Monday, October 11, 2010

Reply to Recent Comments

Dear Michael, Chelsea, various "Anonymous" souls, and all other individuals who oppose us,

Thank you for reading our blog and sharing your feelings. We appreciate the great amount of emotion behind your comments. But you might want to read our new book Chased by an Elephant, the Gospel Truth about Today's Stampeding Sexuality, before making up your minds. It's about things beyond ourselves: truth, reality, nature, God's law of chastity, and Christ as our Savior, all of which every one of us is free to embrace or reject. It's for Christian parents who wish to pass on their values to their children who are learning all manner of opposite information from the world around them, such as in their schools and in the media.

Surely you agree that we live in a diverse world and that other views (besides sexual liberation and the demonizing of traditional morality and Christianity) should be allowed. In America, freedom to act and speak according to the dictates of one's conscience is still guaranteed to us as well as to you. If you believe, which we don't, that practicing and sharing our intellectual, moral, and religious convictions could cause anyone to end their life, it follows that whatever you do and say could do the same. Have you ever thought that the promotion of your ideas could be hurtful to somebody? For instance, there are many sensitive, feeling people who have left their dark experiences with pornography addiction and unwanted homosexuality behind, and when they share their views or tell their personal stories they are verbally abused and bullied very, very badly indeed by those on your side.

It is best to study these things out from both sides before attacking the accumulated wisdom of the ages and others' experiences. After you have read our books or other materials we would be happy to hear from you again and post any results of critical thinking you have exercised on the timeless realities, scientific facts, and important principles we claim. Remember, we don't engage in or post personal attacks such as those we have received from you.

You may be interested in knowing that we have a riveting new book that will appeal to young adults coming soon called Captain of My Soul, the true story of a young man breaking free from unnatural and unwanted sexual tendencies.

Also in the works is a G-rated picture book called Me Tarzan, You Jane for children about the reality of male and female and natural gender roles and the primary principle behind human mating and marriage. It highlights an essential view stunningly absent in today's anything-but-the-truth mainstream. This book will counter It's Perfectly Normal by Robie H. Harris, a picture book of sexual activist propaganda which contains graphic content promoting all manner of sexual experimentation including masturbation and homosexuality, among other such books that can be found in elementary school libraries which introduce and promote unlimited sex and sexuality to little children.

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