers and costs to society. Religious doctrines and scriptures about sexual morality are outdated. Pro-gays know better than God. Anti-gays are hateful, bigoted, overzealous, religious fanatics who should be shunned and punished.

The true Christian's view is this: Without Christ there is no morality, and vice versa. We love everyone, but yes, we are most certainly anti-gay as in anti-homosexuality, not anti-people. We may appear to be against a person or people, but what we are really against is the concept. We can't have people promoting or teaching homosexuality to our children. We think homosexuality is bad for individuals and bad for societies, as have the greatest thinkers and writers of all time. The thing we care most about is God, His goodness and His truth, so we must take a stand against things like abortion and homosexuality, unpopular as this stand may be. Anti-gays are people who know that certain thoughts and behaviors are outside of God's boundaries. They know that sin hurts people, mind, body, and soul. They know that homosexual lusts and behaviors are highly risky, that they harden hearts and shorten lives. They know that these people are often damaged and/or rebellious. Anti-gay people want to help gays, just as those who know what drug addiction does to people want to help those enslaved by drug addiction. The true Christian is prepared to be punished and persecuted for following Jesus Christ and truly caring about their fellow man.

Who is really anti-gay? Answer:  those we think of as pro-gay, because they embrace the unnaturalness and wickedness and destructiveness of homosexuality in others as normal and harmless. They are the haters. They turn a blind eye to reality. They don't care about the welfare, physical or spiritual, of their gay friends, sons, daughters, relatives, teachers, professors, leaders, or co-workers. Puffed up in their pretense of  so-called compassion and magnanimity and open-mindedness, they care more about themselves than the poor souls they are enabling.

True Christians must be anti-everything the Lord forbids. They must be longsuffering and patient. They must love truth more than the praise of men. They must respect individual agency while testifying of truth and reality. They must find peace in the midst of persecution. They must continually trust in the Lord despite the depravity of the world around them. They must continually recognize and repent of their own sins. Whenever possible and appropriate they must reach out in truth and love to those who are laboring in and celebrating sin. Saying: "Homosexuality is a sin and Christ can set you free" is not hateful. It is loving. Pro-gays think it is hate because truth is hate to them. People who are not virtuous do not understand virtue. Christians are obligated to spread the word of God, come what may. 

(As for the few, rare, anti-gays and anti-gay groups whose methods are truly hateful, such as picketing soldiers' funerals to protest the military's embrace of homosexuality and carrying signs that say "God hates gays," and the like, they have cause to repent. Their pride has led them astray. God does not hate any of his children. He so loved the world that He sent His only begotten son to save us all from our sins if we so desire. These people seem to hate gay people, yes, but for different reasons than pro-gays do.)

LDS Gays in the Temple

Some people are confused about temple worthiness and open homosexuality. It is confusing. Can we make sense of it?

Right now it seems to be true that an LDS person probably won't be denied a temple recommend unless he voluntarily states to his ecclesiastical leader that he physically acts on his same-sex sexual lusts. But neither will a person who is addicted to pornography, a person who harbors adulterous sexual desires, or a person who supports gay marriage or abortion. (For some reason the Church has decided that we---they single out elected officials but the principle must apply to all citizens---don't have to be in agreement with publicly stated Church positions on political/moral issues in order to answer truthfully the temple interview question about supporting our leaders. See, Political Neutrality.) Does this make these people anywhere near pure and holy? There are many ways to commit sin, so obviously not. In truth, none of us are very pure or good. The good news of the gospel is that we can all come closer to godliness by repenting continually and humbly relying on the merits of Christ. We can continually be convinced of our sinful natures, reject any impure thoughts and desires, and be forgiven through the Lord. But this takes some spiritual work, some humble repentance. And that word repentance doesn't seem to appear in the LDS gay vocabulary.

