Thursday, June 19, 2014


Why is it that those with same-sex sexual attractions are now considered by many to be a special class of person, and now a special class of LDS person? Why is it that the rest of us have to school our feelings, as the hymn says, but they don't? The flimsy argument LDS gays are hanging their hats on these days is that homosexual feelings/temptations are not sinful. What? We sang a hymn last week in church asking the Lord to keep us free from temptations. Of course temptations toward sinful behaviors are destructive! They sully our souls and corrupt our characters and lead us to more sin. We know there are some who are pushing this strange idea and we disagree in favor of what we know to be true from experience, what we find in the scriptures, what the great majority of leaders have repeatedly taught, and what the Spirit tells us.

With great intellectual dishonesty, those who claim same-sex attraction (which is sexual or else it would be friendship or familial affection) also claim their feelings are exempt from any hint of sin. How convenient for them. Homosexual feelings, also referred to as temptations, are not even considered a weakness by these proponents. While the rest of us have to repent of our sinful inclinations, weaknesses, or temptations, they don't. They say their temptations are not sinful. Why not? Why couldn't anybody say that about their favorite sinful mental exercises/entertainments? There are plenty of scriptures and prophets who say these things are wicked inside and out. So when did these certain people get special privileges? We've said it many times: since the world accepted homosexuality, that's when. Not only has the world been hoodwinked into believing that a case of very bad sexual manners is an identity, it has bought the lie that it is harmless. Again we say, sex is a serious thing; if it is misused someone gets hurt. 

Proud LDS gays like to put themselves on the same plane as Jesus. (How's that for arrogance?) They compare their temptations to how Satan tempted even Jesus. Here, they have made a big mistake. Yes, Jesus suffered Satan to offer up his temptations, but Jesus paid these temptations no heed (D&C 20:22). There was no hesitation; he summarily dismissed Satan. Satan's temptations found no place in Christ's heart. He didn't buy into them; Jesus did not indulge for a second in those temptations. On the contrary, people who publicly claim same-sex attraction have not only given heed to these temptations (and probably acted on them to some degree including using pornography), they make these sinful temptations their permanent identity. If they really want to be like Jesus, they have to pay these temptations no heed, not for a second. They have to to turn around and walk the other way. That may be difficult; help is available. But no, they say there is no help. They insist they cannot overcome their feelings of sexual attraction toward those of their same gender. In their circles, the subject of reorienting their sexual desires doesn't even come up except to disparage and  vilify such a course. In essence, they are saying, like St. Augustine once rather humorously confessed, "Lord, make me chaste, just not yet."

Let's compare homosexual feelings to adulterous feelings. Are adulterous feelings not temptations? Are these thoughts and the emotions that follow them not sinful? Try looking at it this way. What if a "gay" man married to a woman confessed to his bishop that he was sexually attracted to another woman's husband? Not only is he indulging in homosexual feelings, he is indulging in adulterous feelings. Does he get in trouble for either of these? Or is he exempt from all forms of purity and chastity? If it's our hearts that matter to God, if we treasure wicked things in our hearts and are not repentant, does it really matter if we ultimately "act out" (however people define it) or not? Aren't we sexually immoral at heart? Isn't that state of uncleanness where our heart is? Aren't we supposed to care about the state of our immortal souls?

The fact is, the prideful who are claiming same-sex attraction are making themselves known for main reason, that is, to move the rest of us toward accepting their desired behaviors. Why else? Do you think they just want sympathy and acceptance and validation for their miserable same-sex attraction? Of course not. What they want is license. The scriptures call it licentiousness. That's what they want. But they go farther than that. They want more than allowances. They want to be put on a pedestal. They want to establish a brave new world of their own making. They want to be our leaders. They've said so. (Those who are caught up in homosexuality but think they are not of this ilk need to know that they are being exploited and aiding and abetting the cause.)

Homosexuality spreads. It spreads from man to man, from men to boys, from boys to boys, and it's dangerous to health, hence the AIDS/HIV epidemic. (While sodomy is the only way homosexuals can contrive sex, sodomy spreads the disease among depraved heterosexuals too as we see in Africa.) Contrary to rampant gay propaganda, honest gays admit this is a gay disease here in America. According to the CDC, younger and younger males are contracting the horrible life-shortening illness. What a tragedy! But not hard to understand given our sexually licentious environment and the foolishness of oversexed youth. Just think, sex with no persnickety emotional females involved at all. Or in the case of lesbianism, no horrid abusive men. Okay its not real sex---you have to pretend that one of you is the opposite sex---but you get the same sorts of physical sexual feelings. And it's quick, easy, casual sex with no reproductive responsibilities whatsoever. It's a good bet that every promiscuous, unrepentant, self-labeled, SSA person today knows that the internet can produce hundreds of attractive possible partners nearby with the touch of a finger. (Yes, attractiveness is often a prerequisite.) Quick and easy is right. No risk of future family responsibilities. No emotional attachments. Just an exciting, sexually-stimulating act, the kind that is hailed in mainstream society today as brave, honest, edgy, popular.You may even get a letter of praise from the President of the United States.

Feelings/temptations such as these not sinful? Of course they are. If you experience sexual feelings about someone you're not supposed to have sexual feelings about (including persons of your own gender) that's called lust, and it's one of those seven deadly sins. Time to repent. Oh, wait. Those with same-sex attractions, unlike the rest of us, are exempt from God's demands. They don't have to repent.

Just kidding. If we care about their immortal souls,of course those who experience SSA aren't exempt. Of course they need to repent of their sinful temptations just like the rest of us must (that is unless they are severely mentally deficient, which no one is saying they are). Many of us are just too afraid now to tell them. Indeed, for most people the gay label has become more intimidating than God Himself.

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