Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sinned Against? Or Sinning?

People today don't like the word sin. It denotes that there are absolutes, as in right and wrong. This is strange because these same people do not hesitate in using this concept of sin, of right and wrong, to describe others. Oh, they might use different words like un-Christlike or unkind or bigoted or hateful or intolerant. But they mean the same thing: You are doing something wrong; you are sinning against others.

The question we must all ask ourselves when we feel we have been sinned against is: Is there anything I have done wrong myself? But this charitable self-examination is especially absent among, for example, the gay community. Self-identified gays are always the sinned against. Why? Because it's a big part of the gay movement to make everyone believe they are victims of an evil, unaccepting society, that it's all about love and wholesomeness, and that anyone against gayness is evil, the real sinner. (This tactic is undeniably documented in dozens of gay organizations' written materials. A great resource is A Queer Thing Happened to America, by Michael L. Brown, 2011.)

It's interesting that you never hear gays decrying pornography of any kind, even though most people still think pornography is at least sleazy. That's because it is a staple of gay sexual orientation and the gay lifestyle; you have to feed the dragon for it to stay alive. And you never hear anybody asking gays about using pornography, either, or about what they think about and where they go and who they hang out with and what they do. That's because nobody dares ask them anything. They get a wink and a pass for all kinds of really bad ideas and really bad behavior and the advocating of it to others, even youth.

Christianity is about working to overcome our own wrongs through the grace of Christ rather than dwelling on the wrongs done us. On this basis alone, when so-called mohos (Mormon homosexuals) come out in testimony meetings, claim victim mentality, write books and blogs, proclaim that God has called them to lead the rest of us to enlightenment, and are in all ways loud and proud about their sexuality ("celibate" or not, at the moment), they are not being Christian at all, but rather thumbing their noses at God and Goodness.

But let's take this thought even farther. We submit that though we are all sinned against in a myriad of ways, we are all sinners, too. Giving a free pass to those who claim immunity from the sin of sexual impurity because they are "same-sex attracted" and allowing them to pass the blame to others is just another of our sins. It's the sin of enabling, even encouraging, souls to sin. When we do this we show we don't care a pin for their immortal souls. They are indeed sinners, and in a different way so are we. Who is to say which type of sin is worse?

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SGraham said...

You hit the nail on the head. We never look at it from the perspective you highlight.