Friday, August 30, 2019

The LGBTShow: Coming to your LDS Sacrament Meeting

There are now gay activists being invited to speak at LDS sacrament meetings for the sole purpose of normalizing and promoting homosexualism. The LGBT show with its Godless and anti-Christ worldview will inevitably come to your ward sooner or later. Yes, with children and youth of all ages present. Get ready for representatives of perverse sexuality speaking from the pulpit, from wards and stakes on up, and everybody slobbering all over them as if they are celebrities.

We don't know how anyone can argue that churches everywhere are flipping to embrace perverse sexuality in a big way. Incredibly, there is no concern for how LGBT people became so preoccupied with sex and sexuality that their sexual orientation is their primary public identity. Normal people don't do that. What do we care what people's sexual identities or fantasies are in church---unless we find some pleasure in it as the scripture says? The point of Christian church gatherings is supposed to be that we are all sinners, striving to get and stay in the light through the grace of Christ.

But the gay gloaters are not about that. They are just about themselves and their perverse sexual thoughts and behaviors which they portray as just a harmless, wholesome, normal identity, while disguising it in phony religious-sounding phraseology. And they're recruiting straights as a way of access. No matter what they actually say, there is more deception and lying and cunning and fawning and self-interest and politics going on than we can possibly discuss here.

Don't be fooled. The normal-ish way they present themselves and the religious-ish language they may use is all the more dangerous because it masks the very risky, sick, and harmful things they think, do, and promote. It is all a show. It used to be that gays stormed into churches interrupting meetings in protest. They've gotten a lot more crafty. Now they dress themselves up like everybody else and talk like everybody else and worm their way in as courageous speakers and leaders. Using church meetings is just another way to win people over, gain access to children and youth in order to create sexual confusion, and groom the congregation for acceptance/participation in sexual deviancy. For all intents and purposes it's the same thing as those horrendous drag queens telling sweet little perverse sex stories to little children in libraries, all supported by authority figures.

As in The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas, when a wrong is committed, in order to find the perpetrator(s) the first thing to ask is: who stands to benefit from it? There is a lot of attention and praise and opportunity to speak out for proud gay people these days. Not to mention the exciting unlimited lusting, pornography use, and sexual encounters everybody ignores. Sin is pleasurable --- for a time. People don't get into perverse sexuality in a vacuum.

But those who benefit directly are not the only ones doing wrong. All those promoting or going along with this trend, that is, whitewashing, flattering, and bending over backwards to make themselves appear "Christ-like" and "inclusive" of what every decent person thought of as the most outrageous and heinous sexual sins of the heart and body five minutes ago should know that they are now a huge part of the problem, the biggest part. Two percent of the population cannot change public sentiment and values without recruiting an army of sympathizers/followers.

These LGBT sychophants need to know they are promoting sex addiction, family abandonment, pedophilia, incest, child abuse, rape, sex slavery including child sex slavery, and pornography of all of these types, you name it. Surely there is more to become acceptable, even laudable, that we haven't even imagined, and the LGBT juggernaut and its gullible and weak and pretend-religious followers have set the stage for absolutely anything. Without God, all things are permitted, said Dostoevsky.

Most everybody draws the line somewhere, but the line just got stretched out of all recognition. As D. French said, "Those who surrender on one issue tend to surrender on others as well." We've noticed that today's homosexualists never draw any clear lines or stand for any clear rules on sexuality, at least we haven't heard or seen it anywhere. Chastity is not on their radar. If they do draw any lines, where do their boundaries come from? Why are our boundaries from God suddenly null and void but they get to make new ones that we have to abide by or be called names, punished, and ostracized? It's C. S. Lewis's Abolition of Man come true.

Read the following and ask yourself, how is this for evil being called good? Read it and weep. Then watch it come to your ward, depending on your local leaders' current worldview.

