Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Causes and Effects

Nothing is just itself, wrote a favorite author of ours. Regarding issues of any importance, we certainly agree. Everything of concern happening in our world today has causes and effects.

Here is a case in point. Today on the radio we heard about a study regarding hormonal birth control that found that women using these prescriptions were being affected in unimagined ways, and men were being affected too. Apparently, along with a basic knowledge of the birds and the bees that parents pass on to their children in spoken and unspoken ways, there are natural chemicals that encourage males and females to mate. But what if these chemicals are messed with, even obliterated? What would the effects be?

We know that hormonal birth control is a huge business and commonly used. Birth control pills or patches prevent ovulation, and consequently prevent pregnancy. Some women are now taking birth control pills just to prevent having to deal with their monthly periods. Is it worth the convenience?

This study is showing that when women no longer ovulate, they apparently don't release that mating chemical. Not only do these women have decreased sexual attraction for men, men also have less sexual attraction for women. It makes sense and could sure explain a lot of trends that have occurred since the 1970s when messing with hormones for birth control became widespread. Apparently, birth control pills are not just birth control pills. They are having a profound effect on more than just controlling pregnancy.

Take away the hormones that naturally encourage males and females to mate, and the desire to mate will decrease. For example, if the sexes are now less attractive to each other because we have obliterated the mating hormone, but people still think they need sex (as they are taught by our oversexed culture), they are going to be fine with finding it elsewhere other than marriage.

Think about what the birth control pill may be doing to marriage, the divorce rate, natural gender roles, the size of families, the main purpose of sex, and the sexual development of young people. Then combine this with radical feminism, homosexualism, and cultural negativity toward natural gender roles, marriage, morality, fidelity, and posterity. What are the results?

Some might very well be: people are getting married later in life or not at all, the divorce rate has skyrocketed, marriage is mocked and degraded, natural gender roles are ignored and denied, couples put off having children and/or have smaller families, sex has been reduced to a casual meaningless pleasure disconnected from mating, marriage, and family, people indulge in sex indiscriminately with whomever, whenever, however, and divorce, abortions, sexual abuse, and sex crimes increase. And there are probably many more.

Without our foundation firmly placed on truth and reality, we've lost our moorings. Such are the effects of pretending we can change reality and ignore responsibility.

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