Saturday, June 11, 2016

Unisex? You Could Be A Barbarian

Some people, people who have a great deal of power and influence, think they are progressive and enlightened and smarter than anybody who ever lived because they cast aside the reality of the two sexes, male and female.

If you think this, you could be a barbarian. Civilized people wouldn't think such a thing. They would conform to reality, learn from the past, ignore political correctness, think things through. Barbarians value none of the above.

The transgender rights push has oh-so-quickly shown its true face. This issue is not about a tiny segment of society who are trapped in the wrong sexed body who deserve to be acknowledged as the opposite sex than they actually are. The most obvious place, the most often-used place, where this "right" could be practiced is any public sanitary facility: restrooms, lockers rooms, showers. So that's the place they target. But this idea of transgender rights has devolved in a matter of weeks to not just transgenders being able to use the facilities of their choice but anyone using the facilities of their choice for any reason. UNISEX bathrooms is the issue now. No, not transgender rights. That was just an excuse, a ruse. It's unisex. That's anyone and everyone, anywhere.

No it isn't about that tiny segment of the population everyone is supposed to feel compassionate about and accept and accommodate. Just like gay marriage wasn't about people loving whomever they want to. That, and this, is about deconstructing male and female. The whole ball of wax. Unisex. One sex or 80-something sexes, it has the same result: no such thing as male and female. It's about getting rid of any notion at all of the differences between the two separate sexes of human beings in the ways that really matter, such as natural modesty, innocence, tender feelings, modesty, virtue, morality, health, safety, procreation, posterity, security.  And why do people want to do away with these things? Because these are civilized principles and civilized people are difficult to control. Let's not forget that twisting and usurping morality, male and female roles, family, and religion is precisely the way to cause havoc and get power over people. This is the way of tyranny and despotism.

A society that suddenly reverses its simplest courtesies to women and children such as separate sanitary facilities? Barbaric.

A society that forces young women to fight on the battlefield? Barbaric.

A society that celebrates and exalts hedonism? Barbaric.

A society that deconstructs the very real and important emotional and physical differences between male and female? Barbaric.

A society that it purposely destroys its unborn? Barbaric.

These are things barbarians do and have always done.

Those people who think they are enlightened and progressive are actually savages or worse, animals. Animals have no checks on bad manners. For example, they do their business in public, anywhere, with anyone watching. They have no conception of modesty or sanitation. (Remember, it's not about transgenders, it's about unisex.) And human beings who behave like animals, or insist that others must behave like animals, are barbarians.

Opposite sex public bathrooms, shower rooms, locker rooms. They aren't rocket science. They aren't even absolutely necessary, nor do they prevent every problem. But they are evidence of a civilized people. They are a serious nod to reality and order and manners and courtesy and security, the very values that distinguish barbarians from civilized people.

Do the rest of us really want the see the end of civilization and be lorded over by barbarians?

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