Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What All Perverse Forms of Human Sexuality Have in Common

We hear so much about alternative sexual orientations, diversity, respecting all ideas and peoples, people being allowed to love whomever they want. Really? We submit that where perverse human sexuality is concerned, diversity, respect, and love are in short supply. Sexuality is serious. If it is not used correctly, someone gets hurt. The someone we'll talk about here that gets hurt is one's posterity. 

All the alphabet soup forms of human sexuality we're now supposed to allow and respect have the most important thing in common. They are not diverse at all. At their core they are all of the same ilk. Homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, bestiality, all fall into one particular category: they don't involve the thing that makes babies. We'll call this commonality anti-creation. The despising of posterity/pro-creation. Self-imposed sterility. Sexual inclinations and relations completely void of responsibility. The abandonment of humanity's most important job: to reproduce.

Think about it. Male homosexuals, no matter what they do with each other sexually, can never make a baby together. Neither can lesbians. Pedophiles desire sex with human beings too young to reproduce. Bestiality involves sexual relations between different species making replication impossible. Transgenders turn themselves into sterile homosexuals, and transsexuals in effect surgically sterilize themselves. All of these "sexual orientations" mentioned have the same single sexual end result as masturbation does--contrived sexual pleasure--and one big thing in common: no chance of getting anybody pregnant. These are merely perverse sexual lusts and behaviors with zero reproductive strings attached. All of these modern whimsical sexual constructs perfectly succeed in killing off the primary purpose and meaning of human sexuality and the sex act: pro-creation.

None of this is worthy of respect. Nor is it love. These sex acts are not loving because they are by nature disordered, destructive, and fruitless.

It should be no surprise that our current sexually free culture contrives and normalizes ever more ways for people to enjoy the pleasures of sex without having to worry about reproduction and family responsibilities. No-fault divorce. Pervasive pornography. Masturbation. The drugs and sex culture. Birth control methods that mess with nature. Surgical sterility operations. Choosing career over family. Degrading of  motherhood. Unlimited "gender identities" and "sexual orientations." And the worst of all evils: Elective Abortion, murder of the conceived but yet unborn. Again, all of these constructs are nonreproductive, noncreative, anti-humanity. God's commandment to multiply and His rules to go with this power as another one of the many tests mortality affords has apparently ceased to cross people's minds.

About birth control. It's true that all types of birth control are anti-birth; even natural methods like breast feeding and abstention and the rhythm method can be conscious attempts to prevent or postpone pregnancy. Perhaps the difference is that these ways require some measure of unselfishness, discipline, self-control, and responsibility for sexual relations, while the unnatural ways listed above are several steps removed from unselfishness, discipline, self-control, and direct responsibility for sexual relations if there are any efforts at these noble traits present at all. But the more important point is to ask why. Why are people curtailing, even forfeiting, their power of procreation? Is the reason rational and unselfish and benevolent toward mankind? Or is it all or even partly about boredom, brokenness, escape, selfishness, faithlessness, hopelessness, nihilism, and contempt?

Of course procreation is only one of the consequences of sexual relations. It's the only physical consequence in healthy proper monogamous heterosexual relations, but not in the opposite sort. Perverse sexuality has traded in the miracle of procreation for a myriad of negative psychological, emotional, sociological, and physical health consequences that occur when human masculinity, femininity, and sexuality are abused. More and more evidence continues to mount as the results of the social experiment known as sexual liberation pour in.

One example of the negative results of no-boundaries sex and sexuality is how transsexuals (people who surgically, hormonally, etc., pretend to change their sex) are turning out to be twenty times more likely to commit suicide than other people. Not twice or even ten times as likely. Twenty times as likely. How's that for anti-mankind? Another example of today's bizarre, destructive, anti-humanity mindset is how in the promiscuous gay community people don't care who they spread disease to; they are emboldened by activists who have done a great job of making the public believe HIV/AIDS is not preventable, that it's nobody's fault, when of course in the case of spreading it through sexual relations, it is 100% preventable and blameable. Yes, engaging in sexual relations is a choice. Some homosexuals, known as bug-chasers, even go sexing around hoping to contract the dread disease.

