Friday, March 26, 2021

The Courage to Oppose Error at Its Roots

In the last 20 years or so, society has blatantly and unashamedly turned itself upside down. Where before, mainstream culture and mores reflected biblical traditional morality in all policies and laws, we now have mainstream culture and mores reflecting an opposite "new morality" in all policies and laws. We think we know one reason this has happened. It has happened because God-fearing, conservative people, of which there are many more than Godless, hedonistic people, refused to call out the bad and harmful ideas as bad and harmful, and instead sidestepped crucial issues by pretending to be in favor of something else, something perhaps thought a tiny bit less controversial.  That was very naive. It's like aiming somewhere else and expecting to hit the target. It's like running away from an enemy bent on destroying you and expecting to survive. Well-meaning people got distracted, fighting merely for good instead of against evil. And lost every time.

Here are several of many examples, the following of which all have to do, interestingly, with the power of procreation. 

Abortion. Instead of saying they are against the destroying unborn human beings at any stage of development is not "pro-choice," the powers that be on our side, took up the banner of being "pro-life." This was a huge mistake. We should have taken the stance that sexual intercourse is where the choice is. Although of course we are for life, the pro-life argument ignores the crux of the problem: personal responsibility for sexual behavior.To this day, even with the huge efforts and strength of the pro-life movement now actually pointing out how human life begins at conception and how barbaric abortion is, personal responsibility for having sex is rarely, if ever, mentioned. And yet it's the underlying cause for the many, many millions of abortions. People decided to have sex and got pregnant. If they had been more thoughtful in making that first decision (whether or not they wanted to have sex knowing they may get pregnant and then would be responsible for that human being, which thought process is certainly possible for every healthy, normal human old enough to have consensual sex), there would be practically no abortion argument. (Cases of abortion because of rape resulting in pregnancy or abortion to save the mother are so very rare and really have nothing to do with arguments such as "my body, my choice" which have resulted in so many millions of unwanted babies being destroyed.)The fact is, when even minimally intelligent people decide to engage in the act that makes babies, they know it, and they know they are taking that risk. With sexual intercourse the choice has already been made: pregnancy, or the conceiving of a new human being, may well be the natural result of this act. This is 10th grade biology. Why have we never heard that argument? Why is that argument not the whole argument? Because society has been brainwashed into believing that isn't the issue, that people can't be held responsible for their sexual choices and behaviors. That is ridiculous. They can be held responsible, and it is the whole argument. Responsibility for individual sexual behavior is one crucial concept that makes people civilized.You do the act, you have to take responsibility for the results of the act, one of which may be pregnancy. We lost the battle because we didn't face the real issue, that people want to free themselves from the responsibilities of their sexual choices and behaviors. The opposition was so clever and so intimidating---focusing on the woman's "rights" and the fact that you can't see the baby developing---while completely distracting minds away from the ultimate problem: sexual irresponsibility, or the trumped up "right" to have sexual relations without having to live out the natural consequences. As a result, over 60 million unique human beings have not been allowed to be born in the United States and experience life here on earth. Destroyed because of and by their own irresponsible, hedonistic, Godless parents.

Pornography. The mainstreaming and availability of obscenity has exploded in the last 25 years or so. Where before, a person had to show ID to purchase pornographic material in person, now a young child can be exposed even accidentally through all kinds of  media (even the books in public school libraries), including the internet available in homes and schools and libraries where every sort of porn can be accessed by the touch of a button or two. This "freedom" has been fought for in our culture and courts in the name of freedom of speech or expression (but really it's about money and controlling people by exploiting human weaknesses) with little or no real concern for the destruction it can and does bring upon human lives, on minors, adults, marriages, and families. Instead of coming out strongly against the existence of the multi-billion dollar porn industry itself, which is not good for anyone, those against it merely swatted at the scourge with a flyswatter. Let's put this control or limit or filter on it, they said.  That was the extent of our societal opposition, which is no real opposition at all, just a management.Hardly ever did we hear the argument that porn is indecent and obscene, that it hurts people, that there is nothing good about it for human beings, that it engenders all sorts of societal ills, that the industry itself should be run out of town and obliterated.

