Tuesday, November 27, 2012

God and Liberty, Satan and Tyranny

As we’ve studied up on political philosophies lately, we’ve found correlations between God and liberty, and Satan and tyranny. It occurs to us that people who fully embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ (God’s plan) are the same thoughtful people who are all for the classical liberty of America’s inspired Founders. Such liberty necessarily requires virtue, more self-government than societal government, and encourages individuals to strive for their full potential. It also occurs to us that people who resist or water down the gospel of Jesus Christ, tend to shy away from personal responsibility and potential, wishing to save themselves or others from the fearsome risks and consequences that come with free will. They don’t mind giving up their independence to those who have the power to govern them, such as leaders and politicians, in order to mitigate what they see as suffering or endless striving. These thoughtless, cult-like followers allow others to think for them and thus tend toward tyranny rather than liberty. 

It’s incredibly important that people see the timeless true principles that are in play. The first worldview mirrors God’s plan by which we are free to choose and learn and progress beyond our wildest dreams because of Christ. The second reflects Satan’s plan and the works of his minions, the anti-Christs, whose design of safety and coercion constricts, stunts, and impoverishes human souls now and forever. The war between these two views was waged in heaven and continues here on earth. This conflict is apparent is every aspect of our existence, as we choose our thoughts, our loyalties, our beliefs, our actions, and the people we elect to represent us in government.

Which side are you on? The one about hard, true principles, about risk, reliance on Christ as Savior of our eternal souls, and the potential of unlimited progression, the one which encourages and makes possible personal development and economic prosperity even now? Or the one based on the philosophies of men (Plato, Thomas More, Thomas Hobbes, Marx, and others), all about safety, conformity, radical equality, and dependence on the arm of the flesh, on government run by whatever human beings happen to be in power? 

If we as a country truly follow Christ we will prosper in the land in every way, increasing in posterity, wealth, knowledge, and godliness. If we follow Satan we forfeit our agency and will become enslaved by some means or another, decreasing in number and further declining in every way, spiritually, intellectually, economically.

May we recommend Mark Levin’s insightful books: Liberty and Tyranny and Ameritopia?

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