Friday, July 29, 2016

More on American Guild of Organists' Drag Queen

Dear Mr. Bedford,

Thank you for responding to my concerns. One question, if you are so interested in diversity, why not highlight an outstanding organist who came out of homosexuality? What if I could find one for you? What about an outstanding young organist, or an older one, who is also an activist for traditional moral values, has written books, and would like to combine his musical talent with his values all in one, as Marshall Cuffe would like to do? I can find you these also. Wouldn't they add some colorful threads to your "intricate tapestry?" In other words, there are people on the opposing side of this very controversial issue it is quite obvious you will never feature.  Really,  aren't there enough interesting "rising stars" to write about without having to highlight one that is only interesting for his unusual sexuality and who is obviously outrageous/mentally ill? I submit that Cuffe was intentionally chosen to appear in your magazine  because he is a drag queen first and a special young organist second. Another question, Mr. Thomashower sent me copies of emails that disagreed with my stance, but told me there were others that agreed with me. Why wasn't I sent those also? And were those who liked the article sent my email? I doubt it. Can you see how blindly one-sided your view is at AGO and why as things stand I will never consider returning to the "fold?" By the way, I don't appreciate this insinuation that I am wayward. You at AGO are the ones who have strayed from the fold seeing as how this is the first hint anyone belonging to AGO has ever had that this organization has a pro-LGBTQI sexual activist agenda. 

Sorry, reviewing publishing policies with your editorial board is not enough for me. The damage is done. I know what you are about now. You did not say, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. We're retracting this article. It will never happen again. In fact, we will do everything we can to uphold the  values we know the great majority of our members hold." All you have done is justify this travesty. I do my best not to support or participate in any organization that excuses and promotes pornography and homosexuality and indecency and mental illness, while lamely calling it diversity, as you have done in your magazine and again here in your email.

By the way, I showed my daughter your magazine without a word and when she got to page 44 she gasped and exclaimed, "That is disgusting! Why is this in here?"  I have written about this  development on my blog, which blog and web site has several thousand subscribers and have also communicated with my local AGO chapter.  This is not about people like me being offended. It's about right and wrong.

Janice Graham

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