Homosexuality. It is easy to see how the public gave in to this formerly unspeakable tendency and vice. It took some decades and a lot of planning and conditioning and brainwashing and shaming and name-calling and virtue signaling and calling upon Love, as in why can't people "love" (read:sex around with) anybody they want? Legally, they argument was that people should be able to do whatever they want in the privacy of their bedroom. Quite rapidly, because of "the overhauling of straight America," society decided it would no longer reject this behavior, but rather celebrate it. The lame arguments of those who resisted were, well, lame. They went something like this: We aren't anti-gay; we're just pro-family. Lame. Same as the weak and ineffectual anti-gay marriage argument (see below). They completely neglected to point out the many intrinsic and unique health hazards of this behavior. They completely neglected to remind people that deadly HIV/AIDS was spread by this behavior. They completely ignored the sex addiction, drug use, violence, and predatory nature compounded by this behavior. They completely threw under the bus the many confused people experiencing unwanted homosexual tendencies, and those who chose to repent and heal. Now, many states have outlawed any treatment of minors for unwanted homosexuality. And it's going to get worse. They completely failed to see they would reap what they sowed, as in children being taught all manner of sexual licentiousness and sexual behaviors and gender identities in public schools. What is encouraged will increase. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Failing to stop evil leads to more evil.

Gay Marriage. This one is so very obvious. Instead of saying, hey, sodomy is harmful, it's dangerous, we don't want to mainstream it or legitimize it because it's not good for individuals or society, they said, okay, homosexuality is fine, but we want to conserve the traditional meaning and purpose of marriage. We here at SoL even went to pro-traditional marriage rallies where they had gays speak which was very weird. Did we really need their stamp of approval? We guess the pro-traditional marriage people were rendered desperate to show that they weren't "homophobic!" Sorry, it didn't work, did it? The whole effort was branded bigoted from the start. The well-meaning protestors didn't realize that in the gay worldview there is no leeway allowed anybody. You have to be completely on board or you are a terrible person. Here's the point. Only a man and a woman can do the thing that makes babies. Government and society have a vested interest in that institution so children will be taken care of by their legal parents. Two same-sexed people can never do the thing that makes babies, therefore they should not be able to hijack the God-given marriage institution,which is really what their goal was. Marriage was not the goal. What has happened is that the definition of marriage has been changed so far from its meaning that its meaning is destroyed. In addition,with gay marriage, sodomy became legitimized even for opposite-sex couples; it's another type of sex straight people feel free to engage in. These results and others will continue to negatively impact our culture, as in how the words mother and father are being outlawed and children are being procured and raised by same-sex couples and perverse sexual behaviors and identities are being taught in schools. And people thought they could save marriage by ignoring the evil infiltrating our entire culture! It's an example of not being able to see the whole forest because you're looking only at one tree. The fight for traditional marriage was too little, too late.

Gay Rights. This phenomenon came along with conceding to the gay sexual identity that was clinched by the legalization of sodomy and then gay marriage. Gay people, as people, have the same rights as everybody. Gay rights, so-called, are really about freedoms too far, as in unlimited personal sexual "rights" and the demanding of the public celebration of them.This has turned into the taking away of the legitimate rights of others, such as religious freedom and what should be the rights of children to go to school without being taught sexual revolutionist ideologies. So-called gay rights and the punishments attendant to those who supposedly don't respect them are full of emotion and pretense and arrogance and obsession with hedonistic sex and sexuality. Bakers, photographers, wedding services, printers, churches, adoption agencies, you name it, all have been beaten into submission, punished, fined, even jailed in some places. Our side's last ditch effort at an argument is religious freedom. We believe in God's word, they said, and we have a constitutionally-protected right to live out our consciences. Didn't work, did it? Isn't working, is it? That's because the spirit of the times is preferring sexual freedom over everything else and is pushing a "living constitution" that changes to fit the trends. Many years ago, our friend, the late Richard Wilkins, told us this would be so, that sexual freedom would trump everything. and we let this happen through all the steps leading up to "gay rights" such as the acceptance of  the practice of sodomy. 

