Monday, December 14, 2015

Suicidality is a Red Flag, Not a Free Pass

Comment on our Miracle of Forgiveness post:

"And the ONLY reason I attempted suicide was because I knew I was gay and would couldn't live the "straight" life! Thank heavens I went 2 my Heavenly Father 4 acceptance or I'd be dead! How dare this author claim 2 know the reason gay kids are killing themselves!! Disgusting !" (sic)

Okay. We're really worried about this person, not only for her safety, but for the dangerous false ideas she is spreading. This comment was on a long thread involving several people.

There is so much wrong with the thinking of this person. She sounds very young and inexperienced and yet is emboldened enough to make life and death decisions for herself. 

First, she is confusing a sin with an identity. Homosexuality doesn't have to be who you are. Gay is a harmful and sinful mindset and people can change their minds. It's learned and what is learned can be unlearned. It's also called repentance. If she wanted help she could get it and root out the sources of these wayward and apparently miserable thought patterns. Chances are she has been hurt and suffered some sort of trauma that turned her against the opposite sex in a romantic/sexual way. Chances are she has been on the internet searching out all things lesbian. These materials are sexual and arouse that sexual appetite. It's like watching food shows and getting hungry. With enough exposure and enough appetite anybody can be influenced by any sort of sexual material. Chances are she has surrounded herself with gays and gay advocates. We would like to tell this person that she has been lied to. There is hope and help. People can change if they want to. She can leave this preoccupation with perverse and dead-end sexuality behind and live a normal life.

Second, she is taking herself and sex much too seriously. People who decide to take their own lives are thinking way too much of themselves. They don't even care how it might permanently damage others. As for sex, many people live productive and happy lives entirely without sex. Sex is an appetite, and normally much less frequent of an appetite than our appetite for food. It's even less than an appetite if you're talking about alternative sexuality. It's more like a matter of taste. It makes no sense to do yourself in because of a matter of taste. Not to make too light of what is a serious problem, when you come down to it, suicidality over this or that type of sex is like saying I want to kill myself because I only like dark chocolate and can't stand to even think about eating milk chocolate. But wait, according to gay theory, it's like saying I am the eating of dark chocolate and can never be the eating of milk chocolate. Yes, it's that dumb.

Third, although she is right that Heavenly Father loves her unconditionally, and we are very glad she turned to Him, she has left out His entire plan for her. God loves us apart from our sins and weaknesses, and even apart our righteousness and accomplishments. He is no respecter of persons, meaning he loves all his children the same, even when they are on the wrong path. He wants the best for us, now and forever. That means He wants us to repent and try to behave ourselves out of love for Him, relying on redemption through Christ. This is His plan for us. It will make us fit for his presence. This apparently Christian young person is leaving the entire gospel of Jesus Christ out of her thinking. Why?

Fourth, if a person attempts suicide, there is some serious immaturity, compulsiveness, trauma, emotional illness, insecurity, narcissism, depression, and/or other pathologies that may be going on. These may have nothing to do with preoccupation with unnatural sexual proclivities or may even be the cause of, or exacerbated by, unnatural sexual proclivities and acts. In fact the Remafedi study showed that suicide attempts by teenage boys go down 20% for each year they put off self-identifying as gay. Yes, according to that study, sucidality decreases the longer a young person RESISTS homosexuality. 

Fifth, the gay movement has quite abusively and irresponsibly encouraged youth homosexuality through organized promotion. It's true. The term "gay youth" didn't even exist---it didn't cross people's minds---until just 10 or 20 years ago. Now we have kindergartners being taught homsexualism. We have gay days and gay clubs in schools. We have gay youth pride festivals complete with training workshops. It's all over literature, movies, TV.  The fabrication of youth homosexuality accomplished and many people fooled, they then quite cruelly and irresponsibly promote the idea that gay youth commit suicide because they are not accepted for their gayness, completely leaving out any mention of the serious causes above. This linking of gay youth to suicide puts a very dangerous idea into vulnerable kids' heads. They begin to think suicide is an especial option just for for them. They begin to think all is hopeless, which is totally untrue (see #1,2,3 above), or "now they'll be sorry," which vengefulness is the very worst reason to do anything. They may decide it is the only option. One horrific idea begun during the Nazi regime is that suicide is a particularly fitting and noble culmination to a homosexual life. Young people are bombarded with all these wrong and dangerous ideas, then, when they attempt or succeed at suicide, their destructive and tragic act is exploited financially and politically and every other way by the powers that be.

It comes down this. The multi-faceted sucidality of some unfortunate young people is being hijacked to further the blanket acceptance and encouragement of one thing: perverse forms of sexuality beginning at the youngest age possible. For gullible and fearful parents and leaders, trumped-up suicidality is a major threat that causes them to give a free pass for youth homosexuality. For the miserable young people who find themselves preoccupied with perverse sex and sexuality, trumped-up suicidality may become a siren song, as indicated at the top of this post. 

Sixth, this young person is in effect saying, I tried to solve all my problems by killing myself. Then I found out I don't have to kill myself because God accepts my homosexuality [bad ideas and behaviors] as who I am and always will be.  If that isn't a red flag for some very serious and destructive emotional/mental disorder and a very wrong conception of humanity, God, and morality, we don't know what is.Reality check: a person is not any kind of ideas or behaviors. A person is a unique individual with an immeasurably valuable immortal soul and great potential for spiritual growth and progress. God loves us but not our sinfulness. Christ will rescue us from our sins if we want him to.

Dear young people involved in homosexuality, do not consider or spread the false idea that suicidality is an option. Don't buy into it. People are using you. It is God who really loves you, beyond measure. Homosexuality is not who you are; homosexuality is bad thoughts and acts. You are a child of God. God loves us all and wants to give us all He has. That is why He gave us boundaries and a Savior. We love you. That is why we are offering you truth and hope.

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