Wednesday, May 23, 2018

LGBTBSA: Homosex For Kids

We have children's books promoting masturbation and homosexual behavior available in public school libraries. We have parades displaying all-but-naked lewd dancers in our capital city streets. We have entertainment media portraying casual sexual encounters, including homosexuality, as normal and good. Did we really need more proof that the sexual revolution is all about sex?

So many people, including many participating in one way or another, have been duped into thinking the LGBT juggernaut is all about a person's "gender identity." Wrong. It's about sex. And here's one more proof that make blow your mind if it isn't already blown.

The Boy Scouts of America, over the last five years, has gone from a conservative, God-based organization, to one that accepts and encourages openly homosexual "identity," and now to one that openly promotes homosexual sexual behavior for minors. An article from LifeSiteNews is entitled, "Boy Scouts to Make Condoms 'Readily and Easily Accessible' at Upcoming Global Gathering." Apparently, the World Organization of the Scout Movement has announced that the host organizations (Canada, US, and Mexico) for this jamboree that happens every four years, to be held in West Virginia, July 22-August 2, 2019, must ensure that condoms are to be available "at a number of locations on the site," available for minors age 12-17, as well as the adults on staff in charge (the IST, International Service Team). What, no prostitution huts like at the Olympics?

We ask you, is this about some poor child or youth who has got it into his head that he feels like a girl, or who merely identifies as "gay?" Is it about "diversity?" No. It's about having sex. Why else do they feel the need to provide condoms? In this case, there will mainly be males present, so it's about homosexual sexual behaviors. Carried on in secret, initiated by older males to boys, and from boys to other boys.

Seriously, why offer free condoms at a scout jamboree as if it's a gay pride festival? Males can't make babies so it's not about unwanted pregnancy.  Condoms do not completely prevent the transmission of STDs so it's not about preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. Males notoriously don't like condoms and won't use them if they can get away with it, so it's not about actually using condoms for sexual activities. Anybody using their brain can see that this making condoms "readily and easily accessible" at a huge gathering of boys and men is really about promoting homosexual behavior. It's about giving boys the idea of homosex with the stamp of the Approval of Adult Authority. News flash: boys go for sex. Duh. This makes them sitting ducks for recruitment into homosexuality. We're surprised they don't have a homosexuality merit badge---yet.

This is condoms, like brightly wrapped candy arranged in bowls on tables, for pre-pubescent, adolescent kids to oggle and to grab, kids away from their parents and under the influence of pro-homosexual-behavior-adults. Kids don't even know what condoms are, at least kids whose innocence hasn't been compromised. And they will see them. And they will learn what they are for. And their innocence will be compromised. And their healthy sexual development will be interrupted. And their perverse sex education will begin or get a big boost.

It's all about promoting homosexual behavior to boys and the male adults in charge of them for twelve days, a total set-up for predatory child sexual abuse, a thing called pederasty as old as ancient Greece and Rome, in a word, debauchery.

This is what the LGBT movement is really about, and any person or organization that accepts, ministers in support of, or celebrates, the various "gay identities" always ends up accepting, and inherently promoting, high-risk, dead-end homosexual behaviors. This scenario has played out quite dramatically in the actions of the BSA in the last half-decade.

Evidently it's a short distance, if any, from a trumped-up perverse sexual identity to actual bad behavior, and the best time to recruit and enslave a people in Godlessness and sexual addiction is when they are young.

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