C. S. Lewis said that concern for the continuation and well-being of posterity is one of the most basic of all human values. And yet the devaluation of present and future humanity in the forms listed above has become commonplace, legal, respected, embraced, celebrated, applauded, or is fast becoming so. As scripture puts it, men are letting their seed spill on the ground, in other words, deliberately putting it anywhere but towards the matured and waiting human female womb. But mankind in its unending short-sighted lusts and hopelessness goes even further: people are using their procreative powers as an excuse to kill and be killed, such as in elective abortion, suicide, and the casual/purposeful spread of deadly disease.

Diversity? Respect? Love? At their roots all things LGBTQI+ are the antithesis of these. They are all alike: hurtful, disrespectful, self-centered, sterile, and anti-humanity.

It's incredible that an increasing number of people today, supported by self-serving sycophants, choose to shut their eyes to reality, enjoy temporal pleasure, satisfaction, and convenience in the moment, and self-destruct rather than shoulder and champion our most basic responsibility for the marvelous God-given power of pro-creation-----to cherish and care for precious human posterity----and thus thrive.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

We Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ. Do You?

We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Not the Church of the Human Beings Running Things at the Time

Not the Church of Outward Ordinances, Service, and Performances

Not the Church of Human Programs and Achievements

Not the Church of Buildings and Temples

Not the Church of Appearances

Not the Church of Missions

Not the Church of Ambitions and Positions

Not the Church of Human Relations

Not the Church of Self-Esteem and Comforts

Not the Church of Human Families

Not the Church of Sociological/Humanitarian Service

Not the Church of Worldly Education

Not the Church of  My Own Ego

Not the Church of Evolving to Fit the Times

Not the Church of Political Expediency

Not the Church of Niceness

Not the Church of Changing the World/ Making a Difference

We belong to the Church of Jesus Christ, a state that begins and ends in each of our individual hearts and minds. That means God's plan: fallen man, Christ giving his life for our sins, feeling God's love, repentance, the mighty change of heart, redemption and salvation through Christ, faith in Christ---believing Christ can wash your sins away if you truly repent, relying on Christ alone, the Holy Ghost teaching us the truth and all things we should do, more repentance, being grateful to God for everything, putting trust in Christ alone, learning terribly lovely things, striving to do all things out of love for God, giving God all the credit as Christ did, tremendous gratitude to God, becoming a new creature because of that gratitude and reliance on Christ, hope for eternal life, more repentance, developing godly traits, becoming clean, forgiven, and striving for holiness, more repentance. That's what we believe in. All the things we say and do---the habitual study and prayer, the testifying, the teaching, the attendance, the participation, the ordinances, the tithes and offerings, the service, the programs, the outward performances---lose all meaning in the eternal sense if we don't apply these basic gospel truths in the everyday lives we live. We must first cleanse the inner vessel; we must do that first and always, and all the necessary outward acts will naturally follow. As a wise friend of ours said, it's not whether we get everything done---that's not the emphasis---the emphasis is whether we have the Holy Ghost.(And then we'll probably get a lot more good stuff done anyway and for the right reason.)

To the worldly, these are hard and unpopular doctrines. Not only are they grossly overlooked and under-emphasized, but if someone dares to bring them up, say, in Sunday School class, they meet with stubborn resistance. "Fake it 'til you make it," is the trendy trumped-up motto, not found anywhere in scripture and utterly contrary to God's word. Just love one another. Just serve one another. All of these "gospel" tenets are trendy, vaporous, incomplete, and improperly defined where God is concerned. People want so badly to merely go through certain prescribed motions in order to feel good about themselves and thus escape the task of examining their motives, their souls, their spiritual welfare. They want the comfort, but not the personal relationship with God, not the awful demands God makes on our souls.

This is human nature, that enemy to God, and as old as the hills. Granted, it's very difficult to stay spiritually centered. We get hooked by stuff going on around us, by appearances, by our own sins and frailties, by our vanity, by our pride. We make excuses. We rationalize. We get distracted. We have our moods. But if we regularly pray for correction and truly desire knowledge---that personal examination and illumination and revelation---we'll get it. This is repentance, the mighty change of heart, and with it comes light. Light will be shone on our faults. We'll see the crushing, humbling truth. It will hurt. (The more prideful we are the more painful it will be.) But then we can remember God loves us nevertheless and there is a Savior and we believe in him. And then because of these truths we can pick our wretched selves up and start again with joy and thankfulness overflowing. In this way we truly grow and learn and change, all in the best ways.

