Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Gays' Advocates Aren't Telling Them

Gay activists are pretty happy right now. They think they have it all sown up. Politically, they're confident they will have all they have been fighting for quite soon---in every entity of society, including churches. Especially churches. Lesbians, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, transexuals, same-sex attracted, whatever, they are patting themselves heartily on the back for their success in making the church over to fit their various maladaptive sexual proclivities.

They need to know one thing. Just about everybody they think they've won over, just about everybody they think they've bullied into submission, just about everybody they think they've convinced, is only pretending.

Here's what normal, decent, healthy, even half-thinking adults who pretend to be all for gay rights and all for nondiscrimination and all for equality for gays are really thinking. If gays could read their minds, here is what they would hear:

1. Oh man, are you kids a mess.
2. What in the world happened to you?
3. Who hurt you?
4. How did you get this way?
5. We're not thinking about what you actually lust after. It's unspeakably gross.
6. We can't think about what you actually do. It's unspeakably gross.
7. Sure hope you don't get HIV/AIDS and all those other ailments. Then we'd have to take care of you.
8. That disease is the worst! And it could be prevented so easily!
9. We wouldn't wish SSA on anybody but we have to act like we like it.
10. It's really sad you won't have a normal life. And no posterity!
1. We can't say what we really feel because you'll hate us.
12. We care more about being liked than telling you the truth.
13. We know you have even worse problems than your perverse sexual tendencies but we're too afraid to mention them or offer you help.
14. We're afraid of all sorts of destructive things you might do to yourself, but we don't care enough to do anything substantive about it. We'd rather just ignore the real causes. 
15. We hope there won't be very many of you. In fact we count on it.
16. We hope that by us making all sorts of concessions and compromises you'll finally be satisfied and quit pressuring us.
17. We don't give a darn for your immortal souls, the inner person. We care more about ourselves and the here and now.
18. We act like it but deep down we can never ever accept any of this. It's unspeakably gross.
19. We don't care enough about you to do anything about it.
20. We sure hope you grow up someday.

Yes, a lot of this is despicable, but we're pretty sure these things go through the minds of  the fresh new homosexualists, all those basically outwardly decent people gays think they have painstakingly won over to their side.

In light of this reality, do you gays really think you've made such great progress? Do you really think you are getting your way?


Sorry, push through all the laws you want, bring all the lawsuits you want, punish and ruin all the business owners and landlords you want, call all the names you want, flatter or bully all the friends and family members you want, but it's never going to happen. 

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