Here are some words that do appear in the LDS gay vocabulary. Certain male temple recommend holders are quite public about their penchant for "buddymoons," "mandates," "gaycations,"  and "bromances." (All of these made-up words, though some may be used jokingly by straight people, are rooted in perverse sex and sexuality when used by gays.)  Apparently open LDS male gays, married and sealed to women, can advertize their obsession with same-sex sexual lust to the whole world via the internet without consequence.  In fact, these individuals are held up as a light. (See

One man is emboldened enough to relate online his experiences of lusting in the endowment room of the temple. His narrative sounds like titillating language in a cheap romance novel, only it's about people of the same sex which escalates it to pornography; ex-gays report that everything about homosexuality is pornographic. In another instance, when this man was escorting  a youth group to do baptisms in the temple, he wrote of his uncontrolled lusting experience toward a male youth in a towel in the dressing room, and his physical sexual reactions. Please note that this person by his own admission is an endowed married man with children. This material is published on his blog for all to see; this is gay porn.

We say lusting is a mental choice, an act, but for those who don't agree, surely writing and publishing this trash is most definitely a physical act, but apparently still one not worthy of needing help, repentance, warning, or discipline. 

It's strange that prominent advocates of the innocence and wholesomeness of the claimed LDS gay identity deny that homosexual attraction is sexual like heterosexual attraction is. Wrong. Not only is it sexual, but compared to normal hetero attraction, it is quickly escalated, wildly obsessive and exaggerated, and totally out-of-place, as can be seen on these men's blogs. It knows no age limits, no appropriateness, no inner self-restraint, no, not even in the temple. It is one-track, physical-only, oversexualized, lust of the flesh. Certainly, decent heterosexuals do not carry on these types of thoughts about random strangers, much less people they know, in the temple or anywhere else. They may happen to notice attractive people but that's as far as it goes. They don't sexualize them. They know they are supposed to keep their sexual feelings focused, and focused properly, on their spouse alone. And if they wander even the slightest bit, even in their thoughts, they know they are in need of some serious repenting. Again, the word repentance is not in the LDS gay dictionary.

The Church measures worthiness a lot more leniently here on earth than God does in the eternal sense. We know that God holds us accountable for our thoughts and desires as well as our actions, whereas the Church administration holds us accountable, when it comes to formal discipline, only for certain actions. But of course all true followers of Christ, including temple-going Latter-Day Saints, must strive to keep even the appetites and desires of their hearts within God's boundaries. If they don't, not only are their hearts and minds and souls spotted and unclean but they are poised and primed to act on these mental lusts with their bodies.

So yes, anyone can be active in church and hold a temple pass, but whether or not we are clean and forgiven (pure and holy) through Christ before God may be totally different story. We see this in a dramatic way when respected people in authoritative ecclesiastical positions are caught in secret illegal, immoral acts that began with impure and unholy desires, such as a seminary teacher in our area who was arrested for depraved sexual relations with a student. There may be legal consequences and outward Church discipline, but of course the real work is done inside themselves; they can always repent, get professional help if needed, experience the mighty change of heart, and begin again on their spiritual journey, as can we all.

We all experience sinful tendencies of some kind or other which do not interfere with the type of worthiness our Church requires for full participation. The important thing, if we care about self-respect, our character, God and eternal life, is to continually resist that which is impure and unholy and keep our inner selves in line with God's will, as Jesus exemplified. Our hope for those who experience homosexual attractions is that they will put aside the politically correct propaganda of the times, get humble, get the right kind of support, and strive to overcome these wayward desires no matter the difficulty or time it takes, motivated by love for God. Heavenly Father's plan is to make us inwardly holy, fit for His presence.

How does this affect the rest of us? Not only should we be uncomfortable with open, unrepentant sexual perverts having access to the temple ( if you doubt their existence and the salacious character of the material we have referred to here do a google search for mormon gay blog; there are plenty bold enough to broadcast their proclivities); not only should we object to avowed gays being allowed in temple locker rooms and rest rooms (it's even more unfair and inappropriate than generally allowing opposites sexes to share these facilities because of the total pornographic sexual preoccupation of emboldened gays); not only that, but we should care about the condition of their precious immortal souls. These people have given themselves up to filthy lusts, and nobody seems to care.

