Monday, October 25, 2010

Friends and Bullies: the Sexualization of Schoolchildren

Modern sex activists must work hard to maintain a hard-won victim/minority status for the sexually liberated. Just now, apparently there isn't enough, if any,"homophobia" or "discrimination" happening, there aren't enough, if any, "hate crimes" occurring against "gays" going on, and there aren't even enough, if any, "gay suicides" in the news which they can exploit to further their cause. (We use quotation marks because there is not enough proof, if any, that these people and events are what they are claimed to be.) Hence, activists have shifted to an even younger demographic and have grabbed for an even less believable complaint. They have regressed to the schoolyard. The complaint is bullying. Don't buy it. Here's why:

There is no such thing as a gay child. All human beings are innately heterosexual; it's simple biology. When we discuss the bullying of gay children, we have bought into the false idea that there is such a thing as gay children.

People assume that all this bullying is being perpetrated on children who have discovered their gayness and made it known, or on children everybody thinks they know are gay because of their mannerisms or interests. Neither of these sources -- the children themselves or others -- are in any way reliable. Children, if left to their natural modesty and innocence, know nothing about sex and sexuality. They should be taught the proper attitudes and facts at the appropriate ages. A young child who self-labels as gay has been taught it and probably doesn't have a clue about sex or the sexual behaviors gayness is about. If others decide a child is gay, they are mistaken. Why should laypeople be able to make this determination? Even doctors and scientists have no evidence.

What about the innocent child who is taunted with gay labels? Who is standing up for him? Not many. Evidently the public has bought into the clever idea that if a child is bullied for being gay, he is gay. But again, why should anybody believe schoolyard bullies? If a vulnerable kid gets called "gay" often enough he could start to believe it. It happens more often than people know.

So why are gay activists sending up the alarm about bullying if it actually recruits youngsters into their ranks? Don't they need the bullying to go on? Sure, but this tactic doubles their advantage. Not only do they cement their victim status, they get recruits. If bullying of "gay children" subsides or just doesn't pan out, they will think of some new complaint.

Children today who are called "gay" by their classmates may be different in any number of ways. The word gay is used for anything. Or they may also fit into kids' ideas of trumped-up "gay" stereotypes (such as less athletic, more verbal boys who like music and art, etc.) or may be going through a developmental phase they will grow out of (such as a girl being a tomboy). More serious is when children suffer from gender identity disorder or have been sexually abused. But incredibly, none of these factors are part of the conversation.

Sex activists and a conditioned public are actually creating a sexualized environment around children by legitimizing the bullying of "gay children." We would do well to ask, why are adults projecting adult sexuality onto innocent children?

We need to remember that kids are naturally attracted to their own gender. This is called friendship. From these associations, a child becomes confident in his or her masculinity or femininity. This is a part of normal sexual development and important for relating properly to the opposite sex. Now children are hearing that if you are attracted to those of your same sex it is sexual and you must be gay. This is ridiculous. All normal children have best friends of their same gender, friends that at times they would rather be with than anyone else. The sexualization of same-sex friendship is a travesty.

Don't buy into the newest tactic. Yes, being against bullying sounds good, and everybody is against it. But there's no getting rid of it. Instead of all this talk about children taunting and teasing each other (which has always been and will always be), including now in sexual ways, why don't we teach children their innate spiritual self worth apart from what others say about them? Why not teach courage instead of victimhood? strength instead of weakness? right from wrong? good from evil? normal from unnatural? health from sickness? wisdom from recklessness? What kind of generation are we raising?

Children's admiration of one another is naturally nonsexual. Gay stereotyping is harmful and unfair. While unfortunate bullying, taunting, and teasing are not new, the dangerous sexualized labels kids are sticking on themselves and others is. We call upon everyone everywhere to refuse to label children any of these "alternative sexual orientations."

It's not children teasing each other we should be most worried about. It's the sexualization of children that should get our attention, which is promoted by the gay movement and its many unwitting supporters.

Unlimited sexuality used to be confined to San Francisco. Now it's crept into the classrooms, halls, and playgrounds across America.

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