Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Your Favorite Gays Aren't Telling You

They are our favorite comedians. They hold high government offices. They teach our children. They are some of the most talented people we know. They are now being welcomed into our chapels. Presently they are crowing about the progress they are making in oppressing others' religious liberty. Most important, they are the especial darlings of our families. We keep up our relationships with them because we certainly can't bear to "lose" them.

The truth is, when people pretend there's nothing wrong or abnormal about homosexuality, they are being self-indulgent and cowardly and ignorant, and putting others in harm's way. Confronted with a never-ending flood of emotion and psychobabble, they are purposely denying that there is a huge elephant in the room. As Dean Byrd wrote, "Normal is that which functions according to its design." SSA, gayness, homosexuality, LGBTQI, alternative sexual orientation, gender fluidity, whatever you want to call it (by the way, Facebook now has 56 so-called genders listed for people to identity themselves as in their personal profile), is not normal.

Hypothetically and generally speaking, at the bottom of it all, here's what your favorite gays aren't telling you:

1. We know we aren't normal. The things we think and do are sick and wrong, but highly escapist and pleasurable.
2. Our sexual whims fluctuate and change.
3. We  have to use porn to keep up our preoccupation with sex and sexuality.
4. We play porn in our heads.
5. We're a mess. We don't even care if what we do makes us sick and dead.
6. We secretly wish someone would have the courage to help us clean up our lives.
7. Drugs are a big part of this lifestyle. They make us feel invincible.
8. Promiscuity is a big part of this lifestyle. Initiating younger people is especially thrilling.
9. We're bitter and angry at God because people we trusted have let us down.
10. We want more attention.
11. We want more power.
12. We hate truth. It enrages us.
13. We want everyone to be as miserable as we are.
14. Everything you see us saying and doing is a big show. We're performing all the time.
15. Our most egregious acts are done in secret. We make ourselves appear wholesome to cover our sins. 
16. We're totally obsessed with genitalia.Sex is our addiction, our escape.
17. We're about pushing traditional limits. We make up our own arbitrary limits, if any.
18. We're rebels and we know it.
19. We think we know more than God.
20. Just wait and see what we come up with next.

Yes, these are some of the things your favorite, "moderate," "wholesome," "born-that-way," "discriminiated-against" gays aren't telling you. NOW do you think it's all so harmless and wonderful?

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