Thursday, May 5, 2011

Does Publishing Truth and Goodness Pay?

We here at SoL have been accused by our detractors (some of whom you would never suspect would be our detractors) over the years of trying to make a name for ourselves, in it for the money, marketing our wares, etc. Well, here are the facts.

Aside from an occasional kind and encouraging word from a few valiant souls near and far, we are regularly silenced, ignored, rejected, vilified, and hated by strangers and "friends" alike, near and far. Even most good people do not want to help or give us opportunities to help. They are just too afraid to support us in any way including morally or financially. In other words, most people nowadays are quiet because of intimidation, fear, and misinformation. To put it bluntly, they care more about not offending other people than about offending God, although they proclaim the opposite, little realizing they are practicing the worst kind of hypocrisy. (Sorry if this sounds harsh. It is true. Truth is often hard, but in the end it sets us free.)

We could write a book on the misadventures we've had among the "faithful." Among other excuses, some have said this is because we are on the wrong side of the fence. But there is overwhelming proof to the contrary which we dare not deny. Again, when Satan is stirring people up against good, we must be stirred up against evil.

As for money, aside from a few sporadic unsolicited donations, the great majority of our funds have been derived from our personal resources. We do not sell advertising. We do not get paid and don't expect to be the way things are. The website and blog are kept up by unpaid volunteers. This work is done in our free time, apart from our unrelated occupations that provide our living. We always knew SoL would cost us in many ways, and it has. We volunteer our time and talents, putting out particularly big chunks of time, effort, and money to get books produced and printed, and the best we hope for is to break even financially. If not, so be it.

Come what may, in today's secularized, politically correct world, in a godless, oversexed culture which increasingly doubts both fact and value, in a lawless system that mocks reality, sexualizes children younger and younger, and threatens religious freedom, we have carved out a tiny corner in which to publish much-neglected goodness and truth. Sad to say in the greater sense, it doesn't pay.

Rather than suspecting us of selfish motives, why not mourn with us that publishing truth and goodness (even with charity, intelligence, and creativity) is now one of the most unpopular and unprofitable things one can do?

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