Friday, July 17, 2015

Killing Babies, and Profiting: #1 on the Wickedness Barometer

The worst science fiction horrors are being exposed as reality. According to a video featuring a top doctor and executive made undercover by The Center for Medical Progress, Planned Parenthood is an institutionalized hit man (as in killing for money) and has been for decades. When everybody thought it was only helping women free themselves of responsibility by destroying their unborn babies, now we find it is profiting financially along a different line from its murder and dismembering and gutting of human babies. The federally funded institution has been caught aborting babies in certain ways in order to sell their body parts. Not only is unnecessary abortion itself murderous and savage and gruesome and inhuman in the extreme, now we learn that it is also about greed. This harvesting of baby tissues and organs is also illegal in at least two ways: aborting babies in certain ways for the purpose of  selling body parts, and selling human body parts. Both illegal. It is also a complete contradiction of basic tenets of the Pro-Choice abortion movement. PP eschews ultra sounds, lest the mother see that she is indeed about to murder a human being, but PP uses ultra sounds to help the abortion doctor kill the baby in such a way that its organs can be salvaged intact from the murdered baby. Yes, what has been touted as nonhuman, worthless, nonviable, and belonging to the mother to do with what she will is suddenly in this case totally human, worth a great deal, so viable it is in great commercial demand, and free for the taking and using by anybody clever and evil and inhuman enough to do it. 

There's a difference between Jeffrey Daumer-type individuals doing evil monstrous things like cutting up innocent helpless human beings and freezing their body parts, and institutions funded by the people's government tax dollars doing those same evil monstrous things. This is institutionalized wickedness. It means we are wicked as a people, that as a people we are allowing these things, that "wickedness [does] prevail upon the face of the whole land" (Mormon 1:13).

They say there will be more damning videos released once a week for months to come. Will anything come of this exposure? It definitely should, but when has PP ever been held responsible for doing depraved, despicable, and illegal things? The people at Planned Parenthood are somehow immune from criticism, from legality, from decency, from goodness, from God. But of course not forever.

What Planned Parenthood is doing is a very accurate barometer of how wicked we are as a people today.  Planned Parenthood and their ilk brutally destroy healthy babies while in or partially out of their mothers' wombs, cut them up, and sell their valuable human body parts for money. Images of barbarians placing crying babies on bloody altars and cutting their beating hearts out alive come to mind. The Lord won't protect such a people. For example, Iran hates us. Iran is now free to make nuclear weapons thanks to Obama. We better get ready. Righteous individually or not, we're part of this time, this people, this wickedness. We better keep repenting, keep praying, declare the truth, and put our treasure where God is.

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