The gospel of Jesus Christ won't work for people who are more about changing the world and influencing others and enjoying any measure of smug complacency than changing themselves. It won't mean anything to people who think they do well enough and Christ will "make up the difference." It won't interest people who think their good works cancel out any sins they might have. It isn't applicable for people who think of Jesus as a social worker or philosopher or massage therapist or a temporal-type-comforter or as the icing on the cake. People with that mindset just won't get it. They do not know who Jesus is: the quintessential heart surgeon, the wielder of a spiritual two-edged sword, the Author and Finisher, Alpha and Omega, the one and only way to God.

It matters what we center our inward lives around. It matters what we put our heart and our faith in. It matters who and what we worship.

This is the religion we embrace. Do you?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Yes, It's Discrimination: But It's the Right Kind

We are full of compassion for the pizza restaurant owners who turned down a request to cater a "gay wedding" and because of that have been attacked and abused and punished by arrogant intolerant homosexualists. But why do people keep saying that refusing to service a gay wedding is not discriminatory? Of course it is.If you don't want to serve pizza for a gay wedding, you are discriminating against it.

The word discrimination took on a negative vibe with the civil rights movement. Yeah, it was way wrong to treat people like second-class citizens because of the color of their skin. But this gay thing is not the same. The color of one's skin is not a feeling or a desire or a behavior. Same-sex attraction is about out-of-bounds sexual feelings and desires that get played out in bad behaviors. Behaviors, feelings, thoughts, lusts, temptations, are not an ethnicity. And there are plenty of ideas and feelings and desires and behaviors that are rightly discriminated against in any orderly family or society. There are zillions of examples but the most obvious one is how prisons are full of disorderly people who are being discriminated against.

Everyone discriminates against plenty of ideas and people and things. Everyone should. We should all carefully and thoughtfully discriminate between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and error, God and the devil, helpful and hurtful, health and sickness, male and female, child and adult, life and death, beauty and ugliness, value and worthlessness, real sex and fake sex, righteousness and wickedness, decency and indecency, sanity and insanity, selfishness and unselfishness, order and disorder, and so forth. But it's easy to see that this isn't happening anymore in some important aspects of all of the above, and because of this shift there is a lot of fallout occurring.

One example, among many, of the failure to rightly discriminate concerns the issue of sexual immorality.  Traditional values/Christian people in all walks of life have been so indoctrinated and beat down, and have become so afraid of being accused of  being "unkind" and "homophobic" and "bigoted" that they long ago gave up speaking out against highly risky and harmful lusts and behaviors. But they still believe it's all wrong, and as a last resort they have hung the survival of Religious Freedom on only one thing: the support of traditional marriage, pretending they are not discriminating against anyone. This is a distraction and will not work.

"Gay marriage" is just a ruse, a very cleverly calculated tactic to get everybody to celebrate homosexual behaviors, that is, give up their religious freedom. And it is working.

Gay marriage is just sexually immoral behavior by another name. Most gays have no interest in any sort of marriage. The gay lifestyle especially among males is not known for the sharing of worldly goods or everyday lives with sex partners any more than prostitutes share anything but sex with their customers. The gay lifestyle by nature is pornographic and promiscuous in the extreme. At its core it isn't about children or family or God or anything like that. Regardless of  those few damaged, duped same-sex couples who may, through the power of suggestion,  "marry" out of sincere fondness for each other, and then contrive to get children because they truly want children, the whole idea of gay marriage is about thumbing one's nose at God and reality and order and posterity, and bringing the whole institution down. A lot of vulnerable people are mere pawns being exploited to bring the larger agenda about.

We repeat. Christian conservatives seem to have lost their way on this issue. They say, "We don't discriminate against gays, we just believe marriage is between a man and a woman." Huh? This is intellectually dishonest and spiritually negligent. Gays are obviously doing the things these Christians object to, and yet Christians wait to draw the line at some fake ceremony? So let us get this straight: they don't care at all about the immortal souls of gay people, just some stupid party? Time was when such behavior was considered wicked, disorderly, dangerous to society. There were laws against it until quite recently. Now it's just some contrived celebration that lasts a few hours that offends our religious sensitivities. Really?

We get it. Nobody on our side wants to appear to confront or condemn individuals. That's not our style. We'd rather just accept and "love" them into repentance, or rather just into good behavior, or rather, just into keeping up the appearance of good behavior. As a matter of fact, fewer and fewer so-called Christians believe in sin and repentance much anymore, especially when it comes to homosexuality. This is a decidedly anti-Christ notion. This shift has resulted in more and more Christians making a lot of excuses for those who claim any manner of  LGBTQI+ identity: They didn't choose it. They can't help it. We don't want to "lose" them. It's none of our business. In order to get along with the sexually immoral people in our lives we choose to ignore our God-given power to discriminate between good and evil. We resign as our brother's keeper.

