Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Mormon Gay Doctrine Today

We recently read a lengthy online exchange between a Mormon gay steeped in Mormon gay ideology and an orthodox member and follower of SoL who still believes in sin and repentance. Here are some of our thoughts.

The Mormon gay community consists of people immersed in the gay ideology (highly facilitated by the internet) and they are trained, in spoken and unspoken ways, to engage with people like us. They're all about "dialogue." A code word. This is the way they win people over. It's a ploy. They're only nice and fair-sounding and flattering so they can engage you. They want to catch you in your words and/or persuade you toward theirs. For all their gospel-sounding talking points, they are anti-Christ. For instance, Northstar, a gay-affirming, pseudo-spiritual, Mormon group, is anti-Christ. Anti-Christs put on a respectable, benign facade, but if you pay attention you see that they resist the very idea of repentance. Like this Mormon gay said, "I don't like how you say I'm wrong." He goes on and on about how God thinks he is so wonderful. All because he's gay. This is vainglorious. This is the Mormon gay mindset.

None of us should think God is so extremely pleased with us as is. His perfect love is separate from our minds and hearts and performances. And we're supposed to be giving Him all the credit, not take it upon ourselves. For all we can do, we're dust. We need a Savior. That's why God sent His Son. This humility and admission and reliance on Christ alone for salvation makes us into new creatures. Our outspoken Mormon gay obviously doesn't get any of this, or if he does he applies it to others and not to himself. He is highly narcissistic and egocentric. He has made God over into what other gays told him He is and what he wants Him to be. And not only God but the purposes of this life and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

It was easy to see that these two, the new Mormon gay and the orthodox LDS, are on completely different wavelengths. As our spokesman said, there is no scriptural foundation for this new gay doctrine. Sadly, a lot of this convenient worldliness comes from church. All the flattery and humanism, all the emphasis on self-esteem and human relations, all the sophistries of men, all the programs about just loving and serving each other in strictly temporal ways (rather than loving and serving God according to His will), all this coming from within the church has opened this door to acceptance of all things LGBTQ.

This self-proclaimed gay man insists that he was not abused, does not use pornography and does not act out homosexually in any way. Well, we don't believe him. Gay activists are not afraid of lying and are coached at it. And another thing, how does he define these terms? For instance, we say the way the world is promoting homosexuality as normal and healthful and courageous is a form of sexual abuse and an exploitation and pornographic perversion of the human sexual instinct. So in that sense, we're all being abused and exposed to porn. The young and impressionable may react to this unprecedented cultural development, apart from anything else, and adopt homosexuality. Many are.
George Eliot wrote, "there is no creature whose inward being is so strong that it is not greatly determined by what lies outside it."

Yes, the root of homosexualism can be just that simple: the wildly pro-gay culture. That's how attractive all things LGBTQ have been made to look, and how sponge-like human beings can be. It is also extremely unjust and wicked how children and youth are now being exposed and abused in this way. You'd think everyone could agree at least on the protection of children, but they don't.

In addition, there are many ways to act out homosexually these days, one being publicly self-identifying as gay. There's also chat rooms and phone sex and cruising, there's reading and writing about homosex, fantasizing, talking, browsing, and blogging, gay activism, and plenty of stuff most people can't even imagine. It has been rightly said that anything you do that gives expression to your same-sex sexual attraction is a form of acting on it. Even if this outspoken gay man's hands are clean, his soul has been fouled. (That's from Euripides.) Shouldn't everyone who says they care about eternal salvation care about souls that are fouled?

Besides, surely he knows that his proclivities lead to some very bad and harmful and sinful physical acts. And if he's all for gayness, he has to be for these acts even if he isn't doing or hasn't done them himself, which we doubt. We didn't hear him denouncing any of these physical acts. We notice these activists never denounce these acts, and this is because they want to promote the behaviors as well as the identity. That is the end-game for promoting homosexuality as an identity. What else could it be? You only advance something in theory if you want it accepted in practice. Why else? There is no other reason. Darwin promoted his theory so everyone would believe him and act accordingly. No matter what they pretend, they are all about the church eventually completely officially giving in. This has been Mormon gay activism's goal for decades, and many are now admitting it, such as can be seen on the Mormons Building Bridges site on facebook.

Wholesale acceptance of any and all things homosex is already happening on a local scale. We have reported many incidents of this kind on this blog, such as the formation of Mormon pro-gay associations and groups, visiting teachers advocating for lesbianism, gay advocacy and coming out in church meetings, open gays called to leadership and teaching positions, and visiting GAs standing for homosexuality and against those who disapprove. And there are tons more.

