Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why They're Winning and We're Losing

There are some true hearts out there on the Lord's side who want to fight this culture war out of love of God and for the sake of God's children. But the enemy is winning nevertheless. Here's why.

The devil's side is patient, crafty, cunning, strategic, and willing to give all. The supposed Lord's side is the opposite because of  one of more of the following:

Squeamishness. Decent people don't want to think or learn or talk about abortion, homosexuality, pornography, child sex abuse, or anything unpleasant in any detail. (The military term for this is desertion.)

Distracted Positivism: We'd rather uphold something good (like traditional marriage) than face the destructive evil head-on. No battle is ever won using this tactic; it is not even engaged in. And we play right into the enemy's hands.

Fear, Intimidation, and Misinformation: Everybody has been conditioned to accept homosexuality to some degree for reasons of expediency, and very few are doing their homework.  

Reputation: People want to be thought well of. They can't stand being disapproved of. 

Projection: If we're nice, we think everybody else is basically nice too. They aren't. 

Complacency: No one likes to rock the boat. The public will isn't there. People are easily "lulled into carnal security." "All is well in Zion."

Prosperity: Ease makes people comfy and enjoying life. They don't want to sacrifice any of that.

Fence-sitting: People would rather abandon their convictions than take a brave stand on an unpopular side.

Niceness: People think the gospel is just about human relations (love, service). It's not. It's primarily about repentance and divine redemption. People are not turning to the Lord.

Materialism: Most people care most about the least important things: what can be seen, touched, felt, tasted, heard. Ideas and principles are too confrontational and controversial.

Mediocrity: The quest for excellence and virtue has been abandoned in favor of political correctness, humanism, the worship of self.

Benightedness: People don't care about knowledge, history, the wisdom of the ages, accumulated human experience, anymore.

Gospel Ignorance: There is very little understanding of first principles and how to apply them. People are not concerned about spiritual growth. They prefer to go through the motions and rest on our laurels.

Sentimentality: People care more about human stories, feelings, and emotions than rightness, goodness, and truth. Weak self-serving human emotions are held up as spirituality.

Weakness of faith: Many do not care enough about the welfare of immortal souls and trusting in the Lord and where they'll spend eternity. They think they can find heaven on earth so that's where they put their hearts and their treasure.

Idolatry: People worship everything but God.

Flattery: Sycophancy, name-dropping, and the puffing up of others for personal gain has always been and continues to be a prevalent lifestyle choice. 

Pride: People puff up themselves up endlessly, too, even in their professed humility.

Surrendering agency: Everyone's a "victim" of something or other. Sin and accountability are not spoken of.  

Irresponsibility: There's no burden people would rather shrug off to others than their own religiosity. 

Blindness: People cannot be taught by the Spirit because of all of the above and therefore are ineffective at best and adding to the problems at worst.

Yes, we are losing the war for the souls of men and the safety and well-being of our children. The only way to change the direction we are going is to turn back to God, and man up. Robert Bork said it decades ago. The only hope for our debauched society is a robust revival of traditional moral values and religion among the people.  Remember, we're not the one's attacking. Yes, we're sick of hearing about the gay agenda, and that's just what they want. Yes, we'd rather focus on positive things, but that doesn't work when you're being attacked. Yes, we hate to confront these evils, but it is our obligation.

It's appropriate that it's September 11. All of the above applies to being defeated by any sort of evil.

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