Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Something to Sing About

Why am I so happy today? I feel like Evelyn Daw in the darling 1937 movie we just watched  Something to Sing About. At the end of the song she's singing in this picture she throws up her arms and sings on a high happy note, smiling, "I'm in lo--------ve!"

Things have happened today that are actually very sad. How can I be so happy when I see reality and rightness and goodness being flushed down the toilet? When good is being called evil and evil called good? When every bad thing the scriptures say will happen is actually happening?

In spite of the sadness we feel over much human suffering and many lost souls and wickedness being modeled and taught to innocent children, there is a lot to be happy about. I am happy today because . . .

This is it! Everything is coming true! People are choosing between evil and good as if between black and white. Things have to get bad before the Lord comes. It's happening really fast.
All that is happening is evidence of God's plan of agency and fallen man and our need for Christ. That is great and glorious. Everything else is unimportant in relation to these truths. The Spirit confirms to me that these things are true. I'm so grateful.

Some people are finally seeing the light. It's a harsh light and it's painful but it's truth and righteousness and because of the blatant betrayals and worldly wickedness occurring, the light shines so brightly against the darkness that a few people who have been complacent, with their eyes half-closed, are waking up. This is wonderful. I'm so glad.

I believe in Christ. I strive to trust in Him alone. All human beings on the earth come and go. They make mistakes. They do wrong. But God's goodness is everlasting. He loves me. Christ died for me. I repent continually. I seek the Spirit to teach me and correct me continually. This makes me happy. It is my relationship to the Godhead that matters most. I wish the eternal best for everyone. Everyone can choose to repent. Hallelujah!

I am not afraid of meeting my Maker. In fact, I'm excited about it.When the time comes I will fall down at the Lord's feet and bathe his feet with grateful and joyful tears. I'm looking forward to being in a place where everyone loves what I love: God and truth and goodness and intelligence and knowledge and humility and true charity and eternal progress. Wow!

I have a husband and children and a few friends who believe like I do. This is more than I deserve. Everything I have is more than I deserve. I deserve nothing and yet am given everything!

Praise the Lord! I'm in lo------ve!

-Janice Graham

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