We're not talking about people who have loved ones and friends who have self-identified as gay but who make their belief that it is wrong and harmful crystal clear. This is tricky, but there are plenty of people who are successfully doing it. They keep up their relationships with these confused/rebellious loved ones and seek the Spirit to know what to say and do that would truly help these people or at least not encourage them in the bad things they think and do. Who we are talking about are those who pretend nothing's wrong. Going along with sin is the easy way, it isn't Real Love, and it isn't working, is it?  Somebody, anybody, show us how giving in to sin has ever worked to change anybody. Show us in the scriptures. Show us in some personal experience. It's the gospel of Jesus Christ that changes people from the inside out, that works better than anything else, that makes people begin to become truly Christlike (humble, patient, long-suffering, righteous, holy). But very very few people are trying that anymore. What's the result?  We're not winning gays over; they are winning us over! One example is that there are very few people who call homosexuality a sin anymore.

And guess what? Gays are highly discriminatory themselves, we're sure in some good ways and also in some very bad ways. Not only are militant gays intolerant in the extreme toward people who don't embrace their sexual inclinations and behaviors as normal and equal and right, gays discriminate on something as shallow as personal appearance among each other. If a potential sex partner they found on the internet shows up and isn't attractive enough, the deal's off.  They are perhaps the most discriminatory of all types of people because they wish to absolutely destroy anybody who won't celebrate their behavior. This is crazy. If we don't participate in your party, you find ways to persecute and punish and ruin us? Really? This isn't just crazy, it's downright dangerous. What's next?

We ought to ask: what side of the gay issue is getting away with discrimination? One will inevitably be allowed to discriminate against the other. These days evidence strongly points to gays singling out and pressuring and punishing Christians, other than the other way around. Too bad. Our vote was for judging on the basis of goodness and truth, on righteous discrimination. No, we don't think homosexuality is good for anybody, "married"or not. Righteous discrimination is what every civil society is built upon, and civilizations don't last long without it.

Even back in the early nineteenth century, William Wordsworth wondered about good people losing "the discriminating powers" of their minds. Christians, let's quit with the phony politically correct nonsense. If we truly love our fellow man we'll stand for truth and righteousness in every scenario, not just because a gay couple walks into a restaurant to order pizza for a "wedding." Is men burning in their lust toward one another wrong or not? Is doing that which is unseemly an abomination in the sight of God, or not?  Do we care about these people's immortal souls, or not? Do we believe the Bible is the Word of God or not? If you think about it, many Christians are hiding behind traditional marriage and religious freedom just like the gays are hiding behind gay marriage and sexual freedom.

Yes, Christians may well have a beam in their own eye. It's because they made concessions expedient for them, because they accepted homosexuality in principle (as an  identity), because they now turn a blind eye to the physically and spiritually destructive ideas and sexual behaviors of their brothers and sisters, because they let the camel's head in the tent, because they allowed this sinful "identity" to be normalized, because at the top of the slippery slope they surrendered their God-given power to righteously discriminate on crucial issues, that any of this is even happening.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

Seriously, we're getting tired of stating what should be obvious. We're also tired of flipping on the radio in the car to hear a bunch of false self-serving claptrap about human sexuality. Has everybody drunk the Koolaid?

Once again, here are some quick facts:

Not a choice? In the past and still today, many God-fearing, traditional values people could not and can not imagine homosexuality as being a choice. They think, who would choose something so unnatural and pointless and unspeakable and disgusting and pathetic? This thing must be involuntary. But this is not true. It is a choice, unless the person is mentally or emotionally ill, but no one is making that distinction. We all choose which thoughts and feelings and impulses to indulge, and unless we're insane we're responsible for those thoughts, feelings, and impulses. Some gays have admitted they chose homosexuality. There are many reasons to choose it, one being that sin is pleasurable.

Sexual feelings are just sexual feelings and can be very easily aroused in whatever direction is suggested, experienced, thought about, or encouraged. That's why so many boys and girls who were sexually abused later come out as LGBTQI+. Their sexual development was messed with early on, big time.

