Sunday, May 28, 2017

Drawing Line After Line

We went to an extended family temple wedding the other day. When it was over we were exiting by way of the foyer and saw an extended family member who has made it very public that he is gay, and his sex partner. They were making a big production in the middle of the room about tying this grown man's tie. Being the center of attention in some way appears to be their modus operandi. Now, this homosexual relationship is common knowledge. And they increasingly insinuate their relationship into family events, even though they have been told not to. Sadly, parents and grandparents have pretty much given up trying to take a stand. The result is the normalization, even the encouragement, for all, including young children and teens, to see, of open homosexual identity and behavior.

It didn't take much thought. It was obvious what we had to do, sad and uncomfortable as it was. We decided that we had to skip the family photos and the luncheon and the reception, later leaving our gift with the parents of the groom. We found out we will not only forego gay weddings, we will forego gatherings we know will be attended by openly proud gay couples, i.e. sodomites.

We are having to draw yet another line we will not cross,this time concerning family get-togethers.

Let us break this down a little. Would you attend a party where openly proud pedophiles/child molesters were present and generally welcome? How about porn producers or stars? Or pimps? Or child sex slave recruiters, all who make their proclivities and activities widely known? Would you mingle with them socially? Would you shake their hands? Would you break bread with them? Would you have your children around them? Would you want your photo taken with such people under these accepting, normalizing, equalizing conditions? Where would you draw the line? Would you draw any line at all?

Would these gay guys draw any line anywhere? Who knows? Who knows how desensitized they have become? But you can bet these flagrant homosexuals are all about not giving others the courtesy of drawing any lines they don't happen to like. As we've said, they have been asked not to flaunt their relationship at family gatherings. In other words, at the very least, the sex partner is not to be there. Apparently they ignore this request completely, and the heads of the family have given up trying to enforce their request. It seems that the family heads delude themselves into thinking this "couple" doesn't do anything sexual, as if they are mere roomates. If this weren't so blind and pathetic it would be laughable. Ask any gay couple: Of course your relationship isn't sexual, is it? They will get a good laugh.

How's that for gays pushing their weight around? How's that for gays insinuating their lifestyle into wholesome family events and situations? How's that for gays having zero respect for those who are brave enough to hold to the truth that these age-old sins are harmful and destructive? How's that for gays not caring about anybody but themselves and their current proclivities?

We don't go to Target anymore. We don't watch entertainment that portrays homosexuality as healthy and normal and harmless. We avoid some church activities and meetings altogether which are led or taught or hosted by liberals/homosexualists and the like, and walk out of those that prove to preach the philosophies of men and false doctrines rather than timeless truths and the plain and precious gospel of Jesus Christ.  (Have you noticed how very popular such teachers are? People gush on and on. It's easy to see why. Their false humility, flashy performance, edgy language, cultural savvy, and flattering words are calculated to set themselves up as a light. If you've read the Book of Mormon this should sound very familiar.)

In short, we at SoL don't support homosexualism, at least as far as we are able. It's getting harder and harder to distance ourselves. Practically everyone and everything is pro-gay in some measure these days. But in taking a stand we prove to ourselves and to the Lord what we love most and we avoid encouraging these goings-on with our presence or our Amens.

Yes, Godless secular humanism and the trendy wickedness of the day have crept into our families and churches and schools and government and entertainment and social interactions, all under the false disguises of compassion and religion and enlightenment and justice and art and niceness. This is what our culture has come to. Are you willing to draw any lines? Any lines at all?

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