Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Business of America: Celebrating Homosexuality

In the last decade many a family-friendly business in America has been caught up---hook, line, and sinker--- into the hands of the militant gay movement. Yes, our banks, our sports stores, our phone companies, are all winning the Human Rights Campaign's highest marks, marching in gay pride parades no less, publicly supporting and participating in this obscene scene.

Have these corporations been played?Have these smart people bought the phony gay line, all the gay lines, that gays are victims, that homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality, that sodomy and the like is worthy of respect and public legitimization, that the Holy Scriptures are outdated, that God is pretty much dead?

 Is it just that they haven't connected the dots?Are they really that stupid?

We think not. Yes, the gay movement has been clever, systematic, manipulative, even fascist. It's loaded and it's powerful. But please, these are grown-ups. They know what homosexuality really is. And you're either for it or against it. You're either encouraging or discouraging it. There's no middle ground.

When confronted with the facts, such as that gay pride parades showcase obscenity, sexual immorality, "gay marriage," disorder, and insanity, some Utah CEOs and community leaders are incredulous, responding with: Hey, we're family people. We go to church. We believe in decency and morality. But man, we're getting so much pressure.There are forces at work. We simply have to support diversity and equality in the workplace.

But of course it's not about diversity or equality and even if it were they've gone way beyond that. These businesses are going out of their way to celebrate homosex. They are furthering the anti-god cause of lawless sexual liberation. They are accomplices in exposing little children to it, which amounts to child abuse. Regardless of what they say, they have become homosexualists.  An example is  Zion's Bank, an organization people think of as based on traditional values. And yet dozens of brightly t-shirted Zion's Bank employees marched in the obscene SLC gay parade this year with a bright blue Zion's Bank shuttle bus, all emblazoned with "Equality: the heart of the matter, Zion's Bank."  Yes, Zion's Bank paid for all of this. It's like this: If you say you're basically against a powerful sociological movement, you might have to go along to some extent, but what in heaven's name is making you actually march in the parade? And pay for the privilege? It doesn't make logical, ethical, religious, or moral sense.

Our guess is that all these leaders have known all along exactly what they are doing. By compartmentalizing their business life (the Lord calls this out-and-out hypocrisy), they made that choice long ago and now are past feeling. Hence, they can march along with the flamboyant trannies and mostly naked gyrating men with no qualms. Hence, our city thoroughfares at least annually become a strange freaky mixture of the ostensibly wholesome marching right alongside the obviously wicked. With your own eyes you can see uniformed boy scouts, high school students, and Mormon parents and children marching with gay strippers and dolled-up transvestites, an incongruous spectacle that our most trusted public, community, and business leaders have no shame in sponsoring and supporting.

Does nobody else think this is really weird? Proud and lawless sexual revolutionaries joyfully teaming up with mainstream banks, department stores, auto dealerships, restaurants, hotels, and airlines, not to mention boy scout troops and Christian churches? This is not diversity. This is not equality. It's just plain old wickedness and debauchery.  Evil posing as good. As one parade poster put it, "Every time you see a rainbow God is having gay sex." A sign on the Salt Lake City Library parade entry car said, "Reading is Gay." Really.

No, these leaders and businesses and individuals are not that stupid. What they are is cowardly. What they focus on is expediency. What they worship is their own pride and profit. Please, please, please correct us if we're wrong.

A huge chunk of corporate and mainstream and supposedly Christian America has gone gaily homosexualist, whether we see them marching in gay parades or not. But they never had to. It was their choice. Have they never heard of Chick-Fil-A?

FYI, these are the businesses and organizations who participated in the Utah Gay Pride Parade and Festival this year in SLC which has been held annually for the last 30 years (incomprehensible theme this year "Love Equals Love"):

Sponsors: Salt Lake City, Bud Light, BW Bastian Foundation, Le Croissant Catering, Edge Media Network, Mark Miller Subaru, The Sheraton SLC Hotel, Snow Gear Partners, AAA Utah, Bearfoot Wine, Pinnacle Vodka, Diamond Rental, Macy's, Starbucks, State Farm Insurance, Young Automotive, Part City Television, Q Salt Lake, X96, XFinity, Salt Lake City Weekly, Utah Film Center, KRCL, ADP, American Express, Verizon, Wells Fargo Bank, Petco, Human Rights Campaign, Overstock.com, The Gateway, Hotel Monaco, Ebay, Chase Bank, AARP, US Bank, Doubletree Suites, Adobe, RBS, Goldman Sachs, Sentry West, Slug Magazine.