Transgenderism. This trend is really just another version of homosexuality. It's about a person pretending to be the opposite sex and behaving sexually in a way that is usually sterile, which is essentially what happens in gay coupling. Transgenderism is actually just more blatant, as the individual posing as the opposite sex actually presents themselves as the sex opposite to what they really are in whatever ways they can or want to, from clothes and hair and make-up, to puberty-blockers and hormone-induced characteristics such as beard growth and voice change, to surgical mutilation and contrivances to healthy body parts. The whole ideology is a blatant despising of  biological human sexuality and human posterity. Some trans people themselves will admit that they are obsessed with themselves, with their sexuality and gender identity, to the exclusion of  any concern for the hurt they are causing, their responsibilities, mental health, physical health, or posterity. And many who had been lured into this experimental concept in the last 10 years or so are now in the process of detransitioning, to the horror of the LGBT activists and the ignoring of mainstream society. Our society is in the middle of bathroom/locker room travesties and  transfemales/males in general being allowed to dominate and destroy girls' and women's sports, and minors being influenced to begin "transitioning" with or without parents' knowledge or consent, but there is even a lot more destructive fallout to come. The exploitation, abuse, and law suits will be off the charts.

We could go on and on. 

Lesson to be learned? Start now to have the courage to stand against the evil thing. Don't make deals with the devil. Don't worry about your "tone" or alienating people on our side. (If that's how they react to the truth, they aren't on our side!) Don't compromise on truth and reality. Don't make up strategies (that's for you, Kristi Noem!) and stances and talking points that benefit you/make you look a little nicer. Just stand directly against the error, come what may. Or else, as can be seen, you will surely lose the battle. You might lose it anyway, but who knows who you influenced for good? And the Lord knows whose side you're on. 

 As we heard Andrew Klavan say the other day, "You can lose a fight, but you can't win a surrender."

And from C.S.Lewis, The Abolition of Man,
"Wherever any precept of traditional morality is simply challenged to produce its credentials, as though the burden of proof lay on it, we have taken the wrong position."


Monday, February 8, 2021

Detransitioners -- Living Not By Lies

If you look on YouTube you will find hours and hours of videos featuring very honest and quite sad souls telling their stories about their journeys into transgenderism and their consequent journeys out. They refer to their situation as MtFtM or FtMtF. These are people, still quite young, who now regret living for multiple years as the opposite sex (and perhaps all the fluidity leading up to it). As they explain how they got into transgenderism, such as for various reasons from childhood trauma to pornography to child and adolescent gender confusion to gender dysphoria to mental illness to radical feminism to brainwashing, or to a combination of  some or more of the above, the more it becomes glaringly obvious that these important causes are completely ignored by the trans-affirming community, which now includes practically the whole world. Sad, isn't it, that practically nobody cares what life-shattering causes are behind transgenderism?

You will hear these people speak about how in the beginning they were, not advised to get psychological help, but only encouraged to affirm their delusion by drastically changing their outward presentation of themselves, encouraged by activists, by friends, by professionals, by family, even sometimes by misguided or psychopathic parents. So-called transition to the opposite sex may include opposite sex clothing, hair styles, and make-up, taking opposite sex hormones, face and body hair growth and/or hair loss, voice training, breast removal or implants, and other surgeries to remove or contrive body parts or change facial contours. Some of these procedures are obviously irreversible, including infertility and voice changes. One FtM decided to detransition (FtMtF) when she began losing the hair on her head; her deep bass voice (also from testosterone) is now irreversible. Some detransitioners are faced sur
geries to remove the breasts that formed from estrogen or replace the breasts they had removed. Yes, it is dizzying. 

Heartfelt warnings are given on these videos. These include: Please stop and think before you do anything drastic. Children should not transition. Ask yourself, where did you get these ideas? What are the deeper problems? Don't oversexualize yourself or others. Don't compare yourself to others. Get psychological help first. Stay away from pornography. The transgender/LGBT community does not care about your true well being. Don't get brainwashed by the pro-LGBT culture. You most likely won't be any happier after transitioning. It doesn't solve your deeper problems. Your biological sex can't be changed. It's all a delusion. It's very dangerous. The high rate of suicidality of transgenders is not due to society. Find God. Love yourself as you are and how God made you. 

We here at SoL feel vindicated---although it's been a long time coming and you won't hear any of these warnings hardly anywhere and we wonder how long even these videos will be allowed. Detransitioners report all sorts of  denigration and criticism for their decision to detransition, nevertheless they bravely share they journey, with their regrets and hopes. Some say there are more destrans than trans people online now.  

It can now be seen that the transgender movement is located somewhere prominently on that very slippery slope we have talking about for 15 years. If we pretend that male and female are interchangeable, and homosexuality in all its forms is harmless and laudable, and if we continue to allow unlimited pornography and ignore all the other very real and important issues that hugely affect individuals, families, and society as a whole when it comes to sex and sexuality, there is no end to the potential damage.  

