Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Loving Your Kid Means Loving Their Homosexuality? Excuse Me?

We got this incomprehensible comment on our previous post, "The Scarlet A and Invisible I."

oh my. you think people who don't agree with you are guilty of incest? the only reason to love their gay kids is to hide their own sin? please please stop

First, we invite this sad, anonymous, lower-case-letter reader to cease reading our blog if it causes them so much pain. But we hope they can tough it out because it sounds like we're the only source from which they hear the right point of view.

Next, a careful reading of our post, "The Scarlet A and Invisible I," seems to be needed. Nowhere does it say that we think "people who don't agree with us are guilty of incest." Brother. What a crazy leap. Seriously. This is sad. What we said was that sometimes homosexuality is caused by incest, and people don't want to admit it. This is absolutely true and really happens. People's tragic personal experiences were shared at our Stand4Truth conference recently and can be viewed at By the way, people are watching this conference and lives are being changed. Praise the Lord.

Also, only a brainwashed person thinks loving your kid means you have to love their homosexuality, as inferred in the above comment. Yes, this is what some people actually think. That's like saying you don't love your kid if you don't love their bad ideas or their sloppiness or their goth-type clothes or their ridiculous hair style or their drug abuse or their bad grades or their speeding tickets or their promiscuity or their stealing or their spending too much money, and the list could go on and on. Any good parent will be annoyed or disgusted or devastated by such things, but will still love their kid, maybe even more.

Let's get this straight. Gay is not who a person is. It is a mindset about sex and sexuality. People are much more than sex and sexuality, for heaven's sake. Some people with very bad sexual manners also do unrelated good things. Some people with very good sexual manners also do unrelated bad things. Some people live long productive lives totally without sex. Anybody who publicly identifies himself by a perverse sexual proclivity is preoccupied with/addicted to sex and/or obsessed with himself.  And he might have some worse problems, too.

Really, people actually have been brainwashed to believe that the parent of a kid who identifies himself by a perverse sexual proclivity is supposed to love the perverse sexual proclivity! Or else! Well, absolutely not. First of all, homosexuality is physically risky and addictive in the extreme.  Second of all, it's a destructive sin, inside and out. Third of all, kids are born knowing nothing whatsoever about life or sex or love. Fourth of all, powerful predatory organizations are all about recruiting young people into all things homosex, including transgenderism. Fifth of all, what other sexual proclivities is a parent supposed to automatically love? Porn addiction? Bestiality? Sadomasochism? Pedophilia?

Now some people will say, oh my gosh, they're comparing SSA with bestiality and pedophilia! How horrible! Well, why not? Homosexualists have made a law unto themselves by pronouncing homosexuality, what God calls an abomination and what formerly was known as an unspeakable vice, perfectly okay. They ignore God and His rules and biology and reality and make themselves God. Then they make themselves God again by pronouncing other people's sexual proclivities (such as bestiality and pedophilia) out of bounds. Who made them the boundary-setters? They, themselves. With absolutely no authority or truth on their side. Just a bunch of arrogance and rebellion and shallow sentimental sociological mumbo-jumbo. By the way, there are powers that be which are all about denigrating "heterocentrism" and teaching this sick ideology to kids. No, it's not just equality homosexualists want. It's superiority. And why not? Without God in the picture, anything is permissible.

Guess what, brainwashed but beloved and valued people: All this stuff you're saying and thinking and believing is totally arbitrary, that is, based on whatever some very powerful and nonbenevolent people have decided to make up and brainwash other people with.  And guess what else? Parents who really love their kids don't give in to their maladaptive and dangerous and dead-end sexual ideas and conduct. They love their kids and that's why they are so worried about them when they are lured into homosexuality.

God is a parent, too. God loves every one of his children and doesn't want any of them involved to any degree in this very bad stuff. He gave his Son so all sinners, that's all of us, could repent and have everlasting life.

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