In fact, as a people we seem to be encouraging these individuals' depravity. Yes, the Church is for sinners, as we all are, but we are supposed to desire to repent and improve, not accommodate and glory in sin. Even within churches founded on Holy Scripture, homosexuality is not being called a sin, a disorder, or an illness anymore, but rather righteous, orderly, and healthy. By the way, there was recently a conference held specifically to help Mormon gays feel comfortable and accepting of their homosexual desires and fantasies as it relates to their religion, called Reconciling Faith and Feelings, in other words, giving an ecclesiastical green light to homosexual lust as seen on these ridiculous pornographic blogs we've mentioned, repentance unnecessary.

Our bodies (including our minds) are temples. We attend temples. Both are supposed to be treated with "Holiness to the Lord." Instead, we've turned them both into free lust zones.

Note: If there are any who self-identify as "gay" but who quite incredibly claim their SSA is "nonsexual," who claim they don't participate in same-sex lust/ behaviors, they need to know that they are nevertheless supporting and affiliating themselves with an abominable sin and setting themselves up for exploitation and experimentation. We actually think there are no such people, unless mentally ill or deficient.  

Friday, November 8, 2013

Families Are Forever?

In the first few seconds of a 2-minute preview of a video called, "Families Are Forever," from Family Acceptance Project, apparently produced for LDS parents, it is obvious what it's really about. In the video we are treated to parents who quite incredibly give in to and celebrate their young child's claim to some "alternative" form of sexuality.

Yes, incredibly, many supposedly God-fearing parents whose child of whatever age "comes out," suddenly shift their long-held scriptural beliefs. Perhaps because they fear their child will do something wrong or do themselves damage, they decide to go along, preempting the wrong by calling it right (or pretending to). From there they dismiss doctrine, rewrite the child's history from a gay-affirming perspective, and squelch their own proper instincts so that they can feel free to embrace the child's current sexual proclivities. A key word here is "child." What kind of parents are these who think their little child or teen or young adult knows more about sex and sexuality than they do? Obviously, what these youth do know is all wrong and they learned it from all the wrong places.

Where are these parents? Why don't they care about how and where their child got these ideas and feelings, who they've been talking to, what they've been looking at, what they've been doing sexually, if they've been molested, and what deeper problems could be the cause? Why don't they ask themselves what they themselves may have done wrong? Why aren't they correcting these depraved ideas and replacing them with truth and right and goodness? Why do they get their marching orders from the world instead of turning to the Lord? Why don't they HELP their child?

I'll tell you where these parents are. Absent. Morally, intellectually, and spiritually absent. They'd rather conform to their mixed-up child's dangerous and soul-killing whims than teach them the truth. Can anything be more upside-down?

Is it fear? Is it ignorance? Is it pride? Is it pro-homosexual indoctrination? It certainly isn't the opposite of any of those: confidence, knowledge, humility, and everlasting truth. One thing is obvious: many parents who KNOW how God feels about this have decided to value their human relations more than their relationship with God. And throw their child's precious soul under the bus in the process. (And their future too, maybe even their life -- the gay lifestyle is fraught with inordinately great physical risks.)

They need a serious reality check.This life is not a dress rehearsal. It's the real thing. The choices we make here and now, the attitudes we develop, the things we treasure, make us who we are and will accompany us into the next life. If we put anything before God, including our popularity with our children, we won't desire to be where He is. If this is where we are at present we must repent and experience the mighty change of heart, that is, if we want to live with Heavenly Father (and our families) forever.

We plead with parents (and all others) that they will educate themselves and take a stand. Our website has tons of illuminating information and resources not available in the mainstream and the opposite of gay propaganda. Don't be a morally and spiritually absent parent. Show up. Do the difficult thing. Love your child enough to find out what went wrong. Speak up. Pray for direction and correction. Love your child all the same, but stand against their claim to a "gay identity" and offer them help to overcome it just as you would stand against and offer help to a child who was addicted to drugs. (Some say out-of-bounds sex is even more addicting than drugs.) Do what you can to prevent them from going further down this dangerous path. Find out how they developed these wrong ideas. Correct them. Teach them the proper attitudes. Love truth and share it. Care about the physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and spiritual health of your child, including his or her precious immortal soul, enough to stand for God and His Word. After all, this is God's child first. If we as parents fail in this responsibility, sin is on our heads. 