We may not be able to do much about this societal train wreck and the permanent, generational damage it is doing. But one thing everyone can do is what Rod Dreher points out that Solzhenitsyn called "personal nonparticipation in lies." "Let us refuse to say what we do not think." Do not repeat lies. Do not by your silence appear to acquiesce. We suggest checking out Dreher's 2020 book, "Live Not By Lies," which addresses how all sorts of lies are the majority of what we encounter today.

Our hearts go out to homosexuals, ex-homosexuals, transgenders and detransitioners alike, and everyone else involved or touched by these crucial issues, which is everyone. God bless!



Thursday, January 28, 2021

For Straight Couples: A Word to the Wise

In this post we are going to more specifically discuss one compelling reason many straight people (especially millennials but people of all ages too) are readily accepting the gay concept. No, it's not just that they believe people should be able to love (read: be intimate with) whomever they wish, which if you think about it for one minute proves to be a very bad idea. There  is another even more compelling reason there is so much acceptance, even encouragement of gay relaions. And it's much worse than the toleration or acceptance of others' gay behaviors.

 FYI, we are going to try to say the following as carefully as possible, just because some words are just not acceptable or are too offensive to people these days for various reasons. But this is such an important topic, at least public health-wise, that people cannot afford to be squeamish. Still we will try our best to word things in such a way as to not offend, even though people will still choose to be offended. But that's another topic.

One could go about this sensitive topic from a purely factual, scientific, biological, medical standpoint. Or a psychological standpoint. Or a biblical, God-based standpoint. Or a historical experiential standpoint. Or even a common sense standpoint. All come to the same conclusion. But in this upside-down world people are rejecting all of the above in favor of their own egocentric arbitrary "enlightenment" or "wokeness," which is actually the opposite. Yes, people think just because they are young now or living now, today, they are smarter than anything or anyone else, living or dead, without any evidence of or reason why other than they think they are smarter and more enlightened or evolved than others, which they are most certainly not. Human nature in general never has and never will change. But that is another topic also.

Yes, we are stalling. What we are going to try to say isn't fun. But here goes.

Male on male physically intimate relations can in the understood sense culminate in only one way: by utilizing a human being's body orifice that is regularly employed for elimination of body waste. (Of course there are names for this we are not using right now.) They use the word gay, but that is just a ruse. This is a popular practice among a growing number of males because of many reasons. One reason is that the people participating are damaged in various ways. Another is that no courting of the opposite sex is required. Another is because of the pleasurable sensations resulting from the friction and resistance this tight body part naturally supplies, and also the sensations that can be stimulated around this highly sensitized body part. Another reason is the stimulation provided by internet pornography and the readily accessible number of instant partners available through the internet. In other words, it lends itself to promiscuity, without the risk of procreation or expectations of a relationship. Another is human nature. And on and on. But of course in this scenario one male partner gets the better deal and the other male is more directly compromised in many ways including health-wise.

Now that we have carefully navigated our way through that uncomfortable explanation, let's talk about male on female intimate relations relating to this practice. We'll just come right out and say it. One reason straight people today are suddenly so accepting of this male-on-male practice is because they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves and are increasingly doing it. That is, the male can do it to the female, but not the female to the male, which is an important point in this discussion we'll get to later. 

But why? Why, when there is a female body part that perfectly accommodates the corresponding male body part without any risk or harm to either, are male-female couples resorting to using that other body part? Possible answers: another sort of pleasure, variety, no need for consideration of the woman's more tender body part, no danger of pregnancy, thumbing one's nose at God, showing how free and enlightened one is, supporting the gay concept.  More simply, obviously, since in the last half century our society has put its stamp of approval on this behavior, even to the point that it is paraded in our streets and taught to our children, there is no reason in millennials' minds not to try it. 

This makes us rethink that scripture in Romans 1 that we always thought was about woman-on-woman intimate relations, the L in LGBT. Maybe it's not about L but about women allowing men to do the above to themselves as one man does to another. The scripture says,"for even their women did change the natural use [that body part made for elimination of body waste] into that which is against nature." Could be. It makes sense. The women were allowing men to do this to them, to use their bodies in this way. This is one reason AIDS is such a huge problem in Africa. There the practice we are discussing is not particular to male on male, which is fast becoming the case elsewhere, as we are pointing out here.

