Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Right to Vote and the Right to Homosex: Apples and Oranges

People who compare giving the vote to blacks and women to societal acceptance of homosexuality are comparing two completely different issues that have no true relation whatever. The false comparison being forced on society today between these issues is a social construct based on rebellion against God, political pressure, and intellectual dishonesty.

For one thing, homosexuality is about certain sexual lusts and behaviors. Contrary to popular conditioning, gayness is not an identity. What gay really is is bad sexual manners, not a race or a gender. For those few who insist their same-sex sex partner is also their soul mate, here is some news: Not everything has to be sexual. For normal decent married people, only one person on earth is ever sexual: their opposite-sex spouse. Soul-mates don't have to be sex mates; they are called friends. Same-sex sex is a dead end. And no, it's not about love; real love would not sexualize the loved one if that sexualizing is out of bounds. This would be lust. Homosexuality and other perverse sexual problems are about sexualizing people it's harmful to sexualize, and any love for a person in this instance is not love at all because it selfishly harms.

For another thing, voting is not about sex. Voting is a constitutional publicly exercised right, whereas homosexual behavior is about sex, is not a constitutional right, and should be private (as should heterosexual sex).

And yet another. Being black or being a women is not a sin or a learned mindset or a behavior.  They are self-evident requiring no act of any sort in order to be legitimate. They are biological identities, recorded in the DNA of every cell of the body. Homosexuality has to do with acquired lusts and behaviors, not innateness, not genes. They are sins. Great efforts have been made to find a gay gene, but even gay scientists have been unsuccessful. If gayness was inborn, identical twins would both claim to be gay, every time. And studies have shown that a very small percentage of both twins ever claim to be gay. Human DNA contains no record of political, social, personal, religious, or sexual proclivities. These are things we learn. And in today's sexually permissive and oversexed world, many young people are learning gayness.

And yet one more point. Women and blacks getting the vote did not harm white men's right to vote. These were not opposing views. Some may say homosexuality and heterosexuality are not opposing views. But of course they are. Many people have strong common sense and religious convictions about sexual rules and stick to the fact that homosexuality is maladaptive and Godless. HIV/AIDS aside (the latest stats have 63% of these cases coming from homosexuals which constitute 2% of the population), if homosexuals were private about their lusts and behaviors, perhaps these two views would not publicly clash. But this is not the case. Homosexualists and their pawns refuse to leave the rest of us alone. The promotion of homosexualism as normal and healthful is increasingly pervasive in all societal entities today and is being forced on the general public (including children) through all societal institutions including marriage and family, schools, business, government, entertainment, and churches.

As Robert Bork said, when two truly opposing views clash, in this case, homosex versus heterosex, they cannot peacefully co-exist. One will be preferred and the other harmed. This clash is obviously happening on a grand scale today because homosexuality is now protected and celebrated in America, while people who take a personal stand against it, even just to promote heterosexual marriage, are now being marginalized and punished.Yes, mainstream Americans in their private lives are allowed to behave sexually morally and heterosexually and be unmolested---so far. Of course in some hidden or foreign instances such as sexual slavery, rape and murder of Christians, and forced abortion in China, this is definitely not so and no government is doing anything about these treacheries. An  important thing to consider is, even here in America today, some people are not being allowed publicly to live, work, make donations, speak, worship, preach, teach, make choices, or run their businesses with the view that proper heterosexuality is right and homosexuality wrong without being persecuted.

Truth be told, God-centered, sexually-moral minded people are not being won over by rampant homosexualism or "getting used to it" as they are told they must; they are being intimidated, bullied, forced into silence. This is the beginning of the end of our society as it used to be, that is, God-fearing, when it not only promoted proper heterosexuality, but discouraged dangerous sexual sin. And history proves that the opposite sort of society won't last long. 

On a topic so important to the health and well-being of fellow human beings, the future of our posterity, and the welfare of immortal souls, people really ought to think these things through. Making ludicrous comparisons in the attempt to justify sin and cut off intelligent thought and discussion is the oldest and most destructive trick in the book. 

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