Monday, July 25, 2016

Trumping God

Just wondering. Did the Republican National Convention that lasted four whole days and had thousands of supposed conservative delegates attending ever mention or decry any of the social ills that have most recently beset us? Answer: no.

Instead it was all orating and yelling and screaming and chanting mostly about a person, a human being whom none of these people even know personally, a human being who is the Republican nominee for President of the United States. It was a perfect example of  the foolishness and blindness of mankind's ongoing Vanity Fair.

This is nonsense. What happened to everybody's principles? We just got proof that Planned Parenthood is not just killing off human posterity but selling its human parts for money. We have just been forced by bad judges to surrender the institution of marriage and family in favor of celebrating  sodomy and the like. Even the privacy and safety of our public bathrooms are to be sacrificed on the altar of nonsensical selfishness, vice, and anarchy.

News flash: If we keep God's commandments we will prosper in the land, commandments that include repentance from sin and faith in God.  If we turn away from God we will be swept off the earth.

The Republican platform officially states opposition to the above wickedness. And yet in its national convention there was absolutely no mention of the wicked state of our nation. When a speaker proclaimed his personal sexual perversion from the podium he got a standing ovation.

That is just nuts.

Have Republican party members lost their minds? Is everybody blind, deaf, and dumb to reality? Have they become cult followers? Is everybody celebrating this man simply because he won? This is how communism thinks and works. Whoever has the power is the Dear Leader, no matter if he is a tyrant or a narcissist or a jerk or whatever. People just can't resist jumping on the bandwagon of the person who is winning. Suddenly all their principles and beliefs fly out the window. Or if they don't fly out the window they are put in storage. And then the sins of the winning candidate are magically forgotten, or excused, or belittled.  A huge amount of wishful thinking and prideful overconfidence ensues. We'll surround him with good people, they say. We have his ear, they say. He'll listen to us, they say. He's a good man, they say.

What? Let's just take one aspect of this man. This man builds and runs casinos. Casinos are the institutionalized epitome of the seven deadly sins. They are all there, all seven. And no, he didn't have to use his money to build casinos. He could have used his money a thousand different ways. A thousand good and productive ways. But no, he uses his money to exploit every human weakness and depravity, in ways that mock God and sell souls and break up families and ruin people. He uses his money to make more money in perhaps the easiest ways. Yes, that's the kind of man everybody is all suddenly twitterpated about.

Sorry everybody, you can't build anything good using the devil's ways. You can't close your eyes, ears, and mouth to the truth and expect anything good to happen.That's the danger of those conventions. People get hyped up and enjoy the party atmosphere and the belonging and the mixing with important people and the being for the winner and hoping they'll keep being on the winning side, and then they are suddenly saying and doing things they never would have a year or even a month or a week or a day ago.

The competition at these conventions is like team sports. Did you know Hitler was all about pushing huge spectator sports because it unthinkingly builds up pride, which converts to national pride, and encourages unfounded animosity toward the "enemy." In this kind of atmosphere people forget their principles, i.e. God and goodness and truth, such as how it's just a game and all human beings are valuable, or how it's just politics and how the hearts of men are easily corrupted. They just want to win. They want power for the sake of power. Look at Chairman Mao and the wholesale death and havoc he caused, even having people closest to him executed at whim. And the people worshiped this madman simply because he had made himself all powerful.

One man said the truth at that convention, reminding people that we can only save our country by standing for true principles, and he was booed down for it. Really.

If we must vote between a criminal and an opportunist (to put it charitably), we better be sure we stand for truth and righteousness all the more and put the pressure on them nonstop. The people have power, but only if they don't surrender it to whoever happens to be elected. Time to decide if we are a God-fearing republic or an unthinking cult.

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