 Let's talk a little about this practice of utilizing for pleasure that tender human orifice made for elimination of body waste (without which function we would soon die), that is, utilizing this body part for that which is against nature and the ramifications of this practice. (By the way, apparently there are all sorts of ways this body part can be stimulated and stretched in unnatural ways for sadistic physical gratification but we won't get into that here, although it's a slippery slope.)

We refer to the very big book, now being banned, called The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. There are not only very gross chronic health problems directly related to this practice,  but very very high risk of fatal diseases, even between faithful partners. In other words, it's against nature, or the way our bodies work, to use said orifice for purposes of physical gratification. It hurts us. It corrupts us physically. Unspeakable ailments and hideous diseases result, particular to this behavior. 

Now a word to wise straight women faithful to their husband/boyfriend who participate in this practice or are tempted to or are being talking into it by their husband or boyfriend. These chronic and potentially fatal health risks do not apply to your male partner. No, they are risking nothing in practicing this behavior on you. It is your body that tears and bleeds, not his. It is your health that is in great danger, not his. Only yours. Think about it. Is that right or fair? Or in any way loving or caring? Answer: no. Absolutely not.

Women, please note. It usually requires some patience and humility and consideration for the man to wait for the woman to prepare for proper, natural, harmless intercourse. And his rewards for this patience can be very great, in the form of more fulfilling and shared pleasure and true intimacy, trust and love and tenderness. No so with the practice we are discussing. People participating in this practice need have no, shall we say, warming up stage. They don't have to wait for their partner's body to prepare itself. Can you see that this is the same as it is when men force themselves on women or other men in what is still considered a criminal way? Of course here we are talking about consensual relations. But women, ask yourselves, why in the world are you consenting to such disrespectful, unnatural, invasive, irresponsible, and dangerous treatment? It amounts to a terrible form of abuse to your body, even if you find it in some way pleasurable. Lots of pleasurable things are risky and unnatural and harmful. 

But do not despair. If you and your spouse have been lured or tempted into participating in this practice, it is understandable in this highly permissive, eroticized culture of today. This practice is encouraged and celebrated in our world today, even in the most explicit ways in articles and books and workshops, to name a few places, aimed at minors no less. But you can forsake it and repent. This is why we have a Savior. Wives, it may be up to you to tactfully explain these things to your husband so he'll understand. 

Most likely, for those of you participating in this behavior, if you are reading this, it is a mere sin of the flesh. As C.S Lewis said, those sins of the flesh are mere flea bites in comparison to the sin of  pride, or defiance against God. Do you think yourself smarter than nature/God? Are you defying nature and God? That's where you really need to examine yourself. 

The practice we are discussing is hugely on the rise not only between people of the same sex but between opposite sex couples. The word is everybody does it, gay or straight or everyone in between or beyond. So straight couples, ask yourself this: Why, when you have all the body parts between you two required for safe, proper, and pleasurable intimate relations, are you participating in the only thing gays can do that imitates it, which behavior is very dangerous and disrespectful to your bodies and your souls?

Women, your body is not only a highly intricate organism designed to function in its own best interest, it is a temple housing a precious immortal soul. Men, a woman's body and your own, deserve to be treated with the greatest respect, including through proper intimacy.  

We submit that one reason straight couples have become so accepting of the gay concept, their gay friends' behaviors, and gay marriage is that they are participating in that same behavior themselves and this is one way to avoid feeling guilty about it. Because they do feel guilty deep down. They choose to ignore that feeling and in so doing are at risk of becoming past feeling anything good and true.

Dear ones everywhere, "gay" or "straight," we beseech you to think this through.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

A Prayer to Feel God's Love

A friend once told us to pray about what is true, and do it all through the day. Our gift to you is this sample prayer written by Janice. Our friend said to read your prayer twice daily. Another idea of his was to set your watch or phone to bling at you every hour throughout the day to remind you to say a short prayer along these same lines. If you are feeling down or stressed, try it for three weeks and see what miracles occur. (Thank you James Cox!)

