Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Gaytape Letters

To borrow from C. S. Lewis, if you were a devil-in-training, and it was your assignment to win people over to celebrating homosexuality, how would you get an individual or a family or an entire God and morality-based church to change their opinion of it?

 Of course you wouldn’t dump it on your “patients” all at once; they would reject it. No, you’d introduce the concept subtly, gradually, step by step, systematically, implementing a careful strategy. You’d first gain access by exploiting some of their very own, those among them who for whatever reason experience homosexual tendencies, tempting them with ego and arming them with sophistries.

When they had become proud and public with their homosexuality, you'd let them do all the work. They would become your spokesmen. You’d teach them to charm people, to lead them gently up the garden path. You’d make them the poster boys and girls for homosexual lust, presenting it as innocent, wholesome, and harmless. You’d have them use flattery to swell the people’s pride. You’d mix in plenty of truth with your many lies to make the lies more palatable and believable. You’d appeal to the emotions. You’d focus on human relations. You’d have the people be convinced that, unlike everybody else who must fight sexual impurity, those who experience same-sex sexual lust can’t help “who they are.” You’d foment a fear of catastrophe, such as the fear that somebody will commit suicide unless their homosexuality is celebrated. You’d present great spirituality and nobility of character as compatible with affirming homosexuality as a gift from God. You’d stir people up into a knee-jerk pity, steering them away from reason and real, far-reaching compassion. You’d have your servants shame, intimidate, and spread lies about anyone who wished to expose your tactics. Once a phony, foundationless "compassion" was firmly rooted in the general population or church, you’d instigate more flattery and "dialogue"to further swell their pride in what the people have come to believe is their own open-minded goodness.

All the while, you’d make sure your patients think this kinder, gentler, more inclusive outreach to the same-sex sexually attracted in their midst is not your idea but theirs. You’d go so far as to get the proudest, most deceived, and most influential among them, the very elect, believe they are called of God to help self-proclaimed permanent homosexuals feel more comfortable within the church. You’d take them even farther by suggesting in their minds that there need be no moral or spiritual conflict between God and homosexuality, that homosexuals can live lives of faith and joy and fulfillment within the church.

As the foolish, duped souls play into your servants' hands with untiring efforts to close the gap, to come together, to make peace, to accommodate public, unrepentant homosexuals in their hearts and minds and in the church, you’ll secretly plan your next move. Now it doesn’t take much effort at all on your part to take things to the next level. And then the next, until homosexuality, along with the behaviors it comprises and the "rights" it demands, are firmly established, excused, and celebrated in most every soul’s circle of family, friends, associates, and fellow worshipers. Congratulations, you have rebuilt the twin cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The people have forgotten God, denied Christ, and become a law unto themselves.

The I’m-gay-and-okay movement in America’s churches is more about apostasy than homosexuality, acted on or not. It’s just one of many, many ways the devil gets his foot in the door of our churches and our souls.

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Diane Kunkel said...

Very cleverly written! I love the analogy to "The Screwtape Letters".