On July 28 in an LDS ward in Salt Lake City (world headquarters of the church), a trio of sex activists, apparently proudly identifying themselves as a lesbian, a gay, and a transgender, spoke to the congregation in its main meeting. Apparently they do not belong to this ward but were invited to speak by the bishop, the official shepherd of the flock. This in itself is a travesty, but also highly unusual because only ward or stake members and leaders, maybe former ward members, or perhaps some other leader with jurisdiction over the ward, ever speak at ward sacrament meetings. Strangers are not asked to speak or do musical numbers or have any part in this particular meeting. There can be no doubt that the only reason, the outrageous reason, these three people, unknown to the ward members, were invited to speak is because of their perverse sexual tastes or preferences. The lesbian is about sex with other women, the male homosexual desires sex with other men, and the transgender is a man presenting himself in feminine ways whom we therefore assume prefers sex with other men, that is, another homosexual. (This is the only honest way to distinguish these people from everybody else. People who insist Mormon LGBTs are not interested in sex are being completely snowed or dishonest.) As you will see, they were there to speak "as an openly lesbian woman, gay man, and trans female."

 This is what Jena Peterson, one of the participants, wrote about it:  "Today was such a beautiful day for me at church and I wanted to share it with you. I was asked to speak in a ward in Salt Lake, along side my dear friends Ann Ryan Pack and Ben Schilaty. What a great experience for us to be able to speak as an openly lesbian woman, gay man, and trans female.

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this ward, as it can be vulnerable to speak as an LGBT person, especially in an unfamiliar ward. The hope was that our message, along with the Spirit, would touch the hearts of those in the ward. From the feedback we received and from the gracious remarks of the Bishop, I think the meeting went well. But what I’d like to write about tonight is how this ward actually touched my heart, not how I touched theirs.

I walked into the ward a little bit late and sat on the back row. I was touched immediately by the love and spirit I felt there. I’m a pretty observant person and started scanning the congregation, trying to get a feel for how these people might respond to our message. I instantly had tears in my eyes as I noticed 5 people around me with visible tattoos, I could smell cigarette smoke on someone nearby, some people wore normal street clothes, there were many people of different races and color, there were people who seemed homeless and wore whatever they could find, there were missionaries, there were men with long hair, all different kinds of people. I especially loved the sister who wore dress pants and a Nike visor 😎.

I quickly realized I was in a room full of imperfect, beautiful souls, all doing their best to come and worship Jesus Christ. They were there as individuals, very different individuals, but full of love and acceptance for all who attended. Everyone belonged in the chapel this morning. It was the perfect meeting to prepare me and help me feel safe sharing my heart with them.

This was such a beautiful example of what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about. There were no feelings of being different or marginalized. Truly a congregation built on the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My hope is that my message today touched the hearts of this ward as much as they touched mine

Tonight I’m feeling gratitude for my life and the beautiful experiences that come my way. I’m thankful for a loving Savior who has helped me embrace my sexual orientation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to hold within my soul these two important truths in peace. I’m forever thankful for my painful, yet beautiful journey

The peace I feel today is worth every ounce of pain I’ve felt. Being able to embrace the truth of uncertainty, sitting in a paradox, and turning my faith to God and Jesus Christ, has given me more peace in my spiritual journey than I could ever imagine.

Thank you to the wonderful ward in Salt Lake City who touched my heart!"

Apparently these three are all set up to make the rounds. And there are others promoting all things LGBT in church which we have heard tell of throughout Utah Valley. Apparently it starts in the auxiliary meetings and then graduates to sacrament meetings. Listen and you will hear it in your ward somewhere. By the way, we asked our bishop years ago what he would do if homosexualism was being positively represented/preached from the pulpit. He said he wouldn't do anything, except maybe teach his own children at home that it was wrong. We said we couldn't attend if that sort of thing went on. Without hesitation he told us our eternal salvation would be at stake if we didn't attend. We said we could find another ward to go to where the bishop was not afraid to take the right  stand on this issue and he didn't have a response.

So traveling homosexual activists nobody knows from Adam can be allowed or invited to preach their perverse Godless ideologies disguised as love and religion to any Christian congregation, but we are going to hell if we don't attend/participate/add our amen to the blind sychophantic multitude? Do people not see the triumph of evil here?