Dear God,

I am a valued, beautiful, spiritual, perfectly loved child of Thine. My past, my actions, my sins, my age, my looks, my words, my thoughts, my circumstances, and how others think about or treat me have nothing to do with thy great unchanging love for me. As I choose to acknowledge my noble true identity as a beloved child of God I know I will feel more tender love, awe, respect, and true charity for myself and all others. Because of Thy great Love Thy Son Jesus Christ gave his life to save me from my many human sins, or else I would not have a way to Heaven, where all is goodness, truth, and beauty. This is proof, along with all Thy glorious Creation, of Thy wondrous Love for me and all of Thy children. I choose to embrace Thy enduring Love, the grace of Christ, and the guidance of the Spirit of the Lord as the sole source of my feelings of high self-worth and motivation for continual learning, improvement, and spiritual growth. Help me live every day in the warm, calm light of Thy Divine Love, come what may, and do all things out of gratitude and love for Thee.

Short version: I am a beloved child of God. Father, help me to feel it.

Happy New Year to everyone from Standard of Liberty

Monday, July 13, 2020

In a Time of Universal Deceit

Evil is on the rampage. It is gradual and insidious and disguised, which is the worst kind of evil because you don’t notice it and you don’t realize it’s happening and you don’t recognize it for what it is. A natural disaster is easier to handle and cope with than this kind of evil.

Some of you may be annoyed and tired of our outspoken beliefs, and may be questioning them. A lot of us are questioning a lot of things we have believed all our lives. Okay. But there is always right and wrong. There are such things as true principles. There is evil and there is good. It is a grave error to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You have got to know the baby is a good thing.

We at SoL submit that the gay movement is a primary cause of much of the evil in the world today. Most people caught up in it are being cruelly enticed and exploited and deceived. For all sorts of reasons, it is at the center of the government malfeasance and misery and unrest and anarchy and ignorance going on right now. We remind everyone that in the 1980s Dr. Fauci was also in charge of how this country handled the AIDS epidemic, setting up a propaganda campaign that convinced people that not just homosexuals, but everyone of every age was at risk of contracting the horrible sexually-transmitted disease. Sound familiar today?

Truth is, once a society gives in to the travesty of "gay marriage" it is set up to give into anything. For one example, read the Black Lives Matter manifesto. You may be shocked to learn that the gay ideology runs clear through it. They are all about “disrupting the nuclear family structure" and "resisting heteronormativity." How miserable these people must be to want to spread their misery to everyone else.

There are two worldviews at war, although at this time the correct side is very weak. The gay movement, the wrong side, is Godless; atheism is at the root of all these new movements. It is the antithesis of the natural family and the way God made us. It is out to destroy its opposite. It aims to ruin every ordinary family one way or another. And it is tainting everyone and everything.

Some of you are probably rolling your eyes and saying you know all this. We hope so. But the fact is, good people are increasingly thinking and speaking and acting to accommodate and pacify the evil rather than being strong in their hearts and minds about what they know from experience and from their own eyes to be right and true. People are very intimidated and afraid and are letting their fear guide their thoughts and words and actions, even if they don’t realize it. We have heard lots of excuses for why right-thinking people don't speak up. It's totally understandable, but there is a price for silence. It's how people weaken and begin to go along. History tells this same story over and over. Still, there are some of us who think it is worth the risk of losing friends and positions and being shunned and censored and worse in order to live and speak according to the dictates of our consciences. We are sad when our friends cave in. We are sad to lose friends. As human beings we might be annoyed and frustrated and complain about it. Nevertheless, we choose to be sadder but wiser.

We hope our readers have seen how society has degraded itself far past merely celebrating the bad. It is now recharacterizing and attacking the good. The devil and his servants are twisting and resisting and even destroying everything valuable and right and healthy, such as history we can learn from and "heteronormativity." The devil wants people suspicious of real innocence and beauty and humor. He wants people turning those things into anything but innocent, to something from uncomfortable and inappropriate and dangerously liable to be misunderstood and exploited, or to something actually wicked and ugly and nefarious.

Heaven forbid, but there seems to be coming a day when normal sexual development, male-female romance, the nuclear family, and normal sexual relations will be touted as everything from boring to repressive to unenlightened to unhealthy to evilly tyrannical. Oh wait, that is already happening. The acceptance of gay sex, i.e sodomy, has led to the dangerous practice of sodomy among straight couples. And that's just one example. The damage of increasingly sexualizing children is unimaginable. Do good people really want to let that sort of thing continue and expand and take over our culture? All it takes is for good people to do nothing.

The devil has many thinking they must live their lives conforming to and maneuvering around the dirtiest pathological minds and the most entitled victim mentalities. He wants us thinking that never offending certain people (only the certain people the current trends favor) is the highest good, that cowardliness is noble, and that reality is destructive. He wants people to toss out absolute truths, rational thinking, and real justice. The devil loves a lawless, thoughtless, mob mentality.