Human attitudes toward sexuality are modeled and taught and learned. All manner of perverse and destructive sexuality is being portrayed today in our highly techonological environment as normal, natural, safe, wholesome, even courageous and enlightened. Pornography is mainstreamed, readily available, and targets all ages. As such, most young people today are being sexually abused by their environment. Some are more vulnerable to it than others and are quite easily recruited.

LGBTQI+, SSA, homosexuality, whatever you call it, is about sinful sexual lust and behaviors. Any stereotypical outward affectations, talents, personality traits, clothes, hair, nonsexual interests are just appearances. Trappings. Sexuality is what it's all about. Perverse sex and sexuality. If it doesn't start there, it finds itself there quickly. Sex is where all of this is "consummated," and it must continually be acted on to keep it alive.

Young people today are growing up in an oversexed, pervasive, highly permissive environment where once sins too gross to be spoken of in polite society are proclaimed as something akin to race and paraded in the streets.  Is it any wonder more and more kids are jumping on this band wagon, experimenting with all sorts of perverse sexual ideas and claiming this or that one as an identity? What is amazing is the adults believing this nonsense and coddling rather than warning the kids.

If you're relying on the APA for your info, you're not relying on science or experience or benevolence toward humankind. At the height of professional abandonment and cowardice, the American Psychological Association reversed long-held proven scientific principles regarding homosexuality being a disorder because of social and political pressure. That's  called junk science. Yes, in the case of homosexuality today, the lunatics are running the asylum.

It is irresponsible and inhumane in the extreme for sane people to accept these destructive "identities" without a thought for the underlying mental and emotional problems these people may be suffering from, the harm these people may well have endured, and the myriad types of damage they are doing themselves and others.

There is zero science, zero biology, zero history, zero scripture, saying gay is genetic or immutable or right or healthy. God, the wisdom of the ages, the human body, and real medical and psychological science say it's bad, maladaptive, unhealthy, life-threatening, and a dead end. 

Encouraging these lusts as an identity suggests and encourages perverse sexual feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of all sorts. And what is encouraged will increase.

The idea that people emboldened enough to publicly and defiantly proclaim SSA are not acting out in some filthy way is grossly ignorant. Participating in increasingly sinful ideas and behaviors is how they become desensitized to right and wrong and eventually acquire the boldness to claim the identity and join the movement.

It's ignorant and unwise to judge on appearances. Gays may look decent and do plenty of good things that can be seen, but disgusting homosexual ideas and behaviors are mostly spoken and performed and spread in secret. Just because people do some good things doesn't mean they don't do some very bad things. We are all a combination of some measure of good and bad. This does not change the fact that there are such absolutes as good and evil.
Increasing our "understanding" of something bad does not make it any less bad. The only good increased understanding can do is if we apply that knowledge toward helping the person repent.

Life stories and shared feelings coming from mentally or emotionally ill, confused,  and/or rebellious people is not a reliable way to gain knowledge about one of their symptoms, i.e. homosexuality. Consider the source.

Homosexuality depends on pornography. It is a staple. It keeps the same sex sexual feelings constantly inflamed. We have not found anyone denying this. It is honestly admitted by some gays and ex-gays.

Sex is serious. If it misused somebody always gets hurt.

The homosexual mindset and self-styled identity is not wholesome or harmless in any way. It is caused by harmful sexual suggestions and experiences and leads to escalating physical behaviors which become increasingly addictive.

Destructive mind-altering drugs are often used along with these sexual behaviors.

Physical abuse is inherent in homosexual acts. Sodomy violates the human body. Other types of violent physical abuse are also inordinately common in same-sex sexual relationships.

Same-sex sexual relationships are usually initiated by older males to younger males, and older females to younger females.  

Marriage is instituted to provide security for children that generally come naturally to opposite-sex couples. Gay couples are not capable of doing the thing that makes babies. Gay coupling is not and can never be marriage.

Warning against the lies and dangers inherent in homosexuality is not hateful or bigoted but loving and charitable.

Jesus Christ was not about opening our arms to sin; he was about rooting it out from the very heart. He died to give us that chance.

The gay movement is not about equality or allowing individual sexual freedom. It's about intimidating, punishing, and ultimately robbing anybody of their civil rights who has an opposing view. It's about bringing the whole culture down to a Godless arbitrarily constructed level. It's about the abolition of man. See the book of that name by C. S. Lewis.

Come on, people. Think.