Thursday, July 16, 2015

Follow Gays, Boys!

It was two years ago we posted "Follow Me Boys!: Gone With the Wind" about openly gay boys being recognized as gay and on those terms allowed into the Boy Scouts. The BSA's  reasons were so phony it's not surprising that it only took them two short years to go right ahead and include openly gay leaders as welcome into their organization. So much for their weak excuse for allowing openly gay boys in the Boy Scouts: so they could have at least one good influence in their lives. Really? So now gay adult leaders are good influences on gay boys or any boys? Incredibly, one of the most supposed conservative groups in America has now put its stamp of approval on proud homosexuals putting on the uniform and acting as official leaders of young boys. Funny how the BSA isn't keeping its own oath: to be "mentally awake and morally straight." And what about that "duty to God?" Is homosexuality really "trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, clean, and reverent?" Gays may have some of these qualities as people, but not as homosexuals. Homosexuality is the opposite of all these things.

There's only one main reason a proud openly gay man would want to be a boy scout leader: he gets a lot of access to other males, young males, whom he will be free to influence, sexualize, lust after, be aroused by, initiate, and recruit. What an upside-down world. If this had happened to poor Whitey in the movie Follow Me Boys! his chances of getting adopted by Lem, the devoted but childless scout leader and his lovely wife who so longed to be a mother, would have been nil. And he would actually have been put in harm's way.

Let's stop all the lies and excuses. Homosexuality is about sex. Otherwise it wouldn't exist. But it's not about real, natural, healthy sex. It's about perverse, risky, maladaptive sexual ideas and behaviors. It is fed by pornography, is addictive, highly promiscuous, causes horrible chronic health problems and inordinately spreads deadly disease. Percentage-wise, homosexuals are 20 times more likely to sexually molest and abuse minors than heterosexuals are. Male homosexuality is often initiated by older males to younger whom everyone knows are naturally curious about sex and pretty much sitting ducks for this type of thing. Yes, it is often predatory. Those Catholic priests? Ever hear of altar boys? Nobody talks about it, but the adult priests were overwhelmingly (81%) abusing boys, not girls. 

 But there are more uncomfortable truths, and yes, we're so fed up we're going to tell all. Right here.

 Did you know that BSA founder, Lord Baden-Powell, was terribly strange? He made passionate remarks about nude males and is known to have made and kept "nature photographs" of  nude boys. (In those days "nature photographs" were understood to be nudity.) Apparently he required that his scouts should bathe naked outside, enjoyed watching them, and often chatted with them after they had stripped off their clothes for skinny dipping. Who does this? Tom Jeals in The Boy-Man, a 1990 biography, pages 83-109, exposes  Baden-Powell's obsession and probable sexual involvement with teenage boys, even though he was married with children. It seems likely that Baden-Powell would have been listed on a sex offender's registry list today! Jeals writes, "It is not so much that Baden-Powell took male nudity for granted that is noteworthy, but that he consistently praised the male body when naked and denigrated the female." Again, who does this? This is the man who is so praised and adored who founded the BSA. No doubt there are statues and portraits in praise of this person. And yet what decent people would want to affiliate with him? It makes one wonder what is really going on here. Apparently, homosexuality is part and parcel of  BSA's founding. Why is this covered up? Why, when this was known, wasn't the institution investigated or refocused or dissolved or renamed or something? You can bet plenty of homosexuals know all about Baden-Powel and are drawn to the institution because of one of his particular sexual bents.

This is not to say that many many boys haven't benefited from this program over the years in wholesome ways. But apparently perverts have also benefited, and boys have been harmed. Patrick Boyle wrote Scout's Honor: Sexual Abuse in America's Most Trusted Institution, in which he exposes pederast sexual abuse (male adults molesting male youth) in the Boy Scouts. It's hard to believe that decent adults would want to exacerbate an already existing problem by proclaiming that proud open gay men are welcome in the institution as trusted leaders.How many more boys will be harmed in the future now that the BSA, true to its founder, has openly declared homosexuality harmless and welcome, with zero warnings or education attached?You have to admit that the Boy Scouts organization is probably the most perfect setting for recruiting youth into homosexuality.

Did you know that the BSA dropped its warning against masturbation in its handbook way way back in 1947 after quite incredibly seeking the advice of the pervert/child molester/sex revolutionary/militant atheist Alfred Kinsey? Alfred Kinsey himself joined the Boy Scouts at about age 17, shortly after its founding in 1910. Later as a married man, Kinsey continued to wear his scout uniform and be involved with boys in scouting and other boys' clubs, and his motivation doesn't seem to be God and country. For many of his adult years he was very popular and had close associations with boys in a scouting-type leadership situation, "sleeping alongside them in tents,"  taking them on weekend and month-long camping trips. Later in Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, pseudo-sexual-scientist Kinsey, who is still quoted and lauded today by sexual revolutionaries and the ignorant, claimed that "'children were sexual from birth,'" that most American boys engaged in some form of sexual activity with other boys, that adolescent homosexuality was 'a common phenomenon,' and that males reach their sexual 'peak' as teenagers." You can make a good guess as to how he got those ideas and came to those conclusions. You can find this and much more info in Judith Reismen's excellent but sad and shocking books, Kinsey, Sex, and Fraud, and Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences.

Is it not obvious that scouting can be a free-for-all for homosexual experimentation and exploitation of impressionable vulnerable boys and that the BSA just gave this a public green light? Apparently they are more concerned about law suits coming from gays crying discrimination than about lawsuits coming from parents of innocent molested children whose whole lives may be ruined.

We at SoL submit that the BSA's pro-gay stance, evidently in hiding since its founding, is not about helping anybody. Perhaps as young boys follow gays, the few mentally awake and morally straight people left on this planet should get wise and follow the history, follow the pressure, follow the positions, follow the money, follow the politics, follow the sex, and get right out of that program.

As John David Michaelis said in 1814, in Commentaries on the Laws of Moses, “If we reflect on the dreadful consequences of sodomy to the state, and on the extent to which this abominable vice may be secretly carried on and spread; we cannot, on the principles of sound policy, consider the punishment as too severe. For if it once begins to prevail, not only will boys be easily corrupted by adults, but also by other boys, nor will it ever cease; more especially as it must thus soon lose all its shamefulness and infamy and become fashionable and the national taste; and then . . . national weakness, for which all remedies are ineffectual, most inevitably follow; not perhaps in the first generation, but certainly in the course of the third or fourth . . . To these evils may be added yet another, viz. that the constitutions of those men who submit to this degradation are, if not always, yet very often, totally destroyed, though in a different way from what is the result of whoredom. Whoever, therefore, wishes to ruin a nation, has only to get this vice introduced; for it is extremely difficult to extirpate it where it has once taken root because it can be propagated with much secrecy . . . and when we perceive that it has once got a footing in any country, however powerful and flourishing, we may venture as politicians to predict that the foundation of its future decline is laid and that after some hundred years it will no longer be the same . . . powerful country it is at the present.”

Hmm. Sodomy. Abominable vice. Secrecy. Spread. Boys easily corrupted by adults and other boys. Fashionable. National taste. National weakness. Men destroyed. Difficult to extirpate. Rooted. Ruin. Decline. After a hundred years.

Sounds like an accurate description not only of the state of our nation but of what's happening in the Boy Scouts of America today.

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