Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum

Seriously, we're getting tired of stating what should be obvious. We're also tired of flipping on the radio in the car to hear a bunch of false self-serving claptrap about human sexuality. Has everybody drunk the Koolaid?

Once again, here are some quick facts:

Not a choice? In the past and still today, many God-fearing, traditional values people could not and can not imagine homosexuality as being a choice. They think, who would choose something so unnatural and pointless and unspeakable and disgusting and pathetic? This thing must be involuntary. But this is not true. It is a choice, unless the person is mentally or emotionally ill, but no one is making that distinction. We all choose which thoughts and feelings and impulses to indulge, and unless we're insane we're responsible for those thoughts, feelings, and impulses. Some gays have admitted they chose homosexuality. There are many reasons to choose it, one being that sin is pleasurable.

Sexual feelings are just sexual feelings and can be very easily aroused in whatever direction is suggested, experienced, thought about, or encouraged. That's why so many boys and girls who were sexually abused later come out as LGBTQI+. Their sexual development was messed with early on, big time.

Human attitudes toward sexuality are modeled and taught and learned. All manner of perverse and destructive sexuality is being portrayed today in our highly techonological environment as normal, natural, safe, wholesome, even courageous and enlightened. Pornography is mainstreamed, readily available, and targets all ages. As such, most young people today are being sexually abused by their environment. Some are more vulnerable to it than others and are quite easily recruited.

LGBTQI+, SSA, homosexuality, whatever you call it, is about sinful sexual lust and behaviors. Any stereotypical outward affectations, talents, personality traits, clothes, hair, nonsexual interests are just appearances. Trappings. Sexuality is what it's all about. Perverse sex and sexuality. If it doesn't start there, it finds itself there quickly. Sex is where all of this is "consummated," and it must continually be acted on to keep it alive.

Young people today are growing up in an oversexed, pervasive, highly permissive environment where once sins too gross to be spoken of in polite society are proclaimed as something akin to race and paraded in the streets.  Is it any wonder more and more kids are jumping on this band wagon, experimenting with all sorts of perverse sexual ideas and claiming this or that one as an identity? What is amazing is the adults believing this nonsense and coddling rather than warning the kids.

If you're relying on the APA for your info, you're not relying on science or experience or benevolence toward humankind. At the height of professional abandonment and cowardice, the American Psychological Association reversed long-held proven scientific principles regarding homosexuality being a disorder because of social and political pressure. That's  called junk science. Yes, in the case of homosexuality today, the lunatics are running the asylum.

It is irresponsible and inhumane in the extreme for sane people to accept these destructive "identities" without a thought for the underlying mental and emotional problems these people may be suffering from, the harm these people may well have endured, and the myriad types of damage they are doing themselves and others.

There is zero science, zero biology, zero history, zero scripture, saying gay is genetic or immutable or right or healthy. God, the wisdom of the ages, the human body, and real medical and psychological science say it's bad, maladaptive, unhealthy, life-threatening, and a dead end. 

Encouraging these lusts as an identity suggests and encourages perverse sexual feelings, thoughts, and behaviors of all sorts. And what is encouraged will increase.

The idea that people emboldened enough to publicly and defiantly proclaim SSA are not acting out in some filthy way is grossly ignorant. Participating in increasingly sinful ideas and behaviors is how they become desensitized to right and wrong and eventually acquire the boldness to claim the identity and join the movement.

It's ignorant and unwise to judge on appearances. Gays may look decent and do plenty of good things that can be seen, but disgusting homosexual ideas and behaviors are mostly spoken and performed and spread in secret. Just because people do some good things doesn't mean they don't do some very bad things. We are all a combination of some measure of good and bad. This does not change the fact that there are such absolutes as good and evil.
Increasing our "understanding" of something bad does not make it any less bad. The only good increased understanding can do is if we apply that knowledge toward helping the person repent.

Life stories and shared feelings coming from mentally or emotionally ill, confused,  and/or rebellious people is not a reliable way to gain knowledge about one of their symptoms, i.e. homosexuality. Consider the source.

Homosexuality depends on pornography. It is a staple. It keeps the same sex sexual feelings constantly inflamed. We have not found anyone denying this. It is honestly admitted by some gays and ex-gays.

Sex is serious. If it misused somebody always gets hurt.

The homosexual mindset and self-styled identity is not wholesome or harmless in any way. It is caused by harmful sexual suggestions and experiences and leads to escalating physical behaviors which become increasingly addictive.

Destructive mind-altering drugs are often used along with these sexual behaviors.

Physical abuse is inherent in homosexual acts. Sodomy violates the human body. Other types of violent physical abuse are also inordinately common in same-sex sexual relationships.

Same-sex sexual relationships are usually initiated by older males to younger males, and older females to younger females.  

Marriage is instituted to provide security for children that generally come naturally to opposite-sex couples. Gay couples are not capable of doing the thing that makes babies. Gay coupling is not and can never be marriage.

Warning against the lies and dangers inherent in homosexuality is not hateful or bigoted but loving and charitable.

Jesus Christ was not about opening our arms to sin; he was about rooting it out from the very heart. He died to give us that chance.

The gay movement is not about equality or allowing individual sexual freedom. It's about intimidating, punishing, and ultimately robbing anybody of their civil rights who has an opposing view. It's about bringing the whole culture down to a Godless arbitrarily constructed level. It's about the abolition of man. See the book of that name by C. S. Lewis.

Come on, people. Think.

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