The devil also wants everyone distracted by wanting to be popular and having friends and being well thought of.  He wants everyone going along with an arbitrary and everchanging shallow, false virtue and arbirtrary morality, which only ends in chaos. He wants us afraid of certain thoughts and words. He wants us superfocused only on human relations, and yet he wants us hyper suspicious and critical of those we know best. He wants us to think we can be nicer (and healthier!) than God.

All good lies have something attractive and true and ostensibly good in them, such as to be kind, or use nice words, or life is all about finding your own truth and happiness and fulfillment. But shallow truisms leave out crucial facts, such as people may be hurting and deluding themselves and others, there is a time to use the strongest language available, there are important realities, and selflessness is greater than selfishness. It’s all a trick. It’s all an evil intangible trick to deceive our minds and poison our hearts and forfeit real happiness and essential freedoms.

Once in a while we may feel this corruption trying to creep into our hearts and minds. But we mustn't stop resisting as long as we are capable.We must search out and think and speak and hold on to real goodness and rightness especially in this time of universal deceit when, as George Orwell said, telling the truth is considered a revolutionary act.

By the way, here are some more revolutionary words. We are not believing any of the numbers being reported by the news on the corona virus "surge." Nor have we ever donned a mask throughout this-- what we always thought was--a bad seasonal flu. They lied before, why wouldn't they be lying now? It's all to get rid of Trump, who is being held responsible. Who would want to vote for four more years of this madness?

Friday, June 26, 2020

Is the Cry of Present American Racism Good, True, or Helpful?

Here at our house we recently went through our books to give away some we didn't need or want. There was a big old coffee table book in the stack that sat there for months, since the thrift stores were closed and not taking donations. Yesterday we took it out of that give-away stack and put it back on the shelf. It is entitled, "The Civil War." We are keeping it because it is a record of actual horrific events that people are now completely ignoring. Therefore, it is all the more instructive and precious.

C.S. Lewis said, "Every uncorrected error and unrepented sin is, in its own right, a fountain of fresh error and fresh sin flowing on to the end of time." Did slavery in America go uncorrected and unrepented? Are we reliving over and over the same old sins and errors? Well, no. According to the founding documents of our country and the sacrifice of  more than 600,000 lives and the abolition of slavery, it did not. At great cost slavery was institutionally corrected and repented of in an extremely dramatic way, probably unparalleled in the history of the world. When people deny this correction and blood atonement so to speak, they deny historical facts and the efforts and sacrifices of many noble and brave people.  

The error and sin of slavery was corrected and repented of. But there are some uncorrected errors and unrepented sins flourishing today and being added upon with more errors and sins. We submit that there exist uncorrected errors and unrepented sins alive and prospering in America today, which errors and sins are flooding streets and minds of many Americans and causing a lot more harm and potential danger than any respiratory virus ever did.

First we want to say we believe the current racial argument and unrest to be a construct of leftist politicians, media moguls and "journalists," or the powers that be, those with great influence over ordinary people, who exploit the emotions and struggles of the masses to further their ends. If this sounds alarmist or conspiratorial, one needs only to review some history, ancient and modern, to see that it is nothing unusual or new. It is the nature of nefarious men, from individuals to groups to nations, to grab power over others, using whatever means they can imagine, with no concern for the welfare of those they manipulate. It is also the nature of good men to go bad once they attain some power. That is why America's unique government and constitution is so suited to that ongoing potential human problem, as a representative republic with its built-in checks and balances.

Present day systemic racism in America is a lie. It's  the same sort of lie that has pushed the acceptance of radical feminism and abortion and homosexuality and transgenderism and global warming and an overblown corona virus on a gullible, fawning, conditioned public. "Those who surrender on one issue tend to surrender on others as well" (D. French).

To quote a statement from Hillsdale College, "There is a kind of virtue that is cheap. It consists of jumping on  cost-free bandwagons of public feeling and winning approval by espousing the right opinion. The fact that very real racial problems are being cynically exploited for profit, gain, and public favor by organizations and people is impossible to overlook. Hillsdale College will continue to do the work of education in the great principles that are second only to divine grace, the solution to grave ills that beset our times."  Thank you Hillsdale.

