Monday, November 15, 2010

An Interview? No, Thanks.

I got a call today from a TV station in Colorado for an interview about Chased by an Elephant, our new book for families to help teach children the truth about male and female and the right attitudes about sexuality. The man on the other end of the line said they were interested because it was controversial, and after a few more questions revealed that yes, along with me there would be people representing the gay community reacting to my book. I said no, thanks. Here's why:

First of all, we need to seriously reflect on the fact that most of the American media take it for granted that parents teaching their children "the birds and the bees" is a controversial idea. This has happened because gayness has infiltrated the politically correct media. Journalism, publishing, TV, film, and radio entities have sold their souls to this form of individual sexual freedom. Alternative sexual identities (which represent a myriad of perverse and risky behaviors) are perfectly acceptable among one's colleagues, employees, and co-workers in the sold-out mainstream media world. That is a fact.

Consider that the pro-gay viewpoint gets practically unlimited access while the traditional morality viewpoint is pretty much forced underground. The only reason the media occasionally highlights the Christian-traditional morality worldview is to exploit "homophobia," simultaneously calling in the gay troops to bash us. Here in Utah we are treated to an array of sympathetic documentaries about gay married Mormons, serious news stories promoting societal acceptance for men who think they've changed themselves into women, obviously slanted debates, and radio spots with ex-communicated apostates criticizing the LDS Church. Programs, articles, and books for review that have anything to do with the promotion of traditional morality and normal sexuality are ignored and rejected. We get plenty of gay affirmation alone, less of the two sides pitted against each other, and practically none of the traditional sexual morality worldview by itself.

Here at SoL we get calls from the media now and then for statements or interviews, and usually their only reason is to make news by provoking controversy, providing fuel for the "victimized gay community." In this way, the pro-gay media is actually manufacturing controversy and reshaping our society.

That's why I said thanks, but no thanks. If the guy wanted to interview me without bringing in the gay parade, I would have accepted. "But it's only fair," he said, politely, conveniently setting aside the overwhelming media bias toward unlimited sexual freedom and against religion and traditional morality. I said we had a policy about avoiding being used to give a voice to dangerous and bad ideas we oppose. It was no surprise that he wasn't interested in interviewing me on my own.

It may be "fair" to show both sides, but since when should society treat good and evil as equal in value? Never. But of course it's worse than that. In today's secular, PC, media-biased culture, not only is evil given a dignified forum, it's winning. In reality there is no equality, no fairness regarding these two worldviews today ---not in the media, not in our education systems, and increasingly not in our government. That's why, at the very least, Health, Truth, and Goodness should never knowingly consent to share a podium on an equal footing with disorder, falsehood, and evil.


Matt said...

Not surprising they (the shock-jock "mainstream" media) think it's controversial. Just like what you feed your kids, let them play with, or say to them is controversial. Parenting is not PC.

Belinda said...

You are exactly right especially in your last sentence about never sharing the podium with evil. Unfortunately,there may be not many forums otherwise these days.