Friday, December 11, 2015

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Terror by Way of Insanity

“This country talks a lot about terrorist attacks—and rightly so. Almost anybody in America can give you some kind of a listing of the most destructive acts of terror that have happened in our country. But let me suggest to you this: The two greatest attacks of terror on America were perpetrated by the Supreme Court. Not by any Muslim, but by the Supreme Court of the United States. The first one was the legalizing of abortion. Subsequent to that, there have been millions of babies slaughtered in the wombs of their mothers. It’s incalculable to even comprehend that. The blood of those lives cries out from the ground for divine vengeance on this nation. The second great act of terror perpetrated by the Supreme Court was the legalization of same-sex marriage. The destruction of human life in the womb—in a sense, the destruction of motherhood—and now the destruction of the family itself. No bomb, no explosion, no attack, and no assault on people physically can come anywhere near that kind of terrorism. Our country is being terrorized by the people most responsible to protect it—those who are to uphold the law. . . No human court has the authority to redefine morality. But this human court has said murder is not murder; and marriage is not marriage; and family is not family. They have usurped the authority that belongs only to God, who is the creator of life, marriage, and family. Any and all attempts to define morality differently than God has is a form of rebellion and blasphemy —blasphemy against God, against His holy nature, and His holy law, and His holy people” (John MacArthur, “We Will Not Bow,” 7/19/2015).

The type of terror and evil MacArthur is talking about above is playing out in unimagined ways, all of which are anti-God, anti-nature, anti-rightness, anti-posterity. Case in point: Featured in a recent gay publication is a transgender, a 52-year-old man, husband and father of seven, who abandoned not only his family but reality itself. He insists that he is a female, but there’s more. The article glosses over the fact that this man also insists he is a little girl six years old. Apparently he’s found some people as crazy as he is to be his “parents” and “family.”

To quote: “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child.”

What? Moved forward and gone back?

“I don’t want to be an adult right now and I just live my life like I couldn’t when I was in school.”

This scenario should be pathetically terrifying to everyone. This person is obviously pathological and needs help. Instead, he is being exploited by sex activists and indulged by fools. How cruel that no one seems to care that this person has totally regressed. How cruel that they don’t care to help him root out the trauma that caused this regression and restore this person to health. How cruel to indulge this disease. It is also cruel and abusive to everyone else, especially to his biological family, and to those children who live around him who must pretend that this sort of playacting is normal. It is teaching and modeling that a person’s sex and age are subject to one’s sick whims.

Making up your own alternative reality is called insanity. A society celebrating such insanity while tyrannizing the sane is a definite form of terrorizing evil. By sane we mean those who still have the discernment to recognize "the grotesque, the perverse, and the unacceptable," to borrow from Flannery O’Connor. By sane we mean those who are standing for reality, God, health, and goodness, and for doing so are being called names, intimidated, shunned, sued, fired, ruined, and punished, a form of living terror.

The general dumbing-down, making-excuses-for-everything, abandoning-of-order-laws-and-morals process our culture has indulged in over the last several decades has inevitably bled over into mental health. Once we surrender on one issue it becomes easy to surrender on another. Rather than striving for wholeness and wellness, rather than doing the hard painful work toward health and knowledge and ideals and excellence, rather than adhering to proven standards for proper human thought and behavior, people are giving up and giving in to whatever craziness is popular at the time. But that’s not all. They are celebrating these disorders and forcing the rest of us to celebrate them too.

Who would have thought that a civilization would choose to terrorize by way of insanity? It makes the classic horror film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? look like Sesame Street. At least Bette Davis played a female.

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