Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Anchor Babies, Anchor Gays

First, we don't want anyone to take our word for anything. No one should want that. We want people to use their God-given faculties to think for themselves, searching and learning by way of all the best resources, the very best being the Spirit of God insofar as it is given to the humble and sincere.

This is what we see. We see the culture around us, through every societal entity from government to church to family, abandoning truth, virtuous principles, reality, and God. And we see why. Pascal said it better than we ever could:

Clever people are those who know the truth, but who support it only so far as their own interest coincides with it. Beyond that, they abandon it. 

Key words: their own interests. These can be position, fame, power, attention, money, traditions, reputation, popularity,convenience, comfort, entitlement, you name it. And don't be fooled. People are very good at disguising all selfish interests to look like something else, something altruistic or inevitable or predestined or deserved. This is cleverness used for evil. It's how the anti-Christ works. It's caring most about what's in it for you. It's putting more value in temporal gains than in truth and virtue and saving souls and becoming like Christ. It's treasuring the now rather than the eternal. It's focusing on the creation rather than the Creator. It's making oneself or others one's god. It's trusting in the management of the creature and the arm of the flesh. It's being lulled into carnal security. It's all those things the scriptures warn against in no uncertain terms, coming true.

Society today operates on some very consequential nontruths, which in turn inform the public sentiment. There are gobs of examples. Here are two that currently are shaping public opinion:

Untruth #1 Anchor Babies
Anyone born in the U.S. is an automatic citizen. Wrong. As far we know, no developed countries except Canada and the U.S. have this notion. This is an example of how it sometimes doesn't matter what our laws say; it's the public perception that carries the day. In reality, there is no such thing as, no foundation for, legally-speaking, an anchor baby in America. The Supreme Court has never ruled this notion into fact. As we have learned it, the falsely exploited 14th amendment was about giving Native Americans U.S. citizenship, and, if you go back to statements of original intent, pointedly meant to exclude this privilege from foreigners. That means if you're an ambassador from another country, or a visitor on vacation, or an illegal alien --- all of which are foreigners, that is, they are citizens of some other country --- any baby you have while here is an automatic citizen of your country, not ours. That's how it works in the U.K. and France and Germany and Russia and Spain and Austria, and so forth. We know, it sounds so mean. It's babies, after all. People are so emotional about the idea of  foreign children, or they pretend to care, but it may be in their own interest. Apparently these Americans want so much to be thought of as welcoming and compassionate and inclusive, oh wait, except when it comes to American babies---in that case they insist that it's perfectly fine to dissect and destroy and sell them piece by piece. Not even the dignity of burial. Anyway, what happened was that a short while back some people with a shared agenda started saying that anybody born here is a natural citizen and to regular people it sounded nice so most people took it as truth. Society is being made over and some people are profiting big time from this lie. And hardly anybody has the courage to warn of the dangers to our sovereignty and safety. Wicked. And clever.

Untruth #2 Anchor Gays
Gays are born that way. It's who they are. Wrong. There's no truth. There's no science. It's a false notion. Sexuality is not an identity; it's an appetite and it is developed, and can be developed in wrong directions,  especially in our self-centered, Godless, immoral, permissive, oversexed culture. Saying a person's immutably gay is similar to saying a person was born to eat only a certain unhealthy and counterfeit food. And all we have is the person's whims or word for it, trendy stereotypes, goofy political correctness, and people's own interests--- sin is pleasurable, warning against sin is out of fashion, and the gay lobby is very powerful. Just like there are no anchor foreigners (at least not according to the Constitution as written), there is no reliable foundation for immutable gayness and there are no anchor gays. What we have are just people whose gender identity and sexual appetite is outrageously encouraged in some very outrageously wrong directions. It's the immature and vain and wicked imaginations of men being allowed to do their thing with no limits while demanding everyone else accept and celebrate it. So, now churches are on board with it, or are getting on board in definite stages. Sure, openly gay boys can be in the BSA. Sure, openly gay adults can be leaders of vulnerable boys. No problemo. Society is being made over and some people are profiting big time from this lie. And hardly anybody has the courage to warn of the spiritual and physical and societal dangers.Wicked. And clever.