The Spirit of the Lord can help parents (and all others involved) know what and when to talk about these things with such a child. The important thing for parents is to know and make it known that they believe in God and goodness, come what may, and that approving of homosexuality is the antithesis of God and goodness. Sad to say, parents who take this stand may also have to love their child enough to endure their disapproval, tantrums, criticism, misrepresentations, and rejection.

Parents, this may be your most difficult and greatest test. For the sake of your precious child and your own precious soul, will you step up and choose God?

We have news. God is forever. First. Always. Eternally. And families won't be forever if they don't put God first.

How Homosexualists Exploit Tragedy

Interesting. After we published "Beware the Gay Suicide Card" (our most visited post), we noticed that Affirmation, the pro-gay LDS group, removed the article from their website from which we got our quotes from the families of homosexuals who committed suicide. Yes, it no longer exists.

We wondered why Affirmation ever published it in the first place. After all, the families make it very clear that their loved ones did not take their own lives because of lack of acceptance for their homosexuality--- they were loved unconditionally, but had a long history of much deeper and more chronic emotional and mental problems. Contrary to Affrimation's agenda, somehow some truth slipped in. Was everybody there asleep? We and probably others eventually noticed it, and they removed the article.

It is well known that homosexualists will falsify, exaggerate, and spin any tragedy connected with homosexuals in order to further their cause. They are known to omit or cover up any information that casts a negative light on the homosexual community such as links to pornography addiction, promiscuity, mental illness, drug abuse, violence, perderasty, or the inordinately high rate of child sexual abuse. Their cause of course is to spread the notion that homosexuals are victims of an oppressive and bigoted society and that this is the sole reason young gays are bullied, murdered, and take their own lives, hence we must all accept homosexuality as normal. Besides being a non sequitur and apart from the dishonesty, the heartless simplification and exploitive nature of such a stance is astounding. It also suggests to impressionable youth that suicide is a natural reaction to nonacceptance, thus, actually encouraging suicides.

For example, it is now public knowledge that the famous case of Matthew Shepard, the gay man who was murdered, was grossly misrepresented. Yes, he was what people call "gay," but so were his murderers. They had had sexual relations with each other. The tragic violence that took Shepard's young life concerned an illegal drug transaction, not his homosexuality. These people were obviously involved in all sorts of bad stuff. And yet for fifteen years Shepard has been held up as the foremost iconic martyr for gay civil rights. If a pathetic criminal is the best homosexualists can come up with to make their case, could the real truth be that this hyped-up persecution of gays just because they are gay isn't really happening?

How about this nation-wide obsession with the huge problem of bullying, which, if the truth be known, is promulgated by homosexual activists? We came across an excellent and thought-provoking article, "Bullying is not on the rise and it does not lead to suicide." It points out that even the federal government admits, "It is not accurate and [is] potentially dangerous to present bullying as the 'cause' or 'reason' for a suicide, or to suggest that suicide is a natural response to bullying." (We wonder how long it will be before they are pressured to remove this statement.)

A great portion of our society, indeed, the powers that be, have bought into homosexualist propaganda. Read our post "Beware the Gay Suicide Card." Any reasonable person can see that it is measured, factual, and compassionate, pointing out what even our homosexualist federal government itself admits. And yet an angry reader wrote to us calling the post "vile excrement." The result of homosexualist propaganda is that many minds are now closed to truth and health and goodness and God. In other words, as a people we are stuck in a dark hole with no light. A society that irresponsibly disregards and misrepresents truth is one that eventually rots from the inside. The blind politically correct way we are dealing with homosexuality (and several other issues) doesn't help anybody. It only hurts individuals, the rising generation, and society as a whole.