Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What All Perverse Forms of Human Sexuality Have in Common

We hear so much about alternative sexual orientations, diversity, respecting all ideas and peoples, people being allowed to love whomever they want. Really? We submit that where perverse human sexuality is concerned, diversity, respect, and love are in short supply. Sexuality is serious. If it is not used correctly, someone gets hurt. The someone we'll talk about here that gets hurt is one's posterity. 

All the alphabet soup forms of human sexuality we're now supposed to allow and respect have the most important thing in common. They are not diverse at all. At their core they are all of the same ilk. Homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, bestiality, all fall into one particular category: they don't involve the thing that makes babies. We'll call this commonality anti-creation. The despising of posterity/pro-creation. Self-imposed sterility. Sexual inclinations and relations completely void of responsibility. The abandonment of humanity's most important job: to reproduce.

Think about it. Male homosexuals, no matter what they do with each other sexually, can never make a baby together. Neither can lesbians. Pedophiles desire sex with human beings too young to reproduce. Bestiality involves sexual relations between different species making replication impossible. Transgenders turn themselves into sterile homosexuals, and transsexuals in effect surgically sterilize themselves. All of these "sexual orientations" mentioned have the same single sexual end result as masturbation does--contrived sexual pleasure--and one big thing in common: no chance of getting anybody pregnant. These are merely perverse sexual lusts and behaviors with zero reproductive strings attached. All of these modern whimsical sexual constructs perfectly succeed in killing off the primary purpose and meaning of human sexuality and the sex act: pro-creation.

None of this is worthy of respect. Nor is it love. These sex acts are not loving because they are by nature disordered, destructive, and fruitless.

It should be no surprise that our current sexually free culture contrives and normalizes ever more ways for people to enjoy the pleasures of sex without having to worry about reproduction and family responsibilities. No-fault divorce. Pervasive pornography. Masturbation. The drugs and sex culture. Birth control methods that mess with nature. Surgical sterility operations. Choosing career over family. Degrading of  motherhood. Unlimited "gender identities" and "sexual orientations." And the worst of all evils: Elective Abortion, murder of the conceived but yet unborn. Again, all of these constructs are nonreproductive, noncreative, anti-humanity. God's commandment to multiply and His rules to go with this power as another one of the many tests mortality affords has apparently ceased to cross people's minds.

About birth control. It's true that all types of birth control are anti-birth; even natural methods like breast feeding and abstention and the rhythm method can be conscious attempts to prevent or postpone pregnancy. Perhaps the difference is that these ways require some measure of unselfishness, discipline, self-control, and responsibility for sexual relations, while the unnatural ways listed above are several steps removed from unselfishness, discipline, self-control, and direct responsibility for sexual relations if there are any efforts at these noble traits present at all. But the more important point is to ask why. Why are people curtailing, even forfeiting, their power of procreation? Is the reason rational and unselfish and benevolent toward mankind? Or is it all or even partly about boredom, brokenness, escape, selfishness, faithlessness, hopelessness, nihilism, and contempt?

Of course procreation is only one of the consequences of sexual relations. It's the only physical consequence in healthy proper monogamous heterosexual relations, but not in the opposite sort. Perverse sexuality has traded in the miracle of procreation for a myriad of negative psychological, emotional, sociological, and physical health consequences that occur when human masculinity, femininity, and sexuality are abused. More and more evidence continues to mount as the results of the social experiment known as sexual liberation pour in.

One example of the negative results of no-boundaries sex and sexuality is how transsexuals (people who surgically, hormonally, etc., pretend to change their sex) are turning out to be twenty times more likely to commit suicide than other people. Not twice or even ten times as likely. Twenty times as likely. How's that for anti-mankind? Another example of today's bizarre, destructive, anti-humanity mindset is how in the promiscuous gay community people don't care who they spread disease to; they are emboldened by activists who have done a great job of making the public believe HIV/AIDS is not preventable, that it's nobody's fault, when of course in the case of spreading it through sexual relations, it is 100% preventable and blameable. Yes, engaging in sexual relations is a choice. Some homosexuals, known as bug-chasers, even go sexing around hoping to contract the dread disease.

C. S. Lewis said that concern for the continuation and well-being of posterity is one of the most basic of all human values. And yet the devaluation of present and future humanity in the forms listed above has become commonplace, legal, respected, embraced, celebrated, applauded, or is fast becoming so. As scripture puts it, men are letting their seed spill on the ground, in other words, deliberately putting it anywhere but towards the matured and waiting human female womb. But mankind in its unending short-sighted lusts and hopelessness goes even further: people are using their procreative powers as an excuse to kill and be killed, such as in elective abortion, suicide, and the casual/purposeful spread of deadly disease.

Diversity? Respect? Love? At their roots all things LGBTQI+ are the antithesis of these. They are all alike: hurtful, disrespectful, self-centered, sterile, and anti-humanity.

It's incredible that an increasing number of people today, supported by self-serving sycophants, choose to shut their eyes to reality, enjoy temporal pleasure, satisfaction, and convenience in the moment, and self-destruct rather than shoulder and champion our most basic responsibility for the marvelous God-given power of pro-creation-----to cherish and care for precious human posterity----and thus thrive.

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