One point that wasn't emphasized quite enough for us during this exchange, although it was said in different words, is that sexuality is learned. And then whatever sexuality is learned, is nurtured. What has the world around this person taught him? It is teaching that sex is the ultimate individual pleasure. It is teaching that homosexuality is normal and inborn and difficult if not impossible to change--even the church is now teaching this! Like our spokesman said, the gay guy, Mormon or not, got his ideas and thought patterns from somewhere and we don't have to look far. He also rightly pointed out that it doesn't really matter where the ideas came from; what matters is that they are wrong and harmful and can and should be resisted and corrected.

Gay is ingrained in mainstream media now. All impressionable young people can be susceptible, given the perfect storm. Just a PG gay-promoting movie, or a young person's certain nonsexual interests that have been stereotyped as homosexual, plus some regular old hormones could plant the idea in a 13-year-old's mind, and normal curiosity about sex could make it grow. In addition, adolescents are naturally self-centered and overthink everything. And let's not overlook the natural affinity pre and early teens display toward their same sex, along with a shyness or mystery toward the opposite sex and all the taboos there. It's also very cool and avant-garde to come out as gay right now--in Mormon culture, as in the world. Everybody eats it up. And if there's a little opposition, so much the better---you get more attention. And that's just the tip of the ice berg as to why people go gay.

There should be no mystery as to how typically impressionable kids can quite easily get these ideas today, and how these ideas are rapidly cemented. No wonder our gay activist thinks how he does, even without physical experimentation. Like Jeff Robinson said, he asks his clients if they thought they would be gay if not for the gay-affirming environment they grew up in. And they say no! The world is a lot different now than when we dealt with this 15 years ago.  It's in the very air kids breathe. Gay is a perfectly acceptable alternative identity, even courageous and to be celebrated! We thought it was revealing how this gay guy apparently thinks sexuality is the only or most important way a person can identity himself. Wow. If that's not oversexed we don't know what is. Our culture today worships sex and sexuality. It is used to sell things.

And also, homosexuality is pornographic in nature. We're glad our SoL guy pointed out that attractiveness just is and shouldn't be at all sexualized (except between engaged or married people). When this gay guy sexualizes other males, even from afar, which he admits he does, he is making porn in his head. It's called a dirty mind. You don't need internet porn to do it. We didn't hear him say any of this was wrong. It's incredible how many people in the church today (yes, they have told us themselves) think it's perfectly all right to entertain romantic feelings toward any and everybody, i.e. it's okay to lust. Or they deny that Mormon gays are capable of lust! And yet sex is the essence of homosexuality! As Paul Mero put it, "there is no homo without the sex."

To summarize, the new Mormon gay doctrine, although under the radar, appears to be this:

I am who I identify myself as: homosexual. God isn't changing me and is very pleased with the way I am. In fact, this is how He wants me to be. I alone decide what acting out homosexually comprises.  Participation in homosexual behaviors and the inherent dangers must be whitewashed and even lied about in order to get everyone to gradually accept homosexualism completely. Until then, we must push the ideas that gay is an innate identity, sexual lust is not a sin, and repentance is not necessary. It's wrong to tell gays they are wrong in any way. Every homosexualist's job is to win people over to this enlightened new doctrine. 

Even a cursory comparison of the above to the scriptures, or even to things church leaders have said within the last few years, illuminates the self-indulgent, presumptuous, irreligious, blasphemous, and heretical nature of these ideas. Correct us, please, if we are wrong and have completely misjudged this movement.

There is actually nothing new about this sort of thing. In every era there are human beings who try to revolutionize society in every aspect to fit their radical notions. Rouseau tried it, Darwin tried it, Marx tried it, to name a few, and all of their doctrines and theories have failed to stand the tests of evidence or time or science or economics, and have proven to be greatly destructive. How destructive is the wholesale acceptance of homosexuality? Marcus Aurelius said, "What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee." Yes, if all humanity is gay, no more humanity. Gay is therefore not good for anyone.

But the sexual revolution is only a symptom and one of many tactics being exploited to push the secular humanist, anti-God, anti-Christ revolution happening today. Mormon gays, doubtfully clean hands notwithstanding, and their supporters, need to know they are pawns in a very bad scheme.

For purposes of this post, suffice it to say that Mormon gays (along with gays of all religions) are attempting to make God over into what the world's homosexualists have told him He is, and what they themselves want God to be. 

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