America is not a racist country. Individuals and certain regional areas may carry on old prejudices, but as a nation America has bent over backward to correct racial mistreatment and inequities. For all sorts of disingenuous reasons it has even greatly overcorrected, which has resulted in new problems. But the problems today concerning black communities are cultural rather than racist. There are murders and shootings happening within this group of people that far exceed any such white on black or police problems. And once again these certain whites feel it their responsibility to take care of blacks as if they are children. (There are more white BLM protesters than any other skin color.)

But it's worse than a lie. If you think about it, it's anti-Christ. As a country, America redeemed itself from the institution of slavery, which did not originate here. It redeemed itself and ought to be forgiven. All Americans, white or black, living today had nothing to do with slavery. The victim mentality felt by certain groups is systematically incited by those who have some ignorant, sad need to jump on a bandwagon or those who wish to maintain power over them.

Education systems, K-12, are beginning to add Black Lives Matter propaganda to their curricula. All sorts of monuments and statues of national figures, famous and infamous, are being vandalized and destroyed. Jesus Christ, whose gospel of repentance and forgiveness is the best answer to all of these ills, is next on the agenda.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

If There is No Male and Female There is No SSA

If there is no male and female, there is no SSA.

No, we didn't say that. J.K. Rowling, writer of the Harry Potter series, a noted leftist, did. Yes, on June 6, 2020 she tweeted,

"If sex [male and female] isn't real, there is no same-sex attraction. If sex isn't real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn't hate to speak the truth."

"People who menstruate. I'm sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?"

She is getting all sorts of grief and backlash for voicing her thoughts, even from Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliff, the now pro-gay guy who made millions off of her. What a fair weather friend he turns out to be.

We don't agree with J.K. about a lot, but her books were very clever and imaginative and actually based on traditional values of good vs. evil and male and female, and her thoughts here are correct and important. You can't demolish the concept of the two biological sexes and then honestly insist there is such a thing as same-sex attraction, meaning male to male or female to female. It just disappears into thin air, if you think about it for a second. No male and female, no same sex persons to be attracted to each other. Here she is actually seeming to try to help gays, pointing out that they had better think about this trans thing and admit there is male and female or they themselves don't have a leg to stand on.

But LGBT activists and supporters have knee-jerk reactions to any thought or idea that limits or sheds actual light on their limitless ideology toward sexuality. All things are permitted in their world. Even things that are actually dangerous and things that make absolutely no sense.

So if there is no male or female, there is no same-sex attraction. To go further, if there is no male or female, you can't say there is opposite-sex attraction either (which you can bet some people would like to abolish). You can't say there is such a thing as trans as well, because that is a person of one of the two sexes going to great lengths to try to make him or herself over into the other of the two sexes. Male and female is the basis of all of it. There is no getting away from this reality. Boy or girl is the first thing parents want to know about their baby. As C. S. Lewis says, all evil is a perversion of something good.

We have said this before: it is a total obsession with sex (male and female) and human sexual behaviors that is at the foundation of the delusional and exploitive and hedonistic LGBT movement, which pretends to be merely about "sexual identity," and which at the same time ironically purports that male and female is merely a meaningless and hurtful social construct. Their entire platform is based on something they deny. It's a complete delusion. Smoke and mirrors. Phony wizardry.

This is how we can see that the societally approved "right" (or fatal principle as CSL called it) to designate oneself as whatever messed up or made-up gender one feels like adopting at any given time sets us up to watch the whole house come tumbling down. And we don't mean just traditional society. We mean everybody and everything. CSL called this the abolition of man, done by man himself. Yes, man is definitely capable of sweeping himself off the face of the earth in one way or another.

We have wondered why women especially in general don't rise up against the trans nonsense. As per J.K., she knows that male humans never never never experience menstruation, for example, which monthly event is serious and not particularly fun for women for decades of their lives, from adolescence to menopause. Menstruation is a big personal responsibility, and it is an insult and an affront to all females that society would wholeheartedly accept and celebrate males pretending to be females---for this reason alone. Yes, menstruation is a very big deal for females. It means they are healthy and can have babies, which is all  part of a mysterious realm males will never understand or experience no matter how hard they pretend or contrive. And the fact that they pretend and that others pretend to believe them is very sad.

There is male and female. J. K. Rowling knows it. And whether or not in the future she pretends to apologize for holding and sharing her now revolutionary ideas, she knows that's what makes the world go 'round.And what makes her books sell.