Additional supporting participants and businesses we saw marching in the SLC Gay Pride Parade this year: SLC Mayor Ralph Becker, SL County Mayor Ben McAdams, U of U, Westminster College, Weber State University, West High School flag twirlers, Mormons Building Bridges, Mormons for Equality, Boy Scouts of America, Zion's Bank, Delta Airlines, American Fork High School Gay Straight Alliance club,  SL District Attorney Sim Gill, Jewish congregation KOL AMI, Salt Lake Pagan Society, Community of Christ, Pride Interfaith Community, All Saints Episcopal Church, Jerry Seiner Chevrolet, National Organization for Women, Skin Works, First Unitarian Church, The Leonardo, Planned Parenthood, Salt Lake County Health Department STD/HIV Clinic and Prevention Program, Squatter's Bear, Postmos (an ex-Mormon group), Discover Card,Rowland Hall Episcopal School, Ruby River Steakhouse, PFLAG, Snowbird, YWCA, Salt Lake County Sheriff Winder, Miss Teen Utah, American Cancer Society, Absolut Vodka, Salt Lake County Library, Salt Lake City Library, Home Depot, Salt Lake Valley Buick GMC, The Women's Democratic Club, Utah Gay Fathers Association, Sound Warehouse, and many more.

Entertainment at the festival this year included excerpts from "Saturday's Voyeur," an obscene play by the Salt Lake Acting Company.

We didn't attend the 2014 SLC Pride Festival, but here are the paying vendors we saw at the 2013 SLC Pride Festival: Zions Bank, EBAY, Costo, Home Depot, DirecTV, Ikea, Mormons for Equality, Affirmation - Gay & Lesbian Mormons, Momons Building Bridges, LDS Reconciliation, LDS Family Fellowship, Champion Windows and Doors, Direct Buy, Unity Salon, Aspen Gay Ski Week, Human Rights Campaign, City Weekly, Transgender Education Advocates, Xfinity, SLUT, SLUG Magaine, AAA, Salt Lake City, Bareoot Wine, Scentsy, Amazing Rainbow Lights, Trinas Pride LGBT Designs, The Kitten Society, Salt City Consent Squad - Rape Recovery Center, Out Laws, One Of A Kind Tie Dye, Atheists of Utah, Farmers Insurance Group, Log Cabin Republicans, Best Friends Animal Society, Young Automotive Group, Summit Community Counseling, The Art Institutes, Utah Environmental Congress, Eckankar, Utah Gay Fathers, Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault, Restore Our Humanity - Repeal Amendment 3, Snowbird, Utah Polyamory Society, IHG hotel group, Provo Pride Festival, Postmormons, First Baptist Church, Center for Spiritual Living, OUTreach Resource Center, Recreation Outlet, Pride Socks, Salt Lake County Library, Salt Lake AIDS Walk, Utah AIDS Foundation, PETA, ACLU, AIDS Coalition of Utah, Winder Dairy, KUER, GE Healthcare, Verizon, Century Link, Holiday Travel, Accuracy Automotive, Commitment Rings, Planned Parenthood, Real Caring Integrative Therapy, PFLAG, American Family Insurance, Humane Society of Utah, Home Depot, Equality in the Community, Sears, Convergys, Q Salt Lake, Utah Pride Center, AARP, Public Safety Pride Alliance.

These are the businesses who are participating in the 2nd annual Provo Pride Festival on Saturday,
Sept. 20, 2014:  Utah Pride Center, Equality Utah, The Madison (nightclub/afterparty held here), City Limits (gay bar in Provo, pre-party held here), Centro Hispano/Dejelo Ya (Hispanic counseling center), Provo Florist, Noodles & Company, Taylor Maid, Jayde's Rhinestones

Booths and vendors at Provo Pride Festival included BYU's Understanding Same-Gender Attraction club.

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