Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Who is Legitimately Loony?

We thought sharing this and our response would be instructive:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "I love you, I love you, I love you?":

Whoa! Hahahahahaha! I started out a bit hurt by some of what I was reading here, but this one makes me laugh. Turns out you're just legitimately loony. What a damn relief. Hahahaha 

Our response:

First, there sure are a lot of anonymous people out there. But they are not anonymous to us, and certainly not to the Lord. They are souls of immeasurable spiritual worth and they all have names. It's too bad they do not know this.

Second, it is sad to see how this person has reacted to the sane words we have posted. 

Third, we are posting this particular comment to show evidence of the shaky mental state that exists today, to show the false victimization irresponsible people allow themselves, to show the lack of respect for people who share differing, time-tested ideas, and to show how these people have no reasonable argument to counter our well-measured thoughts and so resort to caustic sarcasm, name-calling, nonsense, cussing (and oftentimes worse). Here is our analysis.

Image result for lunatic dreyfusUnhinged mental state: "Hahahahahaha! . . . Hahahaha" Does anyone remember Pink Panther movies with "the lunatic Dreyfus" and his hysterical laughter? Hysterical laughter is how this character reacted to life and death situations. Now that's madness. Oftentimes movies show somebody slapping a hysterically laughing person in the face to shock them out of their temporary lunacy.

Victim mentality: "I started out a bit hurt by some of what I was reading . . . " Again, no one is forced to read our postings, and no one can be hurt by another's words unless they allow themselves to be hurt. This person is in the habit of putting others in charge of their feelings and then blaming others for their feelings. People who take everything personally have made themselves the center of the universe.

Lack of respect: "this one makes me laugh."

No reasonable argument: "Whoa! Hahahahahahah!"

Sarcasm: "Hahahahaha!" (Making light of a serious topic.)

Resort to name-calling: "you're just legitimately loony."

Resort to cussing: "What a damn relief."  (and more victim mentality)

We invite everyone to reread the post named in light of the above comment. It is a well-thought-out, reasonable discussion of a significant event that has far-reaching effects on many people's temporal and spiritual well-being. The questions and ideas presented are based on reality, truth, knowledge, and God. Where is Anon's well-thought-out, reasonable, counter discussion?

It's important to see what this comment more subtly implies, on top of all of the obvious implications cited above. It shows a person with zero interest in truth, in repentance, in knowledge, or in reality, a person who has never been taught or has rejected the history and experience of the entire human race, a person who has set aside God's Word in favor of what the selfish, hedonistic world around him has taught him and in favor of his own current felt-needs. Who does such a thing except a people bent on nihilism and self-destruction?

This tragedy, this choice, this degeneration, this madness, has occurred within the passage of one generation of the human race. No respect for God and righteousness or even people with differing beliefs. No depth of thought or reasoning. No seeking for truth. No wisdom. Hysterical ridicule. Delusional self-comforting by blaming others, even blaming strangers they have never met and aren't being forced to read, for their own bad feelings. That's legitimately loony.

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