Monday, September 19, 2011

Hung Up on the Gay Thing

"I'm worried about you; you're so hung up on the gay thing."

"Why this particular issue? There are more important problems."

"For your own sake, you shouldn't be so involved in this."

"Everything you say is colored by your stance on homosexuality."

When people make disparaging comments like these about our involvement in fighting the gay movement, we think they are saying more about themselves than about us. The truth is, our efforts make them uncomfortable. Perhaps they feel a twinge of guilt because they aren't doing something. They would rather nobody spoke out against this particular evil, or perhaps against any evil at all. These types of issues are too divisive, too controversial, too difficult. Can't we just ignore it?

The answer is no, we can't ignore it. You're either on one side or the other of this war between good and evil, and right now the evil side is winning. Guess which side the sleepy, unwitting people who say the above things are on, whether they realize it or not? Yes, the evil side. Case in point: read those opening comments again. The same people who say these dismissive things to us would never say them to a determined openly gay person (that is, anyone claiming to be gay, sympathizing with or advocating gayness). Could be they are afflicted with that spineless fickleness that causes people to side with the winner just because they're winning.

Of course SoL is not just about the gay thing at all. There's a much bigger picture we try to keep foremost in our minds. We're about human nature versus the nature of God, the Lord versus the Devil, truth versus error, great spiritual goodness versus great spiritual wickedness. The cultural embrace of sexual immorality of all kinds is just one of the symptoms of a debauched and anti-Christ society that no longer believes in such things as sin and the need for divine redemption. Exposing the insidious gay agenda, so stealthy, so ubiquitous, and so harmful, especially to the souls of youth, to health, to posterity, to marriage, to the family, and to religious freedom, just happens to be the corner of the battlefield in which we find ourselves.

Christianity isn't for the faint of heart. First you have to be on the right side and stay there, which is a continuous personal struggle. And then you have to fight evil, wherever it rears its head, come what may.  Some may call it being hung up.We call it speaking up for truth and goodness and Christ in our own small way with the resources we possess. We can't be everywhere in the war against evil, but at least we're somewhere.

In what corner of the battlefield are you?

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melody said...

Yes, we should all be fighting this fight. Thank you for taking on so much of it and helping to make the rest of us more aware. Hopefully more people will tune it and join. (Have you ever heard/read Chuck Baldwin? He gave an incredible speech at LPAC and I thought his name sounded familiar from you mentioning it? Maybe not. I don't know much about him, but I know he is on the right side of this battle.)