We don't know how anyone can argue that many, many people have always thought there are tried-and-true rules for human sexuality that come from God that will never change. We don't know how anyone can argue who is getting hurt when churches flip their worldview to embrace unlimited sexual impurity. We don't know how we can get in trouble in our so-called church of Jesus Christ for holding to our deeply-held beliefs and yet we have gotten into trouble. In fact we have been told over our local pulpit that we better go along with all the changes happening in the church or we will be "wiped out." What? We could write a book about how we have been treated in our own church on all levels just because we haven't gone along with the current worldly trend of exploitation and politicization of perverse human sexuality. There is no wonder who is getting gain from this sort of thing.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Drag Queen Men Insult Women and Injure Children

If you read anything behind these drag queen story hours being held at libraries all over the world, including 35 chapters in the U.S., for children age 3-8, at which they read LGBTQ-affirming picture books aloud, (with make-up classes for tweens and teens), your heart might explode. See if you can make it even halfway through this information provided by MassResistance. I couldn't.

As an actual woman, and as a mother and grandmother, I have something to say about this development and a perfect right to say it. Somebody has to.

First, as a woman, I am grossly insulted. I am insulted that grown men are making a mockery of my sex, which is being treated in all seriousness! No woman I have ever known makes such a spectacle of herself as these men do. No woman I know presents herself in any way like these men are doing. No woman I know does her makeup like that, or wears costumes like that. Ever. No woman I know would ever appear like that in front of children and read them perverse sexuality stories. This is a perversion of womanhood, a sick and frightening parody, exaggerated to the nth degree, all to initiate children into perverse sexuality.

Who does that? Well, sex-addicted men who are after the only sexual taboo remaining: children. The huge amount of trouble they go to is a clue to their outrageous preoccupation with sex and children.

I am insulted also because these drag queens are men. As such they have no right to pose as women, especially in polite society expecting to be taken seriously, treated as V.I.P.s, and celebrated. They do not have female anatomy. They never had a period or menstrual cramps. They never had PMS. They were never pregnant and never gave birth. They never had postpartum depression or nursed a baby. They have never suffered through menopause, having bouts of anxiety/hot flashes every 45 minutes for years. These womanly experiences are serious things for us women. I don't appreciate them being dismissed and belittled. These men will never suffer through any of these exclusively female pains and discomforts. What right have they to pretend they are female without having any body part, natural hormone, or true life experience that actually comes with being a female?

Second, as a mother and grandmother, I have my claws out to protect young ones. More and more of these drag queen men are being found to be involved in all things perversely sexual and pornographic and to admit they wish to groom and recruit children into all things perversely sexual. Apparently, the common predatory initiating of younger people is the most thrilling part of the whole LGBT lifestyle. The movement certainly puts a huge effort into recruiting children and youth, through the education system, through mainstream entertainment, through pornography, through printed materials, through sex ed classes, through foster programs, through libraries, through parades and festivals, through conferences and workshops, you name it.

You think drag queen story hour is not about perverse and promiscuous sex for kids and everything connected with it? These are some of the actual names they choose for themselves: Annie Christ. Molestia Child. Anna Bortion, Sharon Needles. Olive D. Cox. Avery Goodlay. Anna Fetamine. Can anyone doubt that these drag queen story hours are taxpayer funded child abuse that contribute to the delinquency of minors? Aggressive transvestites, who demand access to children, should be on the sexual offenders list, if they aren't already! They are dangerous. These outrageous cross-dressers' stated goal is to provide children with positive role models for sex and sexuality. Yes, they admit it's all about sex,and they call it positive! So why have libraries been known not to provide their real identities to the public? It's not just the LGBTs that are out to confuse and harm children; it's their supporters, too.

Think how you would have felt as a child if you were exposed to this sort of thing, especially under the auspices of authority entities and figures like government, libraries, adults, librarians, and parents.

Please see our books about teaching children correct attitudes and facts about male and female, sex and sexuality.  The gentle text of Me Tarzan, You Jane is free to read to your children and grandchildren. It's one thing you can do to contradict the harm and insanity.