As so many have said before but whose words are now conveniently forgotten, there is such a thing as absolute truth. There are such things are good laws. There are also such things as absolute lies and wrong ideas and bad policies and bad laws, all fueled by this or that man's or group's or institution's selfish, immoral, and temporal interests.    

Clever people are those who know the truth, but who support it only so far as their own interest coincides with it. Beyond that, they abandon it. 

Apparently, there are many of this type of clever people, who know the truth but only use it when it is convenient for them. Jesus called them out as hypocrites, like whited sepulchers full of dead men's bones.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

What's That Man Doing in the Women's Locker Room?

It's interesting that in all this transgendering nonsense, females in general seem to be the losers. Cases in point. When a boy says he's a girl in his mind and so presents himself as a female in every ostensible way, he gets to be a star on the girls' soccer team and use the junior high girls' facilities (penis and all) as in locker rooms and restrooms, as per our previous post. But then also, when a girl says she's a boy in her mind and presents herself as a male in every ostensible way, she apparently still uses the girls' facilities. What? Why?

You think we're making this up? Janice was at the local gym yesterday. She walked into the locker room smack into a transgender person, that is, a female presenting herself clearly as a male, men's clothing, big masculine tattoo on shoulder, male hair style. Janice knew the person was a she-he, that is, a female trying to change herself into a male, because we have seen this transformation taking place over the months. Breasts removed. Nose job. Muscles drastically increased probably with the help of steroids. It's hard to miss when this person is all over the gym. In fact, we wondered which rest room this person used. Now we know.

All sorts of problems arise. What if Janice or any other woman didn't know this person was a transgender? And anyway, aren't we all supposed to go along with the crazy idea that this female is now actually a male with all the male hormones and male parts and pieces, albeit make-shift? If so, what's "he" doing in the women's locker room? Janice knew "he" was a "she," and so was not overly surprised. But does this she-he deserve to be there anymore? Is it right in any sense of the word? After all, she has denounced her female-ness in every possible way. And what if an unsuspecting woman is dressing in the women's locker room and looks up to see what appears to be a man? Is not this cause for alarm? Hasn't it always been cause for alarm? Shouldn't the transgender person at least have the decency to do something like wear a sign that says, "Don't be alarmed. I'm in a stage of transgendering. Thanks for your patience."

Apparently, transgenders don't have to be any sort of kind or considerate. And apparently, we've all been treated to a form of mass hypnosis that has desensitized us into not caring what a person's sex is. Apparently, we're just supposed to ignore a questionable person's ostensibly obvious sex at all times and in all places, like a bunch of zombies. Now that's crazy. It's crazy for a lot of reasons. For identification reasons, for law and order and crime reasons, for safety reasons, for health reasons, for reproduction reasons, for modesty reasons, for courtesy reasons, for propriety reasons. In this case, are we really supposed to ignore that there's someone who looks for all the world like a man in the women's locker room? Granted, there are women who dress and groom themselves in unconventional or masculine ways. There's no law against it. Sure, it may not be against any law for a female to make herself over into looking like a man and then use the women's facilities; in fact in Virginia there's a law that says the public school girl who dresses like a boy has to use the rest room the sex on her birth certificate indicates. Still, anyone presenting themselves as the opposite sex being allowed to use the facilities is discourteous and disorderly and unfair and perhaps could even be quite frightening to someone caught unawares and/or in a compromising situation, such as naked or taking care of sanitary needs. Whatever else it is, it's just plain horribly, arrogantly rude.

