Wednesday, October 13, 2010

HRC Attacks LDS: Is Threatening Religious Freedom a Good Strategy?

As we see anti-religion laws passed and individuals fined and imprisoned for expressing their Biblical views in Canada and the UK, we Americans shouldn’t be too surprised that our first freedom is being threatened here at home. President Boyd K. Packer, who after a long silence calmly repeated the Church’s orthodox view regarding sexual morality, is being used as a feather in the cap of the Human Rights Campaign. The LDS Church is being harassed, intimidated, and lectured to by this politically powerful sexual liberation group that has captured the vain heart of our culture and media.

We do not know what gives anybody the right to demand anything from a church, but the one big complaint from HRC against the LDS Church is that its doctrines are hurting their people’s feelings. The truth is HRC is exploiting suicides they do not know the underlying causes of, and they are angry that this church is freely expressing its view that so-called alternative sexual identities are excuses for bad sexual manners.

One of our subscribers pointed out that other groups based on sexual immorality that could have had their feelings hurt by President Packer’s words, such as prostitutes, pornographers, and the pedophilia-promoters from NAMBLA, have not attacked the Church. Is it that the people at HRC are so thin-skinned that they can’t tolerate it when a church they don’t even belong to or believe in expresses its doctrines in a privately-owned building in fly-over Utah? No, they are not thin-skinned, although they count on their rank and file to be; they are calculating. They have made headway these other groups have not and now dare to use anything and everything to make the rebellious, the gender-disordered, the sexually-confused, the promiscuous, and the self-inflicted sick and dying look like upstanding victims of bigotry and discrimination.

With the dangers we face in America from radical Islam which promotes death to infidels, including unequivocal violence against those engaging in homosexual behavior, it occurs to us that the HRC should actually be spending a great deal of its resources championing our constitutional freedoms and traditional institutions. Organized religion is a key factor that keeps despotism at bay. Dictating to churches what they can or cannot say, as HRC has done to the LDS Church, is a form of tyranny, and such tyranny could turn around to harm the HRC and its followers in a big way.

In the meantime, it is not too much to ask that while sex activists exercise their freedoms they allow us ours. The fact that noisy homosexualists can’t seem to leave marriage, our churches, and our children alone should be a revelation to all right-thinking, freedom-loving, God-fearing Americans.

Which do you think is more valuable to the well-being of our country? Freedom of religion or unlimited sexual freedom? If proponents of each continue to stand for their beliefs, and the sex activists continue to manipulate government and the Constitution to further their cause, the two cannot peacefully co-exist. One will eventually be forfeited. As things are going we can guess which it will be, and a very bad move for everyone it will be in the long run.

Is anyone out there still not clear on why we call ourselves the Standard of Liberty?

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