And yet where can they go? We wouldn't want this person to go into the men's locker room either because we happen to know she's a female. Either way is a disaster waiting to happen. What these people have done to the best of their ability is make themselves into neither sex. They don't comfortably or appropriately belong anywhere. How sad. It would seem that only a crazy person would voluntarily do this to him or herself. But if such people are mentally ill, it's everybody's else's fault for indulging them in their illness.

It's funny because our gym just did a make-over and has brand new gargantuan signs distinguishing  the men and women facilities, all the more noticeable because they read "WOMENS" and "MENS." Correct us if we're wrong, but these aren't actual words unless you leave off each "s" or add apostrophes before each "s." There are no such plural plurals as womens or mens. Incorrect possessives aside, as things are unfolding,  what signs should they put on the locker rooms these days in order to be accurate? Mostly Women? Mostly Men? Sort of Women? Sort of Men? People who Think They are Mostly Women/Men at the Moment?

There are no such words as womens and mens, and similarly, there are no such things as women who are  men and men who are women (except in a case of a very rare birth defect). As we've pointed out, transgenderism all boils down to homosexuality, which boils down to a perversion of heterosexuality. If the male pretending to be a female wants males to notice him sexually, that is male homosexuality, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. If the female pretending to be a male wants female sexual attention, that's lesbianism, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. If the male pretending to be a female wants female sexual attention, that's pretend lesbianism, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. If the female pretending to be a male wants male sexual attention, that's pretend male homosexuality, which is a perversion of heterosexuality. You see, it all has to do with homosex, with perversion, with breaking rules, with disorder, with thumbing one's nose at reality and normalcy and health and God, and also, evidently, at everyone around you. 

What we ought to do is strip away all this pretense and call travesties such as women pretending to be men or boys pretending to be girls just what they are: wrong. Sadly, that's never going to happen in this silly, wicked, self-indulgent, self-destructing, rapidly de-civilizing world. 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Boy, You Are Not A Girl

It's so inconsistent. Those who insist on a "genderless utopia" simultaneously champion transgendering. How can that be? In other words, at the same time our PC culture is working at obliterating the very concept of gender, as in male and female, it is also encouraging the total surface effeminization of boys who decide they would rather act like girls,as in females, and the total surface masculinization of girls who decide they would rather act like boys, as in males. Of course transgendering is all about gender. At least that's what it's about for children who don't have a clue yet about sexuality. Otherwise, for those who are developed sexually, it's about homosexuality. So which is it? How are we supposed to ignore that there are two genders while at the same time making a huge deal of those who insist they are the opposite gender of what their genes and anatomy prove?

This is crazy-making. And people are going crazy.

We watched a program the other day on TLC about a 14-year-old boy who is trying for all he's worth to present himself as a girl, and yet goes around telling everybody he's a transgender. Oh, and then he judges anybody as "transphobic" who doesn't want to hang out with him or doesn't think he's special and wonderful. It appears to be all about getting attention. Case in point: reality TV show.

We don't blame the kid. It's the parents and doctors and psychiatrists who are responsible for this tragedy, including the culture which is formed by people with a lot of influence and power which indoctrinated the parents and doctors. The doctor and mother are all about the poor boy getting breast implants and his penis removed. The psychiatrist asks the adolescent boy who is sitting there acting affectedly female and wearing overly girly clothes and make-up if he's had any sexual thoughts. No, he says. He's not real interested in boys, but feels persecuted if they aren't interested in him---yes, he expects regular boys to be interested in him---a boy with a penis dressing and acting like a girl. And no, he doesn't want his penis messed with. He says he's gotten used to it. Yes. And the adults sit there clueless.

What a mess. A mess that will  never end. The boy is going to grow up. He's going to look and sound more and more like a male in ways that can't be covered up. What does he have to look forward to? Surgeries. Hormones for life. No normality. No posterity. What if when he grows up a little more and gets away from his indulgent family, he changes his spoiled, indulged, 3-year-old mindset?

Maybe if the parents had treated their 3-year-old like a 3-year-old, and acted like parents, none of this would be happening. Gender identity disorder is disturbing and upsetting, but it can be corrected. You're not supposed to give in to it--duh. Most kids just grow out of it, you know, like sissies and tom-boys. Maybe if the parents had been patient and taught their child about proper gender identity, maybe if his dad had taught him a little masculinity, maybe if his mother had patiently corrected him as he grew instead of encouraging his delusion, maybe if his environment portrayed and championed the two genders only in correct ways, chances are he wouldn't be having any of these problems.

It's obviously better to accept your healthy body and learn how to present yourself according to your biological gender and be mentally and emotionally healthy than to mess with your healthy body with hormones and scalpels in order to delude yourself into being something you are not and have a mutilated and sterilized body, too. Doctors are saying so. They are saying transexualization does not solve these people's problems. Far from it.

Maybe if the parents didn't exploit their child's disorder for fame and money, he would have grown out of his twin-brother-getting-all-the-atttention, older-sister-worshipping phase and none of this would be happening. He actually says that every decision he has made was based on his idolized older sister. One thing is for sure. If these parents and this family and this kid weren't living in today's no-God, no-absolutes, anything-goes world, this would not be happening. The kid would be a regular boy in all the important ways, having all the regular adolescent boy problems, who is also good at soccer. Not a boy pretending to be a very girly girl who just wants to fit in but who tells everybody about it to get attention, who just wants to play soccer on the girls' team whose parents fought a 2-year law suit to make it happen.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Religion Versus Rameumptum

Mankind! (That's an exclamation our late aged neighbor used to use.) It's frustrating. Why do people not know the difference or make a distinction between a church where you show up and do and say things, and a religion that is quietly sought and studied out and learned and pondered and lived inside each individual person as best he can throughout each day? In such a scenario it becomes very easy to become like the Zoramites who climbed up their Rameumptum tower once a week, thanked God that they were so much better than everybody else, and then never thought about God again until the next Sunday. So much for any applicable religious reason for keeping the Sabbath day "holy." Have people forgotten that Jesus Christ came and taught a religion much beyond the Ten Commandments? He made it quite clear that it's supposed to be about what's going on in our hearts and minds, first, middle, last, and always, and he also made quite clear that our inner person needs to be cleaned up regularly, our souls restored as the scripture says, through Christ---not Jesus the massage therapist, the Jesus who died for our sins. 

A Christian church exists to build up a person's religiosity, that is, to save souls by turning them to Christ inside their hearts and minds, what Alma calls our faculties. But it may utterly fail. In fact it may do just the opposite: motivate people to care only about things like human relations, outward compliance, humanitarian service, accomplishments, positions, honors, comforts, and praise of men. That's why Jesus called the top church leaders in his day hypocrites and whited sepulchers. They were doing all the abundant pious exterior stuff but inside were prideful and filthy and wicked. All they cared about were the performances that others could see. Their motivations were selfish. Their hands were clean but their souls were fouled  (to borrow from Euripides). This soul-deep wickedness is warned against all through the scriptures.

There's a crazy idea going around that says a church's doctrines and that same church's policies are mutually exclusive. This smacks of the old Rameumptum, the wickedness of hypocrisy. Correct us if we're wrong, but shouldn't church doctrine inform all church policies, just as individually our religious beliefs should inform our motives and actions? That's certainly what we hear from all theological teachings. And yet there are some who are saying the opposite, trying to find some excuse for how churches and other organizations like the Boy Scouts of America are caving in to accommodate the pervasive sexual immorality of our times.

And let's not forget that policies form sentiment. An institution's policies will trickle down into its members' everyday lives. People do what their leaders do, not so much what they say. An organization that embraces sexual immorality is modeling that act for every member and every family to copy.

One thing we could do is pray that we as a people will be brought to repentance---sincere, whole-hearted, selfless, humble repentance. Only those who resist Christ